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Draw Finger Spinner

Draw Finger Spinner for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Creative APPS located at 2/F, Block 14, 28 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everyone that says this is an awful or boring or ad-full game are just people who don't want this to be a fidget spinner game but a whole different game. This game is good for some time killing and it only shows ads only once in the main menu, I recommend this game to people who like fidget spinners. One thing I would like, more colors! nice game tho 👍
This game is the most awesome game you really try this game it is so cool you should really try it I get to fidget spinner and I have so many in my room somewhere
eh it was hard to think of a design but that's my personal problems hehso I think if you're like inside your own designs then like cool stuff then this could be the app for you I'm not sure but I really like it cuz you can create whatever you'd like but you do have a space limit
Likei game it makes me left my stress thank u for making this game this is what i wanted cuz my mom and dad wont let me buy this toy so i deside to play this game awsome work! Thank u! Plz update more thigies! Y,alll! Yhx
Way too many ads. Plain and simple. I get that they have to earn revenue, but making the ads pop up every single time you go to the menu! I would not download, probably, ever again.
It's really annoying.😡😡 Every time I try to press the bin or I try to change the pattern it goes on to something else. It says item not found.
I will give this game 4stars because it is kind of fun kind of bad because you can draw your own finget spinner wich is i like that but the bad thing is when you pick a finget spinner all you have to do is spin it and that's why I give this app 4 stars
This game really isn't fun. I played with it for like 5 minutes and it's the same thing. Might as well install a drawing app because thats all it is. You draw a design you like, press play and you get 4 spins. The only goal you could try and reach is to get as much time spinning as you can. Not a fun game and just a waste of app space. I wouldn't suggest downloading it.
I love this game because it makes you can draw in the middle and it helps. Thank you for making this game (my 6 year old brother told me to write this review so no hate pls)
This app is amazing so fun for when im stressed.one thing though I wish that tjey had rolers so that your lines dont look all squiggly. But over all this is a great game 😋
Yes but I have downloaded just now and I have liked this game. This is very interesting game. Thank you PLAY STORE for recommending this game. And I was finding this type of game.👍🏻
This app is fun but dumb at the same time I can't believe this app it is dumb and boring never going to download again
it's amazing, I love how you can create your own spinner but one thing I would add if I made this is a shop to get spinners with ads, otherwise I love the game!
Whwn i draw i hate itbat first then when i realized i played this before,then i keep playing.Keep up the good work.
I like this game because you can make your own spinner but if you dont like this game, it's base on your opinion but in my opinion its the best spinner game i've ever try in my whole life:)
Its a great app really, but there is no way to spin more than 4 times each time and no way to pay to get rid of ads that pop up after every 4 spins. If you have an autistic child this game may make them have a meltdown, see problems mentioned above.
I love this game you get to test you get to test out fidget Spinners get to draw fidget Spinners tested Alonda middle-aged but like a sticker or something on it a person that said this game is horrible I disagree that kisses game is actually good and it's the best cuz it's just so cool it's just so the best is leaving this morning he's forcing everybody not play her game a lot of stress nonset and that game is like this game is literally so cool I literally this made my own fidget spinner
Don't ask, don't overthink it. Make it. Spin it. It looks really neat. At this point you'll know if you personally want to repeat or uninstall. Lol.
this is not a good app, it only lets u spin 4 times then you have to start again from standstill, cant build up real speed like a real one. very poor quality. the graphics did look kind of cool, i guess.
This is a super fun and time killing game but it could use a few more colors but other than that its awsome!
its really good because you don't need to draw in the lines and you can just do whatever you want it's super fun I love it
it's so amazing but you have to be able to draw but even if you can't draw it's okay just be wild draw anything you want your spinner to have.
The best game of drawing...First I draw a finger spinner and then I roll it one time I go to ''INFINITE" In this game it was called 'INFINITYR'... I will give 5star. The best game...😎 .
This game is awesome it has the best graphics yhe only thing I don't like about it is the ads but more or less I love it
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I think it's a good game to play with your friends and family members and will you late play with family members members have that game because it is so we can play with it with ower friends and family members so they will be happy
Its hard to spin without a mouse so i suggest you get a mouse if you use chrome or labtops,I would have gaven it five though!
Like its so awsome you can draw your own fidget spinner and spin them and you can change the colors and the middle! its so fun
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It's so fun and u can spin it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun fun.
I like this app it has a weird way of satisfying me also when I get mad or bored I know exactly where to go. This game is completly safe for kids of all ages and also is easy to pull away from. I give this app 5 STARS
I couldn't believe it. So realistic, the spinner is very creative, there are no ads, we can also spin the spinners which were created by the created of this game. I wish I could rate 1000 stars instead of 5.
This app is so amazing like literally it's seriously amazing there is no ads I love it so much I've been playing this game for like ever I've been playing it yesterday the day before I love this game so much this game has 5 Stars I am so excitedI love you who made these games so much I'm getting you a big 5 Stars you're going to be a love love love a lot cuz seriously I make a big story but it's still lovable I really really love it I really wish you make a lot Huns millions 😍😗!!!
Nice game please downlode it. It is very interactive game and it had many inbuilt spiners it cannot bring fear in our real life what will happen if i play this game .
Its good because it will have alot of light. Another thing is Ive also wanted to have a glowing spinner but I never got the colors I wanted . So now I can play a game form . But if you want to know why I left one out it is because the spinner dosnt go that fast . But this game is the best for downloading on your phone or ipad . So you must trust me on all of this and definetly download this . But also they could have gave more mins . I love the spider spinner so much I will never hate this game.
Great concept. Too many ads. I'd rather pay $2 a month for no ads and just let me immerse myself in the experience.
its really fun but i think it could use more spinner things that go in the middle and some undertale ones other than that its good
Very nice. You can make unlimited fidget spinners i just made i REALLY creative one. It was rainbow. No mess! I cant wait for thr update!
It is a good game it teaches you if u are a little kid to stay in the lines when u draw it personally love this game
I think it is awesome. It is very interesting. I like how you can make and spin a fidget spinner but I don't like how you only get 4 spin's when you are spinning the fidget spinner you made but other than that it is amazing and I think you should try it to cause if I like it you'll like it so TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!You need to .
I love this game, it makes like I make my Fidget Spinner and kind of addicting when you are not online, and no ads.
It's very cool that you can make neon fidget spinners and create your own style of a spinner but it would better if you could choose if it was neon or not but out of all that it's very good 8/10
I love this game! When you get to the menu an ad pops but i dont have a prob with that cuz all u gotta do is turn off the wifi in your gadget 😀😄😊
These game draw finger spinner is very good game in the world I can see new -new spinner and spine it and I can draw a new spinner also and spine my spinning and I like these game for when and my friends and family also and I can also see a how many times the spinner that is shining I like these game very much . I give a 5stars OK BYE AND PLAY AND TAKE A INJOYMENT OF THESE GAME
This is the best game ever I love it you can draw your own spinners and go back and then there's and go back and then there's been a and then your spinner reel be saved
its a fun game and all but i think it should have an option were you can just play with the spinners instead of only being able to spin it 4 times and seeing how long it would spin for and how fast
This is super super fun. If I start A youtube channel I will make videos about among us, this game, and roblox. Can you please add more colors? Please Please. I am 10.