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Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game though it has not been updated for quite a long time. Some players moved to other clubs years ago but is not reflecting that. Make team logos to be real and include competitions the same as that of UEFA
This game is good, I can say this because I've been playing it for a while, the only area I will suggest they work on is about their coin, I think it's too expensive, and it always take time to install, I hope they work on this areas
Not a bad game but let it be a little realistic. Players must not go to their former clubs when sold, they must be bided and you must not determine the price of my player I must tag him with my own price for teams to negotiate. Also the Coins for cup winning is too small, introduce awards in the game as well and news feed. Awards like player of the month, and the seasonal best. Introduce an investing system where sponsors will be given to us to make the game more exciting.
Very exiting game but the online part is just worthless I'll have a good network connection but yet the game hangs and the cursor change button doesnt work when you want it too And sometimes when you are in front of goal and about to shoot the controls stop working Please fix these problems because it is really annoying. Apart from that, the game is very good.
Good game but you should work on the following, My team is asked to upgrade the stadium when other teams in the same division use very small stadia compared to mine. You are very greedy with the way way you reward a winning team. Football is played home and away
In online mode, if other player leave game then why score retain from my side and anulled for opponent while i am behind in score. Its unfair. I can defeat them in remaining time. There must be some bonus point for that. It's annoying, distroy all stratigies. Please change this. Its like you have to be ahead from very beginning. But It takes time to understand opponent game too.
This Game is Just ausome. Great graphics, But I have a few questions. I wish like we start with good players, When we start playing this game. Not with players rated with 60s and 50s.I wish to start playing with players rated 70s,80and 90s. And also we have to start the game with only 1,000coins. I want to start with like 15,000 coins so we get better players,such as C.Ronaldo, L.Messi and B.Fernandes. Just arrange that and it would be realistic 😜 I RATED THIS GAME 5 STARS BECAUSE IT IS NICE
It is good game; far better than other versions. I have come back severally to download it again, even after losing my device. But you just have to stop making the game impossible when it goes online.
Very exiciting game and so fun to play . What I like most is that u get to choose your players and build the best team in the cosmos . But there is only one thing I don't like the adds they kill the fire of the game but all in all it is an exiciting game
This is the best DLS so far,it's a shame DLS20 was the worst.This is an absolute go to game,it would have even been better if with these graphics came league return fixtures,a super cup instead of that continental cup,also the legendary match and the one touch challenge are unnecessary.Elite cup group stage rounds,other teams transferring players too(realistic transfers*),and better training methods...It's year end 2020 and 2021 is even worse than 2020.I'll stick to 2019
Pls add German clubs, Russian clubs also and make it more competitive . Also increase the money won after every match coz it becomes difficult buying expensive players and constructing stadium. Also keep the manager constant through out the season. Also show player presentation whenever a new player is bought. Introduce academy players of that club so as to make the team along with subs bigger
I love it, absolutely. But more improvement is needed. If I'm the manager, then I should dictate how I look, white or coloured, wear tracksuit or suit, etc. But in this case, you dictate how you want the manager to look on each match, you have a white manager for one match, the black in the next. Not good. I have more suggestions to make, will get back when I remember them.
The game is good and very interesting much easier to play, l like the graphics, the sound from the fans is marvelous. The commentating dept is perfect and clear..... however the coins you receive as prize money is nothing compared to the money needed to buy players, upgrade the stadium. That's the only major flop and once you fix it you will get my5* rating
I personally love dream league soccer, there are more updates that are required. Interesting that dls 2021 has the manager mode in it. But the graphics in dls 19 kill it for me plus the play tricks. We don't want a league which has matches like half season and that's the end and you are promoted to the next division. Play a home and away match with a team and see where you are strongest. Thanks a lot. Love the game
I would have love to give it five stars but,I won't... This because each time I play online,sometimes due to bad network,the game would quit from my side when the game is just about two minutes and the scores is just 0-0. Automatically they'll declear that I lost the match by three goals.... There was a time I was leading 4-1 at 89minutes when the game quit from my side...the match was then annulled.... Pls which miracle can happen in the 89th minutes wit no extra time added? Pls do smth abt it
Pretty good, The only things that hold it back is 1. It only has two cups, the champions League (Global Challenge Cup) and the Normal Cup 2. You cannot really play in a specific League like ( La League, Super League) and others, Generally It NEEDS more updates.
This game is so dope! It has fantastic graphics. I get to buy players very easily. I enjoy upgrading my stadium. But this game is too easy for me. I keep winning every single game. At least it boosts my self esteem. If you wanna play as an amateur then be my guest and download this outstanding game!🀩
What a wonderful game by First Touch Games. The graphics are excellent. The gameplay;fantastic. However,the game needs real logos to make it more realistic. The coins earned after a match are unsatisfying. Imagine working hard and scoring 9 goals and i got just 15 coins. Please allow other the other teams access to the transfer market and notify the gamer when another team makes a new signing.
The game is good,what annoys me is when a player with a higher online rating leaves a game he has lost even at 91minutes the game gets annulled, yet when the one with minimum rating leaves, its given a loss to him even when the game has just started and without scoring in him,very biased. Please correct on that πŸ™
The game is nice and better than 2020 with the following reasons: 1. The one is without Internet but 2020 can't enjoy it without Internet. 2. Here you can up grade the player of your choice but 2020 you can not. 3. You sell your player here and get tour coins but 2020 you can't. 4. You train the one you want but 2020 you can not. So with the above am giving five but help to update this one because of the formation and because of players. Thanks.
1. This game is an abomination, the dont clap well neither hug each other really. The only good thing about thisgame is stadium, buying of players and maybe the matches. The graphics look real at the beginning but as soon as you take sometime to look inner, you'll notice some things that arent meant to be. I hope some updates will be available
everything about this game is amazing. But you guys should work on making it more challenging. there should be more tournaments. The online game needs to be worked on. its so annoying how I would be winning a match, then my opponent decides to leave the game and it'll be anulled, meaning I get nothing out of the match, no points at all. Sometimes the match might be a draw and the opponent leaves then I'll be penalised " player forfeits the match".
The game is really great and I love the concept of making your own team and running it winning competition and changing team names, kits etc... But the only thing that let the game down is the lagging on the online mode it's that bad I can't even finish an online game
That's a very good game and you must put more games also to increase the time of a game play, celebration of the fans and also to the when he scored as well. Tactics also to be added more and the most important thing is to increase coins per game or cup winning I thank you.
The game is very interesting. I will like to recommend this game to all my friends. programers of this game should add Bluetooth multiplayer so that we can connect with our friends without the use of data. I think this will enhance more costumers for your service. I will also like it when the programers add other challenges like, world cup, English premier league, laliga, champion league, Europa league etc. This will make the game more interesting . I really like this game..
The game played out is good, the graphics are good but one thing though i don't understand is why it does not update, and for a good looking game like this, it should've can be updated,not even some of the types of teams are not in existence like Bayer leverkrusen,Bayern Munich,Schalke, Borussia Dortmund ,moenchengladbach and more.
This is my best sports game but i think you should add exhibition match and online champions league so that the best dream league player can be awarded worldwide. The price of players is too cheap, i would suggest that you should make them more expensive like Messi and Ronaldo should reach up to 70,000 then you should increase the number of points you award in each match. I think that will make it look more real. Thanks
Its one of the best football games that I've played and much more better than the DLS 2020 But of recent it just stopped loading and i dont know why so please can you tell me whats wrong or what i can do to make the game work. Thanks team thumbs up to you all from me because of this great football game and works too . I hope to hear from you all soonest
This is the best football game, i enjoy every moment of it, have been playing this game for the past two and a half years. I accidentally deleted this game and it was saved at my game store, when i installed it again i had to begin from division three again but my records are still showing me that am still in level 16 which i didn't understand, was i not suppose to start from the elite division were i stop from....
This might be the greatest football game on mobile.You can do alot in this game, you can buy real life players, or make your own,make ur own kit or download one,upgrade your players and stadium, and even play online The only problem is that not all real players,like levandowski,Tomas mΓΌller Earling haaland,and once you know how to play it becomes easy ,the game needs to update.But other than that its one the best mobile soccer games
It's a awesome game which I have never been seen fantastic features I love this game a lot and I am saying you all who are playing this game please do not uninstall and there is a small problem in it is , it is so small mean the players are so small that if you can make it big the game will be awesome I am saying really I did not keep such along messages to any of game but for the first time in my life I kept this hope this game will still high level wishing you all the very best thank you
Great game, It has exactly what it says in the pictures. The four star is for its easier gameplay. This game can be hacked easily and very easy to play. There are no events and this game is not up to date. I have been playing this game for a long time but there are no updates available. The online game is very laggy and You should also add some events. Like festive events or offers in purchase. The DLS2021 sucks. Instead you could have updated this game. Anyway the graphics and controls are nice
Its a good game just need to fix some bugs. Nonetheless its a gud game. Its verry addictive. We need to see reserve players sitting on the bench than the bench to be empty, also improve or provice a skill button so have a variety of skills than the current one on the empty space obove the joystick buttons( provide variety of skills)
I am only giving four stars because the goal celebration is very slow please change it. Next is in the training there should be a defending practice so teams would be stronger. And all over the game is good like graphics, controls, camera views and more. It's a good game you should install it.
When the other player leaves the game , why do I have lose the game or the results are nullified when I am winning.You will have to look into that .sometimes when playing when the online game is running smoothly it just suddenly stops and a display comes that says that internet connection has been interrupted...how come interrupted when the game has been running smoothly and I have to lose points...Do your jobs properly....bloody dumbf#*ks The a#@holes are not even answering to the reviews
I have been playing this game for a long time now, but it's giving me useless update everyday it's saying the game needs to add some features from google play store, and when I go to download it's not downloading why is this happening?
The game has never been fair to me. When I'm leading and the oponent aborts the game, it simply annuls the result. But if the score is draw, it records 3 goals against me with the remark that I have forfited the match. And when the game is aborted and the oponent is leading, it says result stands in favour of the oponent. It can be very annoying, especially after putting in a lot of effort and time. Then at times the game drags and control keys fail often.
Once upon a time,It was a great game.Times have changed. People now look for more realistic gaming experiences in terms of gameplay,graphics,and Other Customizations etc.Expecting DLS to achieve similar success like konami's recent production(Pes apk). If there isn't FIFA license to get real players on the pitch, is it atleast possible to change player and ball movements from being too rigid, unrealistic looking, improper approach to a more realistic one, like konami's Pes apk.? .Thank you..
Wooow awesome game. Forget about 2020 and 2021 version. This game, 2019 version, must be updated to current teams, it is the best as it is. I love graphics, the ball controls are simple and its user interface is even friendly. I like it. As for now I'll give you 4 stars but when update this one am gonna rate it πŸ’―
It's really great game. Great control, gameplay and others, but please add exhibition match in 2020, where we shall be able to choose any club or national team which we want
Am actually addicted to this game coz it's really awesome and exciting to play, makes me experience the real soccer world. Next time at least the developers should make transfers as hard as possible. Great game!
This is the best game ever, but we cannot create our captain and a new player, i hope you will work on this, nevertheless it's a nice game, graphics, songs and commentary beautiful, you are not going to waste data bundle at all. I thought i was good when it crashed and then they said i should download additional content which was never possible Hope you fix this. I'm reducing my rating from 5 star to 2 star for the inconveniences.
I love this game i have been playing it for some years and i enjoyed it every time I play but now the game giving problems it reboots it self when i play sometimes and it doesn't want to open i don't know what is the problem with the game pls help me with this problem and i have problem with the yellow ball i can't see it and some team kit it looks just like the soccer pitch you can't even see the players of the team you're playing.
I have been playing this game for 3 years now. But I'm now fed up with the game, since the challenges are always the same. I am still asking that you add some challenges or get a license of Uefa Champions League and you should add the competition to the game. Also make it more better by giving the gamer a choice of the top European leagues. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and League 1. Also make the logos more realistic.I hope you will work on my views.
This game is absolutely amazing. But there should be more updates in the future, we should be able to change the player height when creating him. Live events aren't working, and the player running style is the same. Celebrations must be like reallife celebration, for example Ronaldo Has the ''Siiiiii" celebration but ingame i saw him do it once.
Best soccer game ever; however there'still room for improvement. *How can a player get a call up for his national team, when already purchased by the local team.The game looses authenticity when the player becomes a duplicate between two participating teams! *Also if you could let the game have infinity mode and let it go on beyond FTG STAGE.The are many interesting tournaments that we'd like to see in the game. Otherwise, very very good πŸ’―πŸ’―
very nice game i ever played but may u please add more league such as champions league, world cup etc...i won already every challenge here,i bought a stadium with more than 90000 people,i upgraded the game but till now im repeating all competitions so plz help out,what else should i play or i must delete the game on my phone?
1)why do goal keepers kick the ball out when they can easily pass it to their teammates? 2)why do our opponents win headers most of the time? 3)why are their (opponents) passes so accurate? 4)A perfect Cross never works. P.s - i have maxed all the 32 players. So, don't think I'm new to this game! Lastly, this is better than DLS 20. I don't play this game anymore though! I'm rating 5 star coz i don't want to hurt anyone lol.
This game is the most amazing game but it needs some improvement like to add more competition leagues and then they should make an update for this one and stop making other dls21 because this one is even better and they should make a place in the settings for increasing time so that you can set your time how long you want to play a match because to me the time is short.Nice game in general I recommend this for everyone looking for a good football game.
One of the best games I have played........ Very good graphics and gameplay is also very comfortable......i would suggest people to install this game if they want to opt for an offline football game!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Just one thing to add a feature that provides users with more coins as they are really not satisfying....... Plz look into the matter!!!!!!
Addictive and a very interesting game but i will love to see more such as 1.Other teams buying players from you in transfer market. 2. Please add German teams such as Bayern munich and Dortmund 3. When players bought are developed and later sold pls stop making their ability drop back 4. A player just substituted in by an opponent should not be immediately removed. 5. At the end of each season please bring on a stage for different award for the best player of the season. please Fix all.
I rated this game 4 star because it still has one more thing to add to it,and that is whenever i try to open the life event ,it giving the same message ''There are currently no live event ,pls come back later'' . That's the problem i have with the game ,if there is any way the company can make the event more interesting cause i have been playing this game for a year and i haven't played the event' s mode .
The game is awesome. Has great graphics and controls. However, some teams were not included like Bayern and it's really annoying that we cannot decide prices for players when we want to sale them.It was going to be more fun if we had the ability of firing managers.
This used to be my safe haven. Then Devs started focusing on DLS 2020 and this game went downstairs, head over heels, and collapsed in a pile at the bottom. I can't use the passive tackle without my characters freezing in place and costing matches, so many other bugs. It's been a year since Devs have bothered to pay attention. And DLS 2020 is nothing but poor online play and paywalls. Sorry, Devs, but you really turned the best game I ever downloaded into a joke. I was excited. Now I just regret
Good game although this game is easy to hack because you can download hacked version off Google with unlimited coins ect seen people on YouTube do it my friend also done it on DLS 17 and apparently it still works today needs fixed there is people who put time and effort into this game possibly even spend money and it's shocking to think that they are paying money for something when you can get it free anyway if you download APK off Google fix this please guys it's not fair on those who have paid money for stuff
This game is so good and every time l like playing it. Even before l play football match on the street l first play this game so as to play well in that serious match. What you can improve is that players do not make hand balls we want players to make hand balls and an other thing is that before the match starts to show as buses coming and make all players who exchange teams also in the game exchanges quickly and show as full bench without no players or standing up but change more people in a m
I would usually give it 5 star but I rated it 4 star becoz the coins that we get after the match is wayy to less and upgrade for the stadium is too much as compared to the coins we get...please give attention to that as it's the improvement everyone is demanding.....and please add bundesliga players........and make an event mode that we can play Europa and champions league........the point which I second, third n fourth point not too important but the first one....please give heat to that point
This is the best game I've ever played but can you make games a little tougher and stop cloning players. When your player is included in their national team let them not appear in the club at same time. I have problem with coins that sometimes do not add to my balance, I keep losing coins. Make a plan with the price of players, they loose value drastically one cannot make money from sale of players unless you develop them. Please add a reward for man of the match.
I find myself questioning the quality of this game, and/or the strength and capability of my phone...I've played this game on different phones, but never encountered any problems till now. This current game sucks, truth be told. I can be playing the game then suddenly the phone will boot to the home screen. What could be the cause???
This is a great football game I have ever played.This is a nice game in350 MB.The graphics is good but the huge problem remains in the game after the last update of 2019.The academy division and global challenge cup matches is much easy. I have noticed a matter that type of Barcelona in global challenge cup has normally loss in 7 goals.so I request to the department of DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 19 to modify the game for much harder.I think a update should be take very soon for 2020.
I really like this game but,I have some request please reduce the price of players,stadium upgrade. And some special players should have there own style and skills like Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,Mppabe,Pogba,Modric and more. That's all I want for this superp game.Please fix this.
Ever since, I've always loved DLS especially DLS 2018, it has been the best for me, I even prefer it to DLS 2020, but this particular one is not really good , it's really stressful when it comes in using the directions and also the lofted kick is different from the rest and I really hate it. Please I would love you to make some changes to this and even better make it more like DLS 2018. I really miss it, and even now it's no more in the play store πŸ˜₯.
Good game but there are some deficiencies. 1. The COLOUR BALL should be removed or should have an alternative to choose from- either white or colour. You have to consider those using glasses and those with eyes challenges. 2 Include continental tournaments. 3. The graphics are good but the game graphics are somehow divided into two formats- one will be clear while the other will too fainting in colour. 4 Should be able to change Jersey for the second half.
Very nice game but faces of many players are absolutely hilarious. Need to add more types of celebrations when u score a goal and fight scenes when you do a foul. It is actually better than DLS 20. You shouldn't delete the previous DLS games like u deleted DLS 19 when added DLS 20 and likewise other DLS versions. Also why don't you have Bundesliga players there are many great players like MΓΌller, Neuer, Reus, Lewandowski, Hummels, JΓ©rΓ΄me Boateng, etc. and much more
This game is a good game but it needs alot of work 1: The money given after every match is too small 2: The game is not challenging at all there should be much more events 3: some players rating all of a sudden reduces for no reason 4: The controls should be able to be customized. The game is still a nice game execellent grapics good gameplay and lots more
That's an awesome soccer game I'll highly recommend you to download this soccer game it's so challenging. The only complaint is that you don't get as many coins as you'd like, and from time to time it stops you to buy some elite players, anyways the game is so playable and I've enjoyed playing DLS for around 4 years, the graphics are really good, and the controls as well ... Keep it up!!!
This game is absolutely a blast of fun just can't deny this game is so far better than FIFA . I request the developers to add new celebrations and improve the facial structure of many players like NeymarπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Sorry for that, he looks a way too funny.anyway please add some new celebration techniques and also new commentary.
This was an awesome game, built up my stadium and my team. I even spent money and for coins to build up my team. I won all of the tournaments and then the game needed to download additional info. Afterwards, when I opened the game it had started afresh as if newly downloaded. After all the hard work to build the stadium and the team!!! This is absolutely unacceptable.
I like this game verymuch, cause it's a good game for real football players to learn a lot from it, for me it was the art of long passing, and now I'm the best person on the field for long and short (I was already good at short passing) passing.... You will learn a lot and enjoy too. It also comes with 2 variants the offline and the online..... Good for me. (I could even rate it 7 stars)πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€˜πŸ€˜
Everything is awesome, good graphics, controls and visual effects. But if you wanna play the online mode you need a good connection and obviously the other one player as well. So You should try out and enjoy of the best experience soccer!!
This game is really cool but the one thing that I hate is that the time goes so fast and I hardly get any time to play so they really need to fix that.But everything else is good. But can they make the games cash bigger like when you finish a match can they let me get over 50 Coins so they really need to work on that aswell.
I love game a alot I would say pls stop making it an online game as it's in 19,20,21 it's so boring like you cannot bring new players or even select any of them it sucks ... Apart you have to buy each and everything you cannot develop players it's annoying pls for the next DLS 22 make it offline and stop other things atleast make the selection of player of our choice and make all players available all time
The game is so entertaining and interesting. However, the amount money given at the end of the match is small. I have failed to progress to the next league (division) due to insufficient funds to upgrade the stadium. Secondly, the controls are somehow insensitive and make players make wrong decisions. Improve that. Thirdly, player transfer should done at the end of the league and allow loaning during the season.
I really enjou the game the only thing that i didnt like from the game is that there is no Europeans league ,Champions league,la liga etc You really have to add those to the game to make it more interesting i really enjoy the game and its also need some improvement on the team logos Hope you will consider my request
This game has good graphics,but all i would like FTS to do is give us unlimited money 16 777 216 and when u search for players like messi it says "may come the next week",so i wish u gave us money to buy all those players.And when I open live events it says "There are currently no live events" and please may u also improve the game by adding legens like Ronaldhino,Pele and so on
If I said the game is good, maybe I said the graphics of the game is good but what is really annoyed me is that the game does not have specific position or direction. Now I want to attack in my own box, my defender will just run away from ball and before I open my eyes, the ball is in my net. And again if u select the right player to attack, it will just select the one that u don't need. So all this is really annoyed me much. Try and adjust, let it be perfect like will are playing PES.
I love this game so much. It has better graphics than other soccer games. The reason i give this game 5 stars is because its like we are really playing soccer than in the dreams. It has much reality. But the problem is that when you take the multiplayer option. But you need a proper wifi connection for that. To the FTG. Team i give them πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you so much for creating a game like this and motivating me to play football.
This game is great. But you need to increase the bonus after winning the league or a trophy. And i don't like to sell my players with the half price of there rates. And add substitute to select from not all the squad is a sub. If you fixed that i don't see any problem.
The game is awesome, I would have given it 5 🌟. The only thing that I didn't give it 5 🌟 is because it is really hard to get money to upgrade my stadium or buy players, so I would have to play a division like 4 or 5 times before i can upgrade my 🏟️ stadium or buy players especially known players that can play. Also they are hardly available and if they are available and u don't have enough money u will have to patiently wait for them to be available. So I will love it if u can fix it.
This is the best soccer game I've ever come across. Trust me, you wouldn't want to pass this app by. I got really addicted to it that I'd stay up till 2am just playing. Though, the online game isnt so much fun for me. Or maybe it's just my device. And I think the price of the stadium are way too costly. I have to restart my division about three times just to earn more money. Apart from that, it's a really good game and it deserves the five stars.
It's a great game I really like it the graphics are perfect and it feels like playing real football and to the team I say great game continue improving it so that it will be more and more interesting and please include all the league's to the game and also increase the number of coins coz the players are expensive the coins collected after a match are little and can't afford to buy but for me it has been a more greater game.
This is the best football game what I have been played. I would like to say thanks so much cause I don't like in this play all the things not. But the necessary what I want I can found here more fun, more action, something like this. So thankful to all of you created this play, when I don't see what do make I this play and I trying to play everyday. update always the keys here...πŸ™‚πŸ™
A very nice game. Doesn't lag. There is only one problem striking my mind which of coins. For one match we get only 30 coins and the players are about 2000 coins. Like antonie griezman, dybala. You will just dream of buying messi cause it is of 4000 coins. I bought Neymar for about 2900 coins and played this game for 2 years regularly.
First of all, i thanked the FTG team for making this game. This a very good and awesome game. But I had faced some problem in this game. At first, I have a question to you. Can I get back those players that i was bought in the DLS old version at the upgraded version of this game ? I would be very grateful to you if you could answer my question. Thanks.
I really like this game. It has got everything but why dont u make it a little realistic. Like we can see the players houses and lifestyle and the players come to a match with a bus. Just try it out. Just dont make it an online game. It would be easier for a lot of people.
Every thing is really good about this game. But one thing : I can't select my players in time. Even when i try to use controls the auto selector will just select a player who is too far from my targeted opponent. Please add German teams also, please
I like the game cuz ots graphocs are better than the 2020 version. The game play is also good and the commentator is interesting The controls are very easy to navigate and I love it.😊 My only problem is that Ronaldo is kinda ugly and...you kinda need to change his look...thats why its four stars...but I love the game thoπŸ˜‹note that i am not Anthonia I am her son...πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
For me this is the best offline football game on mobile phone..... buh I'm giving it four stars because it always restarts when I get to a certain height.... even when I'm in the division 2.... it'll restart and everything that I worked for will be erased please fix this..... it has happened like 4 times
This Game is far better than DLS 2021. In DLS202, I use player with 50% rating to beat all the whole dream league.. this really sucks, pls kindly update the game and make every match worth while, I mean increase the hard level or add the level to the game so that we can choose either easy or hard and play.. Also you can add coach scene to the game. Thanks
The game is fantastic, among other football games I've played, DLS is the best. The game is really challenging but i suggest there should be other tournaments and also include German teams bcuz some of them are really good e.g Bayern Munich, Leipzig, Dortmund, etc. DLS is the best game I've seen and played for the past 3 years that I've been playing it. Thank you
It is a awesome game I like it very much. If u may know I am playing this game since the last 5 years!!! It is a legendary game, but just some problem's I dont like, that the goalkeeper always dives to take the ball no matter how slow or fast it comes. Once the ball was at the front right side in the corner of the goal, he would picked it up but he slid and it counted as a goalπŸ˜–πŸ˜–
The game itself is perfect πŸ‘Œ but as you release other versions also update and add more features to this one, some if not most of us prefer the 2019 version over all others. Add more realistic feature, update players update many teams and leagues as you invest in others don't forget we who just want to stick on this 2019 version
I really love this, especially those graphics,Commentry and Audience cheer up too. I would give beyond 5 stars (if there were options). Thank u developers 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜β€. But one problem which I encountered is whenever I play with my friends (online), there was always network issue, unstable. So, I would suggest that if u would fix this,the game is amazingπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ€©.
Good game, good graphics, good game controls... But the money for the players are more expensive than the money you earn when playing the game. You have to save money for 2 season before you can buy a player or upgrade a stadium. I give it four star because of the low coins earning. If you can improve this I will come back and give it 5 Star
I love this game so so much, but I took all the cup concerning the elite division, all the 9 cups, if there's a way that you guys should add level which is more than the elite division, so that I can challenge new players, I will really appreciate if you guys do that it will be very great
This is one of my favourite football game. But few things can also be added like world cups , isl etc . The matches are so easy , it is very to win matches even against team like Barcelona , Real Madrid , Paris etc. So the hard mode can also be added. And yes please make dls 22 with this game with more features. Waiting for dls 22. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Probably the best soccer game in this market. There are some problems like with AI and controls, but out of all the problems, this game's in-game economy tops them all. The money you earn from matches are too little, that it takes 2-5 matches just to earn enough to develop one player. Stadium building is also affected, as each stadium part get the more and more expensive as you try to promote your team. This is this game's strategy to urge players to spend real money for in-game currency.
Dream league soccer is amazing. Infact the best offline football game ever . Ranging from the contro,l the graphics, comment and so on. The only limitation to the game is the online multiplayer. Anytime i played, once the oponent forfit the game irrespective of the score line i loose automatically. I also try forfiting the he match but i still lose. Something meaningful should be done to this. I believe the online multiplayer should be the most interesting part of the game ,but unfortunately ...
Really bad, I have loved this game for the longest time but today I realized issues that might kill my love for this game past a certain level the game start to sabotage you. My players are moving to the wrong side despite me directing otherwise, the shoot level fills up itself despite me giving it a light tap and worse is when it is mostly prone on my star players who are to be most accurate at scoring and finally passing and crossing to my players only for the ball to be bounced off.
I have been playing this game for the past 5 years and have enjoyed every bit of it except there are some areas that need an improvement. 1.When you are playing sometimes my players are stuck and i cant move them with the control buttons , unfortunately my opponent is playing and they end up scoring while i am unable to defend coz of such a bug. 2.Secondly, i find it easy scoring against the goalkeeper esp during penalty shootout.Improve please. 3.The coins are very hard to come .
I love this game because it was so easy to play,and the editing of the gama is so so easy.ah I really appreciate the game Editor.the only problem am facing is the update and the upgrading of the game is so so difficult because when ever I try upgrading it,it always seems to refer me back,so I need some one to put me through on this game upgrading.hoohoohohohohohoohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoohohohohohohohohoh I really appreciate this game Editor so much..
So bad. Every Single Tackle You Get A Card. It Is So Annoying. They won't allow you to score. If You buy a player (for example 800 coins) and when you sell it you can sell it for 385.
I go one on one with the keeper at the 90th minute, hits the ball and the ball is about to go into the net and the opponent disconnects before it goes into the net. Match gets annulled. Just great. Connection issue at the start of the game before even kicking the ball and I have to forfeit the game. The defending is full of bugs and player switching is very bad. Defenders can be right on the path of the ball and still miss it.
The game is excellent i like it i sleep at midnight every night. They must improve the (audio) add the beating of drums to fans noise and loud speaker when it comes to the substitution time , and when the goal scored. The commentator must be able to recognise all the players given.
I love it very much. The name and look of the players are real which I don't find in any game. Graphics are so beautiful. The game play are smooth. One thing that make it football of real life. Can you upgrade the expression of players. If you do that the players look the real life players. And please give many challenges after the ultimate challenge. I give it 5 stars, because you deserve this. But please try to fix the expression and celebration of players and also the language of commentary
Please add an option to change size of the analog stick it is way too large. And add an option to login account. Now it is very hard and impossible to transfer account to another device, it is starting a new account in the same gmail and cannot recover the account the only possible way is to transfer the files from the old device to new by offline. No online methodes.
There's no fairness between the end-user and the computer. The computer's tackle is irrefutably strong, they take the ball from the behind, regardless of the player's rating. You can train your players top to 100 rating but still there'll be struggling to defend against an academy team meanwhile you are in the elit division. Goalkeeper πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ... sucks. They don't dive at all on penalties, they just fall down and sleep. Players end intentionally on offside traps, the offside line doesn't show.
Yes, DLS 21 Has better graphics but this version is much better by far because the other one you can't sell players, you can't even buy players and everything is too expensive.
Super , it will be the most iconic version of dls19 .. and i am not satisfied with 21. If you wanna see the proof you have to compare messi from two sides. But the thing i like in dls21 is their fluid graphics and controls and also when shoot the ball a set pieces the ball will curved And this rating is for dls19
Very enjoyable, I really like this game and that's my best of all games I have been playing ever since 2018. But the only problem is that, the prices of the coins is too high to the extend that you cannot buy. So please I recommend that you should reduce the coins so that we can buy them to develop the players. Thank you.
I love this game, it is not too hard neither not too easy. This is my favorite game so far. But i am disappointed that they took away some of my favorite players such as :Zlatan ibrahimovic, Andres Iniesta, Wayne Rooney, Frank Ribery, and Hulk. Dls one day dls alwaysπŸ™‚
Am totally tired of this game,have play it so many time,now next thing for me now is to uninstall the game in my device because you don't want to upgrade it at all this game is better than the 2021 dream league.. But how ever I wish it can be upgrade by adding other competition like champions league and other it will be better,and I will be more grateful if it can be done.. Thanks
I love this edition and the new one sucks. It would be better if they restore this edition instead of @DLS2021. Because the new one literally sucks. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽI mean really what has happened to this legendary game in the new edition; I would say not to download the latest version at all. Don't even go to try it, it will make you hate this game forever. I like this game and am reinstalling it and would like to make a request: plz reduce the price of players. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseee. ❀️❀️
The game is really good but only one thing I don't understand is that, when I'm playing online games and I score the opponent, he canceled the game and other times we haven't played the match yet but the opponent win automatically with the feedback you were disconnected from your opponents;I'm popularly known on dream league online as D CASH1.
I like this game if you are reading this don't dare download the new version it sucks πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž this game is awesome but you can improve on the graphics,changing the commentary and including new players like lewandowski, ansu fati , mason greenwood... etc
Who says domestic leagues are gone? That's a lie. Bring back FTS15 again on play store. Make that possible, because it is better than all these Dream League Soccer versions. There are some errors with these versions: * How can you buy players at the end of every game instead of during transfer windows? It looks childish * The commentary is awful. It's like the commentators don't understand English language * Players celebrations are below par I will give my five stars when you do the needful.
I like this game alot. It gives me a real picture if I was in a game and the graphics the gameplay are great but theres one thing buging me. The controls sometimes dont work and I get scored easily. And you dont get to much coins when you win a cup. Thats the only thing thats bugging me everything else is great. Keep up the good work.
This Is a very good game, only one minor problem; the money you get for matches is so little you have to play two or more seasons to upgrade stadium or buy a better player and that's exhausting and gets boring quick. Because you don't have good players you gonna keep losing and won't accumulate enough money to buy better player. Just improve power of currency
I like this game, but i would like to give my suggestion about the game. Please make the animation more realistic to make it more interesting and add their original celebrations. The players needs to be improved on their faces and pls add more leagues like bundesliga, turkish league..etc,...online game is laggy and when I play with other servers most of the time it crashes. But still a nice game.πŸ‘Œ I hope DLS can see this and ty for reading my suggestions hahaha we support the game⚽️