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DragonSky : Idle & Merge

DragonSky : Idle & Merge for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
General design is fine, but two main issues for me. 1. Watching advertisements for rewards is broken half the time, having "no ads available". 2. Log in bonus is time limited to 2 hours after daily reset, meaning you don't get any if you can't log on in time.
Very much a merge game. If you're into that, this one seems good. Good tutorial that explains what you need without too wordy descriptions, and the merge mechanics are simple to understand and smooth. You can reposition the dragons, which is cool. Honestly, I got so into merging, I forgot the dragons are technically battling. Seems fun, but I don't have a lot of phone space, so I'm deleting it. But would recommend for those that like merge games.
It's a great game, absolutely LOVE the music! I just have too many games i can't keep up with ALL of them.
This game is incredible. It really showcases the streamlined vision of what future games could look like and feel like. #Keep the Star Seal Box 2020! **(took it away in 2020, brought back in 2021!) ** 6/21 **The bingo battle added is absolutely terrible. They keep trying to improve it but are getting nowhere close...most high level players I know don't even bother doing it anymore, it's tedious, and near impossible to get the good rewards at any player level, fix/remove! #saynotobingo
It's fun if you want to play you can if you don't you still get things. Pvp is fun and random. Dragon design is really good. I do wish for more events targeting newer players the last event I couldn't even get past 4. But if you're a fan of top down shooters like galiga, centipede or pelagis you will like this
Items are way to expensive to purchase. Need to lower the price dramatically to be able to afford it. But its a good game
Hours of fun I love the graphics and there are always awesome dragons! Good designs of the dragons too. (Im picky on dragons looks). This is a good interesting game! If anyone from the Dragon sky creators see this please let them know they did an epic job on the Dragon designs! Give credit where credit is due.
I love Dragons, so this is very enjoyable for me. Still learning the game only level 86 i think, so still a lot to do to master the game. Update 10/16/2020 I am now over level 110 my dragons are getting stronger and accomplishing more in the gane, it just keeps getting better and better. Definitely worth 5 star rating and if it were possible 10 star. Keep up the great work everyone!!
Can you help me,all of my 3 dragon purchases doesn't exits on my list..i love playing this game.i dont want to loss my interest in this just because of those purchases..i am hoping for actions on this...God speed
Extremely fun BUT... one of the most expensive games if you want to try to support the devs. If things were cheaper I'd actually spend some money, but 25 + a month for auto play and no adds... no one time purchase options. 30+ for battle passes... The high prices forced a bad rating for a great game. I will probably search for another game to support. Dropped to a 1 star, legion chat always disappears leaving you with no idea about who has asked questions or anything. Pathetic devs.
I honestly enjoy the game as a time waster as its pretty fun to collect the dragons and I havent really spent money in the game as prices are a little high but I just play it to have fun and collect cute beasties.
Doesn't Launch on Galaxy S9 as of 10/1 *EDIT* Re-install off wifi allowed game to function, and its a blast. Changed review from 1 star to 5.
My favorite Idle game, doesn't require paying money to enjoy. Doesn't even tempt you to need it, you have the option to watch ads for a lot of things and you get gems from a lot of sources as well. Once you start spending money on this your success rate in fusion drops about 99%. I get it, I bought auto play so I'm fusing like 75% more, but I mean wow.
This game is dragon epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well.. there's a few adds. But the dragons are epic.
Nice game, been playing it for months. It's only annoying the prompt if I want to do a merging/fusion of 10 tier 10 dragons, hope it can be removed or can be move/drag
THIS GAME IS SUPER GOOD AND THERE IS BARELY ANY AD'S! But there is a problem its not a big deal but its to easy all the things in the shop I already have and I instantly kill the bosses so please make it a little harder thank you! : ) also please add so you can sell your elite dragons.
Great to be able to play a game that doesn't take too much to play while I'm at work. The dragons are unique and it's fun trying to collect them all. Sometimes, however even when I set the elite dragons to a fixed position, I'll open the game and find them all bunched together in one pile
I love it,there is a tiny problem tho,it's when you get so maney tier 1 dragons,I love that it has a max and I'm a little confused about evolving your main team dragons,it says I don't have enough mitirials and I have enough,I have the dragon the gold and the other requirements for it,idk if you need two of them but if you do then please tell me if that what I need
Save yourself, play something else. This was always moderately pay2play, yet engaging enough for free players to stay competitive, but the Chronicles update is a dramatic separation in power levels which mocks the efforts and time-investment of anyone unwilling or unable to drop LOTS of $$$. The update adds more than a literal year to organic progression. As a top20 player who has slowly-but-gladly spent over $1,000, I find this new paywall particularly shameful, because it was a wonderful game.
every time I log in and every single one of my 10 tear dragons have disappeared and they merged I'd rather have my 10 tear dragon's back or what is the point of spending money on this game? I am expecting a response if I don.get one in 24hrs (830pn) I will like ALL the money I have put in to this because its playing without my knowledge and thats not how the game is being sold to players! I should have a say in how I play it and it shuld be up to me the gamer (the payer to player)
I'll be fair. The images for the game look really good, which is why I gave 2 stars and installed but the game doesn't seen to turn on. I don't know if this is just for me, but whenever I play on the app, I only see the name of the developer(s) and then the app closes. If you have any advice as to how I can fix this, I will be very happy. Thank you.
Once again, i'm having a loading problem. Ive been trying to get into the game for almost six months. When I first left a review on the problem and seeked help, I was told that it was my netwirk connection or device, but no matter what network i'm connected to i still have the same problem. It just wont load. I've even tried using different devices, and my phone data, but nothing seems to be loading.
the latest update system is ridiculous. Five x mystic legendary 7stars awaken three times dagons! who has those in this game? you will frighten lots of free player away! if that is what you are doing, you won!
Pretty addicting, but overall low quality. Gets repetitive almost immediately. 3D dragons are more likely to cause nightmares than anything else. Very unoptimized. Eats batteries, and might cause crashing on older phones. Considering how rough the models look, there's no excuse; there's just no effort. Extremely suspicious that it demands permission to basically take your Google account. Then it asks to use your phone? They'll just sell your info. This is app is an immoral quick cash grab.
I enjoy the game alot. Merging dragons which I always have loved. Play don't delete or forget just log on when ever
Love the game. My one and only complaint is that I spend 50 gems to spin the lucky wheel every time I spin and more often than not the prize is 30 gems.. so basically I paid 20 gems to watch a prize wheel animation.
It's a good game been playing for quite some time however the rate of of higher dragons is only 3% and when you get your team of legendarys you can't advance unless you p2p and that take alot of the fun out of it. Over all it's not the best not the worst.
Ever since update, the app closes and it didn't get past the Com2us logo. Tried recent app close, force close app, uninstall/install, phone reboot. I would love a fix. I enjoy this game a lot.
Fix bug, can't launch game...!!! Give me back my money because monthly auto play which is currently active, cannot be used....!!!!!
So angry right now. Made in app purchases(way more than i should have) and now i cant even play the game. Each button i tap takes me into a loading screen with huge wait times and even tells me server connection timed out. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME, DO NOT INSTALL! Yes, i checked my device and everything on my end before making this review/complaint.
This is one of the fairest F2P games I've played, they're generous with bonuses and in a few months of play I've accrued over 60,000 free gems. There's actual gameplay instead of just tap + idle and the graphics are great. 5 stars, well done devs on your fun and fair game!
This game is super super super fun I keep runing out of gems but after a day or so, I have more gems. But it won't let me do the update and if I can't do the update I can't play. I would give Dragon Sky a 5 star review but the update stopped me.
One of the best game, excellent graphics and designs, the only problem right now is that I cannot convert any of my dragons into soul stone pls fix this!
This game is so fun but the only thing i think you should add to it is a way to customise the dragons you have and one more little thing is to change up the music to the game i love the starting music mabey just put the music from the biggining into the whole game or have an option to change the music if we dont like it but anyway this hame is awsome i love it!
You can advance your dragons fairly easily without having to spend all day doing it. I love this no pressure way of playing.
Do you think you could lower the month package just a bit? At least make a separate auto play purchase. $24 for 30 days is pretty steep to just watch your phone play for you.
Used to enjoy game and the release of new dragons brought diffrent aspects to the games end game. Then they released the chronicle dragon a way to pander to top paying players where you have to have played for almost a year to even get and participate in strong get stronger while the weak can never catch up the devs completely monetized this game and i am sure this cost more than half thier player base... i quit after over a year of dedicated play because of this garbage.
Great, but the game keeps randomly turning into a blank grey loading screen randomly which completely stops gameplay for several seconds at a time
A very good game with a lot of fun things , like this game a lot. Best thing about that game is that it is add free
It so great but when you pass a stage it's not much difficult but i still love this game THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVS and this is the best idle and merge game EVER. THANK YOU but I Have 1 issue it cant update and I can't play it anymore :(
Fun game very addicting. Unique and cool dragons. Plenty of ways to increase, level up, stat up, and grow. Legions are great. Bonuses daily. Been playing for over a year now.
All I see are male Dragons! Where Are The Female Dragons!!! Also compared to months ago the rate up gone really bad. I used to get legendary but now non existent. I used so many shinies combining. Nothing.
The game keeps crashing on multiple devices and it's very frustrating can't even play for a sec.it loads up to click to start and shuts downs and goes back to home screen but is still open in background when I clear all apps it's still there but pushed me off and not allowed me to play with!!
Boring and it's not clear how to change worlds or do anything. Game chat seems to not function for legion.
Do not play this game!!! It is addicting. You will lose friends, your spouse, and your job. You may end up homeless and have to sell everything you own to help pay for your dragon addiction. "Just one more legendary and I can evolve!" It never ends.
Great app! Love the style, all the dragons! Thank you for answering my previous question. Anyways, love the game.
Not a bad game. I really like it. But the getting of shiney dragons is such a grind though. But each stage could have its own music instead of the same constant loop we have. Maybe merging normal dragons has a slim change of a shiney like i dunno 15% or at least 5%
This game is very well done. From all the cool dragon designs, to most of the content. The rates of getting legendary dragons are pretty great too. Sadly I can't give this game a 5 star rating because of 1 thing. The prices in this game are way too high, $24 for montly auto is way to much. If it was around 8-9 dollars I'd get it in a heart beat!
Overall fun but difficulty jumps massive and suddenly. And the drop rates for dragons are extremely low.
I play this game. And yesterday about 1 day i cant login. A lot of people can't login too. There's no announcement from the developer, nothing like this never happend. And when i can play again, there's no compensation. It's like really nothing happen. Bad magament
Can you make Purlilith, Azasel, and Bivir easy to get? 😂😂😂 Chose them to make 7star dragons... And please reduce the price of items available... Those are heavy for me..
It was good up till it gets grindy AF and becomes boring. The wheel is rigged never to give out good rewards. Been playing for near enough half a year and barely any progress. It's a nice looking game but meh.
Hi DragonSky, since I didn't specifically describe my idea for the update hear me now please. For multiplayer, you should be able to pick one of your team dragons, then have cool terrains pvp, bosses, and clans, I don't care what bosses you add or clans you make, as long as it fits my idea for the multiplayer. Thanks if u think about it!😃 Still playing the game!! Love it!!
It's a fun game and I really enjoy it. However, for the in game money, it's a little over-the-top spending. $20+ packs. These packs arent even worth it, one legendary dragon, 1 million gold and some soul stones that you can make easily just by waiting. Who would want to spend $20+ dollars just as same as waiting.
Well you got pay the price of the MB but the game is sooooooo legendary Edit: well its just awesome i really like the new stuff that you added Everything is well made Props 😉😉edit: wow the 1st game that update sooo common i really love the game
Going to uninstall this game... Getting mystic legendary is so hard,even one copy of mystic legendary can take 6 month to get... After many years I can get awake 3 mystic legendary then I can get chronical dragon by my awaken mystic.... Means I have to wait many years.... Getting game material is very hard... How any player can wait many years for just one full updated dragon...? Bye bye dragon sky
The game dev is not taking care of this game seriously. NERFED 2 months released mythic dragon by 1/2 its power? Do you even consider how much time wasted for people who invest on the drags. The compensation is not worthed and its given to all players. Not who are at disadvantage because og your fault! 1 more thing. Where is this promised 1 year legion war. Is making money the only thing you care? At least give a proper effort.
Good but geared towards big wallets... Nothing is cheap at all and what is affordable in the slightest is not worth buying... Most games nickle and dime you to progress but this game even tho is free gives you 2 options only... Have a large spending limit on your credit card or grind for a few years
Constant loading issues. Don't even tell me to go into the settings to "inquire" because it doesn't even load all the way through with out freezing at some point. Let me guess, 10 diamonds free for the technical difficulties?
Very fun idle game! I come back every day to check, and improve my stuff. Then turn it off, and come back later. Love all the new dragons they are adding, and skins! But seems my ad watcher will turn off, and on. One moment I can watch an add for boss battle or auto play. Then it turns off, and I can't watch anything for a few days! Not sure if a bug, or if trying to get me to spend gems! lastly they only give all the attention to legendary dragons. Wish rares, and epics got stuff too.
i love the game, been playing for about a month now, however ever since the last update it has been very hard to get the freebies with ads....keeps getting no ad available no matter what time...i hope u guys can fix it, thanks p.s. great response from tech team, issue resolved within a few hours after my post. however, there are still some instances that i still get the same issue...
Your "lucky wheel" is BS and so is the support. If ads aren't going to work, just remove the option. Oh, and I asked a simple question about two weeks ago and have yet to get a response. Couldn't even get an answer on the Facebook page. I wish i could give you a fraction of a star.
After last update game will load and get to tap to start and for awhile it would get to offline summary then freeze I sent message to developers and they said it was fine well that was days ago (5) and I haven't been able to play sent crash report to Google with details and have cleaned cache and Uninstalled and re-downloaded to no avail HELP it's a great game and I want to play I did email they said nothing was wrong! I did contact developer they said "We've checked in on game connections"
Honest review I've been playing for a year probably now Visual feels: Very impressive graphic, great starting page sound. Gameplay: Becoming very very repetitive after you reach stage 2200, very bad statistic( i mean oh c'mon my stosachs have 50k dps but when i'm bored and trying to prove the dps stat, per shot could make 262.4k damage and it could shot 8 stone. Means 8 shot/10sec, means the 2.1m/10sec = 210k/sec) seriously it's making us player can't strategize very well. 3. Super grindy
Excellent game play, interface and fun idle game. Amazingly beautiful art/graphics! I'm quite impressed with this game especially when Com2us are the developers!! Great job guys on creating a great game! From the artwork to the game play, it's nothing like SW and that's awesome! ♡👍A+++
It's amazing! I love to play it so much Sadly it's not working currently Only having a blackscreen nothing is starting up But keep up the amazing work!
I got some thing in the store and i didnt get it . Also i had to edit 😯sorry i didnt want too . So yeah for that i give it a 3 star its good but i didnt get it it made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad i try a little but it did nothing im not buyin now soo dont buy i gave it 2'400 im sure so i might unistall it 🤔 i dont want to though.
Its fun and I love getting a new dragon. But the dragons weapons are to high to even get maybe if you get them at power 450 they would be useful
this game requires internet connection, yet i feel like i'm playing in Single Player mode all the time, boring contents.... should've had real-time multiplayer Co-op boss hunt mode or something like that at least
After a year back, i tried to play this game by my same Google play. Game only loading from the last 8 hours is there any kind of help your team do. I would love to play again.
The game is amazing. But i have a few suggestions can you make more recorces, and can there be a mode that lets you plat as your dragons?
I literally just downloaded this game onto my new tablet and got it set up with my google acount to the screen where it says 'tap to start' and when it goes to the loading screen, which is blank, the app closes itself and I'm back at my homescreen on my tablet. I've tried closing the app completely and re-opening it a few times with the same result. Extremely frustrated as I was excited to play this game, and now I can't and will have to remove it. Anyone else experienced this issue?It also lags
After playing it since October 2020. I can say that having minimal ads is a plus. The animations are very good. I don't like the fact that it's feels very grindy and at times very repetitive. And I do find that there is certainly a lack of a story despite the interesting descriptions of the dragons. When you start the game there was a story that existed and suddenly went away. I do recommend the devs to add more story elements to the game.
I enjoy this game but I do have a few issues. First, how come there are no free ads in the game to get the free rewards? Secondly, why did you take dragons out of the shop? What is the purpose for this? Third, the new shard collection mechanism is totally ridiculous. You need to go back to the old mechanism. We should be able to collect OUR shards as soon as we get them.
A lot of fun, fair in game currency system that does feature a P2W shop but game does not feel forceful with the "sales". Worth a try for idle game fans. Edit: Still good game but prices are a touch too inflated. 10-10-2020
Since 1 week ago, I kept having issue to watch advertisements. My play progress is slow to accomplish the game mission. Today 6/04/2021. This game can no longer open in my Realme, Oppo and Huawei anymore. Thank you for your response. 7/04/2021: After I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game app. I could no longer open this game with permissions. Can you really help even though I have sent complaint to your designated site. No reply though
Been playing for over a month now and have spent less than $5 in the game. I bought the early srater pack it offers. I have not seen anything I would consider to be a pay wall. Everything is attainable normallly and it gives you a pretty good new player offer. No forced ads!
I love how the game is customizeable and how you earn coins and gens easy! But not to easy to where its not rewarding! I love how everything is affordable and has GREAT quality. I mean if you actually wanted you could become one of the best players w/o spending! Omg its just so good!!!
I love this game so much, the beautiful graphics and design of the dragons are quite unique! I've been playing since the game was still very new. Now that it has been a few months, I got to watch this game grow and develop. It has became such a masterpiece! 💜 Awesome job you guys!
The game won't load, i waited for several minutes but nothing happened. I had a good wifi connection. Why?
(Update) This game is still amazing its awesome, the update didn't really change anything major which is great! In current, my favorite dragon is Lovariel, Lovariel is just sooo pretty! But anyways, this is the best rpg game i have played yet! The graphics are just so good everything is easy controls are not to hard to learn or what ever, but it's just amazing, and i still highly recommend getting the game and keeping it!
Great game but taking out the games best dragons from all but 1 area in the offers is dumb as you have to work so hard and spend money just to save up enough Tri, Azi need to be more accessible you want money's get it but why should I throw more money at you if you just make it harder to get these dragons, not to mention is 24.99 to get a second copie if you create it FIX THIS! I like this game but this update is terrible
My favorite mobile game aside from Pmon Go. Just let the game run and earn dragons, its fun seeing progress with your team. I have been playing close to games launch, and I play everyday with 2 accounts. Its easy and fun to play even for free.
It's not my type of game, but it is interesting. It's like the game combined dragons but in airplane arcade mode. You combine dragons to make better dragons for higher dps to pass stages. During this process you are rewarded by gems and materials. I don't get why is this fun. I actually find it boring. lol. However, overall the game is neat. I like the UI, it's easy to navigate. The features and rewarding systems are vivid on screen and simple to understand. Their simple UI earned my 4 stars.
Great game. Terrible free spin experience.... you'll find yourself hitting that free button for hours... before it will let you get your free spins... because no ads are available... it forces you to use resources... terrible
This is my new favorite game. I love the variety of game modes and dragons. I'll be honest I wasnt sure if I was going to like it when I downloaded it but it's fantastic.
This game is incredible. It really showcases the streamlined vision of what future games could look like and feel like. With the backing of Com2us(Summoner's War) Only reason for 4 stars is the ads system needs work and the game is still very new. #Keep the Star Seal Box 2020! Update 4/2021: Almost lost me with the new bingo battle, terrible addon sry. They brought the Star Seal Box back in 2021 and finally improved the daily log in awards, keep doing these and finish fixing the ads pls 4.3*s
Grundy but a good game. Really like the concept. F2Play is really limited on daily progress. P2Play is really expensive, 20+ per pack. But the auto play monthly would be worth that Enjoying game and will keep playing for a while
Update: the server is much more stable now, hopefully it stays that way. Fun idle game, love the designs of all the dragons. My only wish is that gold was more plentiful. Everything costs so much, so you have very little ability to invest in multiple dragons and experiment with your team.
Meh! You cannot appreciate dragons if they're fighting all time and in vertical scrolling. Probably its only me, but after few minutes I get a little bit of sickness from too scrolling. I have to go in the inventory to get a "pause". I hope you'll make a sort of sky island like for summoners war where its possible to get few time of relax from 'stages' / 'dungeons'... and be allowed to merge dragon in that isle.
Very fun I play it with my friends and we have a lot of fun I love the surprise of merging two tear 10 dragons
I love this game and it keeps me busy I love it and miss it soo much. also when I was a kid I played this great game but then I DELETED THE game I regretted doing that it made me so sad I WAS ON A HI LEVEL :(. (.*)W(.*).
I've been planning this for a couple of months now and I find it fun and easy to play even though I cannot buy anything with cash because Google locked me out of my account. It's super addictive and got some of my friends and family to start playing too. I only need to spend about 20 minutes or so 3 or 4 times a day and I in the top 40% of the server.
This game is incredible. It really showcases the streamlined vision of what future games could look like and feel like. With the backing of Com2us (Summoner's War) I can't wait to see what future updates will look like! The only reason for 4 stars is the ads system needs work and the game is still very new so it needs more work. #Keep the Star Seal Box 2020!
Enjoy the game, but found with new update that menu options on bottom of screen disappeared. I can't access store screens or such. Thanks for looking into the matter.
It's good, fun, well balanced. I just wish you could start a new account or had different servers. You see I like the game so much I wish I had more than 1 account to play on.
I used yo have this game but ut said "try again later or restart" so now it won't even load now this game is pretty much unplayble i keep trying but nothing will work but this game wad fun but now i can't play it so if they could fix it i would easily rate it 5 ☆ Please fix the problem
I purchased the limited time beginners benefit lv. 1 bundle. i was charged but I did not receive the item. scam!!!
What happen? I was play since 2 years ago. But since 2 days ago i cant online at all. The game keep force close by it self after "Nova Core" interface. Please fix it or i will uninstal it 😩
Connection issues not experienced with other games, crashes, bugs...game is fun when it actually opens, minus 2 stars due to frustration with app stability. Update: no stability issues any more...really fun game...gotta grind for the long haul
I've had the game for over a year now, and its really fun. I have one problem. Lately, every time I open the app, it crashes after a few minuets of loading.
Amazing game, long term playability. While it may look like a merging game at first, its not. Its more of a developemental dragon rpg. The game is geared for a long run, you cant get top tier stuff right away, it will take time and patience. But its been fun along the way, so high marks in my book.
Really a lot going on all at once. Great graphics. I use a Samsung Tab A, so on a phone it might not be as good, but love what I get from my Tab. Spent all night playing this game!
Would like to know what the gold dragon is in the lower left corner when in dragon icon also need to be able to get dragons easer . And to help developers they need to lower the prices of stuff But all and all its a nice game
Graphics are top notch. 100% idle definitely......or you can sit and play. Has a couple PVP options but could use more including rewarded events. And the best part is it is NOT PAY TO PLAY. Keep up the great work and hope to see some awesome updates in the future.
I'd rate this game 5⭐, but everytime I try to watch an ad (for extra rewards), it keeps saying " No ads available " , then after about 3 minutes of try to get the ad to play, the game crashes, and have to wait another 2 minutes for the game to load again...If this issue gets fixed I'll change my review to 5⭐, but as it currently is, the game is practically unplayable. (Suggestion: if there's no ad available, you could have it auto give the rewards. Rather than having the game constantly crash.)
I have purchased the auto play for months and the dragon and battle passes. Plus other in-game purchases and since the last update I spend more time watching the loading screen then playing. 7 months of playing down the drain
Limited dragons, very expensive top-ups, lacks customization, and extremely terrible PVP matchmaking. An example is being matched with other players who are 40-50 levels higher than you not once, but 5-6x out of the 30 chances you get in a day.
DragonSky is a truly beautiful app. The premise is simple and easy to understand- it's just a top down scrolling shooter game. However, if that was all it was, I would not be leaving such a high review. The real magic of this game is the amount of effort put into every single detail it has to offer. The dragon collection features completely optional stories to read about every dragon which have incredibly rich and charming lore woven into them, and utterly beautiful 3D models and animations. <3
Game would stop in the middle of playing. Out of the blue it went black screen. uninstalled today. Won't reinstall as I'm noticing too much bloat in com2you apps. Also had issue with Summoners War
This games a great time killer and when i first started it was way better then today. They keep adding new dragons which is fine but just a pain making it harder to level up current ones. My biggest complaint and will not change until this is how it used to be i cannot open the game without it constantly starting from the splash screen which takes nearly a 2 min wait just to load the game.... this is unacceptable with the newest android device out there or iphone it takes forever to load... bad.
Only True Free 2 Play game I have ever seen..as you lvl up,rewards lvl up..gives plenty of diamonds to help you lvl up...you got to try this game!Dont get discouraged with everyone elses lvl...been playin 2 weeks..already hit lvl 200!Best merge game Ever! Gives lots of free stuff..love this game!
> edit, your suggestion doesn't work but it works after reinstalling. Anw, nice and fast support, appreciate it >> Same with previous comment, always force close even before the novacore starting page.. What's happened?
Great game but the drop rate for materials is really low. Difficult to progress with such little rewards in materials for upgrading dragons. No room for playing around with other dragons. Also whats up with the shiny dragons? The drop rate is ridiculously low. Increase shinny drop rate. I've yet to get one from just fusing the dragons. The auto play and battle/dragon passes are good a little pricey. For non paying players there should be more friendly play maybe. Over all not a bad idle game
Hi.I have been play this for a year and is very fun but the loading is to fast and I dunno what am I looking yet but I like it so much and right now I am still so love it and pleads ad this at the game I want you to put free dragon if you very day join so plans make it and ty.
I having problem's starting the game. It just shows a black screen. I tried many things but nothing worked.
Grindy but a good game. Really like the concept. F2Play is really limited on daily progress. P2Play is really expensive, 20+ per pack. But the auto play monthly would be worth that Enjoying game and will keep playing for a while
Not a bad game but could use a few improvements. The spawning of new dragons needs to be more orderly otherwise you end up moving the wrong dragon to try and merge. Some things aren't covered in tutorial and you're left to figure it out, not really a bad thing but maybe mention what the categories are about before letting us figure it out. Overall it's a decent top down, idle, dragon shooter
The latest update has killed this game. Was an "OK" Game where you could still progress without paying real money but now it seems like you have to pay for EVERYTHING! only thing worse it the actual prices of the things your being made to buy
The support is terrible and shamed com2us. I played the games cuz it is com2us's game. However the support is lack of games knowledge and made mistakes. Always ignored questions and closed the case. The only time they give fast reply is when there is $ purchase issue. That's a shame. Add on, good thing is you can pay some money for auto play and top all the f2p players. We play 1 week is as good as f2p play 4 weeks or more
Cool and relaxing a totally new experiemce in gsming. Getting frustrating now. Dragons are so hard to level up everything is so overwhelming when you are free to play. The in game currency is crippling my progress everything is so expensive. I love this game but ir is hard to enjoy most of the time it is redundant when you are at one level for so long. .
it's really fun and all but I don't really know much else to say but I recommend it if you like dragons and merging great time passing game🙂 of course you don't have to get it but if you don't trust it for the policy it will be fine it's trustworthy
Been playing for over a year. Today on Samsung phone the app closes on the game developer screen and says application error. Can't play. Please look into it and fix immediately. I sent screenshots to your facebook. Hope there will be some event or compensation. Unable to do dailys and lose a lot gems + star coins. Heard many others have same issue. (Edit)- I cleared the application data which fixed it.
Great Game With One Problem So this game is really fun and I really love playing it but one isdue I've noticed since the last update is my inability to get past 230 million damage on the legendary boss before it stops. My dragons have 75% health and there's 35 seconds on the clock but it just stops.
This is an awesome game with fantastic graphics! The game play is easy to learn and use. I like that the dragons look lifelike versus other games where the dragons look more like a cartoon. I only gave 4 stars because you can't use a dragon's special weapon until a certain criteria has been reached in the game, which I haven't been able to reach yet.
Everything about this is amazing. I love the update(s), good work on this game! It's my favourite game and I always play it in my free time.
It's nice but I think the animations that appears when you start the app slows it down alot. The animations are AMAZING but not practical. Just my opinion.
This is probably the best game i have ever played. I never thought i could play a game this good. Suprisingly i have not found any bugs. keep up the good work!
I love this game and I will tell all my close friends a stranger who asked me what game on playing when they see me playing on my phone in public oh that's Sick hey what game is that I like being known for being nice $2 and sometimes really loud and annoying but merely the one person he really wants a friend sounds kotor creepy when you read it back to yourself but I've already press the button to quickly to post it so it's just waiting for it to be accepted lol
Love this game.... Longest game I've ever played and because it's an awesome game for dragon lovers lol.... Download and play today. Come on the discord app and talk and learn many helpful wonderful people from all over the world in this dragon community
I decide to return to this game. Guess what i got? I stuck on loading screen. I've post this problem in FB grup but there's no response.
I bought a dragon on the shop for 2400 gems. But i could not find it. What a rip off. Sent an email to CS. But no response. Booo!! 👎👎👎👎
Well you got pay the price of the MB but the game is sooooooo legendary Edit: well its just awesome i really like the new stuff that you added Everything is well made Props 😉😉
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I love phone games that are simple, fun, accurate to the advertisement, and it doesnt require a bunch of brain power.
Rigged the odds as soon as I started paying for more than auto play. Weapons dropping 2 3 times a day didn't drop once in a week Terrible cash grab app that will take away access you paid for after you calling out their shady acts
You will like this game if your into merging games. The tutorial is easy to understand and there is a wide range of different dragons. I just find it quite hard to get a legendary dragon apart from the 19 hour prize and the lucky wheel. I think I speak for others when I say this but you should really increase the max level. I'm seeing loads of people on the highest level and I think they all want some upgrade to it. I personally think that this game is amazing. It's a great way to pass time!