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Dream Scenes - Sandbox

Dream Scenes - Sandbox for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Colossal Entertainment located at R. Antônio Carnevale, 84 - Parque Res. Casarão Sumaré - SP Brasil . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
First of all, why have a currency unless it's used to support the game, I suggest you make ads only appear when getting something for an ad, and I also suggest you make the open world better and the game more unique and original, throw some random things out there. Because I got bored within the first 5 minutes
I love this game the only reason why I give it 4 stars after each mission you can ad and it's super hard to get everybody but I do enjoy it and I'm still playing it
This was fun, I liked it when in sandbox where you could mess around with everything but now you need to buy everything and it has just ruined the game 😑
Best game ever I love it graphics good gameplay good and objective is hard but fun. I love this game.
I like it but NOT ENOUGH LEVELS to get everything I've done as much as I can but it is impossible to get everything so more levels and one more BIG THING you need to watch ads when you redo levels you get only 5 coins if your lucky if you dont so .make it normal like 50 or 29 usually WITHOUT WATCHING ads now things like that are big but fix that and boom 5 stars and the game has gone un updated im surprised their wasnt enough demand
I love the game! Just a few problems, i hate that you have to use coins for sandbox, the missions are very fun some challenging. It was very fun playing the game but maybe make them a little more of a challenge, if these changes are ever made... I would make the game even greater. THANK YOU!☺
Cant I just buy the map instead of ads every time I click on map to watch ads there none available you guys need to fix this good app reason I gave it four stars is the thing I told you right now.
It's okay but in all ( alot) levels the people that make the levels have weapons and vehicles etc but in sand box u can't equip any weapons or make ur humans stay on them like the jetpack or. The skate board please add a mode that if u click on the object or living object a menu shows up. That u can use to make ur human or. Alien stay. On the Vehicle or inside the vehicle please 😏🤔
It is good but the problem is the pink bike in missions , every time I drive it, the bike keeps doing flips that make the driver fall off. Another thing about it is that when I lightly touch something, the driver still falls off. Either fix it or get rid of it please.
Everytime I join and put an animal it kicks me out! No it doesn't have any bugs but please just fix that and also It does it when I have WiFi on only but I want to get the grass sandbox
Overall I think it's a great game with good potential, only thing is I don't know how to put items or objects into characters hands... Or maybe you guys haven't gotten around to adding it? and can you make it that characters can use weapons? And maybe add a few more cars or trucks such as police vehicles with lights and stuff that would be awesome! Keep up the good work guys!
This game is clickbait don't get it because to get more stuff you need the games currency and to get the currency you have to play the mission mode. Level 1 can be passed but level 2 is impossible.😡😡😡
I really like this game I like the sandbox mode but I really hate the coins you know like it ruins the fun in sandbox it supposed to be like everything's free but it's a great game I'm one question though I wonder how I can make people hold the weapons I've seen it but I never knew it's an amazing game missions are mind-blowing the game plays like a five-star
It is a game you have to do stresfoll campaign and after you get 24 to 87$ (in game money) and with that money you get to buy maby 13 things. So I'd give it a 1 star because: -no fun doing campaign -you should be able to make your own miny games for people to enjoy and people can rate your game -you should have unlimited money P.s If you make they changes ill be happy
I'm real happy rn to be born to criticize or whatever on games that suck but what your your game means by you can do anything is oh you can do anything but only if you buy them with coins you get from complete mission/levels to play the game at it's full progress or you can buy coins that might be worthless because you don't wanna pay to get coins so your life could be easy but no you had to just complian about our game. Me:yeah well nice try maybe create a game that could be worth it
You have to play levels to even play beause you need ro get money becsuse when i wanna only do sandbox you only spawn with one item in each catogory make it so knife can killl and ill be happy.
The game stops if im to fast and i dont like in sandbox the alien ship rises and you cant move you can fix this by deleteing the item and then replacing it when the tractor beam turs off. And the missions are impossible
Wish people could stand up in the sandbox besides that it's pretty fun but it'd be better that was in it and if you could record recording what you do would be awesome on the sandbox
It's a sandbox game your supposed to do whatever you want butt no you have to work for almost everything just to play the "Sandbox" game.
2 stars from me. You can't win the second level without buying coins. I know what you're doing and I don't like it🤬. I wouldn't download if anyone reads this. Just a cash grab game.
I love this game but can you add more anamals to it like wails and dragons or other crazy things that would be cool also ad more maps and i need more animal's
I habe a huge problom becuse in the campain moon levels the cars keep flying so add more weight to the cars and a bit more speed also in the georg the monkey levels level 9 is way to hard becuse i got evry single car but i cant make it becuse the cars are way to slow or to fast becuse the fast cars are to light and if i try to drive foward the car fly up.
It's a great game but some of it is making me mad,ONE,the levels are impossible to beat with the skateboard,you have to buy a new vehicle but I'm trying to save up.TWO,the dismemberment is now gone which is kinda fine.pls add the old levels,I found them way better...NVM everything was raised up by points! I'm removing this game of my phone it was way better when it didn't get a update of animals......
This game is rlly good but it just need some fix, First please make the character control able and has an ability to pick up items, jumping and punching. Secondly the level is a little hard. And please make some gore system for the character. Pls fix this. THANK YOU FOR READING LOVE YOUR GAMES!! ❤️
Mission 2 is imposibble, And make the animals and humans live. because their dead when you spawn them, Thank you.
It's a very fun game levels are super easy I genuinely enjoyed and am looking forward to the future update only reason it is not 5 stars is cas free mode characters cannot stand or hold objects
Please change the move pad place, its hard to move a vehicle. Or you can just joystick but don't put it on upper right of the screen tho. Please fix this
Pretty good. I like it but I think you could add a few more rooms and props. Keep up the good work!👍
It's a good game for one of the levels in house you instantly die in the go-kart so you cannot play the level is one of these levels and each type of area
Awesome game and fun missions. But you should add some more features to sandbox. You should be able to attach two items together, make people hold things, make people be able to stand up straight, be able to freeze items in place, hold an item and it won't rotate so you could use the saw or throw the spear straight, and finally make the blender and lawnmower destroy things.
Well honestly I wanted a sandbox game but those challenges are quite mind blowing but on the other hand the sandbox was a bit of a bummer, I really loved the challenges but we can't really connect people or bind things together on the sandbox, you can just spawn them, so having a better sandbox with features that let us actually play with stuff we spawn would be appreciated, good luck :D I hope you guys make it happen soon
I really love this!. But you need to add some other maos and missions.if you are bored playing this official version.then download modded version.
Not so bad but I wish there was an outside world with buildings and I wish something you didn't have a certain amount of some things and easier controls but it was a pretty not so bad game love ? Heads random characters
I like how you can do anything in this game and also control something and out it on the person or animal and i like how there is alooot of stuff in this game soo many.good game bro make more games like the beeeest game that i will rate it too 100 .
Well.. I dont really know how to describe this game. Positively, this game comes across as a stress buster and might trigger our imagination. Resembles the game Short life. Negatively, the game sucks. The controls might be frustrating and the level objectives might be crappy. AND WHY THE HECK ARE the countdowns after each level SO SLOW?!!!
Great game and all but one thing is in space and normal mode, when you're playing the one were you throw the kid,if you want to throw him fast his head will come off EVERY. GOD.DAMN.TIME.
The levels are impossible also guys I found a hack ok so go on mark level 1 and go full speed with skateboard and once you win press again it should give you 4 to 9 coins keep doing this and you will get a lot of coins........eventually also I appreciate helping y'all out since this game is so hard anyway imma keep doing that peace out guys! [ Also forgot to mention that you have a small chance of losing but if you do keep trying until you get it right ;) ]
I think this is amazing and what I want for a new update is that the people in the game you can pose them how you want them to be on a list of lots of selections for that you can use on the character and there needs to be new malle weapons like a trident or a machete or a chainsaw that can make sounds or anything and this app is mind-blowing keep up the good work Thanks for seeing this
Very good game,fun to play and very good physics but can you add a new feature like you can control the animals and you can open the jaws of crocodile and shark . Very good game