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#DRIVE for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Pixel Perfect Dude located at Dariusz Pietrala ul. Graniczna 76J 62-800 Kalisz Polska. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice 5 minutes of play but is impossible to predict when the different shops are coming up. So I don't have time to break and i get to crash in a light pole.
Overall I'm satisfied with the experience. Good game, I'm still at my very first hours but first impressions are great!! I recommend it.
I think it is realy fun to play, but if you could add the skyline r34(my dream car), then I would be super happy, and would gladly give a five star reveiw!
Very polished game with good optimization and a very grinding type pacing.It is easy and difficult but the sensitivity is too high
Actually fun gameplay for once. The car models are designed with care and subtle nuance. The retro style graphics are good.
I don't like the controls...some gamers prefer tilt and there isn't any so that's why I'm giving it a 3. But overall the game is great. Wish you could update the controls.
make some events and rewards in every season. make it like a limited car model that can only be obtained from the event, and also a new location that is adjusted from the event theme. so that players don't feel bored.
Gorgeous game, the art direction, interface and music are great. The only criticism I have is about the game a toy, while driving controls are well balanced, in my opinion it's not a very comfortable choice. Maybe that's just me though...
It has very difficult controls and the only way to progress is to continously watch ads. Good game tho.
The visuals are beautiful. Controls are interesting but aren't difficult at all. It sucks that you get a game over after bumping into a fence or the back of the car, though. All in all, this game is fantastic.
The physics are weird/not great, but the game looks fantastic and doesn't choke you with ads, so I'm still playing it for now. Would play it a lot more if they improved the physics a bit, because it doesn't feel like your car is remotely connected to the road, which makes it difficult.
5 star game FOR SURE. The graphics are really nice and have a great polygonal style to them. It runs offline, so when you're in a waiting room (or wherever you may just want to throw your focus at something else) you can play regardless of your internet connection. The only thing I could fault this game for is maybe the controls. They feel kinda janky every now and then, but once you play for around 10 minutes then they kinda become muscle memory ig.
This is a cool game because it has..... COOL GRAPHICS COOL CARS COOL LOCATIONS In fact this game has 0 ads....at least I have not seen any ads...till now. But please add MULTIPLAYER!!
Perfect example of easy to learn hard to master games. Easy controls and in-game tasks, yet no boring at all. Graphics are simple but entertaining. Every item as far as I know can be bought just by playing the game. It is a well done game.
Absolutely gorgeous little game. Virtually everything works perfectly and it isn't ad heavy in the slightest. Some additions I wish to suggest would be a couple of run down versions of cars that you get once you go through perhaps 100 junkyards and more detailed models when you enter picture mode. But to be clear, this game is already utterly brilliant, and these are mere suggestions.
Stunning graphics and most enjoyable gameplay,levels are hard though,could be more exciting if you can add multiplayer option, game sountrack is dope af.
Has very high potential... i think you should have roads that go left and right as well with maybe some ramps on the sides of the roads as well to give a little more atmosphere and challenge but other then that controls work good for me but maybe not for everyone idk if there is a different steering option but maybe add a booster throughout the road to speed boost from cops to give that chance in higher levels but giving higher risk of crashing as well for enhanced challenge. At that would be 5
Addicting game. It's similar to a lot of games. It's basically a running game. What I like about it is the visuals and graphics. Not realistic, but cartoonish and I like that. Although It's not really anything that special...
from what I've played so far this game is very amazing fast-paced fun gameplay is all I've had so far so many cars to unlock so many tracks to play on it's just amazing
This is a well made game. Super fun, easy to learn and it is an arcade style game (it goes on forever). I like how there is a zen mode. Zen mode is... 1) no fuel 2) no cops 3) less traffic. I like the regular mode more but it's a good feature. This is a really well built game.
This game is great,my only doubt is why this game is just 5m+ downloads,I love this game and all the graphics are great..πŸ™‚ no.words to explain such extraordinary graphics with cool environment.
awesome game. only would be better if you could unlock more cars with challenges. that would be awesome. other than that. maybe more challenges. awesome game!
Such a playful game. The controls are quiet stiff and sensitive and the graphics is awesome πŸ‘Œ. Need to play more to become a pro for this game.
This is by far the best driving game that I have found on mobile since 3 years ago. I love this game and I love the variety of cars you can choose from. The controls are very easy to use and have the perfect sensitivity for this kind of game. I do wish that there were more than 4 colors to choose from (I might have just missed a button to show more colors) But this is a great driving game and I recommend it to everyone.
The game is so amazing and it is so cool and addictive in a good way and it makes me happy . The way the game is and how the cars feel when you drive and there are so many cars in the game and don't forget my favorite car the 1985 Skoda
The thing you see from the very beginning: this game is made with so much love! Subtle jokes, lovely car models, funny car and places names. It is worth every cent and the price for an ad-free experience is very decent. Yes, the steering is little tough, but it is an arcade on a phone, so I'm good with that. Great game, guys, thank you!
This game is great I've only been playing for a few hours now and its super fun to play! The game has nice scene, nice graphics, controls, and more, I usually don't leave reviews but I had to on this game trust me you will have fun!
I got attracted to the style of drive in the video of the game, but unfortunately not the same in the game. I'm driving arcade style. Simulation driving would suited this game more. For now, I'm excited to try the Wangan 81, hopefully I change my mind
I would have given this game a total straight-out five star rating but it keeps on returning to home screen when i open it just at the final stage of loading. I sent it to another phone and its working but it did the the same thing and later worked so i think its a thing with the game please give me some feedback on what to do cause i really love it
What a great game. Performance on mid range devices is awesome, graphics look great and is super addictive. Also love the small little touches such as throwing the donut at the police, adding bodykits to the car and lines of dialogue make the game even better.
Easy to learn..... Everytime u crash U would like to get back again....It definitely a gem , worth of killing time When u let it to...... Thank You very much Developer.......😍😍
Pretty Nice for a mobile game tbh, I would give the idea like splitting roads that we can choose, or like Some special event or something, Just my ideas But it's a pretty good game to play if your looking for more casual stuff.
It is so good! Please keep adding more interesting maps and eggs! It is exciting and funny and adventurous at the same time.
This is a wonderful game with minimalistic graphics and nice look and feel with comments coming through the journey. Plus the motion thing in the garage is just amazing . Never seen anywhere else. 3 cheers to the development team and all others who have worked on it
Worst driving game ever!!! The steering is so sensitive even at its lowest level. You just go from side to side trying to not wreck . But you will wreck everytime. Uninstalled after 5 tortuous minutes.
I'd love to rate this higher, but unfortunately it won't open any more. Before that it was one of the few mobile apps I'd spent real money on, so if it works for you go ahead and enjoy.
Like playing the game a nice mini touring game, deserves five stars, gave two only for two reasons, one is that there is no roadside stop possible for rest and second the developer has coded the brakes to overheat in less than a second. If not for these two resins I would give it a five.
It's a decent time killer, but suffers from a pay wall that slows progression to a halt, which I guess is to be expected by mobile games.
Great graphics! Funny commentary. And loved the fact you could throw donuts at the cops. Also the car selection was awesome. I'm saving up to get the Japanese delivery truck. Awesome sound tracks from the moment the app loaded up. However, I found the controls to be a little challenging. Like is it me or part of the game? Very different from most games and it was hard to turn and slow down at the same time. Also, I loved the fact you could pick out your car keys but that feature didn't work
I LOVE THIS GAME! The thing that bothers me about this game is that you can't rotate your phone that you can drive the car. But the game is AMAZING. The graphics are AWESOME to. There are also ads.
One of the best mobile racing games there is! Beautiful graphics, satisfying gameplay, an overall great experience. I wish the paid version was a bit cheaper, though.
The most laid-back test of wit & reflex i've experienced with a "true" arcade game yet. The simple, smooth & responsive controls are easy to jump into & fun to master, there's tonnes of unique cars that are all acquirable without cash, the infinitely rendering roads fluctuate situations from easy cruising to critical decision making, the levels are cozy and the soundtrack is great. Awesome for just diving in and playing, no fuss no muss, and my favorite game to play when im super stoned. Cheers!
Installed this game the day it was launched. Fell in love with the graphics, aesthetic and diversity of cars. Love the game and its wonderful community.
It is a great game to play as the controls are easy and it gets constant updates. One problem I have is that the gameplay can feel a little stale at times. It's a great game and I think you should give it a try!
Wonderful game that doesn't push too many ads. Feels great to play and has excellent controller support. Unlockables aren't too hard to earn. You don't get many games like this on mobile.
I've changed my mind about this game, it's pretty great. Kills time well, the ads aren't overbearing, good controls. My favorite thing about it is how polished the graphics are. I only have suggestions instead of complaints: One: I wish the driver wouldn't nag you about gas if you have more than 3/4 of a tank when passing a station. Two: More maps, please.
Guys I have a pretty problematic bug for you to fix. I am currently at Level 12. And there is this mission to drive the Boogie for 5Kms. But the Boogie gets unlocked only a at level 15. So I cannot progress the missions. I finished the other two. But because of this...I cannot proceed to further missions...since the missions refresh only after the three of them are completed. But the Boogie is unlocked only at level 15 and I'm at 12. So I cannot proceed to the next missions Please tend to this
This is a fun game and there are much vehicles that we can select but there are small crash and bug when i played it so hopefully you can fix it and improve the game.
According to the reviews the game is good and on point, just that the control takes some getting used to. Is it possible for the developers to add a accelerometer option to control the car. Since the in game menu uses the accelerometer to display the game items.
this is, without a doubt, one of the best games currently on the play store. a fun, simple, arcadey gameplay and the most beautiful artstyle ever. every map has its own distinct style both in graphics and gameplay, and the selection of cars to unlock, each one unique and iconic, is enormous and grows on every update. truly a pleasure to play. i would only add more objectives after level 20, after which the game feels a bit more focused on unlocking everything and gets a little bit grindy. 11/10.
This game is one of the most beautiful, well done mobile games I've ever played. It's simplicity is astonishing, but it's graphics and gameplay are extremely fun and great for long road trips or waiting rooms. Because this game needs no Wi-Fi it can be played anywhere. πŸ‘ The only thing I would do to improve this game is a little backstory or increased complexity. Seriously, download it!!
Best game but I would like if we could customise cars by adding bumpers , tires, flags , silensers , neon lights etc (2) I would like strips of tires on sandy roads , snow etc (3) in my mobile I could easily take pictures of car and the scenery but in my friend mobile it just shows grey and there is nothing otherwise the 3d baground and the physics are dang asowme best unlimited fun game I was looking for these type of games and I found it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ highly recommend game
Good! my some advice: (1) add racing mode 🏁 (2) online multiplayer racing modeπŸ‘₯ (3) leaderboardπŸ† (4) night πŸŒƒ (5) add more car πŸš— like Lamborghini & Bugatti
Great game! I love the physics, and I think throwing food at the police is a great touch. The cars are pretty snappy, so new players might want to be aware of that.
The gameplay is simple yet rather fun, but unfortunately the app is very pushy about ads. Optional ones that give you bonuses are one thing, but if you decline too many opportunities to watch them the game will just force one on you anyway. Rude. Based on that I can't recommend it, which is a shame because otherwise it's actually pretty good.
All i am gonna say is that the game is quite fun , i re-installed the game recently and it's pretty good , not enough for 5 stars though.
Best game but I would like if we could customise cars by adding bumpers , tires, flags , silensers , spoilers, etc (2) I would like strips of tires on sandy roads , snow etc (3) in my mobile I could easily take pictures of car and the scenery but in my friend mobile it just shows grey and there is nothing otherwise the 3d baground and the physics are dang asowme best unlimited fun game I was looking for these type of games and I found it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ highly recommend game
Great game, up until I couldn't get a challenge done because the boogie van that you unlock at lvl 15 was needed for a challenge and you can't unlock it without leveling up so I can't complete my challenges and level up which is annoying.
This game is a very fun infinite runner that you can pick up and play anytime, I love the look of the game and how it shows that a lot of care went into designing the locations and cars. The only problem I've had is that when I go into photo mode it shows a dark grey screen instead of my car and its surroundings, if you can fix that problem that would be very nice and I would be wishing that I could give games 6/5 stars!
This game Is a lot of fun not that many ads either! The one thing I don't like thought Is how expensive It Is to buy other cars though!
This was the Android driving experience that I was looking for. Amazing cartoon style graphics, epic cars, and a well made game in general!
This game is almost perfect. The narrator, the music, graphic its all deserve 5 star. The only thing is, the steering mode don't have auto rotation(cannot tilt the phone).. The creator made for push on screen only. It's kinda hard for me since I am used to tilt the phone. Sorry I'm uninstalling first later if the creator add it I'll come back again :)
The controls are simple, but this game is challenging to master right. Very fun game with a fun selection of vehicle types and new choices always being added! ● Still loving all of the vehicle and location additions, keep up the great work!
Its nice..I loved it but i didnt gave 5 stars because after playing for a while it gets boring. Now the reason why it gets boring is 1) there are no challenges, 2) There should be an option of police chase where police will chase the thieves 3) The controls are really hard to control. Other than that i loved it
I'm giving this 5 stars because I think it deserves over 100 million downloads, but something minor that I would like to see tweaked just a bit is the turning. It's extremely difficult to make your car go straight again after a complete turn. Maybe you need to add auto straightening to make it less frustrating for the casual audience.
The game play yet simplestick is very fun. The only thing i have a problem with is the fact that when go for fix power when you you try to turn out you end up taking damage.
Super cool game πŸ‘ Normally I am not a fan of games but this one caught my eyes and playing this game is so fun because of the weird but cool graphics And please and the game for macos and windows
So far the best game I ever installed on my phone. Cool graphics, easy to understand, loads of things to unlock. Difficulty doesn't just go from so easy it's boring to impossible, it stays possible while giving you a challenge. Pretty good game basically
This game is good and chill i like the car physics and the graphics of the game it looks simple but the shadows color makes it more good the control is easy but there's is a bug at tofuyama map,so when you drift sometimes the car just sink into the road and you crashed please fix that bug because it's kinda annoying.
Amazing game, needs more maps. The music is great, and so is the art. You don't get adds too often either. I think it's totally worth a try if your looking for something really nice to play casually.
Unenjoyable. Downloaded and played through the tutorial. The controls of this game are atrocious and make the game unenjoyable for me. Promptly uninstalled.
It's very very funny, her best aspect is all the style, the classics cars, the scenario, the music, all environment is perfect
I Love this game it really does kill time and The graphics are amazing and have character to it, also it hardly ever lags. It feels like that your a racer from initial D because the hole game is like a initial D race from a bird's I view and a car you don't start with called hachitofu 85 which looks like the car called Toyota AE86, if you are a initial D fan you will love this game and every car in the anime is in the game. God bless the developers of this game.
The road markings for the UK map are wrong, it feels like they just copy and pasted the US road texture from the first map and called it a day. No care for accuracy. I know you can't get every little detail correct but its the one thing you're constantly looking at so it really ruins the theme of the level.
I love this game. It is so well designed. I like the Verity of options of cars. I have a lot of ideas to share with the developers. Once I find a way to directly suggest it. Other than that. This game is awesome πŸ‘
Epic little game will keep u smiling when u are offline. Awesome graphics. Awesome controls. Drive to unlock your favorites among a huge selection of iconics cars from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, on easy or hard roads of England, France, Germany, Thailand, Japan or Mars and more. Must have 5 stars game.
I rly love the commentator. Nice game. It would be cool if you could add a feature where you can talk to the commentator.
I love the amount of cars there are to choose from, and the artstyle of the maps looks really good, but there is a annoying issue that made me give the game 4 stars instead of five. When the music loop resets or changes, it isn't a smooth transition, instead it jumps very suddenly. This is most noticeable on the Vinh Vang map. I understand that this is a very small issue, and apart from that I love this game.
Really fun, but the controls can be a little difficult. I would like to have a steering option that allows you to tilt your phone to turn. Apart from the controls, awesome game!
While I do very much enjoy the game, a bug which places the hitboxes way farther ahead then they should be stops me from being able to enjoy this fully. It's a solid game with an appealing artstyle, but this bug i'm having makes it nearly unplayable outside of Zen mode (The bug prevents pickups and causes car crashes much earlier than they should have been). A well crafted game, otherwise.
Such a immersive, simple and addicting time-waster (in a good way 😁) with no need to buy premium purchases.
This is one of the best mobile games I've played in a long time. The endless driving gameplay I very fun and addictive. The game also looks great and the graphics have a lot of character. They also don't shove micro transactions in your face like many other mobile games do and the ads are very short. This is everything a good mobile game should be.
This game is one of the best mobile games I have EVER SEEN. Amazing controls, tons of content, consistent updates; I mean, what more could you ask for? Truly stunning graphics, and SUPER optimized. You could run this on a Samsung Galaxy S1! I'm really at a loss for words. The endless gameplay is seamless, and it's already got me addicted! (there's too much effort put in lmao) Overall, it's just an amazing game, and I'd like to see the games this developer puts out in the future!
Very polished experience, cars control realistically (for a phone game) and shift their weight around, it was a little hard to control until I cranked the sensitivity down to 0, otherwise it's too easy to overcorrect, my only complaint is that new cars tend to cost a lot compared to the amount earned in a good run and if they where cheaper I'd pick the game up more often to get a new car
I like this game, bring driving experience to arcade. But still feel too slippery tho even on max upgrade, maybe the car factor i dunno. I will looking forward for the future updates
What an exceptional driving game. Superb graphics, excellent voice overs ( if the Dev could add a few more in the future it would be appreciated ) Great locations to drive through (more to come soon, I hope) Plenty of cars to add to your driving experience (via coins earned, but you can accumulate them very easily) Wish all games were as good as this one. Many thanks!
It is a fun game, but everytime I am skimming through the cars collection is popping up over and over, it is annoying. The ads are annoying as heck, popping up after each run, and when you want to revive there isn't any.
This is a great game and experience and is full of exploration and endless driving. It's runs smoothly with no ads. This game is worth downloading for.
Simply beautiful. Apart from the stunning visuals, the controls are what makes it more interesting. It has huge potential and a massive expansion along with online multiplayer support in future would do true justice to it. Just imagine something like this in an open world setting.
Fun arcade driver. Graphics and music are excellent music really makes the game. Large number of cars to collect keeps it interesting
Very talented, abnormal, creative, innovative game I love every small detail that is well done in it. Willing to see more❀️❀️ such an amazing game... Never played a driving game like this before.
Wow! This is the best game in the store! I'm already out of words, no problems, no glitches, but, there is one thing, I would like to see more types of police cars, please.
While this game feels quite polished, the gameplay is subpar and boring. Also, there are excessive popup ads.
Nice game,many cars and fun. but in the end just an ad game and the only thing you seem todo is collecting cars? to spend money it's not enough.Controller support is cool
This is probably one of the best car games out there for mobile it has high quality graphics and a metric but ton of cars and challenges 10000000/10
Wow. This game, this game is just out of this world. AMAZING graphics, easy controls, gives you those '70s and '80s vibes as said by the developers, and just a great experience overall. If I'd have to suggest something I'd say maybe add a few different types of passengers, like a scared guy, a sassy girl, or some guy who loves to eat? It makes it all interesting.
It is definitely challenging and plenty of different cars, trucks, vans, sports cars, you name it and the game has it! Lots of fun!
Honestly a great arcade game in the Endless Driving Genre, Gameplay is engaging and fun enough to keep playing, Graphics look great and I love the low poly aesthetic. Very fun game with a lot of heart and soul put into making it.
Really good and fun game. Although I wish it saved my progress from my old phone (which is weird since it saved my acheivments)
So far it's a fun game. I'm. Happy no complaint I've found yet. It's a good game for a quick break at work.
Ok I have been playing this game now for 3 days. It is way too difficult to even be a game. Just be prepared to crash every 10 seconds. Leveling up don't mean anything. Coins don't add up making buying new cars or even changing he color of the car impossible. Honestly, just the point (missions) of the game is boring AF.
The handling is too difficult to manage. I've played most of the racing games including one on the consoles, but this is the hardest to control. Maybe if you could update the car control physics i think i'll be a great game since the graphics is nice too bad if only we can control the car more easily. In the mean time i only rated 3 stars. Hope to get improvement update in the near future.
Very well optimized gameπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘. Real time motion in background without any lagness. Various types of vehicles to unlock and to upgrade them by collecting caps by playing the game. Very nice animation πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘.
Best F2P model for a game appreciate the design and looks and it's fun fac factor as well. Highly appreciate the developers insight for the art rather than stealing the credibility by predatory micro transactions. Thanks for the experience and would appreciate to support the developer.
Great game, although there's some problems Sometimes there's just too much going on and it's overwhelming, like the excessive animations and screen effect. The game also makes you slowly turn into incoming cars or cars your approaching from behind. This has ruined my run several times. Lastly the trees sometimes block your view.
Handling at first is very hard but if you spend some time on it , you can easily control the vehicle . The graphics and music gets a standing ovation . Good luck developers with your future project.
Loved the experience. Controls could be better. But it's a spot on action game with brilliant graphics and gameplay.
Wow! This game is all you will ever need. Amazing graphics, physics and a bunch of cars, although my car formula is [n + 1] so there can always be more, I don't really have anything much to say about the game since it's amazing, just maybe the devs should add more maps, and maybe when your doing quests and click for more info it should be better explained quest, but other than that nothing really. The game is repetative, but for some odd reason it's also a source of endlsss fun! Great job Devs!!
It's really nice the grapics are really amazing also the controls are really great same as the gamplay, I recommand yall to play this also the cars are really good.
Excelent! The animations are glorious and carefully made. The gameplay is completely enjoyable. The content is filled up till the head, there are so many options. Completely perfect on every sense.
I really do love the game, not to many adds, my most favorite car! Though 1 thing I do want to be fixed is the Coolness for the 59' Slimey all I ask to change on it is the emergency lights change from Red to Blue and the ghost busters logo is actually noticeable rather than just small incorrect symbols.
very good game but me my brother and my sister and a few friends waould love it if u could add computer controls please add computer controles so i dont have to use the mouse it keeps getting lost while i am looking at the scenery.
Why it got 5 star??? Because it deserves... This is a classic and a best offline game to keep you engage and pass your time as quick as possible.. and very enjoyable 😁😁
Excellent game! I love the tracks and the weekly cars are brilliant. The 'coolness' on every car is brilliant too, although for the customisation it would be good if you could adjust suspension and add a full colour wheel, not just three colours. Also it would be great for the next track if it was more hilly and harder, I thought Rio De Janeiro would be cool. I would highly recommend the game
Try to understand this game, this game is not about racing and speed car chases, this is about an atmospheric and relaxing ride through beautiful environments just to make you feel good, this games is a Driving version of Alto's Adventure.
I'm not one to rate a game... But even I think this is seriously good. Could use a few more tweaks, like if the passenger guy shouting abuse knew that I HAD A GODDAMN PLOW on the front of my car and that's why I'm ramming everyone... But really, niggles. You guys did great. Props.