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Dragons & Diamonds

Dragons & Diamonds for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Kiloo located at Kiloo BΓΌlowsgade 68 8000 Aarhus C. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun game, easy to lvl up heroes. Just watch some ads & spin the wheel, only complaint is the energy system which means I cannot play more 😊 Please bring me more lvls, 3 starred every lvl but still not unlocked the rogue?
New to game and finally something enjoyable. No timers, easy to understand, easy if color blind to find what you are doing, self explanatory, fun way to pass time.
Game is ok. Your characters die in 1 or 2 hits. You cant direct attacks to specific monsters. You only attack from L to R. Gold is hard to come by for upgrades and the character shards come a little easier. The puzzles become more challenging and so do the creatures. Its all about strategy but that's hard to do when the puzzles are blocked by debris and chests. energy consumption is bad. You can only play 3 or 4 rounds before waiting for energy. Lost interest and deleted game.
Fix the double ads rewards.....and why do we need to use energy to get the rewards in the mines come on 10 energy for 36 gold coins that's a joke man I can get more than 36 coins with 10 energy if i play the levels I can get 18 coins for 2 energy....please make sure that we don't use energy to get the coins in mines rather make it time based otherwise it's ptw and I don't like ptw I am a ftp players and it's difficult to wait for energy and time us also factor I can't enjoy full game..
Game is Ok, there is quest per stage which is nice touch, try it but be very careful as game does intend to roll back. Edit - when game mention found a save file u pressed donot load the game erased everything. Very horrible glitch/designs i deleted the game as this 2nd time made this attempt. As it roll back erased a character i paid for as last time i clicked load when game mention found save file. Thats just frustrating. Skip the game you will regret it
Was good and then lives just went every move when I started they were only getting every second move, not the case. Needs to be fixed asap to what they said was happening πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’. It takes far too much life off the good guys, needs to be sorted ASAP or I will be deleting and never downloading again as I WILL BE SPENDING ANY MONEY.
This game is a lot of fun. The art style is really fantastic and the music is good with some nice sound effects.
I've only just started playing this game but it's good so far! Will update my review when I've played more of it
I have downloaded this game and completed all the levels and Ihave been waiting so long for the new levels to open up just wanted to when would happen
1) Girl on the loading screen is very creepy looking. 2) You should be able to double cards and energy in the "spin the wheel" game. 3) Allow player to buy permanent extra heart with gems. 4) Fun game but too time consuming to get coins after reaching level 10 heros
This game is pretty fun but it's missing a character, i beat every level with 3 stars and beat all 20 stages but im still missing the Rogue character how are you supposed to get her
Great match 3+ battle game but glitches out alot. The big glitch is it doesn't save properly. Three times I had a menu pop up saying It found a precious save file and should I load it and I press yes but it was old stuff, I was on area 11 and it took me back to area 8. Reluctantly I kept playing. Area 11, I could not 3 star the stage with the dragon even if I met the conditions for 3 star. Now I got to area 20 have a few level 10 characters, the save glitch erased my progress. I stop playing.
Now that i have played a few days i will be deleting. The event where you had to win a bunch of times without losing. I filled the bar completely and recived nothing then lost and had to restart. But i wont cause im deleteing bye
This GAME is fun,...but it DOES, need an Update. The game drags when the stage is complete and, sometimes the bonus stages don't play right or at all and you lose your bonus. Please fix these problems, other then that, Thank you for a game like this that is offline. I Like it. Sep. 27th 2020 @ 9:20pm EST,... THIS GAME NEEDS A PERFORMANCE UPDATE,.. IN THE WORST WAY!
Have uninstalled as I have no wish to watch videos and spin any gambling wheels, that wastes battery power needlessly. It seemed an interesting game up to that point.
I think this game is great! I've played the match-3 type games like this but never a connect one. I'm really enjoying it so far! Been playing a bit too long... Just a couple things that I think would help improve overall gsme play would be better access to stats overall, especially during the battles. Also, would be cool to know what each character gains up on upgrade before we do it, just would be nice. Having some incentive, see.. ;) The boards/backgrounds we have to play with during the levels can be a bit challenging; thought at first I'd be able to break the surrounding rocks by making connections. But. I get the boxes. But there just seems to be a lot of stones. Still a really fun game overall! Excited to open more characters... well see how much longer that will take, and I may update my review. I really want to get to some more of the female characters in game, as there aren't as many when starting. Thank you for creating this free game for us all to enjoy! Look forward to future updates. Thank you for your time and consideration! πŸ‰πŸ’ŽπŸ²πŸ”₯πŸΉπŸ›‘πŸ“¦πŸ˜‰
its okay until you reached a certain point in game. once this happens the game starts having too many restrictions on puzzle part. it makes it very super hard getting your 3 stars per level and also puts too many stipulations on the area in gameplay which inturn makes it very hard to defeat enemies because you can only get what the game allows you to get to match gems on fighting. there are way more better and fun games on play store that doesnt do this. thus i feel this game is not worth playing
The amount of gold rewarded is tiny compared to the cost for upgrading heroes. The more you upgrade heroes, the harder enemies hit. 5 heroes at lv.5 and have NEVER taken more hp off enemies than they've taken off me (enemies usually take off 2Β½-4 times what you do). You'd be lucky as hell to play 4 symbols per turn, much less 5 or more (the norm is 3). All in all, would be a fun game if it wasn't such a huge struggle from the first stage the just keeps getting worse.
Too short. a really nice game with enough opportunities to get coins (no need to get cards as enough given through gameplay). Level 11 needs to be completed with wizard. It can take time but what is nice with Kiloo is that you don't need to spend any money. it will take longer (need to revisit passed levels to get coins but it's fun and easy with stronger cards) but you don't have to spend any cash. Also: keeping streakes alive is the more important than getting the three stars in on go
This game is awsome. I'd give it more stars if I could just for being able to play it offline! Thank you for making this game!
Fun game and I hope it doesn't get too difficult to upgrade stuff but it's a quality game with top-notch music and sound effects. Good Times. Before too long they put too much stuff in the way to even be able to make a combination. By the time you break through, you're out of moves. Ruined it. It was a good game.
I have no idea how I stumbled onto this game but I'm thanking my lucky stars I did. It's a battle match 3+ and they keep it simple to play, which is nice. As for people complaining about watching ads for a wheel spin, that's optional, no forced ads which is rare and much appreciated. I believe some people are just professional complainers and probably the same people who want something for nothing and think they deserve it. Fun game, give it a whirl.
This gem games is awesome just like candy crush. But this game is much better for me because of the gameplay, character, graphics, challenges etc. Im a graphic base gamer. So base on this game i actually love the graphics and the colors of the game overall this is awesome and addictive game. I wish a big updates in the future although ive already finish the game to area 20 im excited to see the next level and the additional hunters, dragons and difficulties of the game. More power godbless!
Pretty neat graphics, cool hunters and abilities along with quests. Nice single player RPG with match 3 based feature. Recommend.
this game is awesome.. however.. I have beaten every level and have achieved all the stars with the exception of the last star on the dragon level of world eleven.. it seems no matter how many times you kill the dragon with the bomb.. it fails to register.. is there an explanation for this.. as it is incredibly frustrating... and if you could.. when will the new levels be available..
I played this game a year ago. It was okay. I cleared it and deleted. Now I decided to revisit and start from scratch. Surprisingly nothing has changed: same characters, same graphics, same UI, same stages.
Would be a 5, but if you not spending money you can only play about 5 minutes at a time because the energy needed to play continues to increase! It's bad enough to have to watch ads... I knew this was to good to be true. The game play is awesome
Can't get past the when were you born, keeps shutting down when I enter my month and year, very dis-appointed
Quite annoyed to get to level 17 on the map and then lose all progress. Is there anyway to reset??? I had a lot of hunters at level 10... I can't quite believe I'd have to start again...
This game has the potential to be a really fun game. The 2 issues that are holding it back are 1) the game board is small and all the additional game play elements in them are designed to limit your actions. As a result, you are usually left with only 1 move, is that move going to kill a hunter, oh well. 2) the game does not give you near enough gold to level your hunters. As a result I have 6 hunters waiting to be leveled and no gold, despite farming gold for 1.5 days.
This game is great, when it decides to actually load and/or function. I was stuck on the start up screen for several minutes, no loading. I tried every trick to get it to load over the past several hours, no luck. It's also a nightmare just to try to spin the wheel for prizes every ten minutes, as the videos won't load or freeze five seconds in. It'd also be great if leveling characters didn't cost so much money in comparison to how little exp is recieved for leveling them in the first place.
Eh? I love the puzzle style, but your progress feels glacial at absolute best. And this before the energy hike in costs. Concept is phenomenal, not a great experience.
Great game. Lots of fun, very addictive. Only down side is that it didnt work with samsung game launcher app.
I love the game. One suggestion I would like to make: give us an option to mix the diamonds up. I hate it when I have no choice but to sacrifice a Hunter, especially when I have no hearts left. Perhaps let us start out with x amount of shuffles, with a booster available for more. And opportunities to gather more. overall great game. thank you
πŸ€“While playing this game in my heart love grew up for this kind of puzzle games 😊 & no doubt now i am this game's big fan becouse it makes me entartaining & fresh whenever i plays it😎!
Decent enough match 3 but not very much to do other than farm coins. There are also so many obstacles on every board that theres no strategy, you just play what's given.
Wowzers! Didn't think this would be as good as it turned out to be :) totally loving this game so far.. well done development team πŸ‘πŸ‘
Most of the matching games get boring quick. This game holds my interest with a good story and unique gameplay
Add grinder. Watch add to get bonus, watch add again to double it get really boring, really fast... When you reach stage 3 or 4 your game comes to grind holt... I been grinding the same stages for days now, unable to progress in the game... Energy system to play stages is meant for you to pay... Start game, play for 7 minutes, wait 40 mins to play 1 more stage... Nice gameplay, one star for that, but it way too little of it...
Very good fun game n easy to understand n play , plus for all ages ,,, if ya love dragons n gems game the Defoe must play !!!!
Fun game, but it gets VERY hard a bit into it. Not a lot of strategy guides or playthroughs online. The ones you find are incomplete.. It makes me wonder if everyone quit midway through lol
I tried buying 2 gem packs & I haven't received the gems or a refund yet. I sent a email requesting a refund but all I've gotten is a automated response saying that they're looking into it. That was over 2 days ago. It only took you a few seconds to take my money, but no gems & no refund. I'll never buy any booster packs from this developer. Cost me over $6 & I have nothing to show for it.
Only on 2nd level, but so far seems to be alright... At least you have to use your brain a little for this one, 😁
When I first started the game it forced privacy permissions before I can load the game. Then it wouldn't let me connect my Google Play account. I tried the gameplay, it's okay. There are others that do it better. It's a drag and connect the gems instead of the normal drag and match. I played until I unlocked the second map and then another tutorial popped up forcing me to watch a ad for a chest to continue. I'm good, I uninstalled. Bad first impressions of the game and then you force a ad...
Awesome play,Liking the way I can replay areas to gather prizes and up grade.Purchases are worth the price.
been playing for a couple weeks....games great!...haven't had to spend money cause I think about my moves...it's not just luck.,,it stsr strategy. ...i have all the big guys....but don't use all of them..cause the ones I use work...people who complain about having good to buy chests don't think...people don't get that....bring ur brain to the game and it's fun as hell...and challenging!
Good so far but I did have to use the 60 crystals you get early to buy coins to lol up. Small complaint.
Good game but there should be more energy if that will be there in the game then the game will world's best games
Good game but keeps reseting to an older save file, not wasting time redoing levels, so have removed it.
Good game but like all games you have to spend money to get your heros higher I finished all of the levels and still got 9 I can't promote not enough gold or gems .u don't get enough playing the game to move up in hero levels so you will need to spend
Pros: Graphics, Game Design, and Fun/// Cons: Leveling cost, Glitches, and Needs more levels/// I have finished the game and did spend a small amount of money. Hopefully they will add more to the game soon.
couple of issues with this game. first is it is extremely slow to get coins coming but that's typical of any game trying to make a profit this one is just a little slower than typical games. The second issue is the lack of random gem placement. board after board wave after wave, gems will fall just enough so that you can do three green this time, or three blue Etc. the game is over all is okay and it's got promise it just needs some serious fine-tuning
It has an okay theme,the only thing i didn't care for was the puzzle play.It feels like you are forced to make certain moves due to lack of options.
Good little game. No forced ads, cute graphics, no bugs, not pay to win, try it out yuy might like it.
I was fairly impressed with the game and enjoyed it for about an hour. I fully understand apps need to make money. I am not against watching ads or making in game purchases. I can't count how many ads I patiently watched in an hour. HOWEVER, even though I waited until all ads ended before touching the screen, twice within the hour I played, I had apps basically auto-download and installed that I did NOT agree to. I am uninstalling and avoiding future games from this company.
I love the graphics, I love the animations, I love the gameplay but I hate the hints, wish there was an option to turn off the hints. Game really needs more hunters but it says coming soon so looking forward to that. I think hunters should be randomly dropped in chests rather than unlocking them by progression because perhaps the older hunters in my party will be replaced by the newer ones I unlock as the newer ones seem to get better. Over all the game is great but but get rid of the energy! And as I said I hate the hints it really puts me of because I don't want to be helped as it takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the game having my hand held like a child, I'm more than capable of figuring it out myself. If only just started but I also hope the game board opens up more as i progress allowing me to link larger combos. Would be helpful to know beforehand at the start of each game what is the enemies attack damage? Spin wheel is a little shy in rewards please increase the rewards slightly. If you like match 3 link games then this one is well woth a try. Perhaps I can rate 5 stars after future updates but for now its worth a fair 4 stars.
This is a fun game until you hit the pay wall. You cant afford to level up your characters. They have a great game they just need to spice it up a bit more and make the winnings a bit more so you can play longer then I might be willing to put in some money. I would need more hours in, then it gets harder to let the game go w/o finishing it
Fun match/strategy game. Doesnt ask you for money all the time and throw ads in your face. Characters are cool.
honestly a good game. no overwhelming UI with 20 different events going at once with complicated upgrades, nor does it have a tutorial that babies you through the first 10 minutes tap-by-tap. the only thing i wish to see is more happening on the gem board...the infrequent power ups from the matching bonus dont keep the gameplay as lively as other match games, BUT im sure this type of content will reveal itself as the game becomes more popular. keep it up
really like this game, think it would be better with guilds or alliances, would that be something you guys would add to the game???
Simple, fun, and the music sets the mood. Unfortunately it heats my phone to over 100 degrees. It is not a game to play in warmer months.
Game has good premise and could be enjoyably. Energy us an issue, you can play a few stages but then have you wait. Game becomes stale very quickly.
Great game for a match 3 but it is a bit difficult to gather coins as you don't get many for finishing a level or for spinning the wheel so it takes a while to upgrade your characters. The most coins I have had at one time was 90 and that's only because I watched an ad to double my prize. Can more coins be paid out or use less for upgrading
It's great but then you get to a point where you HAVE to spend money to progress. I've got multiple characters that have the shards to level up but i can't because the amount of home that drops is very little. It's a money hungry game created by scum bag developers trying to make a quick buck. They have a ad system built in so i don't understand why they have to gouge their players. Uninstall. Stay away from anything made by these trash ass developers.
Putting the ratings down as its getting impossible to clear a level in advance stages without spending. The devs should consider to include a shuffle button at least once a stage so that the player can work towards earning a star and plan accordingly
Two things. The game charged me twice for the $3.99 initial special purchase of the rouge, diamonds and coins but I only received one purchase. Plus there is a glitch in the 2nd area where you can't collect all 24 stars even though you start to collect them in the 3rd area.
Why can't you use more than one knight etc at a time it would be more fun and a bit more exciting. It's a good game.
It was fun, hard but doable. It had great balance. But then I hit area 7 (village 4 in particular) and the only way to progress is to spend money. I even went back and grinded a little by getting 3 stars everywhere else. Still can't beat that area without using items that cost real money. Now I don't mind giving a developer some cash, especially for a well made game like this. But I hate when they balance their freemium game to force the issue.
I've only had the game for a couple of days, but so far I really like it. No forced ads, and you don't have to buy the good heros like the other games. Game play is very fun, and challenges keep it interesting. Lives restore quickly. I only knocked it one star because sometimes, like tonight, the app doesn't open at all which is very frustrating when I want to play.
Must consent to all kinds of invasion of privacy and data stealing to play. Not worth it for a bargain-basement ripoff of every other match 3 game.
Really enjoying this game right now. perfect time killer. this had a good mix of a lot of different aspects of other games that I really liked. I'm on the 2nd area but it doesn't feel even remotely p2w. it's not even that kind of game honestly. I could see myself throwing a few bucks at it to support the developer and get some cool hunters but you never need to for a long time I'm sure.
World 10 and 11 heroes said they unlocked but they havent. I defeated the dragons and the heroes spoke to me to say they will help but on the hero select screen it says hero not found yet. Please fix. No reply from devs either.
Fun game and I hope it doesn't get too difficult to upgrade stuff but it's a quality game with top-notch music and sound effects. Good Times.