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Drop & Smash

Drop & Smash for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Ricardo / Midlands Technical Centre Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is only fun if your on alot of drugs leaving you 75% brain dead of if you where born retarded and now your 45 years old with a 6 year old mindset. But to sum it all up about this game it is the dumbest most pointless game I have ever played. And way way to many long boring adds!
Not good...expected something more from this game, such as aim, wind speed etc. But no. Drop a coin and that's it. I lasted one minute before uninstalling. Sorry guys, but the idea was there and that's about it.
This game very good nice like the graphics they did and smash cam it was awesome like in space but there are too much adds i hope they remove the adds soon
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This game has so many ads and it's so slow that it looks like it's stop motion, I wouldn't recommend playing this game.
I like the game, but to many ads, and after a while, it's just the same smash idem over and over how many ever times you upgrade it...
It is very laggy it's just the same stuff over again and bad graphics do not download they did not put no work in to this game at all the nuke suppose to go boom but did they put that in no and it crashed so warning do not download do not👎
Way to many ads it sucks after every drop even if you didn't finish it off ad pops into your face and it just so irritating it sucks if you don't have so many ads awesome but untill you fix this problem don't download this app.
Ok, to put this in a sincere way, this game is good and HORRIBLE. First, the game lags so badly. Second, the smash cam is indecisive because the first one would be pretty close of what actually happened and the others are different from the first one. It just cringes me out. So if you players are reading this right now, I suggest that you don't install this game.
Started quite fun, turned data and WiFi off after first two drops (not even past first object) to prevent ads, then re opened game. Shame the developers couldn't think of anything new for items, going to a "golden" version of the item, played through all of those just to see what was next.... Oh back to the golden egg box again. Dropped item changes with increasesed power.... Until you have the "bomb" and that's all you get.... 4 and 5 star reviews have been paid for by the developers.
See the reason I give it 4 stars is because every time I finish a level it sends an ad please just remove all the ads please I beg you and I'll change my review into 5-star please I beg you and why is it that in the ad of this game it shows you can draw what to smash but now it doesn't maybe let me reach a higher level then I'll let you know ok thanks for creating this game maybe can create more😇☺💌 this message is just for thank you it's ST reporting for duty nice to meet you .
I know games aren't very realistic but this is on another level. Anyone who has seen the How Ridiculous channel on YouTube or Facebook will know exactly what happens to fruit when you drop and anvil on it from 45 meters and it certainly isn't what happens in this game.
It's really good but there is one thing what ever you get like water melon or something make the juice come from it and make it more realistic
Its a good game although there are alot of adds andmy game keeps lagging and crashing. I rated three because of crashing the lag is fine withe me i can handle it. Also my upgrades are delayed. Good game but could be better
Lacking, too many ads, after you get to a point of upgrading the damage, it's always an intert bomb and gets boring quick
Awesome like its amazing I even go on my phone and play In midnight like on the middle of the night and I am obsessed with this game
Liars when I saw that the internet was not needed I downloaded that immediately until I reached level 4 when I said there was no internet connection and then the game was turned off several times until I uninstalled it if there was 0.00001 star that would I choose
I loveee this game so much!!!...I just don't understand how a coin can break a watermelon😂😂😂🤔🤔
Very fun to pass time however, there's a bug with the whole offline pay system which makes that whole element useless for gaining in game money. Upon being notified that you've earned n-coins in offline money, once you return to the game to try and collect it, if you tap to double it via ad video, it will say unable to get ad at this time, but even tapping the ad button repeatedly yields no result so you're forced to collect the base amount. Please address that issue with the offline ads.
I LOVE IT MAKE MORE but too much ads to fix this you have to put on airplane mode so you don't get any ads cuz if you have Wi-Fi you can get ads so turn on airplane mode to stop getting ads you're welcome ;)
I like this game because it is fun and satisfying but I took a star away because of the fact that my power is at 109 but the weapon is still the same all the way through. The weapon is still a nuke but it barely does any damages😡😡😡
I dont see how anyone plays this. Its way too laggy. And this should be an offline game. And theres toooooooo many ads
This game is not worth downloading.The entire game is constant ads.Everytime you drop,an ad is directly after,it's a pain and is a waste of time
People always complain about the ads but you can just turn ur wifi off. Also the gameplay is fun and entertaining would recommend!
Way too many ads. Have you guys even tried playing your own game with the amount of ads you are subjecting your players to? It's nearly unplayable. Ads after every level, ads after every upgrade, banner ads, video ads, and little square ads. It's way too much. Tone it down a lot. If I want to watch an ad, I will do it for in-game items... If your going to force ads down my throat at every turn with no reward, it's not worth it.
It was really good until I had the same nuke drop item which should explode but other than that, tbh it's really good =)
I rarely give an app a low rating but this one deserves it. Ads every time you smash an object and before I can even accept the offline bonus I'm met with another ad. Some you can skip others you have to wait. Its severely annoying when you just wanna play the game and you have to wait. No option to even pay to get rid of them (although that might not help either) If you wanna play "watch the ads every 10 seconds" be my guest. If not then please don't play this game.
Good game, great concept. But my only problem is the amount of ads. Another thing is that after you reach a certain point, the item your dropping wont change anymore. I thought that was kinda sh##y but idk. Besides that, it's a great game.
Nothin but ads. The developer must have paid for good reviews. Believe the 1 star reviews. Avoid at all cost unless you want to spend time waiting for the next ad to finish so you can watch another ad followed by another ad. All that and the game will disable itself if you don't play with an active Internet connection. Screw this developer and their rubbish "game"
Really fun game it's so cool it has good graphics too.... Just the problem is of adds excluding adds then it's really great game ...... I suggest you to download this game
Horrible game the graphics are terrible the gameplay is terrible game but it will be better if you made the graphics better and less ads because your forsing people to buy the 3.99 that's not ok
The reason for the 2 stars is because I was starting to like this game but when I got to level 4 it said in order for me to keep playing I need WIFI(which I don't have at home). The game is suppose to work offline but that's not true.
hi, i found this game while i was trying to avoid the countless ads that i find on every single game that i play, and when i saw this ad it looked like a lot of fun! but 15 minutes in and i am just FLOODED with ads. for example everytime you break or dont break something which takes about 2.5 seconds, you are just given an ad. its unbelievable. the game is fun, but could you maybe i dunno give out an ad every 10 lvl? thanks.