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Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla: Mine and Crafting for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Black Bears located at Russia, Tambovskaya Oblast, Tambov, Studenetskaya 9. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Are you kidding me? Subscriptions? Is this how far mobile games have come now? One time 10$ premium not good enough for ya? Now you want me to pay monthly for an idle game. NO DEAL. You offer a product, I buy the product. This is not a 6$ a month service. You made a game, and you made it annoying on purpose, to get me to pay to make it less annoying. I'll just uninstall and make sure to blacklist your company.
it isnt very "idle" you cant be away from it for more then an hour or 2 and the game stops. theres wall minerals to click on if your bored but they dont actually add up to much. got my battery to lvl 9 and i can only hold a 2hr charge...... leveling it from 8 added a whole 5 minutes -_- all in all its just boring theres no story to speak of the guilds suck and it wants you to go for the ad watch rewards like every 2 minutes -_- im just SO BORED! i did pump the battery to full
Everything takes too long after level 12 literally taking weeks to unlock stuff and gather the resources just to be able to level up stuff. Then an offer appears telling you "buy now get +2 levels to everything for ten Euros" basically they made it that slow on purpose. There is barely any gameplay elements in the game, can't recommend it.
Okay i have enough of this. I had 10 hours of battery i have 300% percent permament boost bought by diamonds but sometimes when i take boosters that require to watch ads it drops now i have 8 hours of battery and it was not the first time something like that happened please fix this and i will change my review
Too many ads to even be considered playable. You can't go much longer than a minute without it showing you an ad
This is an amazing game, but I don't understand why this game has to be online to be played. I can understand the league thing but why does it always have to be connected to the internet. I feel like after your offline for a little, then you connect to the internet and it adds on to the progress you had before. But overall, great game!
Greed and Misleading killed the gameplay really. First they make things easy luring you to progress deeper then they make it very hard unless you Must pay. For Ex. They will lie to you by making you spend a lot of time collecting valuable ingame gems so that you collect them all after a certain point, then at the end they tell you oh you must pay for that first .. But guess what black bear? i wont pay a single penny, uninstall your game, and won't even bother looking at the other ones
Not a terrible game, but definitely not game of the year material either. It is fairly fun and addictive, but here are the things I did not like: -The effort it took to collect all the resources was too much. Either make it easier or just plain automatic. -Ads everywhere. Even completing quests required watching an ad, unless you want to pay for the in-game currency. -The screen is too cluttered. It was difficult to collect resources without hitting the buttons that take up too much screen space.
Offered rewards ads can't be successfully paired with forced ads. Nothing more irritating than "No I can't really watch the ad right now so I'll cut loose that reward. Oh look it played an ad anyways with no reward."
After playing this game for two 2 years I've decided to post a review. At the start it was an awesome game had lots of fun with it. It had many updates a great community and just fun gameplay. But sadly they started adding more and more microtransactions. Then the subscribe stuff came up and adds started playing randomly. I don't mind the adds to get a bonus after all you want to get some profit out of a game you made. But the random adds are just to much. I hope you guys can invest more time.
Was fine until the egor mechanic was introduced. Thinly veiled attempt at getting you to spend money on this game; you can no longer play until you spend in game currency (purchasable with real life cash obviously). What a horrible idea. I'm going to delete if egor comes with any frequency at all. Shameless attempt to acquire an IAP
Game lies. I got a thing that said I would get 50 gems for getting a friend to install and some of my friends installed but never got my rewards. Also the fact that whenever you click a button a ad shows up just so you can misclick it is so annoying please stop caring so much about your income and focus on gameplay and useable of your game.
basically mindless clicking. there is no strategy, mind numbing game. because resources and cash gained is exponential, as is the cost of upgrades this burns any chance of differing strategy..... and makes your 1 million clicks you did earlier nearly irrelevant. Ideas to give it substance. make costs more linear so you could potentially specialise. eg a part that is 10 levels higher than the rest. create a market/ economy, more cool parts to build.
Your game sucks. It glitched and acted like I wasn't touching the screen multiple times so I couldnt grab the resources left behind the drill and I had to exit it twice and close it and open it because of this. And when I would be able to get my resources picked up it would then not load an add to claim it. I had the game for 5 minutes.
I was having fun and even decided to buy some gems. And I got really tired of the ads there is way too many. It should be no ads if you buy anything. Only cares about money not the people giving them it.
It's clear that the devs of this game have essentially abandoned updating it and just left it stuffed with ads for one last desperate attempt to get cash out of people. It is an idle game to be sure, but there's no sense of accomplishment to any of it. The community on there is non-existent even with clans. And pretty much anything you can click on either brings up a video ad you have to sit through or a plea to buy the in-game currency. Boring and not worth the time.
WAYYYYY to many ads tried to get into the game but was watching an a 30 second ad after 30 seconds of playing
Good clicker game with a nice cartoon look and good graphics. The play style is straight forward, with a decent mix of depth and fun. My only concerns are that the ads are lengthy (and there doesn't seem to be a way to pay to turn them off) and the UI is cluttered. I find myself tapping in to the spinner quite often and the guild screen scrolls off way too far to the right.
This game is awesome, so why did I give it a 1 star? Because I have never seen such rude abuse of ads, almost everything in thia game makes you watch ads, it is horrible, I mean, 40-50% of the time I am just watching stupid ads, and also there is a problem with the resources, why did you make low end resources like Iron coal and stone used up until very hih gh levels? There is no way to gain them, other than using real money of course..
I would have been perfectly fine if the game never evolved beyond its core gameplay. What I was not prepared for was how ever increasing amounts of your screen get cluttered with ads. Click on them, even in error, and they expand, which makes you lose even more of your screen. There's a sort of mini game shoe-horned into the game after reaching a certain depth. I say sort of mini because while it's roughly equivalent to the main gameplay in terms of depth (which is pretty shallow) you can only play one round every 2 hours. Frankly, this thing is really more of a sophisticated ad than a game
Ads. Wow, not only do adds pop up for everything but I had a treasure chest that wanted to show an ad, I clicked no and the game showed me an ad to say no. Ads when going to different menus, ads when upgrading a part. Such a disgusting money grab, uninstalled this very quickly.
Why did i uninstall this game again? . Oh a chest! Lets see....to open it i need to watch an ad. Ive only just started the game nah. Skip that for now. . *Oh its giving me an ad anyway* despite the fact i hit the X to say no to an advertisement!!! >:( . Now i remember why i uninstalled it.
Its boring, its like a cookie clicker, except you have to come back to it like every hour (battery) you cannot tap indefinately (onscreen minerals run out), its pay to win (theres that kind of currency), you need certain materials to upgrade the drill that you passed long ago, so you cant tap it to make the waiting less excrutiating. Not a lot of permenant upgrades. There are clans.... why? you cant even open it without internet!! A "cookie clicker" game!!! TOO MANY ADS
this is a very, very high quality app. the only "problem" is that if you don't upgrade your drill a lot or dont log in for a very long time, there is gonna be a very strong stone. and thats a problem for a lot of people, because drills are expensive. maybe you should add "clan fights". and youll add better hull and weapons with that. i really want people to install this game.
Best game digging game ever since digger machine!!although somthing is wrong with my phone.a weird plague of lag is slowly taking over my games. every time I watch an ad It appears to be stopping and continuing. mostly I thought it was because of the game,but I loved it so much that I did not expected to be drilla#.pls fix... oh and I did not know how to use the teleportation.
Force/push advertisements = auto 1 star. I dont mind banners or watching a ad for a boost but forcing people to watch a ad I can't stand it ruins the interest in the game. And yes I did see the subscription. Is even more of a turn off. I refuse to play any game no matter how good that include force advertisements.
A nice concept, but you are wildly at an disadvantage regarding storage if you do not pay the 10$ a month in a subscription fee. You have to pay REAL money to be able to split up your inventory in stacks to sell, otherwise you can only sell it ALL at the time. That means you are not able to save up resources for anything, because you have no space! Even the upgrades for the cargo bay takes more resources than it can hold!! How is that fair? Stay away from this trap of a game. Go play pc, the mobile game market is dead.
starts off ok.. then slows down so fast and cost so large a number to upgrade and such a large number of resources.... its just ok.. there is hardly any play, even loging in to recharge seems unfair... so im bored by it.. no reset with bonus?... after a week it now takes 3 or 4 days to buy anything... balance is frustrating... needs like two more different mini games to keep my interest.. or a reset with bonus... or just mine faster and gather more resources faster..got me hooked then left me bored...
I like the concept but it's completely ruined by 2 things; 1. The number of advertising is insane, sometimes just to load the app you need to watch one. Other times it gives you a choice to watch an ad for a bonus, you click no.. it's shows it anyway?!?! 2. No flexibility in the upgrades. The game basically forces you to upgrade all of the drilling parts simultaneously or the unbalance makes everything not really work. If you don't have flexibility here then there is no depth. Pun intended.
too many flashing ui element "temptation to buy buttons" and too big. cant mine any thing because it is behind the wheel of disappointment.uppgrade cost premium money. upgrade should just be called bosters. the find clan is rubbish cant find any related in my country/EU. only Russia clans. creates dosent ask if you want to watch a ad just plays it. all in all this game wants you to spend money. it had so much potential. if only mobile game wasn't so money dependent.
Not quite as engrossing as I had hoped. The forced ads that occur after nearly every page change are offputting
It's an alright game but the nonstop autoplaying ads are down right irritating. Most games you watch an ad to get a bonus or a cool down. This one, close menu, here's an ad. Collect a reward, watch this ad. Then to top it off, no ads is a subscription rather than a purchase.
Gameplay isn't there. Most of your "depth" comes from a tower you build. You build the tower with blocks by playing a game of 2048. The ads are what keep you progressing. The wheel spin has you watch an ad or pay 15 gems. You get gems from quests, watching ads and paying for it. There's no story, just a handful of repetitive quests with no end. Wars were removed recently, a race to between clans to go as deep as possible in 2 days with rewards at the end. "We will try to make it better", sure...
This game is trash and full of ads to the point where you might as well just not play. Pay to win boring ass idle upgrade game. What a cash grab some things are even spelt wrong / aren't written correctly. Did you spend more then 5 minutes developing this game or is it just to make money?
Ive been playing this game for 2 years now and i used to love it, but they forced ads into almost every part of this game and its getting worse. Most recently i made an accidental purchase of 117$ (I did not want this purchase at all, but its very easy to misclick, i believe this is intentional) i tried to refund it only to be told its against an unnamed policy and got no help. This game has become a race to the bottom to extract more money from the from the few people they havent alienated yet
real cool game wish there was more like this one... For Victoria i Give it 4 star as i feel there more that this game is missing out on. One item i'll run in to with the game that i dislike is the Quests.... Some of the Quests can't be done in my eye's i have one that i have to play the mini game thats in game and get 8 blocks in 1 game i can't get passed this and it real bug me sic the quests is some then i feel is about 40% of the game it add some then to come back and work on ever day and i just can't any more. The resiurces for the power up. i wish the power up told us more about what there do in game like Egor's Cage all it say is it locks egor in a cage that dose not tell me what it dose. Unlocking new res it would be cool to know how far away you are untill you unlock a new res for the Storage. I wish there was more to do as a League then ask for res for other member who don't have a lot of them uinlock. Lucky wheel 1 of the prizes is 50% more crystels from the shop out of like 20 spins a day i get that like 16 times so it would be nice if i could respin for a new video or just have that replaced with some then more usefor like a small gold bag or some then of a lowerend
Interesting, getting hit with unskippable ads isn't fun though, not entirely sure about who you think we are to think we're subject to that, given the fact that there are enough similar games that don't do that.
It was good until I got to the third blockade. After that, the progression is far too slow. Minerals take too long to collect, and you're just asking to be a PTW game. I quit the game because I literally only go a couple hundred meters per day, even after upgrading my Drill. I'm sorry, but make it less PTW and I'll raise my rating.
Why do most peole give 1 to 2 stars everything is awsome the only bad thing is the numbers of ads but at least give a bit better rewards for the for the bonuses that you get from wacthing an ad. But other than that thank you black bears you guys or girls did a great job at making the game
Good game, wish the devs add a Skip Mission(s) for 50 Gems, or something similar. The make 9 blocks in tower, is nearly impossible! But I honestly don't understand peoe hating on the ads, the chests are a easy boost of coin.....OPTIONAL! Like paying to play, or play 100% free.....sigh, can't please the ones who never can enjoy things.
It still says "Something went wrong try again" I eventually gave up. I'll still leave a 5 star though! Thanks for trying to help, but I am rejecting it. not because of how you typed or anything of that matter just because I dont know what else to do and also I have no idea how to private message, I'm 12! 😅
it has turned into a cash pit be warned. the cost requirement to upgrade anything to a next level is tremendous. eveything u do even free gems require you to spend $2 to open. there is an AD around every corner of the game. and they have a monthly payment for only a few gold and gems. i would benefit more by just burning my money.
I keep getting notifications saying I have stepped down a league. "Come on push it"? Push what? It's supposed to be a single player IDLE GAME, REMEMBER.
Was fine until you realize even basic of features are hidden behind a paywall. Not only that but a subscription paywall. Not a one time payment but a subscribe for $5-$10 a month to do something as basic as selling some resources. Otherwise you have to sell ALL resources. Can't upgrade without gold. Cant earn gold without selling resources. Yet need resources to upgrade as well. Poor decision for what could be a decent game. Also too many ads on the screen that interfere with touching the screen
I think this game could have been something really good, but it turns into one if those games where you are just forced to watch ads. It makes the game really frustrating as you just sit and watch ads and tap the screen mindlessly. Removing ads isn't a one time purchase either, you have to subscribe to the game with monthly payments. Just a greedy cash grab :/
it's an ok game, but as I was playing, some of the text is in no way pegi 3 rated, I,e "f...ing" in that context, but still doesn't need much of an imaginative mind to figure it out. I for one will not be letting my kids play this.
Second star because I like the music. But everything is just pay, pay, pay. Want to roll the obnoxious wheel that covers a chunk of screen? Pay for it. Want no ads? Purchases have no ads for one hour. One single hour? That's all? Oh, but they have a monthly payment system where you can pay a subscription...of $7 a month to play an idle clicker type game without ads. I'd rather get a real game sub or a streaming service for that price.
So far the gameplay is great and graphics cuuuute, however the length and frequency of ads is downright rediculous... And to get rid of those is a MONTHLY subscription near the cost of a streaming service? Remove the ads for just using the menu and leave the ads as optional boosts and get back to me. The game just isn't enjoyable when I get ads every 30 seconds.
Uninstalled after a month of playing, ads any time you click anything that is not a reward that auto-plays is unacceptable and intrusive. I understand if you watch an ad for a reward or bonus but not for opening the Clan's tab or opening your storage. I know I won't get a message from the Developers because they just use a generic "why did you rate this game whatever star."
The game is kinda fun. There are just to many things wrong for me to reccomend it. For starters the UI/navigation around the menus is atrocious. I've been playing for a couple days now and still fail to find some of the pages you can get to. There are stats in the clans that do not state what they even mean and the whole tower building doesn't make any sense. There is a explanation for what the tower "does" but because the development has a different native language it's hard to understand.
Sorry to hear this man, but I like idle games but there is just too much ads, I mean the game is pretty addicting for me, I would rather play an idle game without ads, I know you guys need the revenue for ads, but please reduce the amount of ads.
Look, the game looks good and is well designed, but I just think it's boring having to just sit there and wait. After you get some upgrades it seems impossible to get any more. It's just not as enjoyable as I initially thought it would be. Edit: I will give you an extra star for such a friendly, well written response.
Started off ok, but as you get about 5 minutes into the game... BAM!!! AD.. not even a minute later... BAM!!! another AD. They just suck the interest out of the game before it even gets full started. Maybe tone it down and it would be more enjoyable.
I like the game the only reason I didn't give the game I give star is because when you tap the button to get drilla going is the time I takes to drilla to finish make It so that you can set your custom time like 1:00 one minute
It's a great clicker game, but I feel like it could have a little more, like: • Upgrades for a radar that makes more clickable minerals. • Upgrades that make clickable minerals worth more (material processing). • Heat as you get deeper, upgrades for heat shields/coolant, and repairs for the drill when it gets too hot (slows down when hot). ● Please fix how upgrades use low level minerals near the beginning of the game (it slows down progress a lot). Just some ideas (I'm at 87.9 km) ⛏
Not a great first impression. Even with Egor-halloween monster in the way also halloween is over which makes it even worse. Long ago at least. Which makes me think that they don't care at all of updating their game. Not a simple UI design with useless offers getting in the way of the tapping of the minerals. They could do better than that. Very disappointing when this game is unique.