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Draw The Line 3D

Draw The Line 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD located at Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Practically unplayable with the amount of adds, lag, and glitches. I attempted to go into SETINGS and I got a ad. Truthfully this game would be good if it had even half the ads and no lag. I couldn't even get past a leval without 5-6 ads.
This is a really entertaining game maybe slow down with the adds but it is pretty got. (Nothing to do with the game but they didn't show me a stupid ad saying only 99.99% of people can do this which was nice)
The advertisement made me think I can write on the actual screen, but it seems I can't so it's boring now. Then there are ads after every attempt. I can't xeim.
Its a fun game but there's to many adds like u only get 1 sec to draw the line then u die then an ADD pops up 😡if u like adds get this game witch nobody dose and the picks at the bottom are people who are well maybe fake or maybe pros so I don't recommend this to u if udont like adds! Thank u for reading Xx
It is a really nice game it just needs one thing that I hope you fix it which is that: the board I draw in and the board of the game itself shouldn't be sepperated, it gets kind of confusin. So I hope you fix that...
This game is super fun, the graphics are really good, and the levels are super fun, the challenge in general is great, but one thing that needs work is how laggy it is, because it all freeze and then immediately kill you every now and then, but other than that, great game
There is more ads than gameplay on this game. The games is fun but the ads destroy the fun if tjere was less ads, i would give it a five star rating.
The game has a major flaw How should we know where we the pointer is going to draw ? Solution instead of showing the black board beneath Remove is and directly allow the user to draw when the ball is moving
It's a good game and I can play for a hour but the thing I hate about this game every time you die you have to watch ads and if you just get out of an ad it feel like 2 seconds intill you die
I think this game is something you would burn time on but the only thing I don't like is that it has low frame rate in some spots but I liked it.: )
Entertaining game but the main reason I get off is bc the amount of ads. I purposely go backwards just so it don't end and I have to see an ad.
very good game but please add an option where you can disable the obstacles because it's a bit rage inducing
Great concept, but when the ball Flys up its so slow. Also just by the arrows it's very hard to tell what shape the 0bstacle is and its very hard to avoid is because of that. Also half of them don't even have arrows that say they are coming. It's pretty hard to control and the ads are painfully common, every round
This game is so good it can change different balls in different lines I can go up and down and where we get tired of getting die all the time you can use go for and then go make a little half circle and then you can go backwards kind of
These arent even games anymore. It's just installable ads for your phone. I miss the old days when you could actually just play the game.
It is very fun to play but all the ads get in the way of the fun I still like it I give 4 star's⭐⭐⭐⭐
It is really fun, but calm down on the adds. Every like, two games, add comes up over and over again. The adds are fine, but dont make them pop up so often. And you also have to watch an add to claim a gift that you worked so hard to get. Down the adds, and make it to where you get your gift for free. Besides that, awsome game!
The game is really cool, easy to follow and understand, little time-killing experience but one thing, the game has an excessive amount of ads, its the type of game thats like, ad after ad after ad, its ridiculous. Other than that the game is fun overall.
It is a good game I feel the same on the first review was but for me it was full of ads at first but they stopped.
This game has a good concept but it to laggy when you draw a line it either doesn't help the ball or the ball lags through it and on the first level there are already obstcales and they didnt even give tou some sort of these tutorial
This game is kind of stupid. I can't pass level 1 because the drawing thing always goes in the same spot. The only reason this is 2 stars is because I like the idea of the game and it's a bit fun. Maybe u could make it so that u choose where u draw the line or whatever.
The ads male this game unplayable. I don't know if it's just me, but the ads in this game make my phone like so much that when I try to exit the game, it brings me to a random page online.
This game is hard as hell for me because of the line 1 when you go down the ball it will air board making you ez to hit 2 the hit boxs make no sense because I nudged on of the things and I died 3: the L A G
Hot take, it's awsome. It's very fun, addictive, and ad wise I'm impressed. I don't know about anyone else but some times there's a butt ton of ads, but then other times there's absolutely zero ads. Like I play for hours and don't see any. To me it's a good balance, though I'm not sure if it was done on purpose. All in all it's my favorite app right now, not sure why it has so little stars.
The game is really good but there are a couple downsides that ruin it. There are way to many ads so it just gets boring also you draw the lines in a box under the actual gameplay so it is very difficult to actually draw lines where you want. I would prefer slightly less ads and drawing straight onto the gameplay instead of in a little box.
Not bad in general. But the ads are excessive and not needed there's just too many if you were to lower the amount of adds then it would be more exciting to play for hours. But apart from ads I love it!!! 🔥💜
Love this game very cool definitely worth the very few ads and the ads for the game are real they actually are the game Update on my review I still love this game but there are very many ads like every time you die there's an ad or Everytime you try to play a new level there's an ad
this app is awful. the line is always way too low when you try and save the ball. and it's got so many ads too! don't get it
This is 3 stars because you don't get to write ont the actual screen and you write in a little box on the bottom and the adds on this game are insane. There are too many adds😕
This is quite honestly, a very good game, I find it very fun and addicting only downfall, I really see what this game is that it is full of ads after every game, there is an ad after each level there is an ad, every time you die, there is an ad so if you were to buy ad free version, it would be a great game but a way to get around the ads is every time you are about to get one close the app and reopen it if you are willing to do what it takes to bypass the ads, it is a hard-ish satisfying game
It has way too many ads but it's fine so I'm going to give it three stars because it's definitely not a five-star game but it lost another star because of how many ads there are it could have been if I've started game but there are way too many ads even when I click the one where it won't give me an ad it still gives me an ad and I don't like ads in and that will lower the possibility of having five stars and I'll take off a star so this is not a five or four star game since there too many ads.
Ok ngfl, this game was HARDER than I thought, and no I don't mean it in a good way either, because not only you get to see ads pop off every other attempts, the fact that maneuvering the ball with the line not accurately being placed is kinda an annoying challenge.
They need to make the box bigger I can't do all the fancy stuff they do in the add and there is too many ad's
Is is a very fun, and difficult game, but the one thing I hate, is why it gives me the opition to continue with a video or restart, but when I pick restart, more times than none, it will make me watch a video. This would be great if fixed, maybe if you die it would put a video down and make you restart, or watch another to continue, but if you pick restart it won't put up an add. Please fix.
Honestly I believe this is an amazing game!! There is only one problem, TO MANY ADS!!! But if you are willing to, then you can turn on airplane mode on your phone and then there are no ads. So it is a great, complicated game
This is an amazing game but what would make it even better would be a replay mode where you get to see how you completed that level and then save it to your camera roll or share it to friends <3
So bad game when playing it has stopped and cannot move the ball I cleared all the data of the game and I should play from 1st level again don't download this app.And excessive amount of ads.Waste of time and data.
Very very interesting game! I LOVE IT!!! But... Calm down with the adds!!! Every single game has 2 adds! Come onnn?! Vix that...
The game is cool and creative. But it's really complicated. As a beginner I found this entertaining but I can't play it without getting an ad every 2 seconds. It gets on my nerves. I've only been playing it for 2 minutes and I already got about 4, 30 second long ads.
I give this a two because the only annoying problem that is ruining my experience that you have to place the line in the box and it always lags so I can't even complete level one. Please fix this so the game can be more play-able