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Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game

Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by GiantMonster located at Mita 3-chome MT Building, 3-10-14, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's Okay But the coin to food ratio is rediculous. 1000 coins for 75 food when it takes over half of that too feed one time? No. The amount of time to breed and then to hatch an egg is waaaaay to high without the ability to get gems more easily via videos or completeing tasks. This game is a desprate attempt for money and I will be uninstalling soon unless it's fixed.
This is a dragon game that exists. I have been going through differ dragon games, trying to find the best one. And holy hell, this one has some HUGE issues. First, it is somehow only vertical. Second, the fighting is just like everything else. Third, it gives you whiplash with how fast things go starting out. At least it looks like some geniuine effort went into it, so that saves it from 1 star.
What happened to the gems that we could give along with the moon stones? Advancing isn't as easy as before. It's like you have to buy it if you want it. It's a good game but I just can't spend real money on a fake dragon. So I guess I don't advance any further than where I am. This was my favorite dragon game. I am sure to watch every add so you make money for my time playing.
Decent game but it lacks events to play and rewards. Need more food,gold and a little more free diamonds rewards. From events or ad watching.
IT IS SO PRETTY,litterly if I play it there are millions of dragons to get but one problem when I was going to buy gems and food it did nothing I lost all of them and it took all my money in the game all the gems and food to I really hope you could fix this but u still made a great game!
Absolutely on of the best games I've ever played. I absolutely can't get enough of it. Totally and absolutely a 5 star rating for this game is for sure.
Ripoff of Crash Fever team set up and Brave Frontier combat. They copied brave frontier combat down to the bone just with worse graphics, they didn't even bother changing what it looked like. I do not mind similarities but downright copying is what this game did. If you do not believe me than download brave frontier, look at the combat style and tell me it's not copied. I do not recomend this game and I'm sure if I played further I would find more copying but this game was so bad I had to stop.
Amazing work on the game, it is beautiful and so much fun, but there is just this one thing that got me upset. Whenever I got my blitz monster and leveled it up, it wouldn't show on the team. Also when I tried to breed the Earthquake dragon and the Blitz monster together, both of them disappeared when I got back on the game the next day. That's the only thing that is wrong with my game. Thank you and hopefully you can get this fixed.
It's like all of the other it's like all of the other dragon games it's like not the best dragon game machine but it's a good driving get dragon game like he did because I just I bought an edited and then I braided it to them and then I waited the other guy two-headed I keep reading until I had a lot of guys and then I just literally beat it the first like 5 letter levels without trying
I loaded the game up and found it very fun now today the next day the game won't let me load in it just says connecting infinitely will change if that gets fixed
I would give the game 0stars if I could. It is a bad game, support is terrible. I emailed them only to be ignored. Sadly I spent a lot of money on the game and ended up having lost energy, lost orbs, I didn't get the dragon I earned and when they had free orbs on the the map battle I did not get them. My game freezes up and I lose my orbs,energry, eggs,and I have a new device that has plenty ram and speed. My internet is 600mbps so I know it is the a game issue. Find a different game.
Game is extremely bad, eggs disappeared from Storage and dragons disappeared from habitats and support from game developers are extremely poor. I accumulated like over 200 each of Blue, Orange and white rocks that too have vanished. Have stop playing this game until they can fix my parks or returns my missing eggs, dragons and my rocks.
Like the game but completely unrealistic breeding goals and the game constantly resets the ridiculously long breeding/evolving/hatching times meaning I miss out on the timed dragon events. Just happened today, evolved my 2nd witch dragon and the game took it out of the hatchery and put it back in the evolution so I will completly miss out on the zombie dragon. A whole week effort wasted!
This is an awesome concept, but the game feels slapped together, and gameplay elements felt off balance. For example, progression through the battle map was halted very quickly because I needed to collect 11 different dragons while I could only hatch one egg at a time and the total amount ime it takes to breed and hatch the eggs can be an entire day or more for a casual player. There is an option to hatch more eggs at once, but gems are super expensive. I would like to try it before I spend $50.
I enjoy this game but I wish it would translate the other langauges to english so I could talk with my clan mates.
Some times in PVP you can take out every other dragon except 1 and that 1 can wipe your team because it can now use a special movie every turn. When you receive a gift from a friend you must watch a ad to receive it. That's dumb. The prices of the gems are way to high. Things that cost gems are ro expensive it costs like $5 for 100 but most things cost 500 gems or more. The animations in the game are lazy the best animation is the little red dragon on the loading screen. The loading screen looks better then the actual game. I played this for around 3 days and never reached level 10 on any dragons because fruit it way to expensive to get and it takes for ever to get it.
So i knew bout this game thx to my sis. Its so fun, u can do a lot of things and much more. I dont give it a 5 star cz u have to wait a lot of time to get food, breeding, evolving, eliminating stuff, etc. But i rlly recommend it.
This is the worst dragon game I have ever downloaded, it said the battles were intense, but literally my brother trying to get his pacifier was more intense than the fights in this game. Also since I didn't have any gems, I had to wait 10 hours to get my egg to hatch. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is so freaking slow, and the wait times are terrible. If the person that made this game sees this text, go into my account, put 100's of thousands gems and gold, then we can have another talk.
Good game but its infuriating when you do a level on the adventure Map and get 13k food as a reward and then do the same level immediately afterwards and get 3k food.
Constantly losing progress. Every single time I get off the game and back on later I've lost the last 20-30 minutes of whatever I did before I got off. It's terrible, I'm constantly having to rebuild, rebreed, redestroy things because when I get back on it reverts back. Fix yourselves or I doubt i will play this much longer and I'm sure I'm not alone. There is no way I'd ever spend money on the game when it cant handle something as simple as saving my progress.
I think it's a really good game for kids my kid loves the game and it makes he happy he shows his friends and me them all the time
I liked dragon games but THIS game is too frustrating. The goals page will tell you "get all these dragons and get a reward. So I get the dragon and it doesn't even acknowledge that I got it. Come on folks!!! This is ridiculous !!! I'm 66 years old! I dont have time for this kind of frustration!!!
This game is SO AWESOME I love the constant events. You usually have to wait a long time for one. I also adore the Dragons. Everything about this game is AWESOME!!
Horribly predatory; no fun unless if you pay. As soon as you're out of tutorial, the game loads you with a reward that you can't completely claim without spending premium currency to bypass the ridiculous waiting times or being VERY loyal to the game with your time. I love dragons but this just isn't worth it.
i love the game from getting eggs to battling other players but it would be better if either battling dragons/monsters or players it would take the same time when you finish the battle and takes away the same time on the hatching,building,getting new island,growing crops and destroying rocks trees and bushes (like if you agree)
Another issue I'm having is sometimes my process isn't saving. I go back in and buildings I've bought are no longer there and i have to place again and lost all the previous time. Especially frustrating with buildings that take 24 hrs to comp!ete and then have to do all over again. Same with hatching eggs etc, progress sometimes doesn't save.
So glade that I'm not downloading this game, people if you want a fun game with Dragons that are both cute, and funny? Download DRAGON CITY now been playing for two years I think I love all my dragons weather they win or lose in battles or quests. Yes there are Challenge s that get you Free Gems. Love dragon City, so check it out you won't regreat it. No joke very honest game and Will Not Cheat You Out of your own pocket.
Was a 1 star but changed to 5 stars. Had an issue and they were right there to fix the problem so thanks
I like this game because you can decorate your island and collect dargons and you get to defeat other dragons for rewards.
A fun game, but it has bugs the Admins aren't addressing and they allow 50 friends, but only 12 gifts can be given per day for some reason, even though you need to watch an add to get the gift so it would make sense to have as many to give out as possible for more add revenue. Mix that with the large number of Dragons that can only be gotten by spending money and I can't really say I recommend the game, which is sad since I have been playing a full year now in the hope that it will improve.
Very good game. One of my favourites. But the game needs some improvement please make it so that we can discard eggs because most the time when you breed dragons you get dragons you already have and you have to wait for them to hatch then sell them. The hatching time is a pain waiting for a dragon you already have please make it so we can discard breeding eggs that we don't want. And it would also be great if we could trade dragons with people and chat with other players outside the guild. That would be awesome thanks :)
Watching your dragons grow is an exciting process that holds you in your seat to play the game. There should be a shorter way to get food for ur dragons besides buying it. Otherwise great game.
I uninstalled this game I was on level 53 tried to update to get seed farm, I had to start all over now I'm beyond mad,how do I get back to that 53 level,an no I didn't get the last i.d number!
I really do understand why some people do not really like this game, I get it, there's ridiculous waiting times, and it's not AS good as some other dragon games like Dragon City, and Dragon ML, and what not, but to me, this game is just too underrated. I like how it's like JRPGs, which I love those, and I like how when you battle, you get food, eggs, and you get XP. So to me, I give this a 4 out of 5.