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Drawmaster for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is exciting to see the levels it's a very fun and easy game lots of levels and skins there is a lot of ads but very fun but I would like to see more challenging levels in the game.
It's fun but I wish the red line would disappear after you release it so when the arrow is flying you can't see it
Please don't waste your time on this game first it stoll from other games and the concept of other games. Gives you adds after every half level. This game just flat out sucks
1 star. Too many god dang ADS. YOU DON'T NEED AN AD AFTER EVERY LEVEL. If I turn off my internet, then I can't be in tournaments. Dear GOD TURN DOWN THE ADS. Uninstalling. Never re-downloading.
Hello,this game iss soo much fun & all but the reoson i gave this 2 stars are only bc of these unnecessary ads,bc of those my phone crashed and i had to restart my phone.like every 2 lvls there is an AD. And its sooo annoying
It's a every fun game different characters and different guns and there is ads but if if u want to do 100 ads πŸ‘Œ there isn't any ads i would recommend downloading this and free prizes if u rate it but that isn't the reason why its 5 stars for me.
In my opinion, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!. It's funny animations and dances makes me feel like I want to join them! Keep it up Drawmaster!
Its actually quite fun and little to no ads it's well made and easy to play I personally love it 😁
This is a good game but I have adds popping up every 1 minute and I can't press the x button so I have to wait for the entire add to be over and it takes like five minutes I'm sorry
I like this app because you can get far in the game when you first get it. You can draw wherever you want the arrow to go. So I rate this 5 stars because this app is amazing.
Really fun game overall but I have some upgrades first they are tons of ads and it's keeps logging me out overall great game definitely recommend
Thus game is so much fun. Its just like the add. There are no ads unless you choose and there are so many different things you can get. I loved the bow masters and this is just like it I love the app πŸ˜πŸ˜† 100/10 recomend
Actually a pretty boring concept. Just join the dots really. But with masses of ads, sometimes 2 ads for every 60 seconds of play. Screw that - uninstall.
This game is really fun I love it at the start you do the basics and before I played it started to become my favorite app on this phone and I like putting friday night funkin songs while I play this game.
This game is LEGENDARY!!!!!. I love it since I was a kid but my problem is the ads they are too many!
I hate it because there is this stupid thing that keeps happening over and over and over and over again where the game freezes when you start it up and it resets. If the developer could fix this then that would be great.
Great game, but the fact that you dont have special trails is very sad, I would like to suggest to add trails because me and my sister loves it.
I love this game because it gives me the costume to play darts and I know how to play bow and arrow I love on just can you make a third one the second one and all of them you can imagine please
I personally love this really, but I hate the ads.I know that mostly some games have ads, but this game's ads annoy me for some reason.Other then that it's a good game.
Fun for the first 5 minutes, then it gets really boring. There's way to many ads and the physics in the game are really wonky. The levels start repeating after a while too. There are a bunch of different skins and weapons you can unlock but they all do the same thing, so they aren't anything more than something slightly different to look at. Also the subscription to remove ads is $5.99 a WEEK! I'll give them credit that the ads are exactly like the game, too bad it isn't a good game.
Quite good... but I've stopped playing it because a lot of the levels are repeating and there is loads of ads.this is why I don't really recommend this game. By Crazyunicorn339
You should download this game it's the best game ever it's really fun and it is really really good because it's not usual to get good or bad ads because the ads are like not even longer like 8 to 10 seconds and I would suggest you to really to really I shouldn't I would suggest you to download it because it's really good of a game and and I said I'm subscribed and the character among Us character is really good
I relly like this app its also better than bow master you shold download this app today 1. you can draw where the arrow goes 2. its free 3. if you turn off your internet there will be no ads!
I love this game because it reminds me of bow masters and I played bow masters alot but one complaint sometimes I get alot of ads and sometimes less ads
It is a pretty fun game. The adds are a little annoying though. But it's kinda worth it how you can draw where you attack goes. Anyway this is a fun game but it's four stars because of ads.
It's really good but I wish you can play pvp with each other, it has good graphics, smooth play and alot of gore but it's so fun watching them DIE :)
I've loved Bowmasters for several years and was very excited when I came across this new game in the app store. I've only just started to play but so far I'm having a lot of fun! I am dinging them one star because of the high frequency at which ads are coming up - their premium subscription is one of the most expensive I've seen in a mobile game, at 5.99$/***WEEK*** so I'm going to have to live with the excessive interruptions.
Like how you can drag the area where you want it to shoot and I also like how the characters are detailed and to tell you the guns are pretty cool and your game is a five-star rating game in my opinion and it should be in everybody else's
This game is good but first you need to add more thing to spend hammers and you need to give us brand new stuff so I can spend coins and gems and the ads are so anoying so low the ads down
At first 2 days I had 15 skins and 17 weapons and it was good but in the league for the bat pet I was first then people started catching up and then I got an ad every 10 seconds and because of that I got 15 place I was doing good but then ads this game sucks if I could I would give 0 stars I would fix your game and im deleting ill keep it if I can get a bat pet otherwise this gone or respond and offer something else or respond with something helpful.
Good at it's a good way to learn how to shoot a bullseye every time or for dark and get out for the dog the bunny Hunter and as his relatives to to have that made in his image that'd be awesome
Love the animations, really smooth and really great when you have little bits of extra time during your schedule
Good game fun nice but the only matter is you shoot head enemy head full down it's scary . And adds for every things. But still good
Well its good and you ads are annoting so i turn of my internet and there ads are gone, so bassicly like hitmaster but all level is you need to draw so yeah what your talking i rate 5 stars of how good the game is.
Although i just started, this game is so good and it's one of the best games to play in your free time.If your reading this make sure you download the game because you will love it.
I enjoy this game, it's fun and a good way to kill time. What would make it 5 stars for me is if I could use the coins to buy gems or the hammer things or something. I don't actually know what to do with them, so they just keep accumulating. And if I could set locked weapons/skin so I don't have to keep changing it back when I get new ones.
This app is fun in all but sometimes it wont let me get prizes it just gives me ads every 20 seconds please fix that bug.
When I played the game ads kept popping up and after the second mission I had to get off the game and restart the level and do it again and again,because It would not load.
Ive gotten most the rewards in this game and im at level 402 and in masters league . The only thing i think they need to do is push out more skins guns and pets. But overall its a good game.
Well..I have been through bowmasters,but this is way better i love the way how the characters turn red in the games makes it look different I think this game is real and deserves a 5 star rating for all the hard work
Kinda boring i've reach level 900 every 100++ level it will repeat same things. Tips if you want to play without ads, just block it from using internet connection (data/wifi) vefore open the game.
I love this game I really is an option when I am bored but some things like when I am trying to do something and the game is like hey, look at this, new leader board and your in 30th place. Are just... why
This game is very nice and it's cool to play but the ads keep coming over and over again after 1 level after enother so yeah bye
I love this game but usually in the commercials it just goes wrong and sometimes it looks fine but it ain't but this one is my favorite!
This game is so good. I love what they did to the animation and I'm glad that I'm able to some new skins, weapons, and stages!
I like the game is actually really good even though I just got it thank you for making this game but you should add more modes
A very great game but every shot ads coming we should 100 percent get an ad blocker all ads player have 0 iq bring them to junior kindergarten
Nice game,everything is easy to get ,no real money needed.Developers understands users well,thanks. Playing this game makes me happy and i forget all my depressions untill i close the app. This game made my day and i expressed it . DEVELOPERS THANK YOU. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I really like this game it is really fun the only problem is that the ad is not exactly what the game is like anyway still a good game and I enjoy it.
This game is really cool and there advertisements are not fake. So all in total I'd give it a 999999999 but I can't sadly. Alright Peace!!
I like the game it was pretty niceI like how they put red Arrow and shooter the thank you to make this I don't have more to tell thank you
Its An Best Relax And Time Burner Game I Loved It And Can U Make A favor that I'm LovelysQueen In Level 3000+ Now i Have Plenty of diamonds and Gold but there is no pet and weapons and character to buy pls add more weapons, more and more cute pets and character.... only for this reason I'm giving you 4 star but the game is excellent
Good good but the wheel you can't see when if it is close or spin but it is a good game I will give it 4 stars
Cool game lots of fun, nothing to complain about but my cousin has played it and finished everything and he says it took him a while before that but he has everything in the game but really fun.
A game this physical didn't expect to be fun, I had a good time collecting skins and playing! This game was unexpected because fake ads come my way, these ads are really good though!
I think this a great game and I had a lot of fun playing it especially since u don't have to update it the much and u can have pets
This game is good but the only thing I don't like is ads here. every thing here is ad. If you see this review please fix it. Also good gameπŸ‘
My son LOVES this game it keeps him from bothering me while I'm at work. The only thing that's wrong is all the endless ads!!
This game is so annoying and i hate this, this game is full of ads. They always put animations which are annoying if you're in a rush. I would've made it 5 stars if the game wasnt full of ads and the animations were faster
Nice game. But the adds get thrown I your face! But I know that is the way they make money so I'm more then glad to sit threw a 20 sec add.
Hey, I love your game but your making me hate it, every single time I finish a level there is a 20 seconds ads if not 20 there's 30 fix it and I'll rate 5 star.
Redesign crossover of "Hitmasters" and this boring line draw parking game. Whacky gfx and offline capable. If the ADnoyance wasn't so intrusive and rewarded ADnoyance would work consistently and if the game did not freeze and crash occasionally, this would be a clear 4 to5 star candidate.
This is stupid and dumb (rip-off). When I try to get the 🐈, I can't until I watch ads and I can't do the first one and I don't have a πŸ’³ on the phone so I try watch ads and nothing happens!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘😑😑😑😠😭😭😭
on the good side it was fun but when I got to level 3 when I won it would either pull up and ad and kick me out or it would just kick me out. Fun but short
Very fun game can't lie you should play if you don't play your missing all the fun soooo don't miss out hit install right now!! If you like games were you can draw in to the enemies very good brain 🧠 helper Soo HIT INSTALL RIGHT NOW FOR FUN GAME!!!!!!
I Like this game,sometimes ads are annoying if you forget to turn off your data or disconnect on wifi,but i like their strategy on how they timing their ads,and also Game is Funny,they have a lot Gimmick,cause of experience they force me to rate them a 5 stars. They fool me. Haha
I love this game 10/100000,000000,00000, because it has cool weapons and skins and i love it all because you can destroy bad guys and draw a line so you kill them and i just love it so much and when i feel sad i play this and it helps allot thank you and good luck
Sure I just downloaded this game but it's very good ngl. Like c'mon these devs made bow masters and hit masters. I've been playing bow masters for years and it's marvelous! So why not support the devs by giving 5 stars?! Ok now back to the point. There aren't too many ads and you could just turn off ur wifi or turn on airplane mode to remove ads (even tho I dont do that cause they arent too annoying for me). 2nd off it is very fun and simple! Plgndry always make good games with not many ads. 5 ⭐