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Dream Piano - Music Game

Dream Piano - Music Game for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Tap Lab located at 2/F ETON TOWER 8 HYSAN AVENUE CAUSEWAY BAY HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far, I've really enjoyed this app! I don't really have much to say, but I like the fact that it includes songs that aren't really in other piano games. For example, it has songs from anime, it isn't common that piano games have songs from anime, you would have to install a piano app dedicated to anime and have a normal piano game without the anime songs so you could play both anime songs and classics like Beethoven, Mozart, and others. So I like the fact that it has a wide variety of songs
Oh I dream of a piano like this (piano tiles games). Some of piano tiles games sucks like there's a background song and then you just have to click the tiles. I'm just annoyed about that. This is the best piano tiles I've seen so far, so thank you for making this game. The only problem in this game is that the ads. It sometimes takes 30 to 40 secs long even when I dont chose the "watch video for coins" or what-so-ever.
You can pick from thousands of songs and everything is free! There is even songs by kpop groups here! I have been looking for an app like thos with kpop groups forever! This app is so addictive and fun! Nothing bad about this app! Not even too many adds!
I actually love this game because it has a lot of played song that are like on the radio and it nice to experience it in piano. I love piano games but his one tops the cake. I also see that yall have my fav band WJSN and would love if La La Love would be on there.😍😘
I really enjoy thid app!Especially the classic songs!It is my favourite app from the ones that l installed so far!l stay 1 hour on this app.Can you also add the song say my name?Idk if I haven't unlocked it or it's not in the app.Anyways,I absolutely am in love with it!❤❤❤
Good game but needs to have more variety of songs that we know as a lot of them Im not familiar with. For example ,there's only one or none of the songs from my favourite artists like avicii bastille and one republic. Also, slightly longer time for the songs would be nice
this game is really fun! i first playes on my friends phone abd downloaded it on mine soon after. its really fun to play, and the backgrounds are really cool too. i have had add glitches, and sometimes after watching a video to continue it doesn't always work but other wise would reccomend. :) first time reviewing an app btw.
Alright, Ads. Ads is so bothering! It's a serious problem in this game... When im watching an Ad, another Ad pops like seriously.... Ads glitches... Now the game is really fun but... They exit for some reason... Please fix this and I'll give you guys 5 stars... Just please fix this problem.
I really like this game so far and it seems quite addictive. Please can you guys improve the game by adding a search bar so I can search for any song or any favorite artist and also a scroll bar on the side so I can slide down faster as there are too many songs.Thank you!
the game it self its ok but i remove two stars from my review because: 1) ads. I understand its a free game but why can't you put ads somewhere without disturbing our gameplay 2)players. i feel that players in the game are hacking,cuz they can get like 100 points when your only at 30-40. so they might be bots
Overall is quite okay. But if you compare to other similar games, I would say you have some places need to improve. First start with the songs. Yes, there are many popular songs but some should.be in Chinese name and you translated the name to english(don't know why you do this but Its a terrible idea). Next would be the song difficulty. I do like some hard songs but a few of them are really hard to play and I have the feeling of being scammed.
I love it so much! Theirs even some of my favorite songs! What I like about this app is that it allows you to battle with other players! What needs to be improved is the bots. When you play on it on battle mode and you failed and then revived is that the others stay on the same number. What if that we could purchase using our coins every day? It would help if there was not ads every 15 seconds. I know when you play the ads don't come up. Thanks! Goodbye.
I really enjoy this app! It is a very fun game and I enjoy playing the songs. However I do have simple question. I noticed you have a bunch of kpop songs and I'm so happy you have bothered to include that but can you please add Monster by Exo? It's a great song and I would love to be able to play it :)
BEST.PIANO.GAME.EVER this is a really REALLY good game. I had some much fun and I still do, the only thing I wish it had was it to just keep going like piano tiles, other wise downloading this was the best desition ever!!!
this game is good but the adds are way overboard sorry to say almost every time I go on the app for 4 min I have about 6 adds for 30 sec and it takes up a lot of my time I really hope the makers of the game can improve it and make it less adds .
It's so "annoying" my account got reset so I lost all the songs that I had bought , then when I bought them all back from "bashing" the game it "resets" all my songs "again". I loved the game it's fun but it's so annoying how this keeps happening to me
I love it. It helps get your mind out of the gutter. The beautiful melodies. Yall should add glassy sky from tokyo ghoul. It would be so amazing to have that one song. It would be perfect!
I like it but why can't I just log my dame self in!? I don't have Facebook or any other one of those!!!!! why can't I log in with Google or something more practical!!!???!!!
I don't know if other players feel the same way, but the controls for the hard difficulty songs are horrible. I know it's supposed to be hard so the notes will come fast, but sometimes it's clear that you have pressed it, but the game doesn't register that press. Then you have to watch an ad of various lengths to continue, for the same thing to happen again. It really takes the joy out of what would be a good game.
The game is good but the ads are just pure cancer, after every game there's an ad but if you play offline there's none, I just want to experience this game at its fullest but cant because of the ads, I get that you have to have ads in the games but why can't it be after every 3rd or 4th game.
I love this app it has basically all my favorite songs, say you get bored of playing by yourself there are other modes you can play in! The ads can be a little annoying, but the game is so spectacular it makes up for the ads.
really cool app, I would definitely recommend. my favourite part is when it speeds up and then you can go online with others and try get the highest score. on my second time I got t stars and on the 1st time I got 4 stars and I think this game is really cool.
it's a great game yes but I can't change my profile picture or my name. I've tried for a while now but still nothing happens!! also it lags in the middle of playing almost making me fail. other than that it's fine
The advertisement said you could import your own audio file and the app would convert it into a game. So far I have not been able to do such a thing. Also this game supports "online play". I was playing a match online, and I was in first place. It was just me and one other person. Then I messed up and lost. The game awarded me first place anyway. Either its not real online, or you get the prize for the position you held when you lost. So it's either fake online, or a bad system. Either way, bad.
am I the only one who can't pass the Unravel song from Tokyo Ghoul?...it's too hard I can't get higher than 160 scores. also please show the highest score after losing. and the online mode of it is fake, you just play with robots... not the worst piano game ever but it's still too far from the best...
They have a decent selection but they dont have a lot of marshmello songs like "rescue me" or "power" and dont have artists like lil peep or xxxtentacion. Other than a lack in songs and artists, it's a pretty good game and can you please add "colt 45" by Afroman
I would say it is a pretty good app. But one thing is it kept popping ads! And when i try to watch an ad on purpose for free coins or to save me if i lose on the game.. It will not load it! Please fix it.. I'm not really sure about what's wrong but please help me. :(
great songs. I used to play piano tiles but it basically on has classical music, that is only nice until a point.But this game has great pop songs and classical songs too.Also great graphics. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!ALL THE UPDATES ARE GREAT!!!!!
Dream Piano is awesome.It's a game which not only has best music (including anime OP) but also helps in meditation while playing the game.👍👍 I have certain requests to the DP Team😇 : 1. Add easy version of Unravel(by Animenz) 2. Add Brave Shine(Fate UBW by Animenz), Silky heart (Toradora), Hitohira no Hanabira, Toki wo kizamu uta (Clannad After story), JustadICE (seiko oomori,Black clover OP),etc. 3.Add in-game song suggestion portal. 4.Add low speed key for hard songs(no points,just to play)
You might want to check the spellings before putting a song up... or the song names in general... been on the app 2 minutes and seen "fade" by Alan Walker, which is actually called "faded" and "for elise" a classic song that is actually called "fur elise". First two songs i saw and they werent correct. Over all pretty good though. Just think you should check that.
the ad I saw for it said you could have ANY song which is wrong. yes it does have a variety of songs but there was false advertising. Speaking of advertising they should keep it to a minimum. Also its offbeat sometimes and it really puts me off
the game is fun, it's a lot like white tiles just w more songs. the ads can get annoying at times but they're tolerable, the worst part abt the game is the fact that every song you play uses energy and you only get 12 energy at a time. i would love to sit and play the game for 45 minutes to an hour but im limited to 10-20 minutes. it'd probably be five stars if it wasn't for the energy concept
It's actually a really fun game but there are WAY too many ads. I have to go through 6 banners, 30 second ads and 5 second ads every round i play. It's far too much, it sucks the enjoyment right out of playing it. Take it down a notch please
I think this game is AWESOME,but I'm a little disappointed in that most of my favorite songs aren't here.Although it does have more variation of songs than the average piano game.So overall it still is a great game.
This game is terrible. I am very disapointed. The songs are terrible and bad quality, and they obviously just tried to make a better version of piano tiles, and failed miserably. I played 2 songs and I was done with this app and uninstalled it right away. Do not download this app.
I think the app is great, it has some good songs, but I deffiently feel like the selection of songs could be improved. Its challenging and engaging and also fun to play with others. There are quite a few ads, but not enough to bother me too much. If anyone can finish the song Betty Boop on the first try when downloading the app send me proof and I will literally give you a Google play gift card.
It's a nice game, But there are 2 main issues. 1. It lags 1 or twice in a song, which ussually means you mess up and lose 2. i think it's only after the lag, but there is some weird static going on. I usually hear it with headphones, but it really kills the gameplay feel
this game is a great way for me to destress. i love the variety of classical to modern pop music for the options. i HATE tge glitching in the middle of a song (especially on the "hard" songs). just as i am getting the rhythm the game will glitch: it either slows down or speeds up while playing and will fluctuate. game gets choppy as it glitches amd makes the experience rather frustrating to say the least. it defeats the purpose of playing. please fix this issu! i would love to keep playing
It's super fun! I love how they added BTS songs, Which I wanted in one of these types of games, and is my stress reliever games. For me, it's fun to play. I actually don't care if there's so many adds, but it is Enjoyable!
There seems to be just a little bit of a loading issue that needs resolved I love the game though. The game seems to have a habit of loading the song while you play thus slowing down the notes and you lag and can't tap fast enough or you tap to fast. Other than that the game is perfect BTW you guys need to add the song Never Leave This Place by Hazrd