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Droneboi - Space Building Sandbox Multiplayer

Droneboi - Space Building Sandbox Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rizen Planet Studios located at Gaanbekerweg 11. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is an actually very good game, I only hates is... Why you need to drag an item to order to place it, I wish there's a tap mode (If you tap an item and tap on the empty space, the item will place) and drag mode (if you dragged your finger on empty spaces, the spaces will fill what item you want) I wish you will notice this :(
I really do like your game but there are bugs such as the build randomly falling apart or when you turn the part of the ship near the rotation device will explode
To me this is one of the best rocket games ever made I don't see why anybody wouldn't like it you can build and explore but I wish there was planets to land on.I do like the duel update it's cool were you can build a rocket with barely any blocks if your a starter but just saying it's a really fun game
This is awesome.I like chase a bot but the bot randomly spawn in the void pls fix this Edit: pls add spawn for each player thx! Edit: the app crashes pls fix! Edit: also add features like bot customizer,ship description.
The game seems promising, but the building mechanics are ruining it. The delete function is annoying since I keep pressing it. I beg you to add a type of message that says "are you sure?" So we can decline the delete.
I love this game so much it's the most fun I've ever had but theres a problem I think with my phone and it doesn't let my play for to long but the time I got to play was awesome
It could use reinforced structure blocks, gameplay is awesome, like the addition of solar blocks very cool , once you get larger servers for bigger maps I know it'll take off more than it has , bigger astroids would be a great addition down the line. Otherwise I can't wait to see what comes next.
I like these sandbox games especially when it's space related and goo haha drones go BOOOOIIIIIIII. Btw there's a glitch when the asteroids u mine don't fill up the cargo. thanks! And i also want to be able to repair and add more to my ship but not in spawn. I can't move my core and can't switch it. (Idea from forts from steam)
Nice little ship build so fair on and offline play. Only issues are easily fixed by holding a piece in the menu to find out what it does. Fair number of ads but only supporting method of the development no micro.
I olso tried with another phone (with mobile data on so the wifi isnt the fault) and it olso didnt work!
It is really good and I like the feel of it the only problem is there is only one spawn everyone spawn inside of each other and spawn camp can u make separate spawns plz But it is still really fun Γ nd hΓ ve lots of potential to become a big tittle Edit: the new update is really good nice job devs (also thx for responding :) also the dev/devs are amazing Edit: can u make a masive arrow pointing to the thing that tells u how to play people are to dum to see it lol 0_o
A super fun game, I love the building and controls, but I don't see why you should blow up enemies, if there was a scraper or something so you could get cargo after scrapping them, this game has gotten so bad so fast was an og player, I still try to play but the game literally destroys my WiFi and comes back on after 3 min, not my tablet I checked no other game does this, frequent crashes during builds and when I crash it still slams me with an ad even though my WiFi broke. Please fix!
This game plays fun although it lacks much content and there are only twelve main puzzle? levels other than the online, open world and sandbox gamemodes. I would love to see more missions that include other gizmos, the weapons, maybe a race? Plus a mining mission or two. Also the open world only has a few asteroids and the scrap doesn't seem to do anything in or out of the open world. I see a lot of potential here and I will keep the game on my phone to see any future updates. Great work!!!
Best Game ever πŸ₯° Graphics and sound quality is very nice. My children play this game all time and i just tried , Finally i loved it 😍
the edit button on multiplayer is bugged, when I press edit it says in space when I go into the edit menu.
I personally love this game, I just like the idea to do what ever you want without it being any complicated at all I love the driving but there's an issue for me, when I'm rocketing through space when I stop and use the thrusters I put facing forward the rocket still doesn't slow down and I keep getting pushed forward and it's really annoying, besides from that I lose this and I congrat everyone who helped made this
I love this game but maybe you can add a offline career mode and also a momemtum cube its like the momemtum wheel but if you place it in the middle it fills the gaps and when you stop pressing the left or right button it instantly stops and add an air brake so when your ship slips too fast it stops
Really good game has a lot of potential, I really enjoy it and i feel like this game could really go somewhere also can tell the dev have a sense of humor, the only thing i would recommend is more components like springs and hydraulics and maybe a place to show off your builds and maybe even custom levels and maybe make it a little easier to play private games with friends but this game is obviously still new and in development and its still really good and enjoyable. :)
5 out of 5 i love this game i really recommend it 100% try the only thing I wish they would add would be some type of force field πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Since the April 2021 update came Everything went downhill why you ask Well I can't play on passive no rooms And I can't find my friend now restore It back please or I'll lower my ratings
Good work make sure you add old things like multiple spawns back but station refuel area in open world is pointless as you already can instant dock and go out to refuel I say the pods with fuel you used to have would be good or maybe a weakage of a ship that contains fuel and you can dock with
the multiplayer in the game is bad you all spawn on the same spot so when you spawn some people will be stuck on your ship and destroy it so please make it that you all spawn in seperate ways so you wont get your ship destroyed instantly at the start of the game
I originally said that the devs should add ranged weapons to multiplayer which they then added, so thanks! Also, itd be great if you added weapons like a plasma cannon, flamethrower, or any weapon that has a short range but instead of shooting a projectile, it has a wide range (wide not long) or a short ranged laser. Also please allow for blocks to be able to face diagonally as well as the normal directions. Also also, i like all the hidden abd cool easter eggs/features in the game! Keep it up!
Ok this is a awesome game but there's one thing i want you to add(1:can you add blueprints like a solar ship,spaceship,battle,ship and a mining ship thats the blueprints i want added if you cant thats ok also you can think of more thank you for reading this developer(s)
Awesome game but can you please add back the chat. Also in sandbox multiplayer can you add back multiple spawn points. Thanks 😁😁
updated coment: i forgive you for the bad stuff but heres a bug if your in space and get towed sometimes it won let you launch and say in space basicly you were never towed. and just please make it so that when editing that button will allways change to luanch cuase thats a problem to in multiplayer edit: thanks for telling me about that but being towed is always a problem still and chats still a probedit edit: it,s hard to get on now but possible
So I had this idea of recoil. And can you remake the design of the ranged weapons to make the recoil fit? It'll push the ship back depending on how much force it does. If the weapon is strong it'll push the ship back. If the ship has more mass it'll not push
I really love this game althought if it wasn't for the annoying "you got lost in the void" thing this game would be so much better.l the reason why i hate the void thing so much is that it doesn't add fun to the game it just makes my get 😑 angry. Please add a setting to remove the void thing in sandbox mode then the game would be 100x better. I hope you can change this. Best.
This game , I think that this game is much better than exocraft,but I have one note for the game can you and some kind of tera tech style sandbox mode
The only reason this is 4 stars is there are to many spawn killers but it is a great game and I want a t2 ion thruster thats blue instead of green the texture will change and it will be more powerful than t1 and I also want new skins like purple pink rainbow and lime green and new t2 weapons and a t3 fuel thats blue and has more power.
I have no idea how to buy/make new modules all I have is a buy materials/sell materials. I can't edit the ship after entering. I have to leave again then enter immediately to get a time out so I can edit. It could be very fun, but I genuinely have no idea what to do. The tutorial never showed anything either
I love this game but experience would be more enjoyable on multiplayer make it so people get teleported away from the spawn point after 10 seconds because there's always somebody there just stopping you from playing it's annoying
very good game when i first downloaded this its boring then updates pop up and i became to love it and can u pls make the bots fight back when you try to fight them
why three stars? beacase when you spawn at career everyones gonna kill you even when you name youreself an kind name i wish you should add an peaceful node at career but i still love this game😊😊and please make a ban option so you can ban players who are building an big block then spawn trapping
It's a fun drone flying game, it reminds me of my days of playing "banjo and kazooey, nuts n' bolts" on my old Xbox 360, very nostalgic and also refreshing at the same time, but it doesn't have very many challenges, so try to make your own!
Has a lot of potential, but there's no description for parts which mean trial and error is the only way to figure out that most systems aren't implemented yet. V
I like the updates but you should fix the magnets as I tested online and it was bugged and never gave energy or fuel
I love this game! But i found it had to vind out what what does, so my suggestion is that if you hold a block in your inventory you see the information of the block, so it's easier to start playing. But further I love It! Also the background music is amazing! Literally the next day I found it it is already a thing So oops......
The game controls are bad, and the chalenges get way too Hard for any begginer player like me so yeah this game is pretty good.
I really liked the game So much fun but it needs more updates Like the ability of selling the unused parts for scrap the storage system needs to be improved cause if one fuel tank is damaged the whole fuel is gone also the batteries and mine boxes
The parts need a lot more description. Needs more parts, specially functional ones, specifically a way to get fuel and other ways to get power. The way the blocks stick together feels too fragile, and the docking ports also needs more kick, also maybe add a locking mechanism or something. The challenges was fun. Has some problems though. Sometimes 350 space station disappears on some levels. Maybe add tech tree system type of thing, more interact
Some drones keep firing/moving even after death in multiplayer mode. There's also the problem of drones merging when a drone spawns right into another drone.
The game is great although it needs a offline career mode because player will kill you most of the time, and you can just spawn in side of someone. (Edit) I noticed a bug that when you load a blueprint, not all of the pieces load properly.
I like the game a lot but I want passive mode back please I've been getting grifed so much I hate it when they do it so please add passive mode again
Hey developer[s] Could you add the feature ti save worlds and sandboxes? I would love it, it would make more people play. Its a great game i think that would save the game from-ever dying.
I like the ship building and everything but holy jesus the online servers are absolute trash. I cant even go online for more than 3 mins without the server timing out. And that goes for every global server. I live in north america but asia servers are better for some reason.
I have a few suggestions for the game as the open world and multiplayer are a bit boring. For multiplayer could you try and include different spawns as spawn campers are common and as for the open world I think there should be other ways for you to be able to make money for example the ai are a bit useless so making it so you get something like cargo, fuel or power for destroying them and adding a block that can grab the wreckage of destroyed drones could be used for this.
This game is a great job, the best part of this game was the music, rarely find a game that use a vibes music like this. Overall the game was great, the graphics was good, and the music audio was 5-star. Little advice, i hoped that you add some description/purpose of a part that selected by the players because i'm a new players and kinda like confuse of what i'm selecting. So yeah that's my reviews of this game hope the developer see my advice :)
This game is amazing. I have a request, can you pls add more and new parts and a ability to use the focus camra blocks to create bot parts of creations or a bot mode so you can toggle if a creation is a bot or not without reseting all bots and reseting your creation,so like a bot switch. oh and also an ability to switch with multiple spawned creations.
Very cool, needs additions. 1 material to part processor so you don't have to return to station. 2 reduced weapon damage by about half. 3 other stations and asteroids. 4 option to salvage from destroyed enemies. 5 reaction control system block instead of magical drain in momentum. 6 continue from location left off in career. 7 trade through docking 8 stop overlapping spawns and make the stations shoot down people who fight nearby 9 MORE parts, resources, things to interact with
Updated review: once you figure out the controls and get an idea of what everything does, it is a pretty fun game. A couple suggestions: a tutorial and also different spawn points so that ships dont keep spawning on top of each other
It's a great game but it needs a lot of more stuff and plus you guys should add a rotating block and more control groups and maybe tier 3 stuff, and maybe more guns, more engines, and maybe a magnet where you could transfer fuel and electricity
The game is like a clone of nimbatus but also not why? 1. You dont have anything to start with(weapons, thrusters, and fuel blocks) 2.it looks like nimbatus I hope the devs notice about the fuel blocks and thrusters not there instantly Aight uhhhh this is a coincidence i got the thruster but it did not show at the challenge and the sanbox idk what it is
There's a really good game here- yes, it is a little rough around the edges, but the soul is great! I love what I've seen so far, and I'd love to become a supporter! Unfortunately, it seems that the link to become a supporter doesn't work.
Laggy and a bit hard to control. Everyone camps spawn so you can't enjoy multiplayer or spawn anything in without it being inside someone else's build. The chat doesn't work and ships with empty areas in them tend to glitch and spin uncontrollably or will lock onto an angle and refuse to turn. I do understand that games are extremely hard to make and that this is still in beta but I hope my input will help the app development.
make gray a color so that the other stuff(dinamo thruster small battery etc...) gain there good looks back... and maybe add a reset color for fuel sence it is pink and cannot be colored but thanks for makeing solar pannels be obtainable from scrap machine! and fix all the colors to look like they did before by adding new colors or fix color in colors!
I love this app but the dark void is a bit excessive I try to find an opponent and I die in the void following their arrow this is in sandbox btw but I wish there was an option to turn off the void however giving in a box with the void that would help that's why I gave four stars.
One of the best games I've ever played I've also joined the discord community and the people are really helpful and non-toxic, overall this game has really high potential you could do so much with this game i highly recommend playing this
This has I was playing since I quit Roblox due account loss but can. You pls add more stuff like pulse laser T2 or double barrel rocket launcher and like that magnet it's docking arm it's like the docking thing but with hands hands include X2 4 by 4 idk nimbatus but I will check it out have a nice game why is the ads only give when you leave a game
Nice idea but has a long way to go befor geting 5 star. It never said how to get ores so i cant find them. People allways spawn inside people. Chalanges are repetitiv. This game has potental but needs work
Great game, but PLEASE add passive mode back because its hard to fly away from the stronger drones without them destroying my core, thrusters, rotation wheels, etc. And it would also be better to add the spawn places back πŸ˜‰! If they're still here, then tell me how to find them πŸ˜‰ :) overall a fun and challenging game! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
It's a good start, I enjoy the simplistic graphics, future suggestions: improving multi player, adding stats that show up when your adding a weapon, easier to rotate items, just more items in general, some supermassive weapons would be nice(deathstar like), better ship locking and finally maybe make it so you can control multiple ships within your fleet. This would be through a lot of iterations so good luck hopefully this game comes out well
I really love to play with your game so much,but there is a problem that make me difficult to play. First thing is The spawner, can you make it more spawner for example at the corner so you can move it perfectly. Second thing is a bug that make me can't launch my rocket, I have wait between 2 - 3 minutes still can't launch. Extra thing if you want to make it.. More Ores, Ores In My MiniMap because I most likely hit that ore. I like this game so much until I rather to buy it if need, please fix.
Can u make like a opening and closing block for like a drone controlgroup and WHEN I DONT MOVE FOR A SECONDS IT CILENT TIMEOUT AND THAT IS SO ANNOYING REMOVE IT
I need a cool update next up is block 2x2 block turn into a big is easy to make a big ship is on that missions and black block and next up is super fuel super fuel had so much fuel but at 2x2 block and next up is a shop can use coin update but don't use mod mod is a hack and we need more tool next up is tape measure if you slide with your finger in tape measure it can make block longer or small and next up is window is easy too make window at block and update is done and also color block
A super fun game, I love the building and controls, but I don't see why you should blow up enemies, if there was a scraper or something so you could get cargo after scrapping them
This is the best game ever but one thing this game needs is a energy shields that can only take a surtin amount of hits and add drones that can be deployed to attack someone please add this thank you 😁😁😁😁
This is a most have for all people that like sandbox games! I love the idea and the lots off different blocks. U can make everything u want!
Tremendously fun game with lots of potential! Very few ads, which is a rare thing to find nowadays. Competitive online play and decently balanced mechanics, combined with an easy build system makes for tons of replayability. My only nitpick is that ships slow down as if they're affected by friction. More realistic physics would definitely increase the depth of play.
Thank you for responding, and I have another few issues. 3. Not able to play open world with people 4. No friend system 5. Just one mineral 6. No bigger storage options for early game fuel and battery, and they run out quick. 7. No crafting system. I personally think it would be awesome to be able to drop off resources at a crafting station, and chose to make something to build up your ship with, or something to sell for scrap, and then the machine would instead be for unlocking items. Reply?
I honestly like this charming little game. Of course, it has it's issues, like only one multiplayer spawn and no clear boundry as to tell where the "void" is, which resets you if you stay in there for too long. Ads are at a minimum, which is nice. Although flawed, this game is still great to play.
I love this game! It is so fun! I just wish they had a more detailed instructions, like a walk through, but eventually you'll get it. Another thing, sometimes people spawn camp, and that's annoying. But, overall, this game is worth it! Have fun! Unfortunately, the void kinda sucks. Could you either make it a wall for crash testing or use it as a flip teleporter to keep your speed and feet teleported to the other side of the map? Also, just a bit buggy
I love this app but the dark void is a bit excessive I try to find an opponent and I die in the void following their arrow this is in sandbox btw but I wish there was an option to turn off the void however giving in a box with the void that would help that's why I gave four stars. Edit: it appears the void is less common in sandbox thank you.
Personally I think this is a great game but there needs to be a sell all button and something that keeps people from spawning in each other.
Really like this game, i downloaded it 2 days ago and im kina hooked on it, the reason i left a 4 star review is because if you're building a Drone and you accidentaly click "Back to Menu" then you have to start building a new Drone from start again, i would love if when you clicked "Back to Menu" it would ask "Are you sure?" and then you could choose between "Yes" or "No" other than that i really like this game.
Early review, but seems to be an overall ok game. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like this game is an original idea, this game shares fundamental mechanics and design style with a game called nimbatus which has been around since 2017 and which i have watched grow from early access to a full release.