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DragonSoul - Online RPG

DragonSoul - Online RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fantasy Legend Studios located at 6-10-1 Roppongi Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Minato-ku Tokyo Japan. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I want my money back i have invested. ridiculous that ppl spend so much time & money in a game & it can just be taken away bc someone decides to? thats theft. makes me not wanna spend any more money in the play store or allow my teenagers to either. So ANGRY over this
I've been playing for years. now it's all a waste. love this game. not right to let us all down. rethink what your doing Please we all beg. we have spent time and made friends with people we have never met. this game meant and means a Lot. Love to all DragonSoul players
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Dragonsouls Closure Jan 29, 12:14 Expires in : 119d 20h "Firstly we'd like to thank all the fans who have supported and enjoyed our DragonSoul mobile game thus far. As huge fans of DragonSoul ourselves, the team is proud to have provided a unique and enjoyable game to the players. Unfortunately, we must inform you with a heavy heart that we have decided to close DragonSoul for Android, Amazon and iOS. In the meantime, while we prepare for the app removal and closure of DragonSoul, we have disabled in-app purchases startina today. However, players will still be able to play the game until 201 9/05/08 04:00 UTC. The schedule for closure is as follows. > 2019-01-31 04:00 UTC Disable in-app purchases > 2019-05-08 04:00 UTC Disable distribution for Google Play store, Apple App store and Amazon App store > 2019-05-08 04:00 UTC Disable access to the DragonSoul app For any other questions or concerns about the closure, please refer to the FAQ provided below.
Had the username "You" since the beginning of the game Server 1. Traveled through the top 10 clans. had the strongest ninja ever and won many fight pits even after the timer glitch was patched(which i abused to get tons of wins from the best) Was a very controversial poster in the forums but got alot of love and hate (from the admins). Game was great couldnt wait for updates. Game became horrible called out admins in 2016 got banned. Happy to see game shutdown, had great times and bad. Rip $
Yea just shut the game down. don't try to fix anything or support the players. just take the money and run. hundreds wasted over the years. I hope Karma kicks you f*cknuts so hard you fly off the planet. I will definitely be putting you on my personal blacklist of companies NEVER to support again. you have even managed to top the list above EA. yes THAT EA. the triple A video game company.
These shameful developers and company (Gree International) only want your money. There is no way new players can EVER get strong without spending thousands of dollars. Disgusting practices, horrible marketing and terrible game. Stay FAR away.
A great game till after 3 years and they decided to shut down the game after tons of people spent alot of money. Gree sucks!!!! Do not play their games they will rob you like they did me!!!
Been playing for a few years now. As a guild leader (Psytoxic) on S1 it's been fun. Most of the guild has grown in level together since before we were able to even do War battles. Met a lot of friends that I hope to have long after this game closes it's doors in May. Would hope some other studio buys the game beforehand but that's probably a long shot. Will be kinda a sad day if/when it happens, but can picture many of my friends being online when the doors close.
I played this for just about the whole 3 years it was around and I enjoyed it. grateful they were able to finish the story line (unlike most games that close down) as I enjoyed it for the goofy comedy. things of characters to use and wasn't pay to win. unfortunately did suffer from power creep and old heroes (the og's!) eventually became fairly useless because they didn't get much balance or updates. other than that I have to say thank you dragon soul. I don't regret the money I did spend here
5 stars for game, played it, loved it. 0 stars for the shut down, put a couple of years and not much but just a little (tiny bit) money into it, Very oh so very sad now. One of the few games I always came back to. You got me through so many trying times, distracting me from so many bad decisions I've made. I'm not sure what I'll do now. I'll miss you, I love you dragon soul.
So unfair they are going to close the game after we pay for vip and daily rewards for a year, things we are not going to get from what we pay, and Google won't let us ask for a deserve refund, I hear people on apple can for six months and we can't in this moment I ask my self if I continue spending on Google play. But if developer won't give some kinda of refund I will never encourage of spending in this developer or any other game, I spent on other stuff but not anymore on games.
some retard killed the server 3 months early.... pretty sure the announcement was for May.... so now not only are people going to be pissed youre shutting it down, theyre also pissed you pulled the plug meaning they can't use any items that were bought before the cut off date
slow paced "f2p" game. the paying way really sucks for the reason that the premium purchases are no way close to what they actually cost in gold value or token value in game to earn free of charge. at least this is a better version of summoners war with how expensive the "gem" to pay more for convenience ratio is often over 9x to 702x or much much more. greater than -∞ out of 10
loved the game till now sucks its shutting down ,, tried to contact support to get refund on diamonds no point in ranking if it going to shut down , they still have no responded i want my refund for the unused diamonds
I can't believe you're shutting this game down. All those years and time we've all spent grinding and building up teams and not to mention those who have spent so much money on it to get to the top. I've played this from the very start and put so much time and effort into it and I'm quite heartbroken this is happening. Nothing but a bunch of con merchants only out for money. Shame on you.
it was good until I got the news that it was in the process of being shutdown. I just started playing again and I was looking forward to play the game for a while. But when I received the news, it made me a little mad. The thing is why would you shut a game down if a lot of people are still playing it. Also if people were buying add ons or more gold. There isn't anything wrong with the game so why would you do this. It is wrong to shutdown a game that a lot of people love and still play.
I find it b******* that a lot of people spent a lot of time and money on this game and then it just closes, I think everybody should get a refund back...
It really sucks that we invest so much time and money in a game for it to shut down out the clear blue........why dont they just sell it to someone else.
why on earth shut down the game. surely they make money from this one. the only game I actually spend money on. over 10 million downloads! come on guys you have to change your mind. I hope this is some of Japanese April fools day we don't know about
Don't waste your time. they lack imagination and have proven that by letting players know they will remove it in may. recommend not wasting you memory on any app designed by this company.
These ppl are a joke! Don't tell anyone that there shutting the game down last year so ppl can move on and maybe play another game. They wait till ppl spend as much as possible then tell them the game is shutting down in 2 months. Dragonsoul owners are money hungry ppl. I've got at least $1000 in the game and a lot more ppl have way more into it than that. In May you won't even be able to play the game you've spent money on.
I've spent hundreds on this game just for them to shut it all down. Why not sell it on? You're screwing us all over who's invested a lot of money into this. So disappointed and upset. The only game I actually play.
angry and disappointed. I am an original player from the beginning. I can't believe hundreds of dollars have now been wasted on a game that was played more than once daily.
I think you guys owe refunds to everyone who has played this game. you took a working, enjoyable game and destroyed it. own up to your mistakes and right your wrongs. refunds for starters
One huge disappointment after another. This company "fantasy legend studios" is really GREE Inc, and they're the worst game "providers" out there. If you ever see a game you play get bought by them, just quit. They were releasing an update a week or so ago, but announced instead they're shutting the game down in 3 months. They DID release the update, and they ABSOLUTELY RUINED THE GAME WITH IT. EVERYTHING THEY SAID THEY WERE FIXING THAT WASN'T BROKEN IS NOW BROKEN. I'M CERTAIN IT WAS INTENTIONAL
I played this game a while ago and still cant find words to describe it. Lets just say. its an amazing game an im glad it exists.
They decided to just quit with no explanation after a few years which was not on. No refunds just an end date servers will close in May. DO NOT INSTAL THIS GAME IT IS DISCONTINUED NOW THEY HAVE OUR MONEY id give 0 stars if could. Was good game when came out but new people took it over and ruined it big time sadly. After ruining it they decide to end it. Complete joke.. Lots of money & hours of life wasted building up saving items etc for nothing. If I could go on and complain more I would
the owners of game don't care about customers in the least sad pathetic company I will never play anything the produce and hope others will boycott any of there games a company like this has just one place gone and forgotten
man now what. i guess not all a waste....met a ton of cool people. sad we cant enjoy the game together anymore. thanks gree.
DragonSoul has allowed me to kill time, strategize, meet wonderful people, and become a great player. The downfall to this app will be its curse for having unreliable companies take reign. PerBlue, Gree, and Fantasy Legend Studio had an amazing thing going until they decided to give up on everyone - and rub salt in player's wounds. 3 years gone down the drain. Nothing will bring time, money, and effort back. I certainly expected better. Thank you, everyone! You know who you are! - Bubububu
I purchased a large, daily amount of diamonds right before the announcement of the closure. Developer refused to refund my purchase until after the game closes so they won't have to issue a refund despite the fact that I have not played the game since the announcement of the closure. Why would anyone continue to invest time and money in a game that will soon be discontinued? Extremely disappointed that a fantastic game was ruined by a bunch of crooked, incompetent mis-managers.
money, time, effort... just a few of many things wasted on this game... not happy at all about this!!!
I've dumped tons of cash and countless hours every. single. DAY! for nearly three years and nothing at the end. Not even a viable shot at "finishing" the game? No chance to get anything that just came out in the update, unless you had a thousand dollars' worth of diamonds just laying around waiting. I hope those responsible for the dead game realize that tens of thousands of people hate you with a burning rage. Must've been a tough call. Was it worth it?
I loved the game. I played it everyday for the last 2.5years. It was better when pureblu ran it, then they sold to greedy gree. who in turn ruined it and took away people's perks for paying members. Now this, just up and ending the game. if gree would have listened to the top players and loyal ones then there would be no reason for the game to end. I'm disapointed and heart broken. I will never play another game green runs or takes over again!
Devs obviously care more about the money then the players. Ending a game that many of us have played for years is just a slap in the face.
Don't shut this game down!!!!!! What the hell?! I have been playing this game for years and have spent so much time in playing it and leveling everyone up to have it just end is gut wrenching. Yeah it's just a game but it's one I actually enjoyed playing and kept playing. Just sell it someone else so we all can keep playing!
think i am the last of the beta testers this was the best game i have installled. gree ruined it by buying it then shutting it down,at the very least they could have given it to a young developer who could have advanced the game many people i know spent many thousands of dollars. do not trust gree.ever,please do not spend with gree :) peasant arthas signing out ;)
This game has sucked the time and money since it began now they made there money now they leave. Creators and CEO of dragon soul, You are dishonorable you dishonor your family, your ancestors and future generations, your legacy of being scam artists and thieves will be remembered. SCAM ARTISTS AND THEIVES!!!!!!!! DISHONOR.
I feel so violated. I've spent so much time on this game and it's become a part of my daily life and now after 3 years it's coming to an end out of nowhere? Why? Because you keep losing players? Well if that's the case then just stop pussyfooting around it and start giving us the kind of things we've been asking for I'm new updates. That's what would have kept people playing and kept your cash flowing. More legendary skills, less buggy chat, less random new heroes, and fixing heroes with glitches