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Dream Home Match ★ Renovate Mansion

Dream Home Match ★ Renovate Mansion for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Xinyue games located at 香港尖沙咀弥敦道54号. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game, it's really entertaining and fun. I just wish we could make clubs to help each other out with lives. " Not everyone has Facebook" . This is the only reason I'm not giving it a 5 star.
Hey, you game is a bit slow in term of decorations. we love to do deco but getting one piece by one piece is a bit slow and the stars earned only one per game no matter you scored how many stars or points in that game. Would it be good to give 3 stars to those who scores in the games? If not, it's quite a hassle to keep playing the matching games to earn stars for the piece by piece decorations.
The game is good but there could be a little more excitement like once in a while have something be late that they need but have to move on without it until there becomes an emergency because mom and dad are almost home and then it comes in and they have to take to the back door when they are coming in the front door. JUST AN IDEA!!!?
This game is highly addictive! It's not like other games that look like this, there are challenges, and they all are not easy, but that's what makes you want to continue playing. I LOVE this game. Better then 5 stars!!!!
I liked playing this game, but game keeps freezing on level 109. Lost 2100 coins. Will delete game if problem can not be solved.
okay so seriously, this is my favorite game. I legit, play it everyday the reason I gave it a three is because last night I made three an app purchases and all three we're immediately taken out of my account and all of a sudden my game started glitching and it said that my purchase timed out so I got out of the game and got back in and tried it again it did the same thing, THREE FLIPPING TIMES!!!! I TRIED EMAILING THEM IN THE APP AND OF COURSE IT WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO.(shocker).
When are you developers going to realise that when you make levels so impossible to beat without us spending money as we have had no choice but to use all our free boosters then its no fun and we uninstall the game! Goodbye! Challenging yes, impossible YES and the only time it gets boring is when you spend days trying to beat a level knowing there is no chance without purchasing boosters! Sorry you have failed to convince me with you're pathetic reply!
Love this game!!* Thank you for it!!* Even though it's a match three game, the levels are interesting and challenging and the items are cute, fun, and adorable!!* I love the fact that the main character is two bothers!!*
I avoided it assuming it would be a micro purchase money sink. It is quite addicting, but fun and pleasureable too. I swore I wouldnt buy any of the micro purchse things, but I ended up picking up a few and I really dont regret them. Very colorful & intriguing game. Some pieces are time limited & they are frustrating, but overall, I'm very happy I gave the game a chance after ignoring it for so long. I really like it!
It's a fun game but I've been at a standstill for quite some time waiting for new levels to play and new rooms.
I like it but i don't like it when the brother's talk thank God you can Skip it though i wish you can play and not have to keep waiting on the next pease to play i wish you can gather up all the trophies then open and fix it up it would be nice but all in all good game .
Nice game, but difficult. I'm up to #40 and ran out of lives and boosters. 😮😓 U want real $$ for a sale price of ONLY $Blah, blah, blah, not going to happen. This reminds me of the "Property Brothers" on hgtv without the destruction of taking walls down, changing the layout of floor plan. Have u noticed ur floor plan is similar to other floor plans of say " Matchington Mansion"? Uninstalled. 😣
The story and characters are cute. But the conversations are in very poorly written english. They don't make sense half the time. It's different characters and a different reason, but otherwise same thing as the others.
I have so much fun with the game but there is no more levels for me to progress in I have been waiting for the room to open and nothing for 2 weeks now. When will you be updating for the next levels?
There's a lot of typos/misspelled words during Dawson and Oliver's interaction with each other, along with some unfamiliar phrases... which makes me believe the developers aren't Americans. It's always appreciated whenever a game isn't saturated with forced ads (at least not yet) but instead, gives the option to watch ads in order to expand the duration of the game. Also the backstory of the game is very endearing.
I really love this game! Matching the jewels and renovating an old house is so fun in this game! The little dog, by the way is our little cute companion! His name is Oscar! I just got through level 35 going to be on level 36! 🎮😀👍Thank you so much for developing such a great game! I appreciate it!
Game play and decor are very much like Matchington Mansion. So far, the levels in this game are easier to beat than in most others. That is the reason I gave it 3 stars. I realize that the developers are not native English speakers, but if you are going to release a game in English then for heaven's sake have it proofed and edited! The dialogue is absolutely atrocious! Between the misspelled and incorrect use of words it is almost impossible to follow the story. IRRITATING, not worth my time.
It is fun but now it is really hard a lot of the time. If I find I have to spend more I will drop it. The boosters should be able to be bought with the coins you earn but you have to buy them too. However it is fun if you can afford.
not good I'm still waiting to here from you after two days so for now I'm rating one star to see if I get results on my problem thank you I cleared level 159 and it froze on me before it gave my coins and trophy after I rebooted the game it took a life and wanted me to play some level again which I finely did when I haven't heard from you I know you have to answer a lot of other people. I'm going to give 5 stars cause I really like the game thank you for getting back to me
Almost identical to Homescapes, but the character is two brothers instead of a butler. Regeneration time is much faster than Homescapes, and levels seem to be a bit easier. I really enjoy it!
I really like this game, I just feel that some of the levels are to big to never get more then one trophy when most of the small updates for the house use 2 of the trophies and the use of trophies just to answer the door or begin a new day seems like a waste after being stuck on a level.
Hi there, I'm really liking the game so far but the grammar and sentences need a lot of work. I like the story but the dialogue not reading like proper sentences takes you out of the story.
I installed this game to renovate the home & loved it at first, but it becomes very frustrating when it takes 15-20 tries to solve 1 puzzle to earn points to continue renovating the house. That makes it NO FUN.
Now that I'm 200 levels in I can say for absolute certain this is 900 times better than Homescapes/Gardenscapes. And anybody saying "this is a cheap knockoff of those games" are ignorant. That's like saying you're a cheap knockoff of your parent. This game is simple and doesn't have 50 million pages of things you have to switch between or join groups. Haters always hate on the good things.
Loved this game but it got too hard just like others of this genre. Couldn't make it past level 94 which is a shame cause I really wanted to finish. Gets frustrating and boring after trying for 3 days to pass a level.
This game is so much fun! It does get hard as you progress but that keeps it challenging. I even play the lower levels with my 4 yr. old grandson. He loves it !! Cute graphics and loads of fun !!!
This is a very good game especially if you like being a decorator of home. If you haven't downloaded it yet I suggest you give it a chance I did/ I LOVE IT- cannot wait4 the results. I give it a thumbs u
I absolutely love this game. So much so that I've completed over 800 levels and didn't spend a penny. I'm now waiting for the new update because I can't do any more levels or rooms. Soo addictive!! When are you putting new rooms in you've updated the game but not put any rooms available
Colors & graphics run like a well oiled machine. Puzzles start easy & slowly increase difficulty. No pop-ups pushing to purchase lives or boosters, the ads are short, after several levels...I highly recommend for those enjoy match 3.
Fun and addictive Each level is a new challenge that keeps you going, trying for 3 stars. You can make it through lots of levels before you have to buy help. And the ads are fir similar games and not too disruptive. Good game.
I enjoy playing! I just download this game. I like that it keeps you moving. You can progress through this game very quickly, I just wish some of the tasks you have to do didn't use up so many of your trophies, I enjoy playing games like this.
I love this game it's soooooooo fun sometimes you have to buy "upgrades" to pass the level but the price for them but if used on the right levels you'll wouldn't have to buy the upgrades
I'm not really sure what this game does because it does not load at all on my phone I downloaded that I went to go open it all I did is the spring with the clouds it seemed like a really fun game but I wish I could fix it for Android or fix it. Until then it was stay one star I wish I could give it a half a star
This is a really fun and engaging game. The levels are very proportionate on the difficulty level. The rewards you get are amazing. Would definitely recommend this game. It is becoming my favorite game.
I love this game, it’s user friendly and requires some quick thinking. I am not into paying money to move, so I play using free play and get as many useful objects as possible.
I love it , love it, love it!!!! It’s very challenging !! I am a housewife n hve to do housework! But still I am sometimes glued to it!!! Just am glued to it i hve bkm a Couch potato ! Hehe! u must hve noticed I play a level for even a week but I am adament I must go to the nxt level! Tnx a lot for whoever invented this game!
I love the game BUT you can make levels a little easier. Im on level 119. It took me a month to get through that level and other levels to.
Not a bad game but it takes too long to finish a room. I hate wasting my points on stupid things like greeting someone at the door. Just let us decorate and finish the darn room. I'm in the kitchen and still can't update the fridge but I can buy a tea set? Will be uninstalled for this reason.
I really like this game but some of the levels you have to use 30 or more lives on and that gets really frustrating!
There is another game out there by a different developer with the same game name and almost identical screenplay shots.. is someone copying the game? or did you copy it from them? Although this game performs much better than the other one.
it really gets you thinking .. mind strategy..keeps you on your toes. then i like the decorating each room.. everyone has their own taste. which is fun.. then you scavenger hunts hidden that lead up to getting the owners life story..I like it alot... good for the.mind.. i don't get bored..i would recommend people to give it a.try.. warning its addictive.. have fun everybody and see how your house turns out.. and give your brain a good work out.. i don't know what else to say about this game.!
This has been a good game, most levels are fairly easy. You get help options at the beginning of each level
There's not enough space for me to write how much I love this game! The games aren't so difficult that I get stressed out when I'm trying to relax, I get to decorate, I get to follow a story line. best game ever.
Its fun, except the extra things should not be played for. The dog, visitors, calls all that should just happen. The design should be played for only.... Just what I think
Love this game, but been waiting ages for more rooms to unlock. Just done the gym and it says more coming soon, but that was weeks ago. May 2021 and Still waiting for the game to be updated
I like the game and all but its glitches then the screen goes back, forcing me to get out and come back in. Can u pls fix this!
I am now getting the app on my new phone and I already have it on my old phone. I am unfortunately stuck on level 40. Hopefully this won't last more than a few weeks, course I have been stuck on it for the past couple of weeks. Oh well I still think that it is a great app!
Enjoying so far. Added to my tablet a week ago. Like that main characters are men for a change. Good that they are representative. Also the fact drones deliver the furniture and etc by IKEA is a plus. Something new. Also updated modern furniture selections. Have not ran into anything negative yet. Game progressing as it should.
No new rooms in over a year! Cannot even send them a message to find out why! So frustrating. I love the game, but we need new rooms to decorate!
This game, reminds me of great happiness I spent in teaching my child, simple things that are GREAT things! Great, things that all equal acts of love and patience. Over coming worldly influence with good thoughts of the beauty as well of the many rainbow of colors in the talent behind the miracle of imagination.
Fun and nice ti win games and get things for the house. I wish it was a bitter faster on letting you get through the talking. Like it needs a skip button always not just sometimes. But it a fun game.
love this game so much fun I really look foward to the new challenges the new levels bring!!! Great way to pass time even if your at the doctors office I was awaiting my turn for the nurse to call my name and before I knew it I was up next to see the doctor.
Frustrating,takes too long to earn points. 1/8/21. Still feel the same. Takes too long to earn items.rst Worst game on the internet. 3/26/21. Waste of time, I quitl
best by sure but the further you get in the game the harder it is get any here,and there stupid things that uses your trophy's up so get to the designing aspect of the game.
Love the game, but the lagging kinda sucks. The new update has not helped at all. In the middle of a game, shut down... Black out. And its on the final collection screen, after i beat the level. So dissapointed.
Seems like most match games but the translation of idioms and verb tense are frustrating. You need a new translator app.
Well this game was fun when I started playing it but I am stuck on level 91 and I have tried everything and it is that you just don't give us enough moves and I don't have the money from the game to buy more moves and I don't have much money to buy money for the game to buy more moves
Interesting game, I have lactose intolerance like the game character. I like the story line! Waiting for more interesting story.
I just installed the game so far so good but I cannot say anything after the few first moves and wins I will probably post another review Once I played this game for a little bit I hope I don't have to give it at all sums down I would like to I think that once I play for a while I will give it five stars so we'll see
This app is great, the game itself gets quite addictive. The levels do get quite challenging but I like that it keeps me entertained. The only issue I have is that sometimes the characters wont shut the hell up! You try to skip the most of it then you get hit with the MUST WATCH bits, where you cant pass the section without their stupid conversation. When is the next update? I'm going to lose my 48hr tournament??
This game is ok. Kinda challenging in some levels but not too bad, my only issue right now is why are some of the furniture mismatched?? Some of these rooms look tacky with the choices of furniture you get. Also, the wallpaper choices could be improved on.
This is really starting to suck. SUCKS CAN'T GET THROUGH THESE STUPID LEVELS. This don't even deserve one star then you wonder why we don't want to play the game.This is not enjoyable anymore it should'nt take multiple days to get through a level have to use all my power ups & coins & still nothing i am done playing.
I LOVE this game! I downloaded it a few days ago because there were so many great reviews & I'm so happy I did. It's a very cute game & it actually gives you quite a lot of prizes unlike so many other games. I don't know if the developers changed anything since I first downloaded it, but I have only had a minimal amount of ads to watch. I'm telling my family and friends about this game! Thanks for a fantastic game! !
this game is better than Candy Crush because it only Candy Crush unlimited levels. At a time I also became bored. Then I installed Dream Home Match. It also has levels,but the points can be used to help Dawson and Oliver
Too much talking between the brothers! Also, the decorations and furniture doesnt match nor does it flow well. Other than that, i love the game play. It reminds me a lot of Homescapes which is one of my favorites. Please fix the obnoxious chatter between the brothers and your horrific color scheme and you've got a permanent player! Happy gaming everyone!
Love this game! Hate that it's unstable. Goes flipp at times and freezes. Lost points by having to repeat a step. Lives can take more than a day to regenerate. Was sad to have to uninstall this game too many complications made it difficult to play. It was still the best game I have, but was too frustrating.
I have played this the longest of any game on my cell phone. Still enjoying it even though the levels are pretty hard now. 5* from me!
Good game, good story. The only thing I hate is the mini game that makes you go back to the beginning if you lose three times. That sucks rocks. Edit: It has been several months since a new room was available. If it doesn't update soon, I'm deleting it.
Fun but some of the hard levels are too hard. I want to play the game but when you can't progress it isn't enjoyable
I would have given more stars if they had updated it where you can work on more rooms but its been two months and still no rooms. What's the point of playing if you cant do anything but collect the trophies? April 7 2021 and it's been updated once. I've waited months and still can't go any further I the game. About to just delete it.
Love this game and story line. I went back to play it and it's frozen on the save on server or Facebook page. It tells me to type "Ok" , and I did that but nothing happens I'm still on the same page, please help I would like to play it.
It is great, I love it. But still has some glitches, like the mat underneath of the piano and the one underneath the mirror, I changed it and after 5 minutes, it came to the original version of the old house. And I couldn't change it back. Or sometimes the gift ad appears on the screen and after removing it, it disappears the menu/action buttons from the screen as well, I have to press on a item to change it for the menu to appear with it, and if I close the item changing, all disappears again.
Fun but not worth it. After a few levels you are forced to purchase items to get past levels. I spend days unable to pass levels to continue decorating.
A really fun game to play. Just downloaded it and pretty much simple this game would be great to teach a young child to learn colors and how to get the shapes and the colors aligned up, I think this would be a a great teaching tool for them. I think I will let my grandson play it, and he will be starting pre School this coming school year.
Completed level 109 twice as I complete it the screen freezes then boots me of the level, which then I have to do level again with the same thing happening again!
It's like a lot of the others games. In the beginning it's fun but you get to a certain level and you can't get past it. No matter how many extra help you get. It too bad because I really like it. I have to uninstall it and look for another.
I was really enjoying the game and just got started decorating. I hit a hard level so decided to buy some boosters. The game charged my account but did not give me the boosters and my game is locked up. I am not happy needless to say. How do I get credit back?
Very good but now I can't play it. When I click the play button it keeps saying tips coming soon...please fix it or I wont be able to play it
I love this game. I think it's better than candy crush. There are always opportunities to win free items and more coins by doing the fun challenges. But you don't even need that because the game is still really fun without that, that just makes it better.It’s addicting and relaxing. I literally play every day multiple times a day.
It was a 5 until I got to level 109 and now I have completed it 5 time but problem is when I win it freezers, starting to get angry have already tired uninstalling and re-installing but still freezers
I have played this game and at certain level we need to wait other levels to come for so long. The new room is it's on way and it's been a month long waiting. Be fast.
This game is awesome. Loving it. although I wish I can control when I get the hour long live gift because most times it just waste while I am occupied.
Everytime i play this game i get 10seconds of play out of it and it turns off. I know its not my phone cause i have a new phone that can handle me playing games. Somebody needs to fix this app as it sucks. I cant give this game any stars as i cant play it longer then 10seconds so i have not gotten any where in this game. I had to give one star cause i could not post my review without giving a star
I dropped my score from 5 stars to 3. Even though it's a fun game, you can't decorate any other rooms. Says rooms coming soon, but that's been on there since October 2020. Please fix this problem soon
It's very interesting game but after I reached level 800 it's level continues but there is no task to do. I wish if they can give me another tasks .Otherwise it is very interesting game. I love it
Fun game over all. Please have a way to TURN OFF notifications. I don't want multiple messages a day about returning to the game or things going on with it.
Its fun and I love decorating it all It can be very challenging also. It can be addictive. As i go on it gets harder and harder.
When I want to stop playing and come back later the game has know exit. I had to uninstal. Can't play a game that I can't have a choice as when I want to quit.
Very addictive, but updates for new rooms don't come for months. Other than that I really like the game.
Nice graphics, story line. I found FEW errors. First, when the get a pizza then you choose a sofa but then when new sofa is in place no pizza just is not there. Second, the double shirken just whizzes by and dose nothing.. Next is, how do you, If want to choose a different furniture, how is this done?. GREAT GAME JUST needs elbow grease to work out kinks. Nan from Wyoming US
Just cannot stop playing this game,find myself playing late at night when there’s nothing watchable on the tele,at least you don’t get repeats on the game Big!! Big!! Plus
love this game, it's fun to play, the levels are not ridiculously hard (i only played the first 110 levels), it's not hard to get boosters, and i absolutely love u can replenish all 5 lives with 900gold. The offers u have are not over the top expensive like other games. i dont know about other people but i hate seeing offers on other games for 100€ for example. it's an affordable game, not everyone has the luxury to spend that much money on a phone game. kudos to u 😍 more events would be nice
I look forward to playing everyday, but I think it needs to be able to get more prizes besides coins! Can't get anywhere without them. I have been playing this game for years and never get power ups, just coins, and I can't get coins because it takes forever to win a level!
Would've done 5 stars but every time I go in it takes me to the Facebook thing which I have to edit each time. A little frustrating. Besides that fun
the update did not not improve the game, the puzzles are to difficult, not enough moves and even if you use boost, where they are place makes them useless. The game could be enjoyable with a few changes, it takes to long to complet puzzles so you can decorate, wich is the only reason I play. If no improvement by next update, am uninstalling.
It's okay as far as match three games go, however, the translation of the story is terrible. Half the time, I'm not sure what they are talking about. I end up skipping the story instead of watching them and reading the gibberish that they are saying. Not worth playing if you want the story. Much better story match 3 games exist, download one of them instead.
SUN 04.08.19 Phone screen goes black with split coloured shapes, loads OK twice it has taken 48 hrs to reload hearts to 5 full from last Thur to 08:56am today and in the previous week once is bad but twice!! Takes too long to play 1 level & coins are too stingy. Began fine as all others gets nearly impossible to pass higher levels.
Best game I played in a while. The most thing i like is that every day you can get coins by just looking at a short ad, and you dont have to wast your own money. Its so fun!
PLEASE STOP this type of inaccurate advertising!! The gameplay is NOTHING like the way the ads portrays it. The ad portrays the game as the type which you select items from the bottom of the screen and then drag them to fix a problem. (Similar to the false Township ad.) When you advertise a game it should be portrayed as the ACTUAL type of game it is, otherwise, it looks like you're advertising a different type of game than it is. Please change your ads so that they're accurate. Thank you.
I was going to give this game 5 stars because it was really fun and enjoyable because you could actually progress........ until you reach level 100. Played it 57 times. Used 26 boosters, even purchased more. Nothing. Still stuck. I'm uninstalling the games as this was a complete waste of time.
I loved it until it became a waiting game. A whole month waiting for new levels. Homescapes would never. Updated: 5 months later and still no new levels. This terrible....and it has been 5 months since the reply and still no new boards
Updated: Let me start by saying that the game and storyline is fun and engaging! The levels are challenging but fair making the game less frustrating than thits counterparts. And most importantly, the developers truly care. I had an issue with the game a couple of weeks ago that caused the game to kick me off when I tried to complete an objective. I messaged the development team and the have kept in contact with me while fixing the bug. The bug has been fixed! A great game and class A team!!!
My phone says that this game is not suitable for children when I am I am a child if age 11 and I quite enjoy these type of games specifically called match 3... As I was saying I look at this app and it says not suitable for children then I look at another game this οne for over thirteens and it does not have the same warning. Please fix this problem as soon as possible... Or if there is no problem please explain to me what has happened...
I love to do the games it is so nice to play 2 games at once so u play the best game I downloted. It is the best I can not believe this is a double game I have necer seen this kind of game before. U can pay to make the house perfect to you and u can pick what ever u want.
Cute game but when I try to sync from tablet to phone, it freezes. I've tried uninstsling twice & it will go to the same screen asking if I want to sync, I type in "OK" then hit "confirm" but nothing happens. Also after trying to reinstall, the furniture, floors & all things we are playing to fix, none of its what I picked. I try to change it & I'm told "this element can not be changed" Deleting for good :/
Fun yet challenging at the same time. And it will be good if when the player visit other player's house, at least we can see their pet around and also people (others character) walking around the neighbourhood and our mantion. It will make the game even more lively I guess.
I have been with this game since it first was introduced. It's become very frustrating not having any rooms available. Now, I don't get trophy credits. Why? Help! My last review was in August of 2020...I still have no new version of this game. WHY NOT??? I would like to see new rooms open. Update 3-15-21 STILL NOT UPDATED!!!! HELLO! WHY NOT?
i know its going to get harder im only on level 80 something but i dont care i love love this game. love the brothers and the storyline at least you guys give good bombs in this game and you dont have to wait a very long period'sfor free lives definitely not for kids i HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you downloade this game its very addictive plz do not change the concept what an amazing game. 😀
I wish there was more chances to watch videos to get 2 more move like the zoo one. It is good though but you run out of lives quick and not many chances to get more. Still like it and keep playing.
This is the most addicted game that I have ever come across and I would recommend it to anyone I know cause if you have some time that you want to go by fast then just start playing this and I guarantee you that 2 to 3 hours will past by before you even relize it and I can't wait to see what other games that you guys have out cause this one has me hooked. Thanks for making a game that I have enjoyed playing so much.. Awesome game
That TAPPING sound drove me crazy. Turned off sound,no fun. I strategically look at the board before making a move n plan so on, not fair that the pieces seem to disappear that ya need after a move...not for me.
Its a fun game and i enjoy playing it ut i dont think we should have to use our winnings to wake up or go to bed they should only be used to acquire things like the furniture , wall paintings and plants and things like that .But besides not agreeing with that
Up until yesterday, I would have rated it a 5. Yesterday I could not download the game the same today. I don't know what is going on. I like the game. I haven't tried to uninstall the game, don't know if that will help.
My dear creators! So Thouroughly Enjoying your game!! it seems as each level is getting better and better! Most interesting! I recently had a stroke and your game really helps me to work my brain! Thank you again! Y'all keep up the great work! I truly appreciate ya! I hope your day is filled with joy
I like this game but have had to replace prizes already given after quitting the game and coming back to play. Also is very slow to load.
Downgraded my rating. Been waiting forever for a new room to open up. Geez now we can collect records to earn boosters but still jones rooms. I have 95 trophies so evidently I'll never use them. Ready to just uninstall. Ok you said upgrade and more rooms would be available soon!!! Still nothing. You blame civic but surly you could do it from home. Sick and tired of waiting for the update. Ready to just uninstall. Hello. Still no update. Do you plan on it or did you give up?????
Although it could be a good time filler there are too many thing's i didn't like. 1 The english is awful! How can there be soooo many mistakes? It gives me a headache so i have to skip the dialogue. 2 There is way too much dialogue! Yes you can skip it but then you could miss something important. Hearing them argue and reminisce is not important to me. Sorry but just no from me.
I m hooked. I just started playing last week...but I play everyday. I use my special earned prizes to beat the level,if needed. I am a gal who don't like losing fairly.....so I keep going I haven't lost yet.
I love this game!This game is so cute and a fun way to pass the time! What I love the most about it, is that it’s not a ripoff like MOST games of its kind (that require in-app purchases to pass half their levels) this game actually rewards YOU, the player, for playing! Like I ‘said’ in the title, I love this game!☺️❤️
I am addicted to this game! It is so easy but challenging too! I used to like Candy Crush but it was too hard, but this game is so easy! Some levels I wish had more moves or maybe it being timed would be better. Overall I would recommend it for anyone
Fun and challenging, I have playing this game for a long time and enjoy every minute. It is a very addicting game you want to keep playing it's that good looking forward to when the next room is available
Great game, just way too long to get rooms finished ( kitchen) and 2 stars for phone calls or other ridiculous tasks when it is hard enough to get through some levels, unfortunate they feel the need to try and force purchases.
Beautiful graffics, great way to kill time, relax,or just zone out. Only one thing it makes me crave gun drops when I play, lol... I absolutely love this game. So, if you're looking for a great game, then this game is for YOU!!! GREAT JOB GUYS!!
The puzzles are ok. The English is so poorly done it is hard to understand. The design elements aren't very nice. The CGI is not very good.
I love the game and the characters but I often get stuck for long periods of time due to hard levels. We should be able to access our banked money to buy boosters since we earned it by playing without having to spend "our own cash". As a result I loose interest in playing. More boosters should be given for completing levels successfully. I do not intend on spending "real" money for them. I do love the designs for the rooms...and the brothers interacting...
This game is great and has stupendous graphics. I try to use my boosts sparingly so that my brain is activated greatly trying to figure out each puzzle. Knowing how important brain activity is on all these challenging levels, I give this game a 5 star rating.
I like the concept of the game I think the only thing you would need to work on is not so much talking. Not much nick picking on tuning the piano for points and playing it, that's stupid. Get on with the next level. I would like to work on the next level. Fix that and you would have more customers playing this game. Also please do not have to much apps popping up ever as well. I have to give you a two star. Fix it or I will delete the game. It's getting very boring.
Biggest rip off game going difficulty level is a complete joke levels are to big and a rip off to many obstacles to stop players winning levels and lives and power up another complete rip off games are meant to be fun and this one was for about an hour now it's a boring load of rip off trash not worth bothering with any more so i will be uninstalling this rubbish better games out there than this you get 1/5 only because were forced to give at least 1star.
I love this game. You don’t have to buy anything if you are truly competitive. Free gifts are more than enough and you don’t have to beg friends for freebies or to pass a level. If you don’t pass a level wait a day and start with a fresh mind.
Thought it was a decent game until I tried to get game data from server. Typed ok as prompted nothing happened. Also tried to get it back from local again typed ok and got nothing. What is the point of having the game save option if you are unable to access the data
I like the game, but I cannot advance after giving the dog a bath! It freezes when the girl comes over and meets the dog. Better review when this issue is fixed.
Seriously I've been waiting for a new room since August 2020. We are mid may - rooms are very few and far between and the same games are getting boring
Stylized game with nice levels but if we want to buy new floor or anything else we need money. I love the type of the game playing too much fun.we can't change our pet name😔😔. We don't get much money from passing the levels 😔.money is important in this game to pass levels it is the only reason i have ever found 🤔🤔.so many rooms are their to complete I completed only 3 places when i started unfortunately the game deleted.so i started playing from first 👍👍
I have passed level 109 three times and the game always freezes. Update... the problem has been fixed quite quickly. Thanks
Don’t worry about becoming dependent on this game, just accept the fact that you shall. There are so many perks given that is still possible to reach very high levels without a lot of money paid for boosters. Once you get a going , you get gifts that contain lives and boosters. So gratifying with the special effects and sounds. Love it!
excellent game, two games in one,i will be collecting stars n keep it n start to decorate my house while waiting for my lives to be refilled by the time...awesome game so far
Its fun,innergetic, shows teens the proper way to design and model a house. My 13 year old daughter enjoys it, "I think it is a easy game just like homescapes and gardenscapes, thank you for a good game," she says.
Funnest game ever for any age!!This game is so much fun and the graphics are incredible and it’s a game for any age to enjoy its challenging yet easy and each level is exciting download this game and start having level after level of FUN!!