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Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
We all use to enjoy dream league very well infact it was the best among all This 2020 version is very bad 1st You need data to play. I want you to know network is a problem in some areas. 2nd you can't sell a player for coins but for couches. The couches also upgrade randomly even players on bench are upgrade when you seek for upgrade. Infact they came using network is jx the annoying thing please fix that
Amazing upgrade from 2019 to this. A lot new features, and I really like it. But I don't like about the gems and the adds, cause it's too expensive, I know you guys needs benefits, but don't do it like this (sacrifice the user). And the adds is too much time to watch. I hope in the future DLS becoming greater and greater... Especially about the Edit Kit, IMO this is the best feature. Keep it up DLS!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Very good game. Who said it is not challenging?I recommend to install this game. The graphics are superb. Well, couldn't we just get coins instead of getting coaches when releasing a player?In my point of view that's the only problem . But still for me it's better than dls 19 the main problem is that when the ball is in the air some players do some totally useless skill shots. These are the main problems in this game
Gameplay is terrible. Auto switching on defense is a nightmare and manual isn't much better. Computer controlled players run away from the ball on defense and stop to let the offense get the ball. Your defenders will literally stop and let the offense run past! You'll have a player standing next to the ball and it won't give you the option to switch to them. Game decides when your players sprint or walk. Attempt to pass or change direction and you have to wait two seconds before either happens.
I have been playing dream league soccer for 5 years. This is by far the worst version. Not so much about the graphic but rather the way you control the players. The auto switch in this version is a nightmare. And why ain't players running fast? How is it possible the other team players reach me but i can never catch them They??They seem so slow even though they are supposed to be fast. Clearly something needs to be fixed here! Overall I had more fun with previous versions.
I've played this game since 2016 but this is the worst version of it. 1. Players tire so quickly and get injured very often. 2. You can only own 20 players 3. Results can't be saved when you play offline 4. You can't sell players, you can just release them. 5. Very poor graphics 6. Ball is not visible 7.You rarely get fouls by AI being called. 8. You can only heal players with gems which are even hard to get.
Interesting game!!! But it has one problem everything is perfect but when I play events I always get opponents that cheats and buys everything in the shop for real money and buys some good players. I'm that guy which don't buy anything for real money and plays fairly. Just don't cheat guys it's just ruin all the fun.
Game is fun but very buggy. Goalkeepers are an absolute joke. Defending is atrocious. Opponents online spam tackles and players keep jumping. Makes no sense. People pause the game and my defender stops moving, resulting in an easy goal for them. It's common for an opponent to keep the ball for the rest of the game after scoring, very annoying and unacceptable. Pls do something about this. Pls allow us to play with friends in dls 21. Easy exploitation of long balls. Please fix some of the issues.
Overall a pretty good game, still maybe a bit too easy when you start building a better team but it's still pretty fun and engaging. Commentary has stayed the same for a while so if that could be updated at some point. Sometimes keepers are way too hard to get past, like wherever I shoot they can block it somehow. Sometimes the controls get stuck and even when I press a button I can't move, shoot, pass. But it's still a pretty good game.
Newly redesigned game. Overall the graphics are much better from the older version but for the first time, they introduced GEM and every coins you have will no longer valuables as you need GEM and it cost a lot. The developers now WANT YOUR MONEY. Not enjoyable anymore. I still play DLS20. You can't boost your player for permanent, just a temporary boost. The transfer market is rubbish. You can't sell your player but just release it for free. Another Rubbish. Goodbye DLS.
V8.06 The latest update shows some improvements in the game. I notice there are some new animations and also new commentary lines. That's good. I have some suggestions here if you don't mind. 1. I notice the sideline referee is gone(I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not) 2. The opponents can easily tackle my players eventhough my players have 70 strength above.
There are a lot of good things in this game but I still miss DLS 20. DLS 20 was greate in everything. DLS 19 may have had good graphics but I didn't like it's gameplay. please improve multiplayer it's still a bad mode. Graphics are good but DLS 19 and DLS 20. Gameplay is Awsome. Just try to fix multiplayer and graphics because I am a big fan of football and I am always looking for football games thank you
The update... I love it. Very fluid animation. I hate to be that guy and be a critic, but I wanna see it become the best it can be. Players who have two dominant feet, should be able to switch thr foot they take a free kick or pk with. Still can't control dribbling speed... Players are too slow getting up, it's unrealistic. Players don't have smart enough AI. Red cards are way too easy to get. Defenders run away from the ball. It also does not seem fair.
I've gotten really upset at FTG. They have a habit of making well rated players play horribly. They don't react fast enough, and the aim assist is super annoying. But if you don't have it, you have to be a complete EXPERT at aiming to score. And the players don't know how NOT to get offsides. They're not aware, do I get about 3 to 5 offsides per match. And when I play a local multiplayer with my brother, it gets super laggy. But good graphics, commentators, and customization.
Lattest update has fixed certain things, primarily graphic quality. Some glitches remain as they are: 1. Sub limit is still 3. 2. Many offsides remain controversial. 3. The dispossessed player keep freezing. 4. If I chase an opponent from behind, it has to be a foul. 5. English teams are on another level of toughness. 6. Many Bundesliga stars including Lewandowski is nowhere to be seen. Few said.
I have been playing this game for sometime now and as far as it goes it's a favorite one. I used to play it couple of years ago and did find some issues back then so I stopped playing it, but this time the development team had done a great job and now I am really enjoying it a lot. Juts a small suggestions from my end that we can send match request to our friends who are playing this already or can challenge someone on social media, if you get my message please consider developing it.
This game could be great but you have to put a stop to cheats. It should be fairly easy to spot someone who has no XP rating but has all the top players at top levels. Also, there are so many glitches with the game. When you're trying to put a passing move together it will suddenly whack the ball full power to no one. Also, it doesn't matter who you have in defence they will be much slower than the attacker, making the ball over the top virtually impossible to defend. Fix this and I may download
Having to play it online is boring....you can't play one game offline without having to go online to secure the result. You can't buy a player who has been scouted offline. It's becoming a bore to do everything online..It freezes/sticks and goes slowmotion during matches hindering progress...Not a bad game though just needs data all the time
Fantastic game and it let's you enjoy the actual match rather than the events, challenges etc. Football games for me were always about the manager mode, so i liked the absence of other distractions. Few things that can be improved - 1. Celebrations - some of them seem lame. 2. Enhanced AI - The players fall back during an attack. Experienced this in live game. For e.g. - after passing a through ball to the striker, the player went back behind the defenders rather than pairing with striker
Enjoyed the gameplay more than PES and FIFA. I loathe in-app purchases but eventually gave in so I could play a bit with the transfer market as well (ofc the currency amounts given to you for free is almost zero). When I won the lowest league and was about to be promoted, I had to upgrade my stadium as a pre-requisite for entering in the next division. By that time I wasn't willing to pay even more just to keep playing. But the funny thing is that after clicking the wrong button, I declined the opportunity to improve my stadium and this _automatically_ meant I remained in the lowest league, and I couldn't revise this decision. So I'd have to go through the lowest league again and pay to be promoted. I won't do that.
I've played this game since the original dream league soccer and, in spite of some changes, the game is just as good as when i first played it. My only criticism, and this may seem trivial, is the highlights reel. It seems to save the footage but change the kit dependant on what your current kit is which takes away from the feature. The old game, original dream league soccer, would save the footage AND keep the old kits, giving the game that something more. Is this something that can be amended?
The game is great, the graphics are okay, the gameplay is awesome but the best part is the development through the league ranks. But you can't see sell your players they just turn into coaches, which train whoever they want when you use them, I have no control who I train and that is just really absurd. I get the ads, I don't mind them but why during the game at halftime, it is just odd, if they are at the end of the game that would be okay.
Another year, another let down, absolutely disgraceful, I expect the game to be upgraded with each coming year, but instead, it gets worse and worse every year. Every aspect of the game gets worse every year, it's becoming another Battlefront 2, where it's just faster to use microtransections to play the game rather than actually playing the game.
The game is okay to play but the coins are hard to get. It just wants you to spend on it you will probably get tired of it and delete it if you don't spend money on games. Work on making the coins easily accessible after playing games if not people will keep on preferring the hacked versions of the games as they have in the previous years. Am deleting the game and looking for the hacked version until you guys work on the number of coins one can win after a game.
After playing for a long time it is easy to use the same style of play and still win. The game is not designed to be better malin such a way that you can use the same style of play and win all the matches. It lacks challenge at some point. Improve the level of play of the team that I'm facing. Only people playing online are better. The problem about playing online is that players move forward quick and they go back slow
It's absolutely amazing app to refresh mind. But some of the game modes must be there and you buy a player by using coins if you release him nothing is earned. By that so all players must be available in the market should be the matter of searching him. As we play friendly/Exhibition matches you should pic team to play with cause other team ratings are higher than other teams so we want to compete with the highest rated teams in the game
Game runs smoothly on my Samsung S20 and the graphics and sound are decent. I'd it is fairly easy to pick up for new players, young and old, while still being enjoyable for more 'veteran' players. My problem with the game is how horribly slow it is to get anything done. High tier players are very expensive, and at the same time you have to invest every penny into the stadium if you are up for promotion due to the capacity requirement. Overall enjoyable game, but horrible grind...
Could be a whole lot better if it wasn't so hard to make money, I had to play each Division twice before I could be able to advance to the next Division, which I think is ridiculous! Plus on top of that, whenever I play a match, it literally takes from my coins instead of adding to it which frustrates me even moooorree! Please I beg of thee....fix this
As one of the fans DSL ,i would like to leave some few suggestions. 1.there should be 30 matches being home and away. As it is in real football. 2.compensation very low which makes it hard to maintain the players recovery 3. It's about time you upgrade the controls 3.Can you please guys bring back the international cup. 3. As a South African and an African i would love to see African teams and other leagues.
I like the game a lot ...but it's very overbearing now with the server glitches and issues..also when you want to switch the player as you want ,your not able to even though the settings has been changed..finally,I have an issue with the goal keeping. There the keepers gloves icon set at a particular part of the post, and when I try to move it out of the way it can't fully be moved and the keeper goes there when the kicker kicks the ball..please FIX...
After recent update the players are getting red cards even after 2 games. For example when a player get a yellow card in one game that yellow card is there for the other games too and when the player gets a yellow card for that game it turns into a red card. I mean what the hell is that. That is completely wrong. Please fix it in the next update, it's really frustrating.
Nice players, nice graphics and nice playing. In the first when I download this game I think it is easy to play like other football games but I can't play for the A,B and C buttons because I don't get like this buttons in other football games. Afterwards I practiced to play and now I can play it very easily and can score many goals and win tournaments. I love this game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Gameplay is good. However, at the stage of International Cup there is sudden drop in the performance of players. A 100 speed-trained Mbappe gets tackled by a player running at an equal speed with a 78-80 rating. This in turn makes all your efforts useless to score a goal. With the level of performance of top-seed players in International Cup, it doesnt even make sense to build a top-seed team. I would rather not spend my coins at all and go ahead with an average team.
It's a great game. Graphics and game play are awesome. See if the following improvements can be made though: 1. There should be different leagues and tournaments to choose from. 2. One should be able to search for players. 3. Players should be sold instead of being released. 4. The vocabularies of the commentary should be improved. 5. Robert Lewandowski should be added.
The Team have done a great job with this DLS App. My concern has to do with forfeiture of games which makes you lose points or the match. I think the solution could be to have the particular match downloaded (within the app) so that whatever data would be used for the entire game is taken upfront. In case it goes to extra time or penalties, subsequent data could be taken. With internet connectivity issues in Africa, it's painful when you lose a game you're obviously winning because of data loss
I've been impressed with the latest update. Graphics and gameplay has improved a lot. But i would like you to bring back the option of searching for players in the transfer market and not just hoping to find them at the end of every game. Also player should be sold for fee because i invested a lot in getting them, so i should be able to obtain a form of profit from them when i sell them. Also, i would like if you award and display the golden boot and golden glove winner at the end of the season.
Used to be the best fΓΊtbol game of all times... Now the AI can turn even your own team against you... Sometimes it is just imposible to draw or to win. The on line against other players is also imposible... I got a starter team of 3,4 stars and I'm playing against a black rated team... Harder than the all stars... Insane!!! Developers!!! Make it fair to everyone and not a pay to win!!!
Great game. Commentary could do well with some better updates but I like the new version is awesome. I'm currently at legendary division and it's challenging but great. Can't wait to see what the next stage has to offer Please find a way to add the german teams to the next version. We need bayern to be a part of it
This game is lagging behind why are the formations locked,why are the gems so expensive to purchase,no search button to search the players you want,tooo low coins gained when u win a match, playing online is very difficult always connection problem and sometimes the game concedes on its own.i need upgrade in dls 21 but im unstalling this game.when you release a player no money gained why,😀?????
Best but I wanted to let the devs know that the game should let us pick out of all captains at the starting instead of a few randomized according to the manager we pick. And also, we would appreciate our efforts if u could add any way to curve our long shots while taking a free kick instead of the game doing it on it's on. Thanks in advance. Hope u guys do It. I really enjoy this games magnificent and realistic commentary and the player's reaction on getting a cardπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Best game ever! Just love it but one problem for me is that you can't create your own player. Also when a player gets trained to a higher rating eg. ( From 79-80) I would like their 'card' to change from blue to gold. Otherwise still a good game. Keep it upπŸ†.
It is good, just that i don't like the way transfers are being done. You should be able to select for yourself the kind of player that suits your profile, not just waiting for DLS to give you any type of players. And also, when i release a player, i will like to have my payment in coins, not with a coach or something.
I must say I love this game since the first version came out but I thought it would be a whole lot different in this one... for sure you have made some improvements but the issue with signing players is a big issue πŸ˜’ since you can't sell any of your players..also the issue with players ratings and the level of hardness is very wanting..But overall to me thumbs down
Unfortunately I found the commentator is still poor, saying the same things. At times the quality of some matches on display very jumpy. It hasn't changed that much, so I'm going to 2 star it really. I buy stronger, faster and better rated quality players. The other team who have ratings lower than mine seem to be much better than mine. They get more luck than my team. I don't understand the buying formations at all. The stadiums need an improvement, seems to be the same thing, boring. Poor!
I really like this game but on a more serious note, there should be a real transfer negotiation where maybe for instance, players can be bought by negotiating with their club just like 'fifa or pes' I think that's a good way than to just sign them. You guys should also give us enough coins for upgrades, signing of the players and after matches. In that way, the game will be perfect and I really wish you guys will follow my advice and do this in 2022 dls.
Very exciting to have app... I love it. It has improved a lot. Formally, players faces are clearly shown and identified with excitement when he had scored a goal and the opponent is about to pass the ball from the center for play to be continued immediately . Bring that " player's face excitement " back. Thanks for a wonderful game created.
Game is good but sometimes I don't know how some players get superpowers that they run faster than a bullet train and sometimes when it is required to run faster they run as slow as a tortoise. Sometimes the joystick is still at a place and it doesn't even move. One day I'm hoping that Dream League Soccer is regarded as the Fifa for mobile.
This is an awesome game. I am really addicted to this game. It is one of my favorite game. But there is only one small issue which is v need to waste our diamonds. Y do v need to spend our diamonds unnecessarily,but otherwise the game is really nice. There are a lot of ads in the first half of the match. The commenter keeps saying the same things.
This game is FANTASTIC!! I believe its better than FIFA Mobile!! Great gameplay and controls. Fabulous UI design and all the game modes are fun!! Though a few things would make this PERFECT. 1. Cosmetic customization (kits and badges) should be free and not require gems or coins. 2. Gems should be easier to get. Maybe in online there could be weekly divisions. Get a high division and you get more gems. 3. A daily login reward system with rewards getting better and better each day. That's all!!
For a soccer game, you guys are a serious disappointment on the transfer department. Of what use is a technical or fitness coach when selling players? Why can't I get value for the players I sell instead. And the injury time is fake. The match ends as soon as the regulation time is up, irrespective of the added time given. Please correct this anomaly.
It's a great game, It's one of the best football mobile game out there. But have this as an idea. You should make this into a 38 games instead of 15 games, there should be a difficulty option because my team is 5 star and all teams just feels too easy to play against. Also please add the German Bundesliga teams as the game doesn't feel as complete yet.
Many others have said the same but i'd like to reiterate..gameplay is really bad at times. The opponents goalkeeper would kick a long range shot to the striker, my defender runs away from the strikerπŸ˜‚πŸ€£....you'd kick a ball to a player who doesnt become selected, instead a player-whose distance is much further- gets selected whose obviously not going to get the ball in time(infact, he even runs past the player who was supposed to be selected)..too many upgrades for the game to still be this bad
Overall it is a good game. With fun feature. Control is easy and so on. However, i still dont know how to do freekick and penalty. The previous version of this game offer a easy program on those two gameplay but this new one, why it is so difficult. I have miss many freekick and penalty due to this vague instruction and mechanism. Plz do something..
The game is becoming boring. You need to look into the controls, and most annoying part of it is that when your opponent is two man down.it will not reflect on the game. No Matter how you try to control the ball. He will still win which is not good. In pes football when an opponent is two man down it will surely reflect in the game. You will be seeing the space but not on these dream league. Because of these people are not afraid to go to dengerious tackles. Pls u people needs to correct it.
I've been playing the game for ages. The graphics and players body are nice. But the gameplay is not good at all. You should add real skill to every players, like in real football game . The fans faces should be improved. More modes should added to the game. The career gameplaying should be improved. The defenders should be in their places at the time of attack I think if you make these changes to the game it will be the best football game in the world.
Okay this year's dream league is a little bit better, that is with the graphics but it ain't better than the dream league 19. And also the freekick section, corner and even with penalty shoot out are all difficult to play. But as compared to the 19 it is a bit okay although it didn't have a great graphic effect. So i guess u guys should make the game a bit simple like the dream league 19 and moreover with great graphic effect. Thanks
"Connection lost" all the time. Awful... Playing this game for a few days and very disappointed. It's like a downgrade. Compared to DLS19, the advertisement doubled at the end of games. The graphics are awful and the "off side" rule become very annoying. The players upgrade is random and unpredictable. The free kicks or corner kicks are extremely difficult because it's impossible to direct a ball reasonably. Still can't build your own championships or competitions... I'm gonna stick on DLS19.
I love this game this is the best game because it is so easy to make a goal. In the free kicks I always make a goal because it is so easy. It is also super easy to make a goal from a corner kick. BUT it got to be easier to RESTART your TEAM it DOESN'T need to only be on Facebook to restart!!!! And why did you add gems that is the most stupidest things to EXIST
Horrible money grabbing game, stamina runs out fast to make u buy them back, they make it virtually impossible to earn enough coins to buy players, use gems (uses real cash) to boost player ratings (used to be able to use coins to do this) & MOST IMPORTANTLY, u are caught OFFSIDE after u miss a penalty n u score it in an actual 90 min game. I doubt first touch even knows football rules. Smh. Sad state DLS has come to. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!
V.8.11 You add new lines on the commentator and some new animations. Neat. But still here are some of my issues. 1. Goalie. I have a 84 rated goalkeeper who likes to watch the ball pass him. While the opponents goalkeeper can save more than 10 shots with just 68 rating. 2. Defenders are kinda useless. They don't know how to mark players. They tend to let opponents pass them. 3. The CF can be dumb. They like to stand still when I pass the ball. Overall, I'm quite happy with the new update.
The game is good but there is only one problem that the controls are really poor !! When my team plays against a less overall team I always win but in the global challenge cup when I play against tough teams like Barcelona, I kind a fell like the Computer is cheating a beat and is trying to take the match to penalties and win the match. Today this thing happened to me and I lost my first ever match but it's okay because winning and losing is a part of game but I really hate this thing about CPU.
I fully understand how this works. Even under the most strongest wifi, your team can be cut off as though you forfeit the match and you loose by 3extra goals. App is quite entertaining the only issue is the third party interference, which is annoying. We are aware of that. Its a deliberate attempt to keep you from rising if you are not eligible by their standard.No matter how hard you try you will loose or get cut off or a match will be fixed with opponents who have a 100% rating. That is bad!!!
I gave this game a 5 star rating when I I got last year... But with this upgrade its really frustrating in as much I love to play it.. It just makes me feel my best isn't enough sometimes.. You let the opponent with higher chances even when they're not up to my teams rating and it's really annoying. It's now very easy for them to score and hard for me to score... No matter how hard I try 😠
Good game 1. Please add the German teams and players too 2. Matches should be played in two legs 3. Transfer windows should be created so we can players of our choice during transfer windows and random display of players to be selected at any stage of the season. 4. More than two colors kit shoud be allowed or created. Eg. A kit with red, white and blue. Hope my request is considered
The recent update has made this game utter stupid and a butt of joke. Passes doesnt not complete, shots goes into some other direction, players dont even grab the pass, players dont chase in the direction of opponent player and never come close to tackle. Even after winning the ball players stand still and oppenent grabs the ball. So many bugs. Online mode is unnecessarily tough as players dont respond to commands given. Opposition is way ahead in terms of ranking so that you don't progress.
Fun game but some annoying parts. Fouls and cards are completely inconsistent, and I feel like I get more red cards than yellow. And don't even bother trying a slide tackle. If you're even a split second late after the opponent kicks the ball, the game makes you take his legs out and gives you a red card. Defending also gets annoying because your teammates, and sometimes the player you're controlling, just back off the ball for no reason allowing the opponent to get to the goal undefended.
The game is good but the fact that I can't play league and cup games while offline makes it boring, how can I play friendlies all day long when I don't have wifi or data? At least one should be able to play league games offline, while progress data will be saved on the device pending upload to the servers when one goes online.
I give it a 5 star rating. But the game is way too easy to play, there is no difficulty at all, even when you use average players to play against top oppositions. Amateur league or not, it's meant to be tough. It can be more, I want to see leagues: Spanish, English, Italian etc. Then a competition like the champions League, unlike this boring Global challenge cup. And their should be player awards, but the most important thing is to make the game tough, not easy. It will be fun that way.
One of the best mobile football game in term of gameplay but it becomes a little bit boring and repetitive after you advance to the final divison.. 1) Must include other tournement and national teams 2) Must review the cursor change in defense But in general it's a good game 3) Must change the transfert system to allow to sell players and search for talent 4) The training system must be more easier
I liked this game before the update, it was phenomenal... However, the recent update has brought some issues. Like the pitch outline is purple/blue and when you score a goal the net acts like a net. But the update also gave some nice additions. 3 stars for me but a close 4. Edit: I almost forgot that I can't see my players numbers on their shirt or any design really. But when I take a free kick it suddenly appears. Please fix these issues.
I used to love playing this game but now its new updates over the years have made me disappointed. The most upsetting thing now is that you cannot buy the big players easily, because they are not sold individually, nor are bought by anything other than diamonds which one can only get 40 by completing every division objectives. I addition, now I cannot invest i my players to increase their powers, speed, stamina, shoot, tackle, pass, etc. So these new changes have made me dislike its makers.
I love this game, been playing this game from 2015 however I still believe the previous versions were much more fun..need to bring back that part where you can be able to create your own kit, build your own player, and give a certain player a particular number.. This version you need to fix the free kicks and penalties, can't score penalties anymore.. Can't sell player for coins.. Other than that it is a great game.
The graphics changed a lot, it became too bright for the eyes that you can't even see your players sometimes, which makes the gameplay less smoother. It's fine though, players look more lively, unlike before that they just seem robotic. The controls are pretty much the same, and a new type of currency has been added. Thanks to the changes, there are more things to do. Worth my 5 star!
This game great but the reason I gave 4 stars not 5 is because the way of buying players in DLS 18 was way better, please change this back. Only giving you 9 players to choose from isn't great and having 1 special player that has an upgrade to their rating was a GREAT improvement. But overall gameplay is awesome but a change to training could be that you can play your own team as a training match. If these changes are made then I would give this game a million stars!!!
These are the things that will make this game a whole lot better: 1. Weather options before gameplay 2. A better commentary 3. A search engine that can be used to search for specific players 4. Different football leagues 5. More kits designs 6. Being able to create your own players 7. Being able to choose the team that I'll play against in the career mode 8. Being able to release players and getting back your money...etc This are the things that will make this game fun, interesting and better.
We are unable to select different kit in online matches, we end playing in the same colours as our opponents. For example if I'm playing home and my home kit is blue and my opponent away kit is blue, the game will automatically play us in those same colours, we cant do anything about it. We want to be able to choose from 3 kits we have which do we wanna play with.
Useless game, there are many reasons for my one star rating for this game. 1) They nerf your team to get match results as they want. 2) If you change the current player you want to control, they will set it to a player far off so that the ball goes to the opponent team. 3) My Golden card player gets out-runned by a normal player from the opposite team. There are many more reasons but I don't want to waste my time to type anymore for a game like this. Do not install. Instead play FIFA or PES.
amazing game but there is one thing you should add, there must be an interface to play online games with friends means inviting with a link or something like that except you're connected to the same wifi you can't play with another friend in a part. will give 5 stars if it is fixed, and now it's fixed so I gave it 5 stars, Appreciation post πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
I've been playing this game since May. I have the best rated players in the game with maximum rating. The career mode was good. But, when it comes to online, the story is deplorable. I was in Tier 9 and I don't get control of the ball. Either my opponents sir a goal and make sure that I don't get the ball or they keep injuring my players (they are not given a card), and keep scoring goals. This is the story of Tier 9, imagine Tier 1, I'm having nightmares. I hate this game unless it changes.
The app was fine until the most recent updates. April 2021. App crashes regularly after most videos and boot ups. Replay screen doesn't work, skips and crashes. This is on a note 10 plus so it isn't the phone. Also since the update good luck winning any 50/50 ball and get used to a 75 speed player catching your 95 speed player with ease and apparently tackling cleanly from behind. I gave 3 stars because it is still a good game and hopefully the developer can go back an update or 2
Dream league soccer 2020 is a very nice game with good,graphics the bugs too has been fix that is great.My first time I was playing this game it was very annoying because slow motion will be seen in the game(all the players will be running slow when is not expected)the bugs has been fix but there is some few problems which need to be fix .
The game is amazing considering the previous ones...but the bad things are ....U can't save while offline 2. U can't edit the team for free anymore. U need gems for everything which are difficult to get 3. The transfer system is bad. The gems again. 4. The addition of more facilities like medical is good but need gems to level it. Should be replaced by coins
The worst game I have ever seen in my life. When you get hold on the ball, the curson botton will freeze until your opponent collects the ball from you. I have bought the best players in the world but ordinary club keeps scoring because the curson botton won't let me control the game. I have just deleted the game from my phone and am downloading PES right now. You people should think of something else and forget this. Your game isn't good
I am in love with the game for a long time. Your way of offering to buy new players is pathetic though, wasn't like this before. When I have less than 1000 coins you display all the good players with good stats overall, but as soon as I reach a reputation of buying rare and legendary players, like 3000 coin the choices I get are really bad, hardly any good player to choose from. I play so hard for so many matches just to buy a decent player and you play with that like this. A disheartened fan.
Good game but I have a big problem. I had a team that was 5 stars but it was gone the next day after entering the game. Please fix this issue I am facing developers because I worked very hard to get a five star team. Not to mention that some people just pay real bucks to get good players from the get go. Please fix my problem and I will rate five star.
Not a good app at all. Why there is no search option for searching players. And after selling players why do not we get money. Why there not a long list of players. Why there are good players not available. When I was having enough money then they did not gave a good player but now I have very less money and now they are giving good players.These all features were there in dls 19 but in dls 20 it has get lost. Please fix all these bugs and then only you will get five star
The method for taking penalties and free kicks is a problem. Graphics have also deteriorated. The game feels unfamiliar. (I've been playing dls ever since the first game). Adding gems and then giving players so few methods of obtaining them feels wrong.(They obviously want you to spend real money in the game) Overall it feels as if dls developers have sold the soul of the game for money.
very fantastic but not all the sections of the game is bright. Plz i don't want to see those advert, the game chosen the wrong player to Mack the ball at the right time. this is very annoying. Plz how many times am i gonna update this game in a year? It seems like it is now every month, Too much. You guys have removed the offline side of the game, this is unfair. No place for poor people in this world.
The game is very frustrating because: (1) they don't respect the stats of players; (2) they nerf your team very obviously to get the result they want; (3) they make your players run away from opponents; (4) they swap away your active defender to another in a far away position; and many more... I have been frustrated by precious versions, but these flaws haven't been fixed. I wrote to them and gave video evidence, and all they said was its not a simulation game so what you see is not real!!!
Dream league soccer 2020 is the best football game i have ever played Quality graphics but one thing i will say is that, when you are playing in carrier mode, the game read slow, but not every matches. It read slow when you are playing global challenge cup. But in all, the game is very fantastic. Because of that i have given them five stars (5)
I still don't know why the live matches are rigged. How can a team with half of my rating be stronger, faster and more skillful than mine. Defending is the poorest. My defenders duck instead of heading the ball. When my opponent gets the ball, they all have to stop and think as to whether they should go for the ball or just stand there πŸ˜‚. Soo dumb. Infact your multiplayer is the most useless part of the game. The campaign mode is okay. It's very challenging but with too many ads. Graphics good.
I used to play this game as a kid, I remember the lan games in the backyard with my neighbors it used to be fun, now the free-kick control sucks, are you for real asking people for gems to change the formation of their team in a soccer game??? Now the game feels like a scam, u wanna win? Ok pay then, I feel sad for myself for downloading this game, I completely ruined my old happy memories of it, grow up developers
I have played DLS for many years! But when the visual overhaul was done in the name of DLS 2021, the overall experience of playing this game went from good to fantastic!! With time it is becoming more and more beautiful graphically and experience wise. The only complain I still have is regarding the online gameplay. It is still unstable and connection often gets cut during a game. Also matchmaking algorithm needs to be better. Often players are put against unfair opponents.
So much potential wasted. I just cannot believe that I find the dream league classic gameplay more realistic. I don't get why developers focus so much on small things instead of focusing on what people want. Disappointed. I have so many complaints I simply cannot address in this review. I remember the times when people actually compared this to other mobile football games. Now, it's just a memory. You lost a big fan. Waited every game you made with excitement. Now it's all in the past. Thank you
I like the game, especially that it is a realistic form of feeling the rush, the action in actual soccer. Although, there are some things I would like for the game to have: 1. Have a Sign-in with Google feature (not all of us have Facebook to connect with, which is easier to lose our accounts) 2. Have more than one entry to events (if you lose the event) 3. Have other prizes other than legendary agents (ex: secret players)
This is so bad. You can't upgrade your favourite players to 100 rating. So you are expecting us to buy Messi and Ronaldo which is so unfair. You can't even buy the whole squad of a football team. What's wrong with that? It's just for fun and you feel good playing with Liverpool's full squad if you are a Liverpool fan. Plus, the ratings are so underrated. I cannot believe it. Snowy or raining matches are so bad that I can't even see where is the ball. The players' face is worse than the previous.
Awesome game. But i think you guys should enhance the players face features. And make the players stats more accurate. Like how could messi and ronaldo be at 88. They should be like 90 upwards. And the money we make is small enough and just to be a player at 83 we have to pay 2057coins when we make like 25 coins in one game. But great game
Well...A great lose for this game in the new update..I always loved this game bcoz it's offline nice controls etc..but this game is now onilne and you can't bye big players even the controls are bad...You have to take penalty with the analogue stick..the drawing with the finger was better...even in free-kick we can't change the camera angle...I like the way they costimised the ball...the physics and other things...I hope you see this.Thank you
Great game overall. You need to add all the Leagues, Countries and teams in the world. That would make this game much better. As well as statistics need to improve. Being able to see each individual team, players and there total statistics from every League each season as well as career stats. Shocked that the German league is still not in this game, but like I said it should have every team including international just like the regular Fifa games. Still a fantastic game, but can be better.
Fun. But the most rigged game I have ever witnessed. Seriously, I concede in the playoff final, and on kickoff my player makes an automated pass for no reason straight to them, and they're on the attack now. My player moves himself and then completely stops. I concede a really sloppy goal to make it 2-0. About 500 shots get absolutely bottled for no reason no matter what I do. I finally score one to make it 2-1. Surprise surprise 1 min added time and full time when I'm on the attack. Really? 😑
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Good gameing app!!!!!!!! But try fix the "changing active player", because it sometimes drives me crazy and maybe also many other gamers. But overall the game is really good!!!!!! I am giving it 4 and a half stars!!!! But unfortunately I can' t do that 😒😒😒😒😒. It doesn't mean that I am discouraging the developers about the game like all those sucking morons did. I am just saying about the bugs which needs to be fixed.
Matches seem rigged for the AI to win. In these certain matches, your tackles won't work well, a 60s rated player will score from a scorpion kick from outside the box (I have saved the replay). After half time you'll feel as if you are destined to lose. An almost 3 star rated club will outperform your 4 star rated club easily. But when your club rating is almost 3 you'll be able to take down 5 star rated clubs in the Global Challenge Cup with a score of 5-0 or so. So much for an ego boost lol.
πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽA game that is built on the selfishness of the inventor. You made it so difficult to play with referee officiating always in favour of the player's opponent. Players with high level ratings on speed can't beat a lower rate defender on race. We spend our data to play, buy players but can't sell them and raise fund to buy other ones, build the stadium🏟️. Just check Top Eleven and other soccer games. The diamond can't be exchanged for coins,...the toughness and restrictions are too much.
The game is generally good but some things could be better. For example, in some situations you can't override game scripts with your command so the players do what the game tells them to, not what you actually want. Also there is no report option in online play. My opponent made 4 deliberate red cards in situations when I would probably score (1v1 situations with goalkeeper) which isn't really fair play. It would be great if these things could be fixed, but overall it's a really good game
the coins earned is just trash, barely enough. why can't one upgrade with counsel except diamonds. some players cheat in live games and I end up losing. why can't I get better players in transfer market even when i can afford it.why are there so many upgrades. can't it just be stadium. what is medical, training upgrades etc. I am honestly waiting for a better game before I discard this dls 20. it's really turning into pay to win games
The game was initially good, it's getting crappier as it goes on. 1. What is the use of the game if you can't defend or attack when playing online matches? Every instance you try to defend or attack even on a strong network connection there seems to be a glitch or lag in the system 2. Very difficult to earn coins and gems which mostly end up being used to upgrade the stadium,, at least get a better system of transfers too so that one can earn a few coins ...Uninstalling...
Playing online i don't buy that idea. Also players playing for teams they don't belong to . The game is too difficult to play. and if i don't have data i can't play tooo bad. Do something before some of us start changing our mind. And the game quits on it own while playing. I beg something must be done about it. Please 2021 edition we want to play it offline or some of us will advise ourselves!
The issue of online thing, I wish you can upgrade when playing with someone online the game forefeits itself making me to loose almost all games.please note that. Second, the comentators keep on repeating same words, some of us enjoy the comentry more than the game itself, its a high chance for us to start hearing the voice of people like Peter Drury.
This game is better with the gameplay. You can change the fps from 30 to 60. But the worst part of this game is the Live match. It sucks. Even If I have strong internet connection it keep saying no internet connection. If I pause my game and Change the network, WiFi to data it says no connection and makes the opponent win. It happened to me more than 20 times in about 50 matches.
Good game and lots of fun. I do think the rewards for winning a season or a cup should be much larger. Its difficult and agonizing slow to get ahead in the game without buying coins. Also sometimes you can tell when the opponent is about to score a goal because you loose control over your defenders suddenly. Some red cards and yellows are given for tackles that aren't offenses and offsides aren't always offsides.
It doesn't matter how good or how fast your players are: the opposing players are faster and stronger and fitter. The AI has an amazing range of passing and I have finally given up as I have had enough of the cheating - the switching of players to the player furthest away from the ball is disgusting and makes defending unbearable. Started off ok, but the better your team gets, the more it cheats. Do yourself a favour and do not download this game. Go elsewhere - in fact, go try anything else.!
The game is very addictive and nice, however, as you get better and as you progress to tougher leagues, the game becomes very slow, and most results end up to be 0-0 or 0-1 which is not that interesting, the opposing team only defends and passes in the middle of the pitch or at the back, there is no real action. Still playable.
A very good game so far l can't wait for DLS 21. First thing bring the old graphics back they were so cool. Second add more ball colors like blue, green etc. Third add new commentary(at least in the Global) l like the guy but l heard too much from him. Forth make the captain armband change depending on the Competition(including Online modes) for example Global Challenge Cup should have a Red and white armband. Fifth add German Teams like Bayern, Dortmund A five star rating if 3 on this list in
I am playing dream league soccer from 2016. It's very addictive and much enjoyable on that time and it's continued till 2018 version. After that, the game was developed in a reverse order , means graphics upgraded but it's not as pretty as of the previous one. And they made several changes on the updation of 2021 and that's very unfair and made a very bad feel while playing. The game spirit was reduced very much. I have a request that to make the game very interesting like previous. Thank you!!!
It will be very much interesting if we have more than 20 number of teams and 20+ number of matches in each division. Because, I think just one match with one team and just 15 games in each devision is too much annoying . Developers should also increase the time of each game, because it's too much annoying to play a game which has very low time limit!
I hope dream league soccer 2021 more better than this version. I mean it's almost impossible to earn a gems in this games. The gameplay, graphics, control botton and the camera are good so far. Maybe you guys can add some new stuff in the game like VAR, I know it's sounds crazy for 317 mb game. Just because it's hard to hack people give only 4.1 star. This cheater people are so weird, they just want to have easy gameplay like we can reach and touch a star in space. Keep it up FTS...πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
There should be a daily reward system. We should also earn extra money in the cup match. Most importantly the career mode is too easy. I have no idea how could a 60 rated club beat Real Madrid by 6-0. Try to improve it. The multiplayer mode is good enough. If you can then make the career mode offline. Please lower the prices of the players. Keep up the good work.
I rated 1 star because of the graphics. It's totally understandable that the game was released a bit too early, but as far as I played it, the graphics are absolutely worse. I can't even see the player's names or anything happening in the game. If it's a minor issue, may it kindly be fixed or with a next update? It's not at least at 60Hz or at like 30FPS Thanks.
Well, something new must definitely be better than the old one. I think that, DLS 20/21 is going to be great. With the new looks, and great players photo, this is just the beginning of something great. Many people complains about the game; some says that it is hard to score, and sometimes players slows down when they have the ball. What is the point in playing a game and can score 10-0 against the opponent. Making the game difficult is really good. With time, it will be perfect. Thanks.
I'm a returning user. Had stopped all gaming for a while. I still love the gameplay response and design. Meaning, the football is absorbing. Things I'd like to see getting better. The colour contrasts need to be better. Memory management issues are creeping in. Not everyone has a great gaming phone. Improving specific attributes of players needs to come back. Random player improvements are realistic but we do know we are not playing "real" football here. It is a mobile game. Cheers