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Dragon Story™

Dragon Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Sorry for the 1 star, I love this game but it can be very buggy I keep having problems when it gives you the option to watch a video for a reward or "watch and battle now" it let's me watch a painful ad waisting my data and then I don't even get the reward. More recently I've leveled up and it gave me a bomb and said I can now mine. It tells me to go mine but when I click on go mine nothing happens and there is no mine where the mine should be. GREAT GAME! but please could you fix these bugs!
Good enough except Ive been trying to breed a diamond Angel dragon on and off going on 3 years and just light dragon what the? Also I would like to purchase nicer habitats with the millions and millions of coins I collect from my habitats.
The game is cute but I'm not a fan of luck-based mechanics. It feels unfair to do everything right and still not get prize (refering to the breeding portion of the goals).
this is a fun game but even when you get what you need to for the wild gem dragon to erni it and then have it taken away from you as well as you could before give gold to all your friends once a day and now you can only give gold to 3 friends a day that's not right you making us choose over are friends just to save yourselves some money. and unless you have a sale on gold or anything else it is a lot of money the price needs to come down. if you want 5 stars then fix it all and I will give you 5
Worst game ever. No one in the support solves your issues ever, you can keep mailing them but they will reply after weeks or after the event ends and then they will blame you and say that you have connectivity issues and will say that we can't make any changes in the game because there is no issue in the performance of the game. Worst support team. Uninstalled the game and will never play any storm8 games.
I love the game so much ever since I was small. Good graphics and has wide varieties of dragons. But the big problem of this game is only one: its "broken" currency system. Things are just overly expensive here. Everything, like habitats, dragons, expansions, decorations, buildings, and weeds or foliages are time and money consuming. Please make the currency system more balanced, and not too expensive. Also I keep accidentally press speed up with gold. I hate when that happens.
I recently downloaded this game to my new phone because I've enjoyed playing it in the past. The loading is so slow and frustrating, now I remember why I stopped playing it before.
its a fun game but it likes to delete thing without notice. like it did my gold bars. thank goodness it was the bars that the game gave me and ones i earned though game play and not ones i bought. and not to mention the game i started before making my storme 8 account, it deleted all my progress. storm 8 team, might want to look into this guys.
love the game, been playing a couple years now, some improvements will make it better.. unlimited giving/receiving gold gifts, be able to trade dragons with neighbours, reduce gold cost on habitats and dragons make things a bit more attainable, and give more farm land.. feeding cost lots but hard to keep food up without more farms. these suggestions will keep people interested and more interacting in between waiting times..
I really love this game ...... but now I am having issues with it, i had to factory reset my device and since then the game won't load please fix this issue and will give the game the rating it deserves!!
It's a great game but after a while it wouldn't open and say that I need an internet connection when I was clearly connected to wifi. Please sort out this problem. I have an Samsung galaxy s8 and don't know if it happens to anyone else but please fix it.
i would have given this game 5 stars but everytime i get a new phone i lose everything i have built up . and the higher the level the slower it was thats why i got a phone that could handle it and i didnt get to see if that was the problem or not and even being logged n on my fb acct and still everything GONE
A fun game that keeps evolving into new adventures all the time. Lots of dragons too. I enjoy seeing what happens when a new baby dragon hatches. Also a generous community of neighbors helps keep the fun going.
Dragon Story is an extremely fun and addicting game. I could play it for anyone from 5 minutes to a few hours at a time. There is usually much to do everyday. There was one problem I noticed, which was facebook login. It would not allow me, or many other people I know, login even with different branded devices. Otherwise and I quote "this is one of the best games I've ever played."
I waited this a 3-star but I would have made it a 4-star or even a five my only just like about it is it takes too long to load up there has been times that I thought about deleting the game but I like my dragon game if you could fix that bug then I would probably read it a 4 and 1/2 5 star
i loved this game when,i was about 8 and decided to get it again years later to see how much fun it still was and was only dissapoited to see the game has become glitchy and you have removed almost half of the dragons! Its unbelievable how a company will destroy something so great in a matter of years.
I have played this in the past and it is a very enjoyable game. The reason for the 1 star is because during gameplay I will evolve my 2 dragons and the game keeps backing up and bringing me back to lvl 1 dragons in which I'll feed and evolve again, then it knocks it back down. Cannot enjoy this version with the kickbacks. Tried transfering old data over with my storm8 ID and nothing transferred. What's the point of having a storm8 id and not being able to keep all the progress you had????
I used to play this all the time. I had to switch devices, so I decided to start from scratch to enjoy gameplay again. Stuck at the beginning because when I had to breed my Fire&Nature dragon, the game glitched and went back to before I even evolved them! I thought it was just a random glitch until I kept trying over and over. It kept making me redo the evolving and breeding and even feeding them. Used to love this game, but now it isn't so great as I used to think. One star. Wish I could do 0★.
Its a fun game with a good community, but a lot of problems. 1) I just get frustrated trying to re-arrange my layout. Really wish it was possible to just switch location of 2 habitats. Instead, I have to have the space already open to move a habitat to. The whole process just ticks me off. 2) Tons of pop ups... Takes forever to actually get to the game bc all the ads. 3) LONG LOADING SCREEN! Now i can deal with 2 & 3, but 1 just ticks me off and makes me want to throw things. please fix. please.
I used to play this when I was Five. Im so glad I found this again. I can just stare at the dragons all day THERE SO FRIKKEN CUTE!! This helps me when Im stressed or nervous. Keep up the good work!
This game is addictive and fun to play. However, very fustrating with its popups trying to get you to play their other games. It can take you a few minutes to even start playing because all of the popups. I would rate this higher if it wasn't for the popups.
Playing for the 3rd time. Still love it! How long it takes to load is a bit annoying, and it sometimes kicks me out at times. But that might just be my internet not agreeing with my phone. ^.^ EDIT: a few questions. 1. why can't dragons i have discovered stay discovered in the codex? 2. and why shouldn't i be able to make discovered dragons again, for super cheap? 3. why can't i delete things from storage, without needing to place them? all those dragons lags my phone, hardcore.
Love the game, but it always gets s glitch after playing for so long. Like you plant then it pauses and you have to replant. Right now thisis a constant. May actually have to delete off my phone
this reason I play this game is because of the dragon design but it is clear that it s all about money. if you don t spend money you will not be able to get most of the dragons in the game. they made system where you can craft dragons for free but it s a joke because to craft a single dragon it would take me over a year to get the materials for it. so not paying money makes you miss out on most of the game.
Update this app, it's making me loose points n goals bc it keeps freezing up and or completely closing out. love the app but I'm not going to keep putting up with all that and NO it's not my tablet, its brand new n has plenty of ram. will rate it 5 if y'all do a working update that is.....🤨
I love the game so much. i even got fast help getting my account back. but the thing is the game would shut down before it even loads. its very grafic intinsive. I wish there was a way to stop animarions lower the grafics and stuff on it. once I get into the game if I could. I can tap on a few things and then it wouls crash. plz plz plz find a way for it to work for low end grafic tabs plz!? I also wish this was a pc based game on steam that would be awsome!
This game looks amazing and I was super excited to get it. However I wasted all of my fruit leveling up my dragons and they just went back to whatever level they were before whenever I recieved a quest. It's really glitchey and loads really slow. I would recomend some other game unless you just enjoy getting mad.
I actually enjoy this game, would love it & play multiple times a day if it didnt takes forever to load (3 mins) oncce loaded you have to get thru all the pop ups. Play this game, this is on sale, create this dragon..It takes more than 5 mins to get to actually playing the game. I also think its ridiculous you can have 100s of neighbors but can only send & recieve gold from 3 people. There should be a select all when requesting items from neighbors. Its time consuming & not the good kind.
I really love this game and I've been playing it for at least 5 years. It's so great in every way except for the currencies. A lot of the things in this game cost gold and it's so difficult to get gold unless you're forking over actual money to the people that made this game. And everything that costs gold, costs A LOT of it... so even if you buy some now you'll have to buy more after one use. It's kind of frustrating.
I found this difficult to really get engaged in. The art isn't anything special, the ad quests are irritating because they force you to open the quest when you start the game, I just can't find anything special or interesting about this game. I like dragons, this was disappointing.
This app SUCKS. It drains battery 2 times fast, and it keeps taking me back to do the same quest over and over again. It is a waste of time, storage, and battery. If you want a good dragon game, get Dragon City. If i could rate this app a zero, i would. Dont download this game, it sucks. The dragons are way to expensive, and the first time you breed, it takes 8 hours for the dragons to actually breed.
You basically have to use gold if you want to get anything out of the events and the game. There have been gold traps and known issues for years and they have never taken the time to fix them, possibly knowingly. They just keep adding dragons and more dragons, and increasing the difficulty of the events and the scarcity of food. After years of playing I have finally had enough and I am unistalling.
This game is too cute. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because of loading times and adds for other games popping up as soon as you get in the game. Also, I don't think it gives you gold when it says it will give you gold for playing the games it advertises. But the challenges are fun, and the competition is fierce.
All i have to say is PLEASE update!! I know you update it on iOS and that's not fair to us Android users. And island goals need to be more organized than a really long scrolling list. I have maybe 50 goals and looking through them takes forever. And it's a challenge to expand the island when I need the room.
Ok so the timer got fixed. Not sure if the game did it or Storm 8 did it. I still have a major problem with how expensive everything has gotten. Feeding dragons at level 10 didn't cost 2000 or more when I played 9 or 10 years ago. And half the things they charge for gold they used to charge coin for. It's pretty sad when a kids game ( or so called) charges so much for kids to play. And I'm an adult that plays this game with my kid. always have.
I have played this game since middle school, and I have since graduated high school. I have a bit to say about it. While the older dragons (forest, fruitful, wild) have detailed animations and do things such as breathe, prance, and stalk; newer dragons tend to lack this animation and are less interesting to watch. There are also far too many new dragons to ever breed or collect. It makes one feel like they are drowning in dragons. The game also advertises for other Storm8 games within it.
This game is kind of fun soo the thing that so stuped about this game that ONE ITS DRAGONS LOOK SO UGLY😡 oof this game is like dragon city but i think dragon city is better for me well dragon story that game takes so long too get more room⛰ BUT THERES A THING I LOVE ABOUT THE GAME U LOVE IT TOO💓 its so fair that the coins can BUY SOMETING i buy someting cool the coins nice job. one more thing i also LOVE THIS GAME❤❤❤❤
Just started. Seems fun so far... but it kicked me back to level 1 dragons in the 1st 15 min of play, after I spent my emeralds to speed things up! Which wern't refunded. Seems very glichy, will probably un install.
I love this game, played it for years but the currency is a huge issue, and the items are away too expensive, its a fun game but spending money to be broke after one purchase isn't worth it, you need to fix this issue please and thank you.
The game is so much fun I really enjoy playing. However I wish it was better, and easier to collect mystic maps, which are needed to expand, The current methods is are time consuming, and kind of impractical. The same goes for collecting gold. Theses are the only things that stopped me from giving it a 5 star review.
Takes forever to load! once the game finally loads there are an insane amount of popups or ads. ( so many ads and games it wants you to download) so several minutes later when you FINALLY get to the game itself. It is a fun game. I do enjoy playing it, just annoying taking so long to get to the actual game itself. You also need wifi to play, not just data. It will not open of I'm not a connected to wifi, so not a game I can play on work breaks.
I had a a lot of dragons on my islands, but when I had to replace my cellphone, everything vanished. I cannot retrieve my progress because when I tried to log into Facebook to do so, it said Facebook connect isn't available in this version. Any advice to retrieve what was already built?
I love this game but... You have made the game where we no longer get far enough to get the dragons. I haven't gotten far enough sense you changed what prizes we get and the order in which we get them. Please change it back to the way you had it,the only thing I'm playing for now is gold and food. Unless I use cash that is! It cost you nothing but it cost us much time and I'm worth my time. Thank you
I use to play in 2012 and I come back to find that the game has changed so much and I enjoyed the game when there was nearly thousands of dragons. Now when I play this vesion I feel that I lost alot of the enjoyment I had in 2012. It doesn't feel as smooth as back then. This game was my life I would ask my mother for her phone everyday just to play this game. I just wonder is it just me that the game feels different. I wonder if its just the game isn't working anymore.
Ads pop up a lot during gameplay and the loading screen is rather a long wait. The graphics make up for that by looking pretty good. They really need to make more items/dragons available to get through breeding/coins instead of buying it with gold. It really needs to be optimized as it is really laggy and drains battery fast. If you are an impatient person, don't bother downloading.
Hello. I just downloaded this app and while I was teaching my daughter how to play it we ran into some issues. The problem is that the quests keep restarting and starting us back to the begining. We leveled them to lvl 4, started breeding them and then the quests pop up to do it again amd our dragons are back to lvl 1. We had high hopes for this game. It looked like it would be perfect for my 6 year old. I hope these problems get resolved so we can continue to play the game. Ty for ur time.
Love love love Dragon Story! I just have one thing to say. I keep watching ads to battle again for free and it tells me I have earned one free battle but doenst let me battle again. please fix. Other than that its awesome. I would love a novel based on this game.. and I would love to write it!
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The game is not bad but the amount of pop ups when you open up the game truly sucks and that there is no close on most of them and after I open and close one another emediantly pops up after, it takes longer than I feel is necessary to get through all of them, big waste of my time
cool dragons and neat events but takes forever for some of the things to finish. really loose interest after awhile and dont want to play.. really should shorten some of the times on things. ok am i the only one that didnt get the blue egg at 750 hearts on the current game cosmic flair it said i recieved it but its not showing in my storage..
Not gonna lie i love this game a lot but theres only 2 things that i hope they would change/fix. The battle arena is very fun ive had this game when i was very very young it wasnt a feature but when i redownloaded it was there i mean i love the arena buuuuut i love the feature but when i do a battle i wanna do it more so i watch an ad to go again but when i click off the ad the one hour timers still there. and i hope the beast element is available to see in the store along with the habitat.😁 😊
I love playing this cause I am responsible for New and Wild different animals. You get to take care of animals and enjoy hatching,raising, and evolve them. You just don't know how much you enjoy it till you try it.
it's very slow to start up. the game takes forever to load going to a different island or other places and it glitches quite often. I lose food because of it. still a fun game. but they need to do something with the amount of player playing it now.
I absolutely love this game! I personally think this is one of Storm8's greatest creations. The graphics are great, and the instructions you are given are simple! I also like anything with dragons, and the privilege to chat with other gamers! The gameplay and controls are also fantastic, as you don't need to do much for controls, the gameplay is great and has a compelling story. 5 stars, I'd reccomend this to ANYONE!
Played for 7 years on multiple mobiles devices, I even swaped from iOS to andoird. Didn't recover old account as I didn't mind a fresh start. 📌▪️Overall solid simple free casual game▪️💯❗ 🔹Interactions are relatively safer then some other games.🔹The interactions themselves are easy, like adding friends, receiving help, returning help. I also play & recommend other storm8 titles like Bakery story!
I like to play this game, and i have been by playing it for quite a while now. but i am disappointed. because this game is not working on mobile data it only works on wifi. i have other storm 8 games like restaurant story and bakery story which work on mobile data. but this game dragon story and one more fantasy story just don't work on mobile data. i mostly like to play when i am travelling. but these two won't open. it sucks. storm 8 please fix this
ive played this game for a very long time its great but its got problems ive had to start from scratch on multiple occasions i lost my main acc that had over 4 years of work and grind but i loved the game so i just restarted and got well enough time into that acc then i had to get a new phone i tried to log into my storm 8 but i forgot my password and i didnt have the option to change or reset it so i had to restart again all i can say is it is a great game but you need a forgot password setting
I love this game but right now it's glitching a lot. the dragons I disenchanted are back and it says dragons are breeding but all of my dragons are in their habitats. can you guys please fix this? (it's been glitchy for the last week. not saving things the first time I do them so I had to do them again. ) like I said I really love this game and I don't want to reset it to stop the glitch. I have 8 very rare dragons and 3 rare ones. please fix the glitch .
Adorable dragons, but I can't progress. :( When I first got Dragon Story, I fell in love with all of the cute dragons. However, I don't recommend the game unless you want to devote LOADS of time and even money to it. It crashes a lot. I can't get any more dragons because I CAN'T EXPAND MY PARK; I can't get more space without getting help from my neighbors. There are SO MANY POP-UP ADS. In addition, gold is extremely hard to earn and way too overpriced to buy. Get DragonVale instead.