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Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game

Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CyberGoldfinch. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! Just wish it had a easier way to find your home, like tap a button and an arrow shows where your home is. Then, I promise to rate five stars!!!!!
It really nice but it kept freezing up time to time especially when flying maybe update the flying machinics a little so it keep freezing up again and again? Anyway I recommend the game it's really fun and realistic like if your a dragon and the the artwork is really nice to that's my experience so far I recommend this download it!!!
Great game, animations are amazing, I don't mind the sound effects. My only issue is the ads. I understand you need to make money but is ads really the only way to do so?
So, this game is very good and entertaining to play. But, there's a problem. I don't know if everyone has this issue or it is just me. After a while using the fire, the fire goes to the middle of the map, going to the direction of where it is supposed to go. This game is really good except that.
This game is really fun. The only reason that I'm giving the game four stars is because each time I get to close to my house, my dragon gets really glitchy. So please, can you please fix this problem?
Please add a Wyvern, like the one from Day of Dragons. Please, also this is a good and fun game keep up the good work. πŸ²πŸ‰
Good game, But I was going to ask you if you could make a elephant one! And good Graphics! I like all of the dragon skins I was going to ask you Again lol, Can u make a cat one, I like. The flying animation and I love how u can swim! SΓΈ yeah So Thats all I wanna say 1- star bc of brown skin BYeeeee :<
This game is not good do not get it please!!! You can't look around and when you walk and try to go fast you just go 1 β€’/β€’ faster. You only get two kinds of attacks. This game sucks. They need to do better!
It's a fantastically made game! it keeps me wanting to play. Now if you could just add an update to where you need to keep, food, water and energy in check, it would be a fantastic dragon simulator.
I don't really like this game if you want a game like this I recommend getting dragon Sim or Phoenix Sim but I don't like this there's quite a bit of ads it's hard to play you can't move your screen you have to move the dragon so you can look other places I would say that this doesn't deserve much so I recommend dragon Sim or Phoenix Sim those two are lots better. There's not very many skins to pick through and it's just not a fun game for me
I think this game should be more like how to tran your Dragon and u can make your own color and padron. make your own Dragon and have it be 9,000 coins to get the night Fury and so on. And be able to move your screen out more and have the running be more faster...hope you guys do this can't wait! Oh and maybe a bite attack .Oh and there should be different splashes of Dragons. And where u can play as your other family members πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰
TOOOOO MANY AD'S!!! Every time I complete a misson instead of letting me continue playing it ALWAYS plays an Ad πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώbut other than that it is quite fun
this game is epiccccc,i love it and play it all the time.but one or two problems that is the dragon customisation can you make something that allows you to colour you dragon like brown and purple (not being mean) it's not there!! Please do something that makes you able to colour your dragon like... section by section...please?
I think this is really good! The models and animation are great. But lag is really easy to come by, and it doesn't fix until you restart the app. Maybe find some way to fix it. I think it's caused by all the ads when you level up or finish quests. Lessen the ads, and it could be fine. Besides framerate issues, the only gripe I have with it are the sound effects. But that's minor. Overall, good game, if you avoid those causes of lag.
Amazing I like everything in game but fireballs sometimes go in random places and the air and water fireballs look same but adds are rare
I really like that you get to have a friend. And you just have to hit whoever you want to kill one time and your friend will start helping you
Great game! Still some bugs, but it'll be a great game in time. If you could, please fix the auto-targeting of the elemental breath attack. Maybe you could prioritize nearby threats on the screen? Baddest villains get priority over civils or something. I love everything about it so far! Also, as an IDEA for a future update, maybe you could be able to kidnap some of the humans and take them back to your lair! Seems like a dragon-ish thing to do. Keep up the good work! :)
this is a awesome game! I recommend everyone that's reading this downloads it. The only problem is that it takes a while to level up. It also is kinda annoying when the fly button doesn't work. Overall this is an awesome game that deserves a lot of support!
Its a good game (It just needs: Less ads, more body ajusting, more scale colors, when you have a baby you should be pregnent (If you are a female) (The female dragon should get pregnaent) and whil pregnent get fater and fater and you should not do lots if your pregnent and you get slower and after the female is fat enough then after two days she gives birth, I would like it if I could move my cave, like say you have ice it should freze the thing but if you have fire it would set it on fire.E.S.P
Ok im gonna start off with Great game.even in low the graphics are nice sounds are nice too,dragons look cool. Not ads every 2 seconds,quests are interesting and lots more! But i gave it 4 stars cuz the fireball is kinda wonky sometimes it shoots backwards :/ and also you cant choose the type of dragon you have so you either pretend its a dif kind or you just gotta deal with it also its kinda hard to get in the right direction to attack your enimes,and to go fast you have to HOLD it!!!
This game is great for a simulator. The graphic is also amazing for mobile game. I agreed with some people that the fireball aim should only directed to anything in front of the head; and players should be able to customize the skin colors as desired. Also it must be great if there are another dragon clans you can allied with, as well as bad dragons to fight else than humans. And maybe more type of dragons, like drakes, amiphteres, etc, and various terrain like caves and barren woods. Cheers ^^
Great game! I really like how you created the dragons and the art style. There's a lot more stuff that can be added to improve the game like multi-player, every color customization on dragons, more types of powers and more stats that can be upgraded! Also the turning is a bit slow. And there are many games like this one, but I especially like this one because of the art style and of how many options you get to customize your dragon. I love the details, keep up the good work!
Please Change buttons and controls. Add music and an epic story. Everybody will play this adventurous game.
I love this game but there is some glitches like flying sheep unbreakable breakables and going under the map while in the air and start diving in water so can you fix these issues
Quite good so far but i have a few issues. First, what is that weird sound effect when you do melee attacks? I mean I'm not hitting anything but there are still sound effects. Controls are on the clunky side and my breath attacks would often fly on a random direction even when I'm not facing there. Please fix the breath attack. Also can you add the variety of enemies? Or maybe some bosses or perhaps enemy dragons?
It was a fun and decent game with the amount of customization you have. The controls while using free camera coukd be worked on because it can be hard to get around. It gets annoying having an ad as soon as you get into the game. Not only that, my progress was randomly lost which lead to me deleting the game.
I don't know what I'm missing here but I believe I should be able to select a target to fire at!..OR at least the fire ball moves towards what I'm facing?, but to fire backwards while the enemy is in front of me?, I don't think it's how it's supposed to be.
Its a great game i like the graphics and controls.... but the reason i gave 3 stars is coz there are way to many ads and the sound effects are a bit off..... could you please do something about that and maybe make a pvp arena or a online server??? Anyways its a good game i like it and its fun to play😊
The rendering distance is terrible, when using elemental breath the targeting system is often useless and aims directly behind the dragon. There needs to be a "default settings option" on the dragon's appearence. As you kill wizards there is no progress ever recorded toward the "Dangerous Opponents" achievement. Dragon could be centered in all camera angles not offset to the left. (It's not Watch Dogs -.-) over all graphics upgrade. Plus controller compatibility would be nice.
To many ads good bones to the game but still need a bit of work with the dragon controls, breath attacks are uesless no aiming on that just lockes onto what ever it wants
What I like about the game is that, it has excellent controls, sounds and graphics, but there could be less ads in the game.
This is an amazing game it has good graphics,quests, controls and cool characters but the reason that I only gave it a 4 star is because it has weird sound effects and has too much ads in it but I can't blame them for adding that much ads because they want lots of money but they should probably add less ads anyway so yeah it's a good game overall but too much ads and weird sound effects. 😁
I would rate this app 5 stars but the adds. You complete a mission and you gaet an add. You kill an animal and 50% of the time you get an add. It gets kinda anoying. Other than that it is a great and fun game.
I can't find the last home item chest. I rated this game 4 stars bc the rest is good.πŸ‰πŸ² Oh and I hate how you have a death advancmet, it does not make me happy. Someone tell me where the location of each chest is.
Amazing game! The graphics are magical and the animation is absolutely fantastic! A few ideas for the future updates - Bosses to freely fight, castles and strongholds, multiple species of dragons, new abilities (such as breathing fire, ice, earth, or wind), less ads (Perhaps one when you come into the game each time, but none in-game), ability to swoop down and catch prey in your claws and fly up with them and drop them from a height, other dragons to fight, and a story line or plot.
This game is good if you wish to rp alone and buod character development, the animations are beautiful and characters are well designed, missions are boring and repetitive. But when i attack maidens, they moan at me, deciding if that's good or not. Worth a download if you will rp alone for development :3
This game is really awesome. But we want powers like water power and brick power and more power that you can keep
The reason why I give the first time because I know that it's fun and it's very very very very fun so I was just giving that you triple like under dragons
This is a good game but I have a few complaints. 1. Element glitch after a while or killing or attacking to many things with your element it got off to the side of aim. After you complete all activements and buy everything in your den there isn't anything to do except fly around doing quests and getting coins Other than this it's an ok game
This game has so much potential. I like the design, the way the dragon moves and also the light is great! What sets this game apart, I think, is the fact that it is more lifestyle than battle oriented (yes, I know, it is called "simulator" :) ). So I would improve on that. When the dragon wants to mate I would enjoy to see a reaction from the other dragon. Also, dragons lay eggs, so I would make the mate(the npc) guard the egg while I(the player) go to bring it food.
This game has a lot of ads but it's really fun and you get to be a dragon.even though it has a lot of ads it's really fun you get to have like adventures and stuff and you get a family you have to be at level 3 to get a mate.the way to get no more ads is turn off your Wi-Fi the ads can't get to you if you turn off your Wi-Fi so play this game it's awesome and I love it.
Love this game this game is the best ever dragon πŸ‰ game.!!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bro i like that you can fly, and shoot fire and all that but you cant neaven turn the screen, and turn dragon cant turn not even when he's flying FIX THE GRAPHICS!!!!! 2itnt of all on level 1 THE ENIME cant even FIGHT!!!!! Thats y it gets gets 2 stars. FIX THE HOLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠
I love the game, but there are a few things the creators can fix. You should make it multiplayer so you can see other dragons then your family and yourself. Last I think it would be cool if your dragon actually laid the eggs then you have to wait a little till they hatch. Instead of the baby dragon already being there and no eggs. Everybody knows that dragons lay eggs and it isn't a live birth. Hope you fix it.
I have not noticed any ads but it is like I think it is very low quality I mean I can't even tell from what I did you can turn your dragon then but there's also a thick one so you get confused I'm definitely uninstalling this game after I post this comment which if you're reading this I already did
I give it only 2 stars cause it does not work. I hope you can fix it only otherwise I would not be able to play this game ever.
It is ok, but you should be able to customize your mate rather then just changing skin, also fire will shoot in the wrong way sometimes. Aside those problems, the graphics and gameplay is good but please fix the blast going wrong way
Please, please, please give the option to pay to get rid of ads! This game is so good, it deserves 5 stars, but it hasso many ads it's dowright unplayable. It is also a little buggy, I think you should be able to eat what you kill, and the controls are kinda weird. For example, it's really hard to steer your dragon higher into the air/lower to the ground.
I love dragon similar cuz it seems so real and you can make babies on this game and feed them and water them I love killing the witches and warlocks on here thank you
Great game, great graphics, awsome dragons, but a few things, 1. Please make the movement a bit faster beacuse it's very slow. 2. Please make a multiplayer feature so you can play online with friends and battle together.
Its okay i dont hate the game but its laggy and its freezes once i got stuck under the map and on it. Please fix this, apart from that i like the update and skins. Oh and mabye add emotes please so you can sit down in the den, raor to warn of others or sleep to get your health back?
I like this game you can do whatever you want to do but why I gave 4 star because wean you run it's slow but you have to upgrade it to do it faster but it's not ok for beginers but I still like it .
Amazing game, i appreciate how you model these dragons your own, right now its one of if not the best dragon game on playstore atm
This is one of my favourite games i love dragons and dinosaurs so this is perfect.But there is one little thing that could be improved and that is the dragon skin/customisation, i wanted to make a skin that wasnt in the selection, so please make something that makes you able to colour your Dragon with random colours some people like Brown and purple and that's fine but its not in the selection! So please could you make something like that? Can you make the dragon sleep too?
I love dragons and therefore love this game for that. But also, like some other people have said, the ads. Ya really don't need them, peeps. I have barely ever been led to a game or other product with ads and don't care so just quit.😑 And also, yes it is hard to control. Anyways, back to the non-negativity. I love this game and the skins are so pretty, and flying is great. Besides a few glitches and the problems I previously described, I love this game!
I love this game but... when I have a child its not little.Also, the dragons that are part of my family are inside each other If you know what I mean. Last, when i shoot that green ball i guess its a green fire ball but anyways sometimes it goes in the opposite direction of where I'm trying to shoot. And the tail wack sounds like I'm hitting a tin can. Otherwise that is all of the things that I have come across of that kind of bugs me. Keep up the great work.β™‘
Absolutely amazing game! But there are still a few bugs,, sometimes the fire focuses on something thats not there and it wont go back to normal unless i restart the game,, there are way to many ads, i just play without wifi so that none pop up,, and maybe add some more quests? And maybe story mode and multiplayer
I wish there was more to do, more customization options, & that the controls were easier to use. I was very annoyed to discover I had to press &/or hold buttons whenever I wanted to dive or fly up. Edit: The world also seems very empty. Maybe add more creatures, more villages, large forests, & naturally spawning caves? Edit 2: There are FAR too many ads. I suggest lowering the amount of ads in the game.
I love this game so far. The graphics are stunning (for a mobile game.) The physics of the dragon landing and flying look believable, but I have one problem. Every time you finish a quest or level up, you get an ad. It occurs often, maybe every three minutes or so. It gets quite annoying quite fast.
needs a targeting system, allow plyers to adjust controls, more dragon skins and types and allow family to use elemental skills besides that the graphics and game play is great
While the game is great for passing time, there is quite a lot of smaller issues. Sometimes the character can fall into the ground, mostly by the staring area. My main problem is the sound design, as for most of it it makes no sense or sounds really bad. And example of these sounds is when you are attacking 'wooden' buildings but it sounds like tin cans being hit. Because of this I have just turned the in-game sound off.
Very good game I love it but sometimes when the dragon shoots the fire it doesn't go straight it goes left and sometimes right which makes me feel upset πŸ˜₯
This is one of my favorite games, but sometimes your fire shoots the wrong way, and I would recommend that the people who made it make a multiplayer, But other than that it's awesome. Oh, I also think that the people who made this game add more quests.
Its an ok game,the only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the Ad's.Maybe cut down on the Ad's a bit because when I click start it takes me to an Ad straight away which is not something I enjoy when I open a game.Every time you die theres an Ad also.So maybe do Ad's when you die but not when you open the game straight away.I hope you can cut down on the Ad's a bit.Please and thank you. *I recommend getting this app though! its a free-play type game with all sorts of adventures awating!
DEVS PLZ READ! I rather enjoy it, I like the animation and design. But can we PLEASEEEEEEE change the sound of the melee attack. Maybe it's just a personal thing but hearing a clash against metal/wood anytime I swing my tail even in open space is just... Bothersome. And rather annoying.
If you like peaceful and realistic graphics and good gaming experiences Then this game is for you it is awesome for people who want a game about being a big scary Dragon and for people who want a game about flying and adventuring. I personally like being a big scary yet peaceful adventuring Dragon.
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The game is amazing but it has a glitch when you shoot the fireballs go to the wrong direction and away from the enemies but on the other hand it is a really really really good game:)
I love the game but there's a few things I dont like about it, like its really hard to turn and the stamina runs out a bit too fast, if there's a way to fix this I would love to know but other than that its amazing
Great game! Still some bugs, but it'll be a great dim in time. If you could, please fix the auto-targeting of the elemental breath attack. Maybe you could prioritize nearby threats on the screen? Baddest villains get priority over civils or something. I love everything about it so far! Also, as an IDEA for a future update, maybe you could be able to kidnap some of the humans and take them back to your lair! Seems like a dragon-ish thing to do. Keep up the good work! :)
an okay game to play every once in a while, but it gets boring and annoying fast and grinding is a chore. buggy, have clipped through the map within my first day and fireballs just.. dont work sometimes? they lock onto something that might be behind me (or nothing at all). achievements sometimes either dont register or dont save once i leave. bad render distance makes flying (especially at heights). uninteresting. customization screen is awkward. please fix all of this!
Best game ever but one thing can you have a little more detail like the powers they all look the same πŸ˜… all the element looks like the fire element
The game is great, but maybe upgrade it a bit, like in the den add shadows and texture to it, and the land around has more graphics maybe, other then those things and stuff, the game is great
It's a good game , but maybe add more skins , like a fire skin, the dragon would have fire all over his body , or his body is made of fire and he has red eyes , and a nine wing skin , oh and if you can play as mate and cubs , and if the Cubs could grow up and leave you and start their own dragon clan , and more levels , other than that this is a great game ! Stay safe everyone ! And stay at home !
It is good but you cant look at all so the camera is just like follow mode you can only see its face if you spin around but apart from that 5 STARS