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Drancia for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by URARA-WORKS located at 兵庫県東灘区住吉宮町3-16-11-304. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Each hero plays a little differently, and when I need a change of pace, it's nice being able to entice a monster in the bar to play hero - with the money a fairy pays you for trying and dying (have not cleared yet). Fun, and easy to put down and pick up whenever.
I played "Slayin" before trying this game and I enjoy Slayin a lot more due to its simplicity and good control. Both games have the left/right and single action button but with Drac its really just the jump button. I find the left and right buttons hard to use in this game because they are too small and i miss them a lot which is bad for a game that relies on precise execution of its minimal buttons. Still a fun game.
I really like this game. It is a great boredom killer, and it's fun and safe for children, too. Though the skill tree bugs me, as it never wants to give me health, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the game too much. You should make a sequel. I would be happy if you did. =3
Breaks from Uni work have never been more rewarding or fun!... In terms of games I have on my phone. One of the best 'Keep It Going' RPGs on the Play store ✅
The game is really hard. Like REALLY hard. Youll die a whole bunch as you try to get good. But the game is fun and has really nice pixel art. Based on the game alone i would give it 4 stars. But when i found the secret character in the items shop, i was so surprised and felt the inclusion was super creative and awesome that it alone desurves a star.
Its a fun game and I love it! I like this game so much I found out how to get SECRET CHARACTERS! Its kinda easy but their prices are high! Speaking of prices, I cant get many gems beacaus of the forest boss. Other than that, its awesome!
I found this game through Slayin, having played it a lot - you guys must be sick of hearing the comparison already. Presentation is good, playing is fun, didn't run into any bugs, or too many ads. I don't know how I feel about the skill tree; the empty tiles for the wimpy monsters have to go, at least fill them up with health. UPDATE: my previous review said I wasn't motivated to collect every character, but, well, I did end up getting them all, including barkeep and shopkeep... so you must have done better than I gave you credit for.
Simple controls and gameplay, yet challenging. Classic style graphics, lots of characters to play and unlock without having to spend a dime, and the ads are VERY minimal. The game lacks so much depth in the story that it almost seems like there isn't a story at all, which makes the 3-4 cutscenes kind of annoying, but luckily skippable. The game control buttons need a more solid layout redesign as they are too close to each other and too far from the edge of the screen.
Excellent retro style game, I play it on Nintendo 3DS as well as my phone, and it's good on either device.
The only thing that needs improved is the lore. An explanation of why I'm fighting, a Beastiary, and an Atlas of the world would add a lot more depth to the game. Also, please make it so that no skill trees have blank spaces. Other wise, there are absolutely no other complaints. This game is super fun and addicting. I really enjoy the "you-live-or-you-die" aspect where you're forced to play through the entire campaign flawlessly. The 8-bit graphics are beautiful and the retro music is great!
I am not sure why people compare it to Slayin when this one came before it, has drastically better sound effects, visuals, polished art and graphics all over lol, big fan of it, love the golden skeleton as my main too, its amazing.
The graphics and soundtrack are the best parts of this game. It's an arena survival game with RPG elements. There are really only 5-6 enemies throughout the game (not counting bosses) that are palette-swapped or slightly altered in appearance. There are a ton of unlockable characters, but their magic attacks are just copy-pasted from standard human characters, and even worse, their ability trees are incomplete and contain blank tiles (upgrade nodes).
Started playing this on my Galaxy S5 and still play this on my Note 10. Really wish I could get an update or maybe a Drancia 2. Love the game either way!
To say this game rips off Slayin is an understatement, this game expanded on Slayin gameplay. You can even say this is Slayin 1.5. A bit rough on the edge especially about screen size (not using immersive mode). Add in more variety in attack mode and this game is perfect.
This is just like Slayin, the graphics are good tho but the characters feel the same only the stat change. Maybe add more variety to the characters like Slayin did.
Very similar to Slayin', but too slow for my tastes. I love the music and love the art though! But the buttons are hard to hit, even on a tablet. I like the idea of more characters and a skill tree, but neither characters not skills change the way you play, which is the biggest issue for me. Dashing and diving is really cool, but every character does it. I feel like each character should have some unique skill besides the magic attack. Sorry, but I'm going to keep playin Slayin'.
I've found out that sometimes the buttons don't respond when I tap on them, which could really ruin my chain and sometimes make me die. This also happened in Slayin too, so I don't know if its the game or my phone. The game is really great and addictive, and the graphics are great too, just this bug makes playing so frustrating.
I redownloaded this after seeing the game in t he eshop for five dollars.better than the original drancia,but can you tell me how to save my progress? I keep dying and lose everything and have to start from scratch.
Tried both Drancia and Slayin for the first time yesterday. I think the graphics and music are why I found this game more charming and relaxing to play, even if the characters don't have unique fighting styles like they do in Slayin.
It's similar to Slayin' in terms of controls but unique in it's own way. Compared to Slayin' which each character has it's own attack moves but lacks story, this one has more story but each character differs from each other through the skill tree. This game also doesn't have much customization compared to Slayin' like the control interface and grave customization. Great game overall with a few improvements needed! Only thing I hate though is the jump. Please make it higher.
This game is super fun, and great for time killing. Only problem. I've noticed is an ad pops up full scree every 15-20mins, buts its fine lol.
i play this game alot! It's one of my favorites so far keep up the amzing work! It's one of the only games I haven't beaten and got board of in a single week being avid phone gamer. Which is a really nice refresh for me. I how ever do have one qustion? I have every character excpt for 4. I know that two of them come with a in app purchase. which is cool and dandy in all but, the other two? Do i have to beat the story with every character or reach a certain level? I'd really like to know to better further my gaming experience!
PROs: *The game is fun as hell challenging levels. *Builds tree random makes you mix your choices. *ALOT of characters to unlock. *Fun and simple combat and controls. CONs: *Almost every boss dies in three hits in the NG, and you can oneshot almost all of them on NG. *You can only go to NG+ after and only finishing the game. I only ask for one thing, please buff the unlocked enemies by replacing the blank spaces in the skill tree with HP restore, that would be really good.
The music is stunning, the graphics is a classic with a retro style vibe, and gameplay is a simple RPG,yet each character are unique when it comes toward their special move. Do I also mention it addicting even with or without paying attention to the story. The bottom line is it truly a great game and it a must play game.
Simple, fun retro-style rogue-like game. To me, it was a bit too repetitive, but there are tons of characters to play and the game is certainly challenging. Play this if you want a challenge and enjoy rogue-like games.
Along with what others have said, gameplay gets boring, same thing over and over again, the characters are all the same. Needs more updates, but saying how the last one was there four months ago, I'm not sure when the next one will be... Slayin is much better since the characters are different
I was so happy to see this, I didn't know what to expect from this. I bought Fairune from the Nintendo Eshop awhile ago and fell in love with it. Thanks for adding her as a playable character. Worth the 99cents. Addicting, and worth every second. Hope you make more!