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Draw Around

Draw Around for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SayGames located at 220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is very fun and I used to play it all the time but now it won't even let me join the game if you do not mind and if this can be solved can you please do so?
Not great. The concept is good, but the ads are OVERWHELMING. An ad to open a surprise crate. An ad to get a new holder. An ad to triple the diamonds. An ad every few levels. Too many. I uninstalled the app because I looked at my data usage and it was at the top, over most other apps. Also, there are only 100 levels. This looks like a lot, but it isn't, because every time you pass 100 you just go to level 1, which is just renamed 101.
I was putting up a five star but after that i went back on the game and ADDS ALL THE TIME on level 5 i was about to click on the pencil and boom 1min add.... after the level another IN THE MIDDLE OF A LEVEL another add. TURST the 1 stars and 2 stars because i agreed with the 5 4 and 3 stars at first but the firts few levels are okay for a free game but level 4 and up constent adds do not get game trust me do not! Im deleting the stupid game and at first it was soo relaxing but now its not :/ :(
The game is great but it needs to be harder once you get to level 100 its like medium so please make it harder!
Great game! Graphics and controls are amazing but to each 100 the levels are the same. They all start out differently and then 101 takes you back to the beginning. I was hoping all of the levels would be different and not repeated. If you don't mind the repitition, then download if not, I wouldn't if I were you.
I love the concept of this game but HOLY ADS. Ads constantly. After every image, Ad. Want the gift? Ad. Want more keys? Ad. Want the new holder? Ad. Absolutely ridiculous. The worst part is some of the ads are broken, so when you actually click to watch the ad to get extra keys or a new holder, the ad doesn't play and then the button is no longer clickable. If I didn't like the game, it would get 1 star for all the ads and broken ads.
This is total trash At first this looks fun to play and it is but after every drawing (drawings take about 10-20 sec) you get thrown into an ad so most of the time playing this game you have to watch ads not only that but when you want to unlock ANYTHING any cosmetic you have to watch an ad too even though you collect the recourses yourself so if you want any cosmetics the turn off WiFi trick won't work Overall I hate this game waste of time
I mean, It was ok, but not really worth to get downloaded. If so, then still, just try the game for you're self, because I think that what I said is what I said, and what I mean by that is what I say, doesn't matter, and shouldn't matter for yours.
The game started off interesting enough, but after around level 100 I found myself repeating levels that I'd already completed. Also the button you can click on for an ad to give an extra set of keys, open the surprise box, etc didn't work. Overall it shows some degree of promise, but I'm still very disappointed in how it turned out.
This game is awesome!! I love it!! But there is an ad or sometimes two after EVERY level. I completely understand they offer the game for free due to ads, but there is entirely too many. You should have an ad maybe every minute or two at the most. I made it to about level 15 and they were all very easy and too maybe 15 seconds. That's 6 to 8 ads a minute. Fix it and I'll play again.
This game is cute and simple, it's a good time killer and great for anxiety. However, there's so many ads! Most of the time I'm ok with ads you can't skip if they're few and far between, I'll also pay for ads to be removed if they bug me and not complain. This game has an ad after every level and no paid option to remove ads though and they can be quite annoying.
This game is so fantastic.I loved it a lot.I just played 2 levels and it was like amazing.The people who don't know how to make drawing properly should definitely install this game. It is so interesting.I think it will be my favourite game because (I will not tell because you only have to know it by installing it) But the thing that I did'nt like is that it's loading very slowly. But is so Fantastic.
The game is pretty awesome! Controls are on point. Graphics on point. And the gameplay. But im goving this a 4 star cause theres adds every 2 levels... i wish there was one every 5 lvls or something then this game would grow a bit more, other then adds, love the game, keep up the good work developers!!!
Ok, now I understand that adverts are inevitable and developers need them to find free apps BUT OMGoodness!! The adverts in this app are just ridiculous, I can't enjoy playing because of them, I click on "no thanks" when it asks if I want to ×3 my reward and I STILL have to watch a full 30 seconds of an ad. It's putting me off opening this app, which is disappointing to say the least. Oh well! There's plenty more to choose from Ì suppose!
I'm going to give this a four star because I haven't played this a lot but it's still really really fun I hope there's something perfect to make to me it's still a good and perfect game for me things for letting me play ☺️☺️☺️☺️🤪 it's amazing this is how I'm rating it a four 4+4=8 so if I could I would rate it a eight
This is a okay game. Really addicting when you start playing. I has one suggestion. Maybe get rid of some of the ads. There shouldn't be a ad after every level. I like to review so people know things they are doing good and things they are doing bad. Doesn't mean you shouldn't download it. I am just saying. Hope you enjoyed my review ♡♡
Really love this game. It's very addicting and I haven't been able to stop playing since I got it. Unfortunately though when I reached about level 90 the ads to get new pens, cup and presents no longer work. You click the ad button over and over and nothing happens so your forced to hit the cancel button which causes you to lose your prize yet as soon as you cancel an ad automatically plays. Ads consistently play with no problem but when it's ones we click the button for they suddenly don't work
There are so many ads!!! I know games make money on ads and I usually don't mind but the videos started after the 2nd level and less than a minute of game play. Then they were after EVERY SINGLE level and levels only last 10-20 seconds. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing.
Uh no this game sucks 😣 I mean why? ALOT of ads and also all you do is hold your thumb down to draw and you don't even choose colors or anything this game is a joke
Pretty good game, relaxing. Once you get to level 100 though, the levels repeat, making it too easy, and causing it to quickly become boring. If you want this game, install and play until level 100, then you can get rid of it.
This is an awful game. Ads every 2 seconds. Very repetitive game too, nothing exciting about it. You just put your finger on the screen and hold it there and that's how you beat a level. There's no creativity to this game. You don't get to draw yourself either that game does everything. All you have to do is watch an ad everytime you take your finger off the screen.
I like this game and it is the best game ever and now I can draw and me able to do a bunch of stuff. I wish i could do this in real life inste of a game then I could stain real life not on a phone on the coach or in my room I would rather so it on the table and being able to draw what I want but I still like the game nomad what I still like the game I bvb hooe I will always lien It i might start to hate it after a while i hope not to be able to be on the phone but I have a reason to be on it.
In order to get anything cool on the game you have to watch an add. As in like when normal games give you small things for doing good at the game. Instead they'll give you the option to get something but if you want it you have to watch an add. Many pop-up adds just not worth it for an unentertaining game.
The gameplay is good but when I click ads to get something it's always either the ads don't work or the ads play but I don't get the item. I was playing today and for some reason there was this message button at the bottom so I clicked it and I failed the first 2 chests but the 3rd I got a fake £1000 Amazon gift card. I didn't want the gift card and the only way to not earn it was by deleting the app and installing it again which caused me to lose all my progress to a dumb gift card.
Very cute game. Ads almost every level. Cant get any skins unless you watch ads, even though you're supposed to get them from playing multiple levels? All you do is hold time and there are very minimal obstacles.. if there wasnt so many ads it would be 4 stars....
this game is so exside i love this game there are so many pagw to draw i love this game😊😊😊😊😊😊
Refuses to STOP pushing ads in our faces after every GAME PLAYED! im totally NOT convinced into buying stupidity like buying the ad remover just to play a game whereas thousand of games that's much funner by the way, would let you play up to 5-7 games before ad showing that's how you keep a newer customer and gain a few more remember qualify quality over quantity greed gets you nowhere but spending out of your own pocket to scheme a bit more of nothing
This is the worst game in the whole, entire WORLD. This game is recommended to a 2 or 3 year old child, why would like a adult or a teen play this or even older children play this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. My sister hate this game absolutely nonsense. 0% stars, 0% happy and 100% hate it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Way too many ads. And there is no point of the game. I thought YOU draw it yourself but all you do is hold your finger down. So what I did was click once every 5 seconds and make them wait. It's not even hard. I like a better challenge
Repetitive levels. Same shapes over and over again. No speed pick ups, or other shapes that could have made the game more difficult. Great game for maybe little kids learning shapes and such. Not for people who are much older.
I gave this 3 stars because on the good side it's not glitchy, and there isn't a big load of ads. On the bad side thoooo it gets pretty boring because all u do is hold your thumb down and also u can't choose the colors
It is fun but it repeats the level drawings over and over again and the adds I know how to fix that just turn off your data or wifi. Sure you wont get prizes but at least you do not get any adds.🤗
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
When I choose not to see a reward video, this game shows me a video anyway. Also, when I wanted to see a reward video to earn extra keys, tapping the button did nothing. In fact, none of the reward buttons are working. And then when the reward button actually works for additional keys, pressing a key does nothing. I am uninstalling this now. Too many bugs.
It was fun but every time I watched an ad to get the new holder or to open the surprise box. All I got was another ad! I hate games that have to many ads like this. I watched the dumb ad so I should get the stuff. There's an ad between every level too.
I like this game a lot but this game is not that fun because you need to just put your finger on the screen and it is just gonna colour by it self so that's why I'm giving four star's ⭐⭐⭐⭐🙂
This game is ok at best. I just uninstalled it because of the 1 minute-long unsikppable ads every 15 secons, which is how long it takes to complete a "level". There's also 9 boxes for which you previously earn 3 keys, and they tell you you can win this prize. But, even after watching yet another ad that gives you 3 more keys, the prize is never rewarded. You end up spending more time of your day being forced to watch ads than on the actual gameplay. Install it at you own discretion
Way too many ads. I don't mind playing games with ads; however, there is an ad after every level, and each level doesn't last more than a few seconds. So most of my time in the game is spent accidently clicking on ads and getting sent to the play store. Then when I try to click on "watch ad" to get bonuses and such, it wont work. I have to say no and skip that ad which still plays an ad because I'm going to a new level. I'm over it. Deleted.
I would like the game to have less adverts and I don't want it to have the power turn, but I love the way it lets you draw the the things that they make. 😀😣😀😥🐴
Hello I like the game very much and its amazing for kids it's awesome but I really did you find this because you had working I can see it's also awesome game and can you please subscribe my channel also I give you 5 stars that you also have to to subscribe my channel my channel is study task I didn't give any video but can you subscribe it I only have 6 subscribers and can you help me
I've played some games with lots of ads in my days, but this is ridiculous. Come on you guys. An add every two and sometimes even every level? That's a joke. I deleted the game after 8 levels. Absurd
I gave this app two stars because it is cute, and I love the animation and look of it. But as far as gameplay comes, all you do is hold the screen down, anywhere. It doesn't even have to be close to where the drawing is. I thought you would actually draw things not just tap the screen. Frankly, it's boring.
Decent game so far My 2 main complaints are 1. When given the option to watch an ad to increase the winnings, when i tap it does not respond unless i restart the game. But over time even then it does not respond. I have encountered it in this game and their other game, Popcorn Burst....2. I like the games from this developer but over time they arent very challenging. They more so seem repetitive.
It looks really fun and I want to try it out But when I play it as kept on popping up so it Made it hard for me to finish my darawing but the game is ok
This game is fun but slowly, it became quite boring. 1. When I almost collected all the pens, it started to have alot of repeated levels. 2. Tons of ads. I understand the need of ads but this, too much ads. Lost 2 stars because of these problems. . Pls fix the 2 issues.
Won't let me watch the ads. And it isn't my internet because when there's no internet it has a loading sign but when there is internet sometimes it just chooses to not let me watch the ads for a gift, extra gems, a new holder and everything. Apart from that, it's okay, not that fun but at least it's something to do. But I'm uninstalling it
I love how you always get an add, right after you decline a reward for watching an add. That is the best way to say fk you I have seen in a long time. The game play if you can call touching the screen that, is way too easy. I don't know if I should rate controls 1 or 5. You do nothing, so nothing to control. works perfect.
People the game is listed under casual for a reason. It's meant to be relaxing so yes its gonna be easier than most games. Theres a few games like this out there where its stupidly easy to play but they're meant to l Relieve stress and be relaxing. Go play an rpg if u want a challenge. 3d run is also another good game thats easy but challenging. Go check it out
It was a pretty fun game but whenever I got a suprise gift it never let me open it. Same thing with the holders I got 100% but it didnt let me get a new holder. The only thing it let me keep was the new pencil and I got that from opening a mystery box with the keys I got. I also tried using my gems because I have over 200 and it didnt let me use them!!!!!🔥😠😡please fix this because I want to enjoy the game but if I cant get rewards then what's even the point of playing it. I hoped this helped.
This game is really fun for me and it is a little bit hard when there is a black pole because I kept have to press restart to do it again but I died four times but on the fifth time I got it for once but can you please not put in the black pole because it is really hard to get past the level but I got past it then. Please don't put in the black pole pppppppllllllleeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeee!
Soon as I started this, I regretted installing it. Not even 5 seconds in the game, there's a 30 second. A non-skippable advertisement that immediately sent me to the store without me clicking on it. After every single little drawing, there is an advertisement. I wouldn't mind this if it was after 3-4 of these "challenges." But this. This is ridiculous. It seems like a lovely game, just very ruined with the desperation to make revenue off a free game.
What the heck. This is crazy. I actually got fooled for the first two levels and thought I was drawing. Then I planted my face on my phone and completed the third level. Uninstalled this trash.
It's a time passer game. Fairly easy but trying to collect all the different pens and pen holders is pointless as there are only 100 levels. After level 100 it just starts over. And they're all so easy so I actually got through the entire 100 levels in only a few hrs with me doing plenty of things (real life things) between each level. Not really worth it in my opinion.
I find this app very fun and I like the idea however every time I watched an advert in order to gain a prize it would show me a couple of adverts but would not provide me with the prize.I am willing to watch the advert to gain a prize but at least give me something after rather then going back to the game. Also there are way too many ads it puts you off the game a lot!
I love this game but the only issue that i have with it is that every time i try to claim the prizes it will not let me. It acts like i didn't click on them when i did. Other than that the game is really fun.
This game would be very fun...... if it wasn't for the abundance of ads. I understand you have to make money, but this is ridiculous. Wanna get to the next level? Watch an ad. You got a new cosmetic? Watch an ad. Ad, ad, ad, ad, ad. I'm perfectly fine with ads every once and a while, but not if it's every single damn time I want to go to the next level.
It's really fun and colorful. You can change your pens/drawing utensils. It's pretty easy. You don't really have to think, unless you find the level hard. The only reason I don't rate this game 5 stars is because once you hit level 100, it kind of starts getting repetitive. Like, you feel like you've already drawn them. But, other than that, it's pretty good. There aren't very many ads, and if there are, usually you can just exit out of them.