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Dream Road - A Dice Board Game

Dream Road - A Dice Board Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by WeFun Games located at 37699 Dahlia Dr Newark CA 94560 us. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This was a good game until like many others said it starts locking you to roll 10 and you stop getting points unless you watch an ad but that doesn't even cash out the tokens half the time.
I won $90.00 then game stop working. i unloaded it, then reinstalled the game, my $90.00 was gone why is that, and how do i get the cash i earned earlier. i was up to 4,000,000+. is this a scam game?
giving another chance, but so far not happy to not have the money and coins back from the first time I played...
After you get close to prizes the game crashes or won't load. Then when you reach an amount you can redeem it won't allow you. avoid
so far havent won anything besides chips of coarse its always so close but not quite. i hate apps like this u always seem to get so close but never get it. especially the scratchers not 1 app has anyone i know won anything when it comes to scratcher apps. 👎👎👎
I liked this "monopoly-like" board game at first. But, as I approached the points needed to obtain a $10 pay pal gift card, the points got harder to get. Now, the dice almost always roll a 10, landing on places with no points or the railroad with few points. No more scratch cards. Is this a scam? I have seen no testimonials from people who have won money. I haven't seen any other reviews. Has anyone won from a scratch card? Has anyone even received so much as a $10 gift card? I have my doubts.
reported a prob with my credits, they reply i would have em in a few hours. never got em. the game is a scam. they get paid and you get nothing. once you get close to the payout, they throttle your rolls. false advertisment.
What can I say that hasn't already been said by the other one star reviews? Though this game does work intentionally once you hit the 4.5M Mark the games algorithm will only roll to the 4 corners and +2 dice, making own even slower than it already was. the game already slows you down with a ton of ads which obviously the creators get paid for; at this mark ads are forced for slow earn. Could not clain paypal at 5M points. Lowering to 1 Star.
C, mon guys.. I know you don't want it to be easy for us to hit cashout point, but what you're doing is blatant blocking! This was fab to play til I hit 4.5 mil, now it's pathetically dull, rolling constant 10's, going corner to corner. Update:Hit 5 mil and when I click on paypal payout, it doesn't work.Have emailed, but no reply!! Complete dishonest con artists!! Give me what I earned please!
That's how they do it! once you reach 4,500,000 tockens the game is fixed so your unable to move up future unless your willing to spend a whole week or month rolling the dice. Good play scamners!!
i have played this game for a long time and reached the 5mil coin mark and now it wont let me cash out my 10 dollars to paypal. i also reached the 9 cash dollar spot and then the game board stopped landing on the money spots. then near the end of my goals a box appeared wrapped in ribbon that said "big prize" and a picture of a blue chip coming out of the box. i have clicked on it many times and it wont open. im very upset at this because i put alot of time in this game!!!!!!
it let me get extremely close to cashing out, then I get next to nothing. after reading other reviews I am finding out that it is the same for everyone. This app is definitely fixed! Seriously a waste of time! I wish there was an option for 0 stars. after several months I finally made it to 5,000,020.... 5million needed for PayPal cash. it tells me "you're almost there" so apparently there is no possibility of getting cash
Reached 4.5 million points and game would just roll multiples of 10 and mostly land on corners. Can only get points now with trolley which is less than 1000 points. Occasionally get 2x dice rolls or rarely $0.10 cash. Reached about $8 so far. Now game will not load. Started doing this around July 1, 2019. Either a programming issue or game is fixed. If this is fixed I would change my rating back to a five. Love the game except for this issue. Waiting to see what happens!
this game is a scam ,. the videos dont work , you cant hit anything ,. and players have an option to steal yoir coins. turn these people in for frauding everything up
I was so excited to finally be so close to cashing out on one of the many games i play, but the day i was close enough to reach it, the game chamged. No scratchers to get points and wouldnt let me land on ANYTHING except extra rolls or useless spaces. it got to the point that i could tell you what the next roll would be every single time. Nothing random about this game. What a rip off...so disappointed!
I did a scratcher. All the keys showed up. (house one). all i got was the 900 chip bonus. I thought I won.
Cant collect 10 dollars when i reach 5,000,000 tokens.. Done it twice now. Issue not fixed as of 7/19/19.
its true what they say about this game once you reach a certain level same numbers in the dice corner,corner,corner,corner, yeah they dont even try to hide it deffenetly a scam, the game itself is fun, but false advertisement
The dice are stuck on rolling tens. As of July 6, 2019, the dice are still rolling tens, so now my points can not build up faster because its landing on all 4 corners.
games a damn scam...this app should be taken off play store u get almost to winning then u get f**ked........, ., ..., .......................................................................................................................................................... ............................. ....................................................................................................................................................................................................
it was great till I got 3 hundred thousand away from 5 million and now the dice won't land on anything but the 4 corners and extra dice which means it's glitches or its on purpose either way it needs to not happen. it was at 5 stars now it's 2 stares. update made it worse now it only lands on the 4 corners. still not fixed I'm sure it's on purpose find a more honest app. won't pay out at 10 dollars. this is the worst and most dishonest game don't put effort in they don't pay out.
Even after the updates this game is still not working right. Every time that i roll the dice it comes up the number 10 always keeping on the 4 corners unable to earnany money at all. Nothing wants to work at all. Also in the description it says you can shake your phone and roll the dice, but it still doesn't work.
game was having problems. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it. it took all my money and made me start all over again but still signed under my name I am not happy
This game cheats as you get closer to winning real money. The dice cheats. For me it's rolling all 10s so that I don't land anywhere to make anything. Lol. What a joke!
this game is a RIP OFF. The closer you get to your first ability to take money out the harder they make it. Even if you do the items that will give you bonus points, they don't give you the bonus points.
simply just scam app. when you reach 5m token.. then you push to redeem 10$ paypal & nothing happened. hope Google just ripped this app from playstore.
scammers. someone should start a class action lawsuit against them for all the money they steal. take the time to report them to google. the bad reviews are accurate. they get $ for ads and scam u out of your time. flag the app with button on upper right side.
well I like this game till it started mess'g up(dice would only stop on metro & free dice) and then I cleared the cache/data and lost my $9.75 +4,871,000.00.now after I cleared cache,game workg again nothing else has been restored.now a decrypt error pops up and metro,thief,spin wheel,happiness,extra 10 tokens does not work.Add about privacy pops up and stops those functions from workg properly.
Waste of time!! Once you get close to the payout amount you roll constant 10's for the 4 corners or only land on extra dice. total scam!!
while it's fun, i get frustrated when it offers me a chance to upgrade or stop the "thief" and it won't work! there are no instructions or rules to read for the game. what is the timer for?
i had 5 stars but when i got to 5million coins and tried to redeem for $10 paypal it didnt let me. i just kept clicking and nothing happened. i just wasted my time.
game is okay till you get so far then every role is a 10 corner to corner is where you go and when you land on Metro is the only way you can make money now and now they will not let the video play to ride the Metro but when you close it out instead of watching a movie it forces you to watch and add anyways either way they win don't download false information on winning money for game now I have enough coins for $10 card PayPal button won't work laugh out loud
STILL NO WAY TO REDEEM. They get paid for each ad we play. My advice to those who download any of these apps? Log in to fb, collect some tokens, clear the app cache, log in again and see if it saves your hard-earned stats, credits etc. A few months ago, I spent all spare time playing the ads and in less than a week, I'd collected tokens worth $5 per week at the rate I was going but before I could play it another week, enough to cash out, they removed the area to redeem anything.
not worth the trouble. the ad showed that you win the money directly on the board. false advertising. you don't win anything except coins. and it takes 5 million to get $10. not worth the wasted time or space. I could sue for the false advertising ad.
what is the the point of giving scratchers if you NEVER win. and the match game somehow just always misses the money and gift cards... how convenient. this sucks time to uninstall.
SCAM!! DO NOT WASTE TIME. They dont actually let you get to the required amount of tokens(or cash) to cash out. At first, they make you feel like you're really winning/doing well but then, when you FINALLY get fairly close to being able to cash out, the dice ironically only roll numbers that land on ads that arent worth ish. I'm sure the makers of this will get whats coming to them though. We reap what we sew... ✌🏼
this game is alot of fun to play however, I've been at $9.00 for 2 months! therefore i believe it's a scam! it wont give you any money if thats what you're looking for!!!
a real rip off! now that I've gotten close to cashing out I only land in things where I get no money and almost no tokens. deleting the app.
good app but some of the scratchers are glitchy. they don't work no matter how hard you rub them. also some ads don't give you rewards or the ad button doesn't work at times. I landed on the thief tile and had to get my coins stolen because the button wouldn't bring up an ad to stop him.
its hard to actually get the rewards. not only are there far too many ads, but the ads take you to their home page in the app store everytime it plays out. the game asks to double the reward, even when saying no, the game plays the ad and gives you nothing in return. the scratch cards are almost always half done in a sloppy way and you are able to see if you won or not, before you scratch (if it is not scrached already.) i wanted to write so much more but im running out of space. overall bad game