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Dropping Ball

Dropping Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Len Fox Game. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you could give negative stars I would. I understand the ads are pumped up to make you want to play the games. I understand the more ads watched makes the company more money. It would be nice to see one cash payout game actually give you a chance to cashout real $$. Been playing this one for a few weeks. I have gotten to $145.80. Takes me 3-4 days to get 5 cents. Cashout requirement is $150. Pretty sure 5 cents will lower soon. Most likely all together. For an easy game sure. For $ NOPE!
It's not a bad game EXCEPT once you get to $98, rather than going up $.01 each time, now you go up $.001 and it's a lot harder to get the cash balls. Also, with the prize eggs, I've been on 20 eggs the last 4 or 5 times I "claimed" it. I understand having to have ads and such to be able to pay out the people that "win" money, but this game is a total rip off. You don't earn what you've "won" at all.
Was a great fast paced game in the beginning. I was getting alot of money coins but when I got to $144 the money coins stopped (you need $150 to cash out). Been stuck at this amount for awhile now. This app is just like all the others that promises a pay out. Not worth the download. Will be deleting.
I fell for the jazzy advertisement. As soon as I started playing, I shot right up to $146! Cashout is at $150. I've been playing religiously but unfortunately, there has been no more money added since then. If you decide to play, don't expect to win money. Just play to past the time.
Horrible game! The app keeps you playing by barely giving you any coins. Plus, you never EVER hit your pay out target because od the low percentage of wins on the spinning wheel. Dont waste your time with this terrible game
Unless you accept their cookie settings you will only reach a certain level. This just happens to be less than the cash out level conveniently. Don't waste your time.
I genuinely needed the money, this gave me a bit of hope. The game starts you off well. Looking deeper into the games mechanics as soon as you reach $288-$289 (300 withdraw) the game revokes the ability to earn more green balls. Its understandable game developers need to make money, however I spent hours watching ads. The saddest part, I'm left with nothing but a broken heart and no other options. My suggestion to the devs: you have potential. Go make a game you love.. not this. Sorry for you..
This game let's you get almost to the amount to cash out and it then only gives you the gold balls and eggs are few and far between. If I knew it was gonna be like this I would have never downloaded this game. Oh you will have a million ads telling you to download a different game with good payouts and no wait limit. I can't even be mad from being frustrated,I'm just gonna delete. Font waste your time
This game is just like all the others. They false advertise that you will make all this money and you don't. I like the different ways you could possibly make money but when you get close to $150 they stop paying out your just stuck. So just like the rest of the games you won't get paid for playing hours and days it may even take months. So if you are going to advertise people can get paid playing your game you guys need to really do it.
This game is fun at first then they make it impossible to reach 100.00 to cash out. I've been trying for the past week to get past 97.60..... When the wheel spins I get the sad 😭 face 6 to 7 times in the row or I get reqular balls. When I did get money balls the value changed from cents to . 001 of a cent so I will never be able to make it. Don't waste your time. Yo should be able to cash out sooner.....
You don't get to cash out at all. Starts off that you need to get to $100 to cash out. Once you reach that, it goes up again. Needed 150 to cash out and it changed to 180. I just wanted to test it and was pretty sure it is a scam. Now I know for certain that it is. I hope the people in the ads got paid to lie
Easiest threshold - you have to get 300.00 green ball/tokens before cashing out. My experience so far - I have 290.61 green balls 2hrs after download & the app has just begun to crash at almost every advertisement. Moral of story, don't waste your time if you actually want to earn money.
I would give this app zero stars IF they'd let me! Why is it that the last several times ive gotten a "lucky egg" (ive had 25 out of 26 for at least 2 times that ive counted, they just switch the egg im missing and DO NOT ADD my additional egg! PAY me my THOUSAND BUX YOU CHEATIN' F**CKS!!! This game is a rip off scam. Ive watched hundreds of ads and in the rare event u do get green $ balls u might get 4¢! They count tenths of a cent IF they even count them. Waste of time!
I have been at 99out of 100 Amazon cards , 25 out of 26 eggs, and $147.68 out of $150.00 for over 2 months now. That's not what you show in your advertisement of this game. All my friends got tired of waiting for the last egg and the last card to drop and deleted your game. You make money from us watching thousands of ads but you can't even see yourselves giving some of it back to those of us who make you rich. WOW! I think that your apps need to be seen by people that regulate your airtime.
I play it when I an bored or just trying to find something to keep busy. I really wasn't expecting to win anything but surprisingly it let me cash out my greenballs twice at $100. I won my first prize 11/12/2020.. It says 3-15 days to receive money (not including weekends) and haven't payment yet. Tonight I cashed out my second. So we'll see. Currently I am at 1,905,000 yellow balls, 99 gift cards and 25 eggs. So hoping it's not a scam. Good luck everyone!
This game is a joke. It lets you get up to about $146 bucks then it stops giving you any kind of payout. The secondary prizes, let's you get to about 4 pieces then starts handing out .4 or .3 pieces, you have to watch an ad for everything, the coins in the game are useless, and it only gives you 50 ball refills but only after you watch an ad. I'd give it zero stars if I could. I literally downloaded this game to prove a point and my point was proven. Its fake and it's a joke and scam.
I enjoy the game but its annoying as you dont get the green balls I've been trying for 5 days now to get the last bit I need to cash out im beginning to think its not going to happen may delete game
Tried it out because I'm making a video series about mobile games, and yeah. Everything the bad reviews say are true. Statistically speaking, the percentages it tells you are completely off in actual practice and that's quite easy to accomplish in coding. 2 items on the wheel have a 12% chance. Out of 10 times landing on those 12% chances SPECIFICALLY, I only ever saw 1 of the 2. Mathematically incorrect, don't waist your time. I get the ads to generate revenue, but a quid pro quo has to happen.
I was patiently collecting the eggs euro. But when im on my 26th egg wherein Im about to claim 800 euro. It doesn't add up anymore. It's stuck on 25/26. Developers should stop scam money making games like this. Just accept that your game sucks.
Waste of time, like everyone else says. They make it seem like with a little patience, you'll win. But after a certain point it's like whole game is against you and you basically have to keep watching ads more than playing. It's ridiculous and annoying. I got to $145, so close to the $150 to cash out and it's just been stuck there forever now, I can't get any higher. The eggs stopped being counted. Honesty, games like these should be banned. You're designed to fail. #DeleteThisApp
Fake! Fake! No Money!!! You can only transfer money when u have 150 dollars in the game wallet. U can reach 145 dollars in a 2-3 days time. But it is possible to reach 150. They will never give u a chance to reach 150. The ads of games when u play this game is similar to this,like BIG TIME, 2048, PUPPY DOG, etc. Don't waste ur time.
I have played a lot of games like this and it's so fixed.. Not possible to win not possible to get to rewards I played a game similar to this for over 6 months and I got stuck on 98.50 for so long I ended up deleting the game... These games should be banned for false advertising..
Loved the game, great pay outs to reach cash out requirements , until you're within $4.00 of the cash pay out, and 1 egg short of the $1000 pay out. Then the game stop giving you the money balls and that one final egg. You're given an option to drag friends and family into the game with a promise of $65 if you can get a friend to sign up. I found the friend only to find out that now they require 5 friends. They do really underhanded things to keep from paying you.
Terrible and a rip off. At first you needed £150 to be able to cash anything out, i was at £147. Today theyve decided to change this to £120 however they have also changed the amount i have eRned down to £117. Jow can they do that? To me that is fraud. You will never get a penny and you also have to watch 1000's of stupid adverts. I wouldnt bother with this game its a massive waste of time. My dollar didnt decrease because of the reason the devolopers stated, the developers have changed it.
Very disappointed In the game I got every item to either 9.9/10 or 19.9/20 I being at it all day , I manage to get them cap with a day to spare and now I have less than 5 hours left and I haven't gotten any of the items . And the money wise I being stuck at $144.52 for the past 3 days with no changes no matter how much I try ... So yeah I will say this game is a scam . Very very disappointed .
Well was a good way to what I thought was some cash for playing and getting what is expected to win an cash out everyone is happy but not even close ive landed on the 777 for the second time and it doesn't even acknowledge that I did so much for being honest about it!!!! Not very impressed
This game it's a scam freezes up on the same spot at 26 seconds on the ad and then quiet in the middle of the game while your balls to drop and it freezes so you got to stop clear out start the game over again and then you lose all of your progress so if anybody reading this do not install or play this game it's a fraud if this is the case I need to come up with a game that's legit
Garbage Ad-Ridden Shovelware As others pointed out, this is all based on an algorithm. You start out strong which gives you that feeling that you might actually get the prize. You won't. You will run into a HARD brick wall and won't progress. You are making them money by watching their garbage 30+ second ads and they will never pay you. Please, save your time and don't support this game. It is a cold, calculated design to get as much money as they can from you before you give up.
When I first started to play, it look promising but as you get closer to your goal of winning its not going to happen im at 25 eggs but never going to react 26 egg I have 9.9 an 19.9 on all the prizes but now its just giving me nothing but balls so this game is a scam, it want you to watch all these ads so it can make money and not pay out so in my opinion don't wast your time on this game it -5 stars
Well I started playing the game under the assumption that you could cash out at $100 bucks. Well I guess the game had a glitch in it or something because I flew pass $100 bucks in literally 10 mins of playing. So I went to cash out and it changes to $150, so now I'm at $146 and couldn't tell you the last time I won any money. These games are such bulls*** I wish there was a way to file something against them for false advertising
I like the game and don't want to give a bad review. But why say you can win money if when you get close to the goal of when you can cash out. The game stops count and start to roll back your winnings. I counted that I got about 24 or 25 eggs but it still says 16. I seen it got up to 18 then back down to16. A few times. I seen the money go up to $145 but then went back down to $143. I got over 25 amazons card but it still says 16 even after I claim one the counts goes up then stays at 16.
A joke, less than 12 hours after install twice the ads, all of a sudden now I am close to a withdraw after 200 spins not a penny more. Also on the tokens and amazon rewards and eggs I noticed I kept losing them cause I would see the same numbers over and over. Total waste of time. At least with other games you get to withdraw. Might take 6 months to a year to do it, but at least they don't let you get close and then stop any further progress. Don't get me started on all the freeze ups. Totalcrap
You roll up the $$$ like gangbusters but as soon as I got close to $99 it started resetting to a lower change amount on the $98 and change I had. Also, the bonus things aren't gonna happen either. I must have 60 eggs. 26 needed and 25 counted. Not another one. A whole lot of time wasted.
I am playing puzzles game from last three days and scored 9.9 and 19.9 for all the gifts and watched more than 500 videos till now I am always getting the token balls *300 gift. Even my friends are trying, if I am not getting any gift, better I will suggest every single friend of mine to uninstall this application. Thank you.. waiting for your reply.
This game is a fraud, I played my life away on this game thinking that maybe I just have to be patient and use alot of my time on the game. I've been stuck at $146, and as it pertains to the prizes for most of them I just need .1 to win and for others .2. For the lucky spin a prize alway use to show now it's just puzzle pieces and all of them are tokens when you watch the video. I watched a bunch of videos for nothing. Don't waste your time people if your thinking to win anything.
I wish I could give this game NEGATIVE STARS! so many Ads freeze up and I end up losing what ever Bonus I had to watch the ad for.It has stopped counting my Eggs. At first the wheel landed on money and 777 quite regularly, but now I'm lucky to hit 25 Balls all i get is 😭= Nothing. Such a Scam. Not sure who the real Tool is here Me for actually thinking I could win money for playing a game like all those people said in the review videos or you all for making it seem so legit. NOT EVEN FUN!
Do NOT download. Like all other games, it will slow down indefinitely at around $130. There IS a minimum payout at $150 which this developer blatantly lies about. Have been stuck at $147 forever. The "eggs" that you collect will get corrupted ads so you cant claim them. Reporting and surprised they haven't had a lawsuit for going against their word.
disappointing! the only gift you can get, is the token ball, not the gadgets, appliance nor cash, been playing this for 3 days, and yet, they never allow you to win... i am 1 point away to get gadgets and cash. and it is not happening. something fishy here in this app.
It's a good game however the prizes are fake. If you collect 26 eggs you are supose to get a 1100 or 1000 dollars on your PayPal.. well I've had 21 eggs for the last 6 eggs. Just got another egg and it's staying at 24 so if your playing for fun it's great but to beleive your gonna get any money... Don't do it because there fake and it's not worth the time wasted. I know nothing's free but would be nice for a developer to just say hey he are a for fun game.. because they DO NOT HONOR PAYOUTS
I would like to know how this app is 4 stars when everyone is marking 1 and 2 stars. You win until you hit $98 then you land on $.25 and only get $.03. You get screwed out of alot of money. Also the money stops and you start getting oops face 2/3 of the time. I have been playing every day for almost 2 months and I am not getting anywhere with it. Wasted my time.
Horrible. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Everytime you get even NEAR cashing out, they move your earnings back so you'll never be able to cash out. Crammed to the brink with ads. Developers should feel bad.
I have been paying this game for days the ad that made me want to download it is a joke. First off it said make it to 100 and you can cash out then I find out that u have to get to 150 to cash out I am at 146.122 and can't get past it to hit 150 its a joke I have been playing for 4 hrs and can't hit 150. This is absurd and im undownloading it its got so many ads its ridiculous and on top of that I don't see anyone making it to 150.
Don't waste your time, the game seems promising at first but thats how they get you, it would take months and months to cash out a reward at the rate it's going but I doubt anyone has ever even cashed out. Just another fraud/scam app just like the rest
Something that definitely needs to change is when you run out of balls & the popup comes up to ask if you want more free for watching a video or pay $2 for more, there should be some type of confirmation if choosing the $2 option! As there's been times where I've accidentally pushed it and it's frustrating when u don't mean too! This game will give you 99/100 of the Amazon cards then stop...magically. 25/26 eggs, & shocker, won't give you the 26th! Mind you it's super easy to build up the $$
3 times in a row i hit the red 7 and the game goes into a add and the ad time stops counting down period. 2nd time the add freezes and in-between going back to app the app loads a black screen. This time I recorded it and I hit the red 7 4.590 and went to add again and ad freezes. If you guys don't want us to win and cash out why make an app. Whats up with that if we can get this fixed ill give an update
You cannot win at all. I have been playing for about a month and have been stuck at $145.60 for weeks. I've collected 23 eggs and it has been stuck on this number of eggs for quite some time even though I've still collected many it hasn't counted a single one of them since. You need 150 to cash out and yet even though I've been playing and some how winning it still doesn't acknowledge anything and won't let me move forward in order to cash out.
Don't waste your time. Starts off really promising. Lots of green dots which mean money. Got up to £116 in 2 days. You have to get £120 to cash out. The Past 2 days no green dots every spin of the wheel gives you yellow dots. If you tap on the wheel it even gives you the %probability of spinning green dots and odds are good but they still never come. Its rigged so you can't ever get over £120. I am going to continue for a few more days and if I get to £120 I'll change my rating.
Its a fun game. Been play for a month or more and can't win money as fast as they say on the ad. Because I've been less than 2 dollars from cashing out for a month and nothing. And their ads start to freeze up when you win a prize or try to get 50 free balls to drop. The advertisement is false.
Starts out making money fast, as I get closer to the $150 goal to cash out, the money balls are worth less and less. I think they start out worth 25 cents, now 1000th of a cent. And the eggs. You watch adds for eggs but now as Im getting close to the goal I watch an ad and it isn't giving me the egg or I click claim and it doesn't give me an ad or anything. Thats some b.s.
I have been playing this game for weeks now, I got to £99.48 with 1 egg to go and I am aware that the eggs duplicate. I have gone on today and the cash amount has now dropped to £78.49. No explanation as to why this has happened. Very disappointed as this is not a bad game to play, but I won't be wasting my time with it anymore. If these people can't deliver what the promise fairly then they should not be allowed to advertise it as such.
It's a great game and all, and easier than the rest..but they should really add a giftcard option. None of the prizes seem that interesting, and I believe this game would do a lot better with choices like a Google play giftcard, restaurant giftcards, amazon giftcards, etc.
All in all, another algorithm game. Once you get to $140 the game is taught to give 70% chance of no reward, 10% of a gift card/egg (repeats), 20% of getting balls of 100, 50, or 25. However, none of those balls are money coin balls. Your chances of ever getting a 25 money ball becomes 0.001% to almost 0%. Now the percentage doesn't come out to 100%, but why should I be precise if this game can't even up our chances. I'll get 2Mil balls before I even have a CHANCE to get my $150 cash out.
Way too many ads and too many 😭. I'm at 25 of 26 eggs. 99 of 100 Amazon 🎁 And at $98.007 of $100. In the beginning the game is very fun and you can easily climb up very quickly then the algorithm kicks in. And you are extremely limited on money coins. 777's never comes up, red 7 stop all together, and the 🥚's are 1's you all ready collected being you haven't reach 99 Amazon gift cards. Now I haven't reached the 2 million coins. But I'm curious to see what new algorithm kicks in.
Rubbish. This games does not offer payout as it does allow you to reach payout limits the game is a massive con and offers nothing in a way to fix this. I would give this game no stars if I could its a complete waste of time and boring.
I absolutely love this game, and am close to my first cashout, however, I'm beginning to doubt the likelihood of the cashout even being legitimate, as I have got the 7's multiple times and every time my phone crashes to the point I started taking screenshots. Probably going to invest my time in other apps I've been hearing about. The fact it crashes ONLY on the 7's, and EVERY time is ridiculous. Quite disappointing.
The game is enjoyable until you start getting towards the amt. to cash out. All of a sudden it never spins to the cash balls, so you can never cash out. Nothing in these games are random. If you get 26 eggs you win $100 dollars but when you get to 17 all of a sudden you only get 1 for every 3 or 4 or more that you collect and the amazon cards you have to get 100 but I got to 11 and all of sudden, wow, it only adds to the total once you get 3 or more. You can never reach cash out or rewards!!
UPDATE: still no word from support. I have proof (screenshots) and an appt w/lawyer @3. Watch your progess very closely. I had collected 25 out of 26 eggs. I finally won the last egg but when I claimed it the game said i collected 20 out of 26. ALSO I was up to $98 and the wheel stopped on 50 cash coins, after dropping them I checked my cash balance and it was $95. Instead of adding the game took away about $3.50. I have contacted support because this game owes me $1,100.00. No response yet.
As stated by Tengoku Official, it's based on an algorithm. At $140 - $145, you hit a wall, while you're trying to get to that $150 mark, they'll make that many times over for YOU watching the same 3 ads. Basically, you're paying them. Scam, as are all the rest. I'd feel bad for the woman that shows her face on all of these false advertisement ads. DO NOT PLAY, unless you're wasting some time until you wipe.
This game is alot of fun but it's a lie about the money u can earn. As soon as you start getting close to the $150 it requires to get pay out it doesn't credit you for all the eggs that u get. It stopped counting at 23 n the eggs kept on dropping but not counted for. Then when I got to 147 it started deducting $2 at a time then my screen wud freeze on two Chinese women. Also the green coins started being like 1/2 cent. And after all this bs it even completely vanished off my phone!! IT SUCKS!!?!
Don't bother.complete waste of time, don't win a thing...all prizes max out 0.1 before a win, then only gives ball bonus. Then resets and start again. Cash Max's out short of cash out and stops cash balls. Eggs max out at 25/26 then get huge amounts of multiples of all other eggs. Constantly freezes, support never responds.....do not download...waste of data and time!!!!!
Scam. Once you collect 23 eggs, the app will not add on any new eggs. Once u get to 140 dollars, u may collect $0.002 or $0.001 every other day. The slots will change to x1 or x2, if u spin green. The game CHEATS. If u ask ppl to play, ur money from friends joining WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE CASH FOR PLAYING. U WILL NEVER GET ANY CASH FOR THIS GAME. U have to get 2 million coins to get real money, NOT possible. SCAM SCAM SCAM.
Easy and fun. Hoping it's not like the other money game I'm playing. I have $499.98 on that game. Won't let me win any more money as of yet. Cash out is $500.00
SCAM!! I've gotten to 9.9 on EVERY SINGLE prize, and ever since then, I only get the ball puzzle piece!! Same with the cash out! I got to $144 and have no seen any green balls or cash added to get to the $150 minimum in 3 days! I've watched enough adds and made these guys tons of money by doing so, but yet I still get shafted! don't promise something If you're going to rig it against us once we get close so you don't have to pay up! and forget about emailing them, they don't ever reply either!!!
At last point when I completed every prize upto 9.9 or 19.9 Whatever is given Now it is showing only token balls to be a gift, not even a single product from the past 6 daysIf you don't want to give any gift to anyone. Then please don't make these wasteful apps for just your profit on advertisement. If I talk about advertisement, I swear that I've seen over 500 advertisement in this app to get some gift.And I will probably report on Google for the removal of these fake money making apps😡😡👎👎
I was really enjoying this game. Sort of like Plinko, but then noticed that it began constantly landing on the sad face, and no longer landing on money balls. Not to mention that I was at $146, you need $150 to cash out. Yeah, logged back in, my total dropped to $144. Plus, I've gotten eggs and it seems to miscount. Like, I'll have 19/26 eggs, then win another egg, and it will still say 19/26. Seems like every two eggs, the number goes up, if at all. Not cool to lie and be dishonest.
You get 3 star for grafi. And 3 for game play and 2 for win more puzzles pieces..Good game.. fun and entertaining, but I have not cash out so we will have to wait and see what happen..need more winner of gifts and green coins, u stead of always giving you the gold coins we can get enough of them. From just watching the Ads.. But we will see... TY
This game like all the other games, once you actually get close to thinking you might win, it doesn't count things right. I got at least 4 eggs, watched the ad and it just stopped counting them. Also played for 3 hours and it didn't land on the green balls at all..not at all in 3 hours. I would have at least 26 eggs by now but th3 game must be rigged. What are you doing to do about it?
Look ive spent so much time on this app. I collected 26 out of 26 eggs that are needed to get $1000 and on my 26th one the number stayed the same at 25 and wouldn't move to 26. I even screened shot my screen and can prove it. I am owed $1000 now. I did everything I was supposed to do and can prove it.
it starts off making you feel like your going to get to the "$150" goal Uber fast, then the "money balls" slow down. The closer you get the less frequent they come. finally you get within $5-$6 of the goal and now it goes from $0.01 per "money ball" to $0.001 per ball..so you go from getting roughly $0.25-$0.50 for 25 of the "money balls" to being lucky to get $0.05 for 25 of them.Let's not forget about the ads, jesus the ads. I expected to watch a few ,nothing is truly free, but man.
Gotta admit you guys had me at first. But the closer you get to the 150 the less you give to people. Instead of getting a penny a green ball now I get .001 and on top of that it seems the wheel lands on something less and less now. So it's pretty clear I'll be sitting at about $144 dollars for some time.
It started my prizes over again when I had only one more to go to win that prize. It doesn't give me the green coins anymore and now it doesn't play at all. Also the same eggs are popping up and I only need 2 more before I win the prize money. I enjoyed the game from the beginning when I first started but now I don't know what's wrong.
This game sucks, first they let you win and when you will get closed to winning points you get very unlucky. I highly doubted this app. I think they scammed the players thinking you could win but all they wanted is for us to watch their ads so that they get their money from those ads. In summary they just using the players to get money from those ads. 🙄
The percentages of the chance of getting a certain roll, like getting the money balls, eggs, and Amazon card, drop dramatically they get you close to your goal than lower the chance of getting to that threshold to practically 0. Don't waste your time with this, many of us have and have gotten no payout. These developers are sneaky and think they're clever, but they are nothing other than common thieves of time and money. Will be contacting the Better Business Bureau against this atrocity.
Same as every review on here... turns out this is just fake money making app. You get to a point around £115 where all you then "win" from a spin is dropping balls. Stop conning people, if you won't pay out, just make it a normal game to play!! You might want to take this into consideration, as people start giving bad reviews and uninstalling it
Absolute scam!!! Complete waste of time. Have to cash out at certain increments, but when a few points away...SUDDENLY... no more bonuses, extra commercials. The green or actual winning coins (which are bs) just quit coming. Funny how it only took me two days to reach 90 and a month to get to 92. Find me an honest Chinese person, I'll give you my points
I spent almost three days watching ads just so I can get the iPhone 12 and one day I get on and all my videos are deleted I have to restart from the start do not download this it did not save your progress
Curator @ app-monthly. As always, follow us on social media platforms for the latest in top monthly games! As we head into the new year, I have now shifted into the often promising/never delivering genre of payout apps for mobile. I didn't expect welcome relief to the string of current slot-style apps currently sapping low morale (pandemic, anyone?) Dropping Ball was no exception. With no payouts as yet and little wins, they definitely dropped the ball on this one! Review subject to change.
I enjoyed this game at first but its very repetitive and when you get near to the cashout amount the green money balls are virtually none excistent. If you dont pay out, just say you dont and stop lying to people, so annoying the amount of liers making these games.
Why do all of you explaining how you can't get to the payout level still rate the game with five stars? You do realize you're helping to make it more popular, while the developers walk away handsome paychecks, right? The minimum payout is $300 for me. Meanwhile, the developers keep making and perpetuating ads about games that will make you money. You do realize this is a big cash cow for them, right?
I think this is fake app I m surprised i read most of reviews .. everyone is giving 1 star.. but star rating of this app is 4.3.. thats fake.. it doesnt give u money .. i phone, i pad, and other gifts.. lot of add's.. If u r installing this for game.. then its ok.. if u r looking for money or gifts then uninstalll..