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Drive for Speed: Simulator

Drive for Speed: Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Play365 located at 9709 Kenneth Oren drive Charlotte, NC 28213 United States . The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great bus multi original car futures ad night vision, gair, side glass, multiple design car, mountains road etc..... Fill orignal car drive and facilities And night mode, rain, mode give, and mounten road make, make new road for new drive road
amazing game . i love this game . in this games there is only one problem . and that problem is : when we start the it take internet .
It is a best game but its graphics are not so good but excellent timing is very good function and the car,s are good racing iin the round is not good I like this game add more accuracy to your game hai than the original 2than in 43rd and the next time 2222nd and the next time 33rd 33is the fooling is the fooling of the fooling and 33233rd century fox news that the fooling of the world is the only way to get the best of the best 333rd century film and the next time you have a new album that will
I love this game! It is so much fun just driving around town. However with my new phone all purvhases are gone. Please help.
Great games graphics FIVE star and every thing functions well cool cars and sweet customs LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!
This games is good is so good that it has manual and auto matic andi love that is fire you should download it you will not regret it I love that is so accurate and stuff sike this game is trash I just want to get money man this game trash I do not reccomend it ya so don't know what to do your next day and you can get it again but it will take out 6to you get the first time in your face to be able and not be a menace if I have to get to know him again and again I don't 8AM go get the hell love i
Spent a dollar on it, game closed and when I loaded it back up, I didn't get anything, I still had to watch ads and I didn't get my coins, complete scam. Other then that the game is actually pretty good besides for the fact I suddenly lose 90% of my frames and my car crashes, it's a good free car racing game, I wish there was more content it's not all racing though, there are other gamemodes you can play. Good game, do not purchase anything in game unless you want to give away your money.
It's a very good game. But you have expand the map and add more types of vehicles and more features to cars like horn, headlight. You can also introduce climate changes
This game is impossible to play in arrive mode I hatenthisngame because then game lies to me in every second on the turns the game lies to me every second
Really good grafics one bad fing I wish that if you hit a person the cops chase after you really good game wud recommend.
Please deal with the sound system of the game. In your earlier update, when you drive pass the cars in race competition, the sounds reduce as you drive further away from them. But this update the sound of the cars remain even if you drive far away from the cars, the sound still continue until you finish the race. The sound of other cars in the race competition is disgusting
Cool game better than the recent ones I've played. However I would like to see better graphics and gameplay. Perhaps I could talk to someone about making an investment?
Very good but cars are too expensive and I can't drive whilst in full screen. Menu is an fs but not whilst driving
It is a trash game don't play it I got so many ads it wouldn't even load and before I could even drive a car I got about 8 ads don't download its trash
The game was very good before the update after that the drift money has reduced so much and the upgrade are expensive so now it's just not fun you should bring back the previous stuff
Make the map bigger and add an airport.plus more upgrade to the cars, it will be fun if there is a stunt mode pleasa add better turning mode such as drift and drive
This is a good game. The controls, the graphics are perfect. It also gives one a real driving experience. But You have started interfering with the game as always. Therefore, now 1 stars...Now the game is not responding!πŸ™ŒI give up! I did what you asked. It still frozen! I can see the improvements on the game.
Terrible gameplay. Commands are sh.... Can't play because of adds. Don't recommend this game to anyone
Very good game however some of the customization seems a little overpriced compared to how much is earned per mission and can we have some more camera angles
Love the game but why do the players who are playing the game why do they and me lose money to drift and air jump pls can you owner make us not lose money in the game due to accidents on drift and air jump
It is a very good game but can be very glich at times especially when you load in but other than that but I'd like to see more cars
Six weeks later, same problems... Same problems despite the latest updates. Several problems when restoring a saved game: 1. I bought a coin pack (in fact two or three, gold coins mainly, the 300 gold coin pack being the last) supposed to cancel ads, it does not work 2. I have coins, but I can't buy anything, it says not enough coins. I can't attach a screenshot. 3. All car upgrades are lost , it's all level 0 again.
This game is really good but everything in the game cost too much money (game money, Not real money).
drive safe and sound and sound like to be able and sound and Mike and sound and the same thing to be able and sound like the one of the most popular and the other hand in and sound like to see if and sound and Mike to be able and sound like the one of the one of the one of the most common cause of
I love this game 🀩 but add more cars and. Make some changes like if we hit the cops cars so they will run behind Us 🀣
Ite pretty good I wish their was a tilt option for the steering though it would make drifting a whole lot easier
I give This game a 5/5 because: 1. I think this game won't have any limitations to how fast you can go 2. Even though it's going to have ads I still like this game
I like it because of the gameplay and the cars. The graphics were excellent.And the game play is great and i love it because its not been bad
Very fun and exciting game for people who love cars, there are diffrent missions and a full complete map that you can drive around in free drive and do missions while your in the mode. Very fun and I recommend it to playπŸ‘
Good but I should say the game came be got more better than this only one map is available in more big map shows excellence for the game
Dull Gameplay and cars you upgrade barely win mostly lose. Ads on screen have to watch videos to get coins/money to upgrade. They aren't long though!
Controlls are terrible and you don't have a mode were you move your car but tilting your phone meh played 2 mins then uninstalled
I cant play the game! It was stuck on the first scene then the game closed!! Tried again same thing happened!!! Very lagging!!!!
Really fun game.I gave it 5stars because whenever I'm bored it cheers me up so I really think you should play it fair by me.❀
It the best game l had ever played. And it has mission to complete. But has a problem like the map and also the graphics of the game
Decent graphics including sound. The best part for me is free run, being able to customize my car & be able to drive it around. Awesome sauce!
I think that this game is a pretty good game after all.But it is the same things over again. I recommend this game if u like cars. Good job 5he creaters of this game.
The game ia good. It has lots of cars things to do. But the game is also bad. For 1 when im watching an ad for the thing were you get like 9500 free coins and 18 gold it keeps freezing at like at the second video. 2 some times when i'm doing a race or somthing like that the game either freeze, restarts, or turns off.
Perfect,but if you can Improve the manual car,so that it improve it spreads without increasing the speed
Please do first thing fix it so many bugs, improve your controls, ads & please don't forget remove this virus from your game please solve this issue its irritates me
This game is awesome the race is great u can enjoy it as much u want this is about the changing of gears and the speed for cars
This is a very nice and easy for playing I like this game a lot and on my YouTube channel also I got lot of like's
It keeps on giving me the wrong directions when driving, also it is so expensive to buy new cars or to upgrade your car. it is a fun game but it needs some adjustments. With regards to the wrong directions, I'll be playing one of the levels when it'll tell me that I need to go right but that direction leads to a wall.
I would say that I love playing this game so far because it had like everything that you can imagine in in it and you can really get into the Zone with it and you can pick what kind of car you want to drive me have these all cool kind fancy kind of cars and you can paint it to whatever you want and you can make it go as fast as you can.
It's a good game but lower the prices and put more fast cars in it but don't put big prices on them to.but it is a great gameπŸ‘
It good but it could use cars that are cheaper and faster to start with but over all it pretty fun to play when I board.
Your slumber mattress add won't give an x to go back to game it just stays on screen so have to get out of game then restart
Nice game I have never played at this time of game in my life there are gears also and I have not seen gears in any of the game and there are so many interesting Khas and robots the arrived and checkpoints free Mod random mode are also very nice I like that with that goes to the another City or state and don't know country and that many of the games are ending their roots with none of the radius but this have a very interesting
Super fun game so far, after two days. Normally I'm bored or hit a paywall where I can't get past within a few hours, this game is tough as you go but still pretty fun.
This is My Fav Game Until They Update And Then Froze And Froze And Froze every time i open the game pls fix this issue a lot of users are in the same problem pls fix this 😭 i will rate 5 stars if this issue fixed😒😭
It is horrible boring and terrifying. The graphics are horrible. Do not waste MB because this game is disgusting
It good just when i put it in manual so hard to shift properly but the erst is rolling good and as i expected and the races are impossible to win i mean idk if they just AI,S but they don,t seem like ais to me they seen lile real people and why is money so hard to get tho but as i said everything else is rolling smoothly
β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šβœŠπŸΎπŸ˜πŸ¦πŸš¦ The freeflowness of the city is something newbies can get into just as long as you know drive carefully good experience even for the hardest of car fans gameplay should be better in the handling of the vehicle.
This is a good game. The controls, the graphics are perfect. It also gives one a real driving experience...Hi! I'm back. I great improvements on the game. Thumbs up!
Good graphics and good handleing and the fact that the oponents are sometimes faster and slower makes it harder and fun plus challenging
I have seen many car games,none of them are disliked by me,but this is a mind-blowing game I've ever seen. This game is the best car game for me.its really very good.
This game is soooooo fun but sometimes it lags for a little bit but then goes back to normal but overall great game
Fun Its is entartaning and i play this every day 24/7 its fun and i would recommend it to all people who like cars like me
TWO DEMERITS ::: 1) MINI MAP SHOWS SOME GIFTS BUT WHEN WE ACTUALLY ARRIVE AT THE INDICATED PLACE....... ""WE FIND NOTHING"" (THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE THE GAME WAS UPDATED RECENTLY) 2) CARS ARE WAY MORE EXPENSIVE NOW (than in the pre-update version ) & what's even more disappointing is :: THE COST OF the "UPGRADE-STUFFs" Of each car ###please do something about these. And help us help you !!!!!
Hi guys two things you need fixing. 1 the races are too hard. 2 the cars are so much money. Please change it. Thanks guys.
A loads of modes, cars, a large map. It has great graphics too. All packed in a small size (about 120mb) great game
Good game you just have to make sure you can get in front of the cars because there car's are alot faster than mines so I have to make sure that I am in the leed so far so good πŸ‘ thanks guys
It's a worst game, because I have installed it 5 times, but it didn't open at one time also. so please pay attention on that issue.
I give this game a 4 because it has very good quality and screen view and minis a star because of loading time other ways a very good game.
A great game with great graphics, pretty good about of cars to be driven, pretty big map, I took 2 stars because of 2 things. In the "Race" mode, the AI is annoying fr, They would ram you if your near to them your in front of them. I mean this is not a demolition derby mode, This is racing. 2nd thing is, The interior is really awful. The steering wheel is not even moving, and not look realistic, it's like it's photoshopped. Anyways good game.
The buildings need a better graphics and l think you should be able to cgange tge colour of the cars overall a good game
The loading of this new version sucks coz I've been trying to open it since last year it just goes back to the homescreen
So the reason why I picked 2 stars is because it is a little bit of time before you can start the game but right before you really start it is an add and I was like I just started the give me a few minutes or seconds to to start the game and when you start you have to follow a mission to do and also you have to park a surrent way? idk cause I really didn't play after and 1 more thing that I have to say if you like to follow rules from playing a kids game you have fun with that and I'm a kid ✌️
It is best game in all aspects controls, graphics and all others but I want to say that you should add events in it If you do this things I will rate it 5 star.
Bad graphics and lack of online play along with the fact that without spending real money you cant buy many cars without grinding for weeks for the coins bring down my rating of this ok game. And can someone please explain why there is a huge elephant in free ride?
This Game It Doesn't Do Anything It Just Shows Me The BMW Car And I Waited Like HOURS AND NOTHING SHOWED UP I HAD THE BEST WIFI AND Please Fix IT I Will Give Three Stars
I mean it's a good game but if you crash your phone vibrates and not even a max fast car and some lambs cots Β£3 something
This came is good and not that many when you turn of your wifi there is no adds so install. But Among us is Better
Its a really fun game and everything but it laggs really bad once in a while but besides that i really enjoy this game and the graphics of the game are pretty good and its its nothing like the picture of the app just so u know
Worst game needs more details into it it looks like a child made it sadly when you start the game you have a slow default car against the other cars that are 10 times faster than yours second there should be more details into damage like put more details into the cars like in the menu of cars without the blacked out windows it's stupid put more details into the inside the car view it's piss poor the whole idea of this game is retarded the screenshots are fake take the game down off the appstore
It's a really good game and has a lot of good cars you wanna know why I gave only 4 starts because it has too many ads!
It's a pretty good game but the npcs are kinda annoying and there is not a setting that you can't turn off the npcs and the physics are pretty good but overall it's a 3 star game
What happened to the gifts you get when playing 'free ride'? On the map it shows they are there but when you get to them its nowhere to be seen... please fix
Bad game it's very laggy and has a ton of ads once I was playing and within 2 minutes I had something like 20 ads
If you are looking for a pulsating, goosebump evoking game, then this is one such gane for you. I can't stop playing.
It's a fun game because you don't get chased by cops, but it would be better is you add the concept of getting chased by the police
A very nice game! But why I give this 4 star cuz the game is a bit laggy so pls somehow fixed it and I will change my rate! Thank you...
So impressive graphics, controls so smooth, its features in real time and addictive driving simulator. I am hesitate to give your game five star coz there's more rooms for improvements. So excited to see updates while keeping up the good work
Game is the best. But you hve to add more cars(supersports & hypersports). Moreover the game is best.
Could make the city bigger and cars turn alot smoother and have off road aswell other than that works fine
I got 2 ads before I even got to the title screen... If you all want money so bad then just charge for the game don't make it a free game and load it full of ads... Also I currently have 16 games on my phone That do not make me watch ads, completely ad free!!!... You might even know one of the games it's Call of Duty mobile... If I had enough gameplay I would be open tell if I wanted to pay for it or not... Making someone watching add before they even see the name of the game... That's schisty
Fun Game To Play. Some Of The Vehicle Models Resemble Real Life Vehicles. I Love The Realism. Keep Up The Good Work. I Love It!!!
A very good game indeed , also good cars and the quality of the driving experience is just something else