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Drift Tuner 2019 - Underground Drifting Game

Drift Tuner 2019 - Underground Drifting Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Coller. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
How come this game is not available for iOS? There is only a PRO version that you must buy with real money that removes ads and gives you more in-game money at start, and the free version says it is not available in my country. I live in the United States and have never seen a drifting game as good as this one. However I can’t play it anymore and I’m forced to play mediocre drifting games on my stupid iPad! It’s just not fair! I’m not buying the pro version! I’m so good at the game that I don’t need extra money, and I don’t really care about ads! I am desperate right now! Please make the free version for Drift Tuner 2019 (aka Direct Injection), and the free version for Drift Horizon Online available on iOS in the App Store in my country, the United States of America. Please, I’m practically begging!
Ill make this quick. The game has a lot of flaws but the intent is amazing. I played this game for 2 minutes and deleted it. I took this away though. Pros -Beautiful modifications -Game is easy to learn -Reasonable selection of cars -Simplistic layout -Drift angle display Cons -Minor flaws in the physics -Car gets sideways TOO easily -No throttle slider or manual gearbox option for the heavier auto gamer -No user controller adjustments like most drift games -No tutorial or guided lesson when starting a race Hope this gives a small insight.
could you make it so the music pop up is somewhere else when it puts up you can't press the gas and it's there for good couple seconds and the pylons make no sense the wreck your drift and some more maps like streets or mountains other than that the game is perfect easy to drift easy to handle and everything
I Love the Game So Much Customize If u like drift and tuning this is recommended This Game Has Good Graphics and physics
Has the potential to be one of the best drift games, really fun and doesn't take long to get used to. One problem, it won't let me purchase gold at all, so I'm stuck with one car. The first unlockable map costs 20,000 as it doesn't say, but could really do with a street course forza horizon style if not, just a few more maps!?
I know there are few tracks and few cars but it's is full of details and the graphics and customisation is amazing and that is an understatement in fact I think this is more than just a drift game I strongly suggest this game and I am not sponsored by this game's developers and I can see this game being on the top place of every top 10 bast drifting games of all time video but developers plz add multiplayer online if you can because this will help the game and because more and more people are looking for multiplayer drifting games except that this game is com agent please read my comment developers THANK YOU 🙂
Theres pertential in this game even tho the physics in the cars arnt that great as they feel to light and there isnt any prices for any upgrades other then the ones that cost gold for a 2019 game it hasnt got much i assume but if this game is still being worked on maybe tweak the cars as they more glide then drift but it has a future if you test yourself and fix the cars up alittle i hope his isnt comming out mean or harsh i just see a future for this game being good
The game used to be better before, the update has made it worst. Some reason you have an invisible GTR R35, one of the decent track has been removed only three tracks available. Cant even see the price of the engine upgrades and all the tuning seems like it could do with more twicks, too basic am sure it was not like that before. More jap cars would be dope too but I think am asking to much so ignore the last part. I dont want to uninstall this so might leave it pending and see what happens next.
I love the game but I think they need to add races or campaign because I got bored of it a bit after I started playing it. Anyway the game is great and the graphics are good. And there should be controller support.
Very bad copy of other games, extremely pay to win, glitchy and unresponsive, has very bad and limited customization and no tuning despite the name. Small selection of tracks, all bad btw, controls are slow and inadequate for drifting, or any other racing game for that matter, cars don't move correctly and very rarely do what you expect them to do. Oh and don't expect to go straight either, the car will start to wiggle in about a second or two.
Great game but some problems..... the Nissan R35 and Ferrari 485 doesnt appear but it says its name..... other than that there should be an easier earning money system and more cars
This game is worst because there is no challenges and no proper tracks. To add the challenges and Carrer in game and proper tracks and races if you don't fixed the problem we will not play your game.
The graphics are good and theres no lag! But, the controls are very very bad! And the game just have 3 maps!! It's better to play drift max pro, harishiriya drifter, and carx drift racing 1,2
The most underrated game ever! I loved the game and the cars are great. I would love if you can some new maps or cars! But never mind I love the game!!!!
I like the game.But it need more upgrades.Like Add item Value,Add/Fix Cars,Add More Places Add more items for cars.
This is a good game for me and the graphics are excellent and add the multiplayer and add stering wheels and this is the momment of truthfully...I gave 4 stars because THE OLD version have the tuning like to know what is the hotsepower of this cars...Ok thanks also plzz update it again😄😄
This is an amazing game.Graphics and Gameplay are good.But there are a few problems.It would be good if you added a program which indicates if you're drifting close to the wall and it gives you extra points.Another cool thing would be new maps and cockpit cuztomization.Maybe you could make multiplayer or a story mode or atleast an easier way to earn money.I know i'm asking for a lot of things,but it would help both me and you if you completed at least one of those recommendations.
Very simple game graphics are great. controls need to be able to place them better or have the option to. the "racing" is boring its just you on the map drifiting the same circle again and again just so you can save up curency to buy a new map just to do it over and over again. ive played other drift games to me this one is just too simple.
Overall the game is very good but more maps should be added and there should be some graphics settings.
Aright game needs few updates like small stuff on settings and menus ,you only can buy cars with gold but you dont make any gold thruout the game you only alowed to buy gold ,cant put my old parts back theres no buttons to install and not prices of how much things cost but realistic sound and great game play needs few more tracks hope you guy update this game soon
first, I'd like to say that i was a fan of this game I think back at 2017 when i was playing it. It was multiplayer and had free roam in multiplayer. I could not get enough of it. I cant remember why I had gotten rid of it. But here I am, October 2019, searching for this game. But, when I found it, I hardly could recognize it AT ALL! The menu was complex to understand at first, and worst of all, NO MULTIPLAYER! This game was perfect! WHAT HAPPENED? please bring back that game I played. Please!
I LOVE the game the exhausts sound really good compared to other games and the graphics are really good too!!! the only thing I would like you to add is controller support and keyboard, because I just love this game and I would like to play this on my chromebook... so if possible please let me know thak would be REALLY GREAT!!! and i will re install teh game after the update thank you!!!
This game is so so good the physics graphics are so realistic I just wish there was an online mod in the game or at least ais that u can tandem with but online would be really cool
great game that just needs love, a few bugs like the car going into nutral when you crash, and there needs to be a reset feature when driving for when you flip over, and there needs to be more content but the game is in early stages so ill just have to wait on that. all in all a good game.
Cool game you made I know the work it took you to make the game nice graphics steering is easy the tuning is cool and cars are cool and the
I like the game but I've never been able to buy a new car because it erases how much money ive made. I had 20k and I went back to main menu and it brought me down to 2k. Today was the same, I went up to 12k and it dropped me to 6k. please fix that.
Can you fix the bug in the game where the r35 and italia is missing. Also add tilt steering. Thnx! :)
It doesnt load the game properly, There are no prices on the car, cant tune the cars and each time I buy a new car and want to use the old one, I have to buy it back. Still no improvements after the update on the 15th of June, still can't buy cars and parts properly and can't tune the car
It's a good game but there I alot of stuff to improve like not just using gold to buy things I'm not willing to spend 5 dollars because I want a 350z or a few bucks just for apperance mods to the car needs alot of work would rate higher
Its good but i think that the game ui has weird experience. and graphics good but camera angle is horible and steering is bad. But all in all its good keep going. But dont do that pixel car racer did they left the game
Well this is good drifting game, but there some issue, which is please add race mood it will be awsome, like mulitplayer. And please fix the glasses of car make it little bit shine when through the street light. And please sticker for the car it will be so good. Thanks
for me theres nothing to do i just drive around doing nothing no games,races,or minigames its good game to drive a round and lisen to some music but its not too good
Hey, great drifter, the throttle limit can be annoying. Feels slow at times, and the physics are a little slippery. Great visuals, beautiful textures but the frame rate is a little lack luster. Soundtrack 10/10. Some menu items dont have names or any text just sliders, dont know what some of them do in the options.
This is very good! I like how it drifts and the graphics are good. Can you make multiplayer and pls add a toyota supra. :)
This game is great, the menu and setting interfaces are a little counter intuitive, lots of tuning options for all the cars, the sounds of the engines, turbocharger and exhaust backfiring of the cars are realistic. would be more interesting to see some AI cars on the tracks but either way, the game is fun and a great way to kill some time.
the worst drifting game i have ever played. the only good thing about this is its graphics and how you tume your car. the sounds on the other hand is very annoying. but the very worst part is the controls. i mean, the arrow keys is very small. at lease add a setting that lets you customize your own control choice. and the other worst part is the physics. i barely cant do controlled donuts and clutch kicking. its just the worst part. fix this.
I absolutely LOVE this game. It has everything a good drifting game needs like tuning, advanced controls, customization etc. HOWEVER, I am only rating it 4 stars because there is no online mode. But I would love to see an online mode in this game. So PlEEASE add an online mode for the people wanting it. Thanks.😁
Its a fun game but needs more tracks and a competitive way for players to tandem also there should be a money making system to earn money for tunes and upgrades and different control options
there is some problems with the update, the gtr and 458 itallia are invisible . after playing for 20 minutes I've completely lost all interest in this game. instead of fixing existing problems , you changed all the best parts of the game, it is now no fun to play and I'm uninstalling . stop trying to take peoples money and listen to what the feedback suggests. you made it worse.
It is an amazing game trust me car guys will die for this game because of the turbo sounds -i would recommend that you should put more cars and a way of getting money.
It has awesome potential but has alot of flaws. the most annoying one being how the car clicks itself in neutral and you lose all ur multiplier.The cars correct to the right whenever you drift left(vise versa), itd be nice if your wheels stayed pointing the direction you pointed them instead of trying to straighten the car out again. would be nice to see the multiplier activate with a little less angle, for example, if you accidentally do a 180, you basically have to drift a 40° angle to keep it
Disappointed, highly. For starters Drift "Tuner" doesn't have any tuning. No adjustment for tire pressure, gearing, damping, Areo, differentials, or braking. On top of that the game play isn't smooth and glitches, very low fps and my phone isn't cheep. Needs more content and way more development. Not worth any time, there are way better drifing games out there.
Can you add more maps like ebisu or more but the physics are the same as hashiriya drifter in hashiriya drifter sucks because there was so much adds i can't even play hashiriya because of the adds also ni game 👍
This game is good, but the exhaust sound is bad, it sounds like a weed whacker, this should be changed, & the customization is very little, I was expecting a more in depth version, all there is is tire size, camber, and ride height. I think you should add suspension & more separate stuff, adjustable tire pressures would be nice but less obstacles in maps please, this game has potential to rise to be the best drift game, just dont remove anything that affects the current gameplay, just add stuff.
This game is the bestttt ever i play in the world and the graphics is very nice and the controler and soft you guys will download this game nowww amazing game ever 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎
the game has good customizing skills and sound effects....but they needs to put more settings in the game and and more gameplay modes....this game needs a serious upgrading....when drifting the car turns to fast...cant even drift good with it...also needs to put in some missions
Pls Pls Pls update this game. There are soo many possibilities for this. Add a steering wheel control, adjustable throttle, other cars, upgrades, maps and more. Please this game would skyrocket also add multiplayer
This is a joke 😒 the graphics are great but everything else is total rubbish.. The physics are thumbs down this is a disgrace to drift kind.....not recommending to anyone once you spend all your money you can do anything......what I would recommend is Fr legands wayy better than this discrace of a drifting game play less quality but..better physics... better game play pluss it's way more than you think
It's so amazing I think I played it on my PC but it's bad here the graphics and physics are actually more better and the sounds are so like ex. The S13 idk it sounds so good even with the backfire
No story. No goals. Nothing to work towards. The physics are so bad it is impossible to drive in a straight line and/or brake in a straight line. Very twitchy and feels like you are driving on patches of black ice on clay. Not consistant. Thumbs down.
Its a good game but didnt let me spend my money or "cr" and only let me spend gold which i could not buy any more of.
Decent game. Graphics are fine, not the best. Flaws are that theres not much point in the game, theres nothing to achieve. Luckily, it's plenty addicting if you love going sideways.
I'll give it a 3, you get credit but either eveything costs gold or Dosent tell you a price, the game has 3 maps 2 free and 1 to buy with no way of knowing if it'd gold or credits, no wording on the tunes so have to do a lot of guest work, rated 3 stars as it's got some amazing potential
The game has a lot of potential. It's not terrible, but it could be way better. I think that the car sounds should be improved, the graphics could be way better and there should be challenges. I think that the developers should continue working on the game and improve it because it truly has a lot of potential.
Yea this game would be an awsome game if it had tilt controlls buy u have the worst controlls for a drifting game like why pute arrows thats weird
it's a good game but small bad things those..the drift feeling is really good and the music in the game is really good anti-lag with the cars sounds really real and the small bad things are the random lag spikes here and there not a lot the customize in the game nothing really big...if you like an arcade feel then download and I'm a drifting fun and I found this game to have almost everything in it
I feel like there is no point,no missions to work towards like I mean what's the point of playing the game .I love the sound of the car but that is about it 😒🤔, Please make the game worth while playing.
its a cool game but add some setting for the controlers and add some many map ass many as you can add pls and add some diffrent cars and uprgade oh and add some multiplayer mode ok thankyou☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
The game he's good but I think just to add more especially flanker f if you don't know what kind of car is that Google it up. I like the graphics the cars by think you should put more stuff. I seriously recommend this game. Keep it up guys 👍
Absolutely amazing game graphics I love the fact that you can do so much amazing things to your cars and the drifting and backfire of the cars are so realistic and this is juts a 10/10 game I'm hooked on it well done developer's
The game it self is very good. But it is unrealistic. 1. i got stuck on a gate and i couldnt move or flip. 2.The tires are smoking where ever you are, even in the air. They smoke what ever the rpm is including x1000/min. 3. The game is over priced. fix that. Then ill give 5 stars.
it's a great game but the game needs more better Maps also and needs better controls they should also add controls that allow you to tilt your phone to steer the car and they should on a better way to get points I do certain things to get a lot of points also add race tracks instead of going in circles in a parking lot they should put a drifting track with all of these things also add more cars and give daily bonuses for signing in everyday please do all of this in the next future updates please