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Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Ambition co.,ltd. located at 東京都豊島区東池袋3-4-3 NBF池袋イーストビル 3F/ 13F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun and I've been playing it for 3 years now. Could you add some pirate things? I'll be extremely grateful! I love this game so much!
My very first mobile game to play on an older phone and still love it to the end to get it again on my new phone.
I dont wanna put a one star because it looks good but i can open the app it keeps saying it has no internet connection i have checked but connected
Been playing this for long, got bored since events are targeted for gotcha which is money. Never those ++ stuff even once. Repeated task, to slow to load up most of the time (Html based game or something). I would love if they can make offline mode for these. Overall fun at start boring mid game...
I open this app then still loadiing...When the worst part comes, it said estimated time is 8minutes i was waiting for 30minutes to complete the download it waste my time ... i just wanna play this app . . . if you read this message the app is nice and beautiful but i hate the download... in the end I finally Uninstall this app ...
Awesome but needs to upgraded, When with this game be upgraded for 5G uses an more stuff added to it as well......
It's more of a dress up game than a romance one tbh; the outfits are great but the dialogue is too corny and repetitive. You can create (and share, if u want to) your own dialogue, though, which is great. Things that I'd like to see in DG: more skin tones, more eye shapes for shells, an update of shells gacha, and a way to get NP in the game itself, not from outer sources. About bugs: I still use DG on a phone from 2013 without a problem, so I'm rly surprised at some of the comments here.
I HAVE A PROBLEM I cant see my girl friend and some of the buttons are missing I can only hear music at just happend I dont know why I tryed restarting my phone and game.......HELP... over all intel now I loved the game awsome 4/5 it would be 5/5 but since this problem showed up I cant really play the game :/
This game is pretty good for me. The controls are simple, and the grapthics are pretty good in my opinion. This has soon became one of my most played games. But please add a place where you can get free np where you don't have to pay or go to an third party game. Like add an daily quest that would give you 2-5 np is fine, or an daily gacha that gives players free np. Since np is the main currency in this game, it would probably let players have a better expriance.
This app means a lot to me and I've been playing it for over 4 years, it's a good dressup game, if you happen to have some buck to spend... But if you're going in fresh and as a new free to play player, then I can't really recommend it. You unfortunately won't get much to play with, despite the developers' clear good intentions of making everything more accessible. The ig community behind it is what's carrying it and turning an average dressup into somewhat enjoyable experience.
I dont know if the clothes are just limited to some extent that they expire cause my MR clothes all dissappeared. Even my SR hair.
Dgf is my favorite game now lol I'm the kind of person who doesn't keep a game longer then 1 week, and I'm now on my 188 day continual login ❤ definitely a recommendation to any who are looking for a great outfit girlfriend game oh! And this game isn't just for dudes, hey girls this is absolutely adorable too try it out!
Downloaded this game again after 4 years. There are some new features and it's still very cute (although some graphics have bad quality due to heavy compression?) however, they haven't changed the UI at all, not even the resolution, so it's small in most recent phones. I think they should revamp this game's core, perhaps even drop the browser-based system. It looks very outdated.
Decided to change my opinion on the game after a thorough consideration. The game is amazing, so far no game has managed to keep me hooked like this one. It does get clunky sometimes, the dialogue system could be better, but its ad free, its exclusive if you are willing to invest your time and patience and mostly its rewarding. Thank you Nizikano and I hope you continue to improve the game!
I can't login into my Facebook for some reason, I had a 2nd account on there and now I have to start all over again, not cool
I've been playing off and on since 2016, I love this game. I never really played for the dating aspect or read the text, so I have nothing to say there. However, the customization is fantastic! You can create multiple characters as you level more, win great outfits even as a free player, and they give you an abundance of closet & saved outfit space.
i like this game a lot specially cuz it has different personalities like gentle, pure, Tsundere, YANDERE, intelligent, YANDERE and ofc... YANDERE!!! Although i think there should be a way to get MR tickets or something (maybe there is and i haven't found it yet). Something that took my personal atention is that when you select something it turns gray which confuses me from time to time since generally the gray is for "unavailable" or stuff, so idk where i am until i remember... XD
I have been playing this game for 2 years and have spent over £1000. A few months ago my account got stolen. I emailed ambition and got NO REPLY. I then got an email from the hacker who asked for money for my account back. I payed them and when I logged into my account it was banned!! I emailed ambition explaining everything that happened but I once again got NO REPLY! I'm very stressed, annoyed and sad that all my time and money I've invested in to my account has amounted to nothing.
This game used to be better, but lately it has a nasty bug that renders it unplayable. Everytime I hit study or work, the tutorial window is completely blocked by the stupid black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Whats worse is since the window is blocked, it can't be clicked off so the game is proxy frozen since there's no way to leave that screen. 1 of 5 until fixed, then back to 5.
I like the app and the outfits but the team isn't all that willing to help. The fact you can't trade/gift items higher that N rarity is really annoying and stupid too. I had lost an account to a broken phone and made a new one on my new phone. I got my old phone working but I don't want two accounts yet there is no way for me to transfer my items, it's really dumb.
the earn free np is a sham i should have 107 np from it but no it cant even get that right all i wanted was to buy some rainbow drinks for the to the end of the world event since 48 hour is not enough time to break 40 levels unless you want to pay money thx a lot.
For some reason I get this huge peace of mind in this happy little world of a game. I had a really good idea for the devs. Create a campaign to set the np to buy a gatcha at 20, and then let the user be able to select and cross out the ones they dont want. Each time they would select a gatcha they dont want, it would raise the np by 5 making it 25 or however you would like to specify the levels of gradation. It will encourage users to buy, increasing rates for the ones they want
2ND BEST GAME EVER. I just wish it had a way to save it without losing data like google play games. Also the developers should take the tutorial of the begining of the game in case they just want to see the prelude again.
it's not loading anymore? like it goes to the black "checking version. please wait a moment" screen and refuses to go past it. i've powered off my phone multiple times, cleared out storage space, and deleted and reinstalled the app and nothing has fixed it
I love this game so much you honestly don't need NP to play although I've spent a lot of money xD. But you can also get a lot of free NP from the offer walls and it really gives it to you too. Sometimes the gacha is a bit annoying but that's just luck. All in all it's my favorite game :)
I used to be an EXTREMELY avid player when I used iOS, however, upon switching to android I find MANY issues with the game. There's various bugs, one of which causing certain pop ups can't be closed without completely restarting the app. I have been a lot less active since encountering a lot of bugs, which has made the game feel even slower than it already was on iOS and now it's tedious. It's sad because this used to be my favorite mobile game. Used to be one of the losers spending irl money.
Sadly my boyfriend loves this game more then me but still I think this is a awesome game to be honest
I the game is great but with the new phone I have, i can't play it properly because the screen is too small so if you can fix that in the future I will give the game a 5 star review also about your myroid game, i would appreciate if you would lower the level you need to be to get a second myroid.
I have my E-mail registered AND i have my DGF password ready to transfer my data to a new device but it hasn't sent me the ID reset E-mail!!! I love this game and was so excited to play again :'(
if any of the creators see this can you tell me why it wont let me tap the screen to continue with the prologue thank you
I think this is great! It is perfect for people who love anime, like me. It is great to also just make it your wifuu
This app KEEPS giving me bad luck and the times I played gacha I used to get really GOOD items but now all I get are really BAD items. Why won't the app give me good items again?!?!! If this app starts giving me GOOD items again I will remove this report.
I cant play it because part of my screen borke and i cant interact with the star button but it sounded fun
I used to love this game. it was fun dressing up my girl and giving her a personality while getting cute outfits from gatchas and events. however I have now lost all of my time and effort earning every look and ever bit of NP I got from other games because I can't even play anymore. all I ever get is that I need to update Chrome and I have the newest version of chrome and the newest version of the game and its been like this for months so I give up. it was nice while it lasted
I like this game but why is my supposed "dream girlfriend" always nagging me about sleeping and eating and watching TV if I wanted to date a girl like that I would date my mom
Amazing! Very great game for us weeb virgins. Pretty disappointing that 1 million of us have this game. Great way to realize that you're probably going to be alone for the rest of your life. Kawaii af.
It just isn't starting... It's taking a long time to start... I mean it still hasn't started... I am deleting this game right now... I think you shouldn't install it...unless you want to waste your internet
The game itself is pretty cool but I have only one problem with it, You can't really do much other than dress your girl, do events, and go an dates (which hardly do anything) and other than the events (which is my favorite part) The rest is a tiny bit boring. I would give it the last star if you could do more in the app
the game is fine but what I hate is that you can't get NP or LG (the game's money) for free and by that I mean you HAVE to buy them or download another game to get it I would like it a lot more if you had to play a mini game or do something else (like get a jod and WORK for them) to get them but you don't and it just sucks the fun out of the game if one of the game makers sees this and fixs this I would like this a game a lot more and I think other players would to
This game is more like a glorified dress-up game than a dating sim, wich isn't that bad! But expect a lot of grinding for both money and exp (yes this game has exp) to get somewhere. It's nice for those who like to build and dress-up characters. And for paying in game: I wouldn't say it's pay-to-win but more like pay-to-get-bonuses, only to make your characters prettier or to get a bonus in events. Pretty fun game and great time-killer
It's been pretty nice. But I can't study. The menu is too long and I can't escape it. The only way I've found out how to is to close out the game, and then I try it again. But it's too long so I can never get over the initial help message.
One of my favorite games for years!! My only issue is that RNG is literally getting so bad. I mean I get it, but over 60 pulls and 1 sr? A little extreme if you ask me. I'm not going to ever quit though. Some form of trading would be a huge benefit though. Especially since the likely good of getting doubles is high but I feel like trading with someone on higher rates items would be nicer than selling them. And I've seen a lot of other players say the same. Stoked for Halloween! Good job, Ambi.
Love this game, it has excellent animation, beautiful art style and Soretastic voice actors, Definitely a five star game👌😊
Really good game, user-friendly interface (?), slightly addicting. However, it is just a tad bit slow and its not something you want anyone to know that you play
There's random black bars on my screen as if the game didn't format to my new phone. I would've rated this game higher, but this is honestly bothering me 😟
i never thought I'd get hooked on a dress up. But this game just gives me a peace of mind. The art style is beautiful, the avatars are very customizable with tons of outfits, acessories, and background themes to earn. Though If I have one complaints about the game It would be It's NP currency cost is a bit too expensive especially since it doesn't even have any tax levied on top of it. I would buy more packs more often if they were more affordable. and worth while.
Another download after downloading this game for more data. It is annoying for me because I am not using wifi...
Good dating sim, my main problem is that it isn't offline so that's the actual reason I gave it 4 stars.
I personally feel like this game caters to people that likes either flat or small chested girls. Its been years since I last saw a large chest motion rare. And I am talkin about over 5 years ago here.
This game is cute and fun to play. The outfits, backgrounds, and accessories are beautiful. The dialogs of the girls are entertaining and so are the different personalities. The game is completely free to play. Of course, if you want, you can buy items for the events and whatnot but I will say that the developers are generous when it comes to you obtaining items without purchasing. The developers are extremely helpful and responsive, so if you have an issue, don't hesitate to reach out to them.
Will not let me transfer my data. Loop loads when checking version and will not let me into my account after i transfered data. Was working on my other device, but now it suddenly decides it wont work. All data downloaded was downloaded too, but still wont let me play.
The resolution is still not fixed for the Galaxy S10 - the game is tiny with black bars at the top & bottom of the screen. Also, customer service took 2 weeks to fix my missing NP problem, causing me to miss a limited-time outfit in the special gacha, as well as the limited-time double NP campaign.
it's a shame that in the chat option your words are predetermined and you don't get to decide them for yourself
Very nice it has cool graphics, the virtual girlfriend is really cool and the outfits toobut overall it is sooo good...thumbs up to the developers but sometimes there are many errors too even though it has problems its just regular for a game...
it do be pretty amazing though. I'm a long time player and I only now thought to leave a review. It's amazing, if I didn't have this game to log into everyday idk how I'd cope. It's the only consistent thing in my life lol. Some suggestions tho, it would be great if the player could also have the option to be referred to in she/her pronouns bc I as well as 99% of the people I know who play this game are women. Also pls more darker skinstones. We need diversity and representation
One of the best waifu-simulation games available. i just hope you guys releases more mature outfits and reveal more skin.
My Rowena MacLeod note is literally on all of my girlfriends notes all of a sudden, when I had set each girlfriend a different note long ago, so please fix this glitch? Edit: All my bios are still Rowena's bio. Please fix this. Three stars until you do. I worked too hard on all my bios, just for it to glitch like this...
Loading is too slow. Clicking on Everytime takes so much time. Also would be better in fullscreen and having more interactions with the Virtual Gf. Quite rewarding game. Overall it's nice but need some polishing.
Overall a great game. Has a few bugs, takes a while to load every action and it gets grindy after a while, but nevertheless its a great experience and an ideal game for mobile players.
Absolutely gorgeous art which is constantly being updated so I'm never bored with the same old outfits/hair/ect. I love the various facial expressions and body movement which really brings the girls to life! ( *˘▽˘*) soo adorable~
Really addictive. I login everyday and can't stop. Only problem is it uses a ton of data, so use Wifi.
I like it but....There are so complicated things. In my screen its a little small but....Its really good and really fun. And ill give this as a 4 stars. I love it!!
It's really amazing BUT i can't see it fully and i can't scroll down and that's why i can't touch the buttons under Edit: Can i send you a screenshot so you guys can fix the issue?
Good game very good game buts its really complicated! With the menu its super annoying and you can't chat to her for me.
Quite a good app but there is something missing i tapped my girlfriend but I'm bored with all these text repeating please add a update that let's me type any words to my dream girlfriend not just repeating all the words she says please add it so I can type any words to my girlfriend I would give 5 stars if you update it please.
it's pretty nice though i have one problem of mine. since that I'm not one of those players who uses real money to buy stuff, im having trouble with it. also in every event i play and participate in, the stamina comes back super slow :// it's still a good game ^-^
Its good but the game is too slow even if you have good internet connection and after playing it for 1 week + sometimes when we participate an event with would get stuck at a white screen. Pls make the game more faster and fix the bugs.
I've been playing this game for almost 5 years now. Honestly... IT'S FANTASTIC! This game has thousands of outfits to get your "girlfriend", and so, it has almost limitless customization. The scenarios / cutscenes are adorable too. Also... the community is actually fantastic company! You can have multiple characters to develop and dress as well, to build a whole narrative around them. If I could I'd give this game more than 5 stars. These devs really know how to make a fantastic dress-up game!
Unfortunately I have to give this game a 1 star until something is fixed. I played this game years ago on a phone I no longer have, but I was excited to start anew. I quickly noticed some problems. The in game screen is noticibly smaller than my actual screen, and I am unable to actually finish the tutorial. After picking the girl's name the buttons to confirm are blocked by the icons on the bottom. So I am unable to play the game at all. If this gets fixed I will gladly change my rating.
I'm feeling lukewarm toward this app. Ridiculous premise but fun that the main character is "you" (the player), but without any choice it doesn't feel like "my" dialogue; it's weird for a girlfriend game. The very long loading times between each screen doesn't help (it may be faster in its originating country).
I do enjoy this game I would give it five out of five stars, if there were more of a balance. if you have to have a time during the events telling you how long till your event stamina refilled, if getting all the stort clips for events were not expecting you to either PAY to get enough stamina, or calculate to the last second when you should return, other than that i love this game (wish there more in the way of minigames even if they only served as a means to pass time during events.)
Well I love the app but I just can't stand how it's bugging all the time >~< I have to reenter game every 10 seconds because something is not working. But I'm still trying to enjoy this game so I really hope that it will be fixed soon..
Addicted and it's a great creative outlet! I've been playing for over 4 years, now. My only complaint, is that, I found out that the "outfit spaces," have a limit. So, even if you get extra outfit spaces, to save your creations, it will just say, you're at the limit of slots. It would be cool, if the game developers made it have a higher limit, or none at all. But other than that, the game is still a great source of entertainment, after all these years.
Please please please please please please NEVER stop updating this game please ambition I love this game
The artwork is gorgeous, not only the GF's😍, the accessories💎, backgrounds🏞️, outfits 🎎, etc. Awesome Japanese-anime style. (It's a huge collection 😮) It doesn't have advertising 😉. The more you play, the more new content is available (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY FIRST ). 5 stars if they include a way to get free Np( without installing apps or suspicious content) or at least get MR outfits cause without paying you can't do much
The outfits, and the characters are so adorable! designs, outfits, quality, all great. But I occasionally have the issue of it randomly crashing. 🌹
how long does it takes for her to become grown up, is it level 30? , 20? , 40?. why does some comments say only weeb virgins and only one million of us use dis?. well, i guess i will never understand how to interact with girls if i keep on playing...this....and others...like this like fake novel, but hey, we all have our own reasons.
Amazing game! But I have one request. Please make a NP shop! I was thinking that you could use the shells to get NP. I know you need money so my second idea was to have a button on a corner of the screen and you can watch ads to earn NP! Please consider it, thank you💖
The game is super cute! The outfits are very nice! I like the amount of customization this game has! I like how you can make custom dialogue! Can you add more slots for dialogue or add a item to increase the number? I want my girlfriend to say more. The events can be a little boring, but they give cute outfits :3 I am f2p and haven't felt inferior to p2p players.
It was reallly fun after all, and i really enjoyed the game! But only thing a problem was my screen. it doesn't full screen, beccause have a black bar on my screen..i think some other players have too. But after all it was really good to play. As your dream girlfriend! ✨💖
I have to give this 1 star because I am playing on my chromebook, I installed it and thought it would be fine. But when I try to keep going through the text it wouldn't let me proceed so I kept having to hit "skip". Also when I minimize or maximize the screen, I would take me ALL the way back to the tutorial. Uninstalling.
This game is incredibly fun to play! It's addictive! The reason why it's at four stars is because you can't trade MR or SR items. This game also has a trend for overpriced items. This game is great though and if there are some changes I'll change my review! \(^^)~
Okay, so i edited my rate now i'm gonna say. The update is really good you did well by fixing the bug i finally receive the clothes. This app you can play gacha, event, buy a cloths in shop you have to spent you shell/NP if you wanna buy it you can even made a new gf when you reach in level 30.
Awesome game but I hate 1 of the phrases and it's "Love is between a man and a woman right?" What if the player is a lesbian!? Otherwise great game!
For 10+ years of still playing this game, I have decided to give it...a 1-star. The problem is one that I have been doing it TWICE those past years: Data Transfer. Once you transfer a data from a different account, your "original account" (your first data you've played) will be disabled. In other words, it's gone. I LOVE this game, I do. But, since I have two accounts, I noticed that there is no such thing as "changing two datas back and forth in one mobile device". Why is that...developers??
Absolutely love this game! I do wish however, when your dream girlfriend asks about love, if instead of saying "Love is between a man and a woman, right?", it could say "Love is between two people how really care about each other, right?". Just thought I'd say that. Thank you! :))))
I can't even play it! it's under "maintenance" I was looking forward to playing this!! I'll give it a better review when its not under maintenance.
it's a good game but the new version you have to put her to sleep every nite before it would do it automaticly
I really really like everything about this game, however I'm giving 4 starts because it glitches wayyyyy too much. Like currently my game has a glitch where no matter what I open on my closet it will only show the MR items
when i go the actions and then choose study some traits do not increase beyond a certain poin. example the shyness will not increase beyond 999 despite the fact i need 1500 for the timid personality, this making it impossible for me to get the traits required to get the timid personality. everything else is fine. the study feature needs to be fixed, this is the reason i rated 4 stars, once this is fixed ill rate 5 stars
Gameplay has gotten a little. Better hence the extra star but it's real hard to compete in the showoff competition when NOTHING IN THE WARDROBE LOADS. This has been an ongoing problem since I got the app. No amount of complaining has helped. Just trash.
Great game, but it's not a offline app so... I can't play it, other wise it's a 5 star game -\('_')/-
Love the game although would be a bit more fun If one was able to upload the data from the other game(s) they have without the use of a code to get it ... I ended up loosening so much and then had a invalid code that was from my other account ... Couldn't load it up and just gave up and ended up loosing the code and all progress ... If there was another way to save progress and gain it back at a later time that would be helpful
its good but if I can make more dialogs, unlimited then it would have been much fun, maybe if I can buy to get more dialogs or something like that. Also I was hoping that we can choose my gender so that my girlfriend can call me wife rather than husband...or at least make it to where I can change the dream girlfriend dialogue's when it comes to he, his or husband.
There is absolutely no justification for the app to STILL be running so slow after all these years. Seriously. It is insane. Fix the speed and grace of your app already. This is ridiculous.
I have to give it 4 stars because the screen is not full ( an issue that many people are having ) but also the fact that they didn't warn photosensitive viewers because at the start it gives a flash as if you where going to have your picture taken. Another problem I had was it brought me to a screen called ( player settings ) and there was nothing to tap to get out of that screen I was stuck ( ended up uninstalling )
This game makes me feel happy for the first time in years, so to the game devs thank you for creating this game
Really entertaining. Quests are challenging at first and the time limit on the newbie tasks can be easy to miss so keep an eye on those when starting unless you don't care for the set you get when you finish.
This game is pretty solid! There are some short comings tho, such as: the screen. Over a third or so of my screen are covered in black bars, I think this is because my screens proportions aren't souted? In any case, please make it soutable for all screens. And most things are behind a pay whether it be in game currency or real money, for example: the hair colour pink, if you wanted a pink hair colour you'd have to spend currency 🙄. Nonetheless, overall a good game!😃
I really really love this game! When I will reinstall it I just need to put my password,id and birthday to continue my previous game.Make more games like this
This game is good! But can we also have a tall dream girlfriend other than average, short and very short? 🤔
I love this game so far and my girlfriend is adorable, i wish she existed 😩. Already recomended it to many of my friends.