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Dragon Village M for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by highbrow located at 서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 432 준&빌딩 4층. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is keep getting better and better overtime, free 2 play friendly and easy obtain resources. Don't need to wait to get the things you need upgrade your dragons and on top of that, there's so many events to boost your progress. This is one of my favourite game now. Hope you guys continue this improving this game. I've been watching the updates of this game for about a year(368 days to be exact) and all of it benefits all players! Also no VIP thingys which really good! Love you DVM!!!
Super good game... that you don't need to pay for and there are practically no ads (really none, but the ad buttons for bonus things has been "under maintenance" for over a year. It just gives the bonus for free). Fun to play and plenty of things to do. Very giving with gems too!!
The design is soooooooooo good and also it's so fun the gems are easy to get, these are good game devs. There is one problem tho please make the game offline, there is no reason to make it an online game. Hey thank you for saying that it's my opinion, and that you respect me as a player. Keep up the great work with this game. Edit: it kinda got boring very fast.
I love this game! The dragon designs are very cute, and you can get amazing deals too! 3m coins for $2.99? Amazing! How the adventure mode is? Usually I don't like games like that, but this one I do! Many FPS too! I can tell why it crashed on my older device lol. Keep up the good work!
More than anything, I love the art style and dragon designs. The game play is pretty fun with tons of PvE (player versus enemy, eg. campaign/story levels and dungeon levels for materials to improve dragons) and PvP (player versus player) and improving your dragons has a lot of depth. Each dragon can rank up its stars, level up its stats, level up their skills, evolve twice, and equip 6 runes, each equipped rune can be leveled up too. The game is also pretty generous by free-to-play standards
The Game Is All Good And After The Update Its Become Great But We Should Get 4x In Other Modes Also Because We Have To Give Too Much Time To The Game If We Don't Get 4x In Other Modes Then I Will Have To Stop Playing This Game So Please If You Provide 4x In Other Modes Please Give Us
Just decided to update this, I'm keeping it at a 3 cause I cant give a .5 but I love this games art style and characters. However I have found a few issues. It crashes for me when I try to use the chat, the friends thing and because of this I cant finish a mastery quest. It also crashes when I try to use the capsule draw and the clans page.
Awesome!!!!!! Loved the game.i play it all the time...but it could use some updates.thats why I am only giving it four stars.but still the best game I have.i would rate five stars if you put in more quests or dragons and also if you add some new skins for players.one more thing can you please lower the price for some of the skins not too important but if you can I will rate five stars.i am hoping that you are going to make a second dvm.(sometimes when I try to get on the game it freezes 1/2)
Pretty decent game. It can get pretty repetitive when you're trying to complete stages to get more items, sometimes it takes forever just to get enough. Isn't too much of a paywall, but if you spend money you'll have a lot easier time. The Dragon designs are pretty cool.
The app is great the best RPG IV played, it said to say what went wrong it keeps restarting please fix i really like this game
I love this game, but unfortunately I chose the korea server and I don't know how. I only realized I had done a dumb thing after I had spent money on the game. Game is great but don't chose the wrong server. Update: game won't open and always crashes.
Won't open at all, it shows a black screen then closes the game. I've restarted my phone and cleared the cache of the game multiple times and it still won't work.
This is a pretty awesome game! I love the dragons' designs, the gameplay is fun, and there are constant rewards being gifted to players! Although I have one suggestion, please add Skip Tickets ( that could be bought with Gold in the shops ) so that you could evolve your dragons. Just a suggestion! Please consider this! 👃
Poor rate up, less resources hard to get the diamond, no new player benefits, boring, the auto skill is useless, skill bar is useless too
One of the best game of its kind, even though there are many flaws with the game. Although this is a Pay 2 Win type of game, you can still grind your way through and be the top player. For new players, this game needs a really really long time to actually get interesting. So if you want to experience the game fully, you must dedicate your time into this. (Also please re-introduce repeated colosseum battle. As much as i like the new colosseum, having the option to auto repeat makes it easier).
It's very obvious DVM is loved by it's developers and games alike, and I am proud to have played it. The art style is satisfying and the dragons are cool, and if I may make recommendation for a dragon type. I would like to see a Archdragon type, or at least a dragon that can reference their d&d counterparts.
This game is not pay to win what so ever. If you play your cards right you can also have unlimited energy to run dungeons at the cost of diamonds earned. The reward system is OP aswell. Only thing I can think to add in the game is a Daily world boss every can get mauled by. To achieve competition points for earning more eggs. Just for fun. The game gives out 3-5 star eggs as adventure boss clear rewards. That can be farmed so a world boss survival fight using wings would be fun and non toxic.
6/3/2020-the day I started playing 10/2/2021-the day I returned: I can't seem to log into my account tho I remember the server and all. Can y'all help me? I spent too much time and effort into it I can't let it go My name is ShibuGab
Really starting to hate the game with all these changes. The only reason I haven't stopped playing is that I've been playing for 3 years, but I'm thinking I'm gonna stop. Update: The biggest issue is the colosseum. I just checked and like more half my clan quit playing because the colosseum was the last straw.
This game is realy fun!I played for 3 years but i still like to play it,the dragon is also cute!This game is diffrent than the other dragon game so much.Like:You can hatch a monster,you can get a legendary egg on daily reward,new dragon will coming per month or longer and more!Keep it up the good work!👍
I am unable to play it anymore... I absolutely loved this game back when I was able to play it. I played everyday and even spent a little money on it, but after Popomo came out the game stopped letting me in I can't play the game at all... I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it so many times in hopes I can play it again but no luck... If you can fix this issue I would love to play this game again and give 5 stars
I loved this game, the graphics, the dragons, and the amount of resources you get qhen tou are a new player. Sadly, even if im using decently good wifi, it tells me to check my connection or gets stuck on fetching server list.
I've been playing this game since early 2018 and I have to say it's become stagnant. Players beg for new content but instead they keep pushing out over-priced packages. The rates for legendary dragons are absolutely awful. New-player retention is embarrassing. Once you reach end game, there's not much to do. Supply and demand for resources aren't so good either. And it's become so grindy at this point, it doesn't even feel like a game. Just press auto and let the game play for you...
This is a overall good game, doesnt lag much, quite easy once you evolve like 2 of your dragons, and also farm evolution matrieals. 100/10 play this game.
Great game, love it. Regular new content and updates as well as events to win game goods. Thumbs up for Game play, graphics and Community. Ive had mixed experiences with Highbrow, the developers; Good and not so good. Only complaints is its pricey and repeats of limited dragons from hard earned Absolute eggs (This ones a biggy, its just so wrong).
Please Unvamp the colosseum. It's awful. You can no longer leave it on auto play while at work which is a major inconvenience. Not to mention since everything attacks and heals simultaneously, there are times when for example my monster is attacking and would otherwise kill theirs or at least apply a reduction to healing, and they'll heal before the damage is inflicted or the debuff is finished applying. New colosseum is incredibly frustrating. I have played this game for a long time. Change it.
You have to pay money to loot items during adventure or watch mass amount of ads? How does the basic fundamentals of looting become so greedy and a cash grab? What a joke, garbage game
This game is amazing but it does have its drawbacks but other from that this is great. I've had it for 2-3 years now it's grindy but fun
I really like this game but right now it won't let me open it. It says there's no connection to the server even though I have a connection on my phone
Nice. Game is easy, you can auto to fight which I don't have to worry. AND THE DAILY REWARDS ARE GOOD!!! The Dev team are generous... TO THE POINT AFTER I LOGGED OUT FOR A MONTH OR SO!!! My monthly reward IS STILL SAVED!!! Somebody give these team some reward! THEY DESERVE IT!!! If I could, I am willing to spend my money on this game.
it is a very good game but why when i always open my account it always says error and error i thought it was just our wifi but it wasn't i reported it many times but you wont fix it ypu better fix this so i fix this comment i want to play it again its making me stress
The game is great and fun! But I seem to have encountered an error when logging in after reinstallation of the game . Error code 99 cant download additional files? . I am not able to proceed playing the game now due to the error :(
I'm enjoying the game so far but please fix the back arrow tab. It spontaneously stops working and forces me to shut down the game several times a day. Incredibly irritating.
The game looks fun (i didnt get the chance to play it) for some reason it doesnt allow me to play the game it cant open the app but the games looks fun
I don't know why, but i guess i just wasted a ton of data trying to download this game but all i get is a screen trying to tell me there was an error trying to update. And can't get pass that error what a let down
I love dragons and I've been looking for a dragon game for years. And it has extra content with newer dragons! It is a break from pokemon and a relaxing one.
It's great and all . But I am not satisfied with the customer service at all, The page keeps crashing and I can't report a problem where my account seems to be missing after update
Thank you for responding I think this was a glitch but it was patched 5/5.#1Rpg I have ever played.Well done with your great success I look forward to future updates
I have Monster Super League. Everything about this game from the music to the currency icons, world map, menus and layouts, is a complete rip off/bootleg of Monster Super League. MSL is done better but there's absolutely no denying that this was all but plagiarized.
So I really like the game, it's very fun and addictive but I logged in today after the update and my data has been erased and the game is acting like I'm a new player. I'm wondering if I could get that fixed.
I've played this game for 5 years now and I feel like I can leave an honest review given the most recent state of the game. The art style is unique among most of the dragons. The story mode in harder difficulties help grow and strengthen your dragons My only complaint is the balancing of the selected opponents in Collosium. Once you defeat your first 5 opponents, you are out matched by players either +20k power or triple your own, making PVP difficult to stay motivated to play that content.
Hey what's with the new dungeon, it is too difficult even for a "Normal" difficulty. There's some part that is almost impossible to beat. What the heck, did you guys created that just for the people who always pay? It's literally for p2w players. This "new" content of yours is unplayable... Hopefully you guys have plans to change it because this obviously for p2w. >:(
It's the best game I have ever played....ever!! However, I have had problems updating my app. Is there a way you can help? Thanks.
Best Game evaaa The graphics are good, the gameplay, although grindy at higher levels, is still superb (as long as you don't stare at your afks) and the dragons are just CUTEEEEEEE! Splendid job!
The graphics in this game are astounding and the game is very free to play with the optional costs of buying resources. It's a very grindy game and I find myself doing more grinding and sleeping than other such. The 3-grade dragons(some) can be just as good as the 5-grade legendaries, so newer players will have no problem getting to where they'd like to be. Overall its a fair, very generous and very fun game. I've not been playing for long though.
This game is pretty good, the dragons design are awesome and there's a ton of them, pvp can get pretty unfair because you'll get matched with stronger opponents most of the time but this game is pretty generous with it's ingame currencies, they give u enough diamonds to summon on every dragon as they come out and the drops rate are pretty good for a gacha(imo) but devs u should add more story because its really interesting, the animation and sounds of the dragon's skills should be improved tho.
Two months of playing and still love this dragon leveling game. Tons of dragons, lots of activities to work on, and very little pressure to spend real money. My fav app game! Edit: One year now and still love building dragons! Found a great Clan, so much fun for a mobile game!
Some of the strongest players are leaving forever, those who had to play the game with no money to buy credits because of how hard it is to hit the top tiers in pvp the difficulty on how to farm diamonds, etc watch this youtuber called battlereadyinc he can explain it better on his recent videos
Awesome game. I played but deleted on accident then reinstalled it. You can choose Legendary dragons when you just downloaded. Also the characters are amazing with thier designs and the dragons too. OwO
Fun,well designed,very rewarding, and beautiful dragons but it's very grind oriented to get growth materials to evolve and dragon exp to level them up. Don't get me wrong,you can get by fairly well without paying for anything due to the great rewards provided. I like it mainly for the dragons. They look so cool ^ω^ ♡
Hello again i actually discovered a bug that cancels the crashing of this app but it removes the sound effects of the dragons attacks. Its no big deal unfortunately and im really having fun at this game😁☺. My dragons are at high hopes for you. Thank you
Devs are generous with thousands of dias available each time you play. Each dragons are carefully designed, exquisitely made and created with passion. You'll love each dragons. BUT arena match-making is horrendous af, and unfair for beginners. It'll push you to grind and grind yet you won't make it. There is no auto-battle too making it not recommended for those who are busy. Other than that the dragons are worth the gacha system.
Had reinstaled the game to see how it is now. And saw the new 7 * star runes. With 2 percent chance of obtaining it. Felt it would be cool or there is some balance as such in game now. But NO THERE ISN'T. Now it's even bad. I did lots and lots of rune fuse and chest opens but never got 7* runes thought same would apply to others, but in colloseum I see that almost every might have the 7* runes. Also the dragon enhance and mastery for 5*dragons is still almost impossible. Dropping off the game 😓
Problem discovered. Since the last update with this new dragon, I have attempted to access Friends and my Clan, but the game has continually crashed everything I try to access certain parts of the menu....
Nise game.but everything is too small while we are playing the game.one more thing the dragons which you people made are very awesome but there are some lags and glitches in between the boss battle the animation is so bad and I would recommed you to please build more things in 3d options. Overall the game need to build up with animation. Thanks 😊 for creating this game, please keep my point!
The game became grind oriented, specially the events. Those who pays have the rewards for the events, only top 100 will have rewards for events. You should atleast give some confort prize because we give effort and time too for events. Let's say you both additional items for the event, and you only reach 101st in ranking. Got no reward cuz only 100 players will have it. That is absolutely ridiculous. As you can see the rating of the game getting low now. At first I am proud to the game but now..
I'm not happy about the update. The experience earned should be from the battles instead of just getting it. Now it's hard to level up the dragons, the game used to be so much fun when dragons are able to level up by just repeated battling but now the exp costs are too high and leveling up is super hard and since you only get mostly 3 stars you can't win most of the battles so you need to spend money. Pls change this because we don't want to waste money for nothing
Great game, but the one gripe I have is the clan dungeon rewards. I do pretty much all the work, over 98% of the total damage, and yet I get only six percent of the clan reward and all my clanmates get rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. Make the reward effort based instead of everyone gets it and you get that last star.
It was a good game. But it's been progressively getting worse and more pay to win. With the last update it basically rigged the game. The collosuem feels like a rip off of raid now.
New player here, I just wanna say, this game is so freaking awesome. I just started playing this game today and i am already addicted to it, to me i was blown and carried away by this game. I played a lot of gacha games but for me this game is so great, the dragons has a specific roles from attack, support, defend, i forgot the other one hahaha, the art style of every dragon you get in the summon is very cool and creative. Nice job "highbrow" for developing this game, keep it up, good job 👍😁😎
Everything you can get but limited dragon just kill it, your roll of getting it's nearly impossible, unless you pay to get the dragons. Everything else is good
I like this game but, they really need to add a way to transfer data across servers because I accidentally started my account in the korea server when I was supposed to join the American server, I never got a pop up about picking my server. Even if there was a pop up it was most likely skipped because the game crashed during loading for the first time. Its pretty bad as I already spent money on my original account and it didn't transfer to my american account.
Fun game but there is a bug when u apin in tje event it landed in the hypnosis dragon hut the game did jot gave it to me i checked it 3 times but still i did not gave the dragon Its ok Im just gonna stay with my dragons now my user SunMoonTK
Fairly good. Brilliant dragon designs with an addicting battle system, my only wish is that in a future update you make the town area a bit more important to the game/story (like a shop area).
This a really good game that I've had for a while, but I have one issue, that I've seen before but it really needs to be fixed. I contribute so far about 8 mil points to the clan dungeon, while the 2nd best contribution is half a mil, but from the 1000+ something clan coin I get from our rank on the leader boards, I got a small fraction (like 89 clan coin), and that makes clan coin collecting really hard when your trying to save up and nothing increases your clan coin gain.
Similar, yet very different to the other Dragon Village games. This game does take a huge amount of space(around 600 MB), but it's worth it. This game does ask for some real money, but that's just because the devs spent so much time & effort making this game! The Diamonds are very well balanced. You might spend them pretty quickly when you summon dragons, but if you participate in a wide range of contents, you'll earn so much(but not too much; love that) at the end of each season(s).
Was a really good game when I first got it, but now finally realized you can't really do anything after a curtain point without paying money to get stuff to help you and also all the game wants to do now is crash the momsnt I try playing it.
Probably the best running Dragon-related rpg I've seen on mobile. The draw rates are pretty standard, but you're given enough currency to get every banner as they come out (excluding the capsule draw). I've been playing for almost 2 years now and I can say my only complaint is that you can't actually hold all 400 some dragons in your inventory.
Can only have 300 dragons at a time but there are 470 that each evolve twice and they keep adding more. They expect you to evolve each one completely but don't give you enough space to do it. Also the new way of leveling up makes this practically impossible. I'm stuck unless I want to waste money and Farewell some dragons.
It's a good game to be honest, but, its always kicking me off my device or stuck Durning battles which end with me losing to boss fights this is why I have gave it an 3star
After recent update i cant open the the game, keeps giving an error saying, cant connect to the server, please fix
Its the same old game but feels worse, if your using a guest account it begs you to link it over and over again. Pop ups with ingame offers greet you every day as you log in. Sounds breaks after hatching eggs. Game still closes itself without any reason to it, not often but it happens. Only positive about this game these days is the art the rest is the same old stuff, select team start auto fight, leave it alone.
I've fallen in love with this game. there's always something to do, even if you need to go work or school you can put it on auto repeat which I think is a great feature to have. not being pay-to-win is great too since the game is really generous when it comes to events.
Really starting to hate the game with all these changes. The only reason I haven't stopped playing is that I've been playing for 3 years, but I'm thinking I'm gonna stop.
Better than SW. Been playing for 2 years now and i can tell that the devs love their game. Drop rates are fixed, energy(wings)is not a problem and there is so many freebies. The game is super free to play friendly.
So awesome, The only thing that the developers should add is more fun adventure, and Thrill into the game. In the other hand Im hardley winning in the colloseum.
I love this game and lovely dragons and powerfull dragon it is most fun game and it is best game soo many dragons cute dragons and my best dragon is tiki dragon my spelling is wrong but I love 💘 ♥ 💗 that dragon sooo much
The game isnt worth keeping after seeing how you want us to evolve our legendary dragons. Like in pokemon(which the game is very similar to), one of your goals is to get all the pokemon in the book and evolve them fully. The game negates all the fun when you have to lose 5 of your legendary dragons just to fully evolve one of them. It already takes awhile to even get the items for evolving, i dont think you should also lose 5 of your most useful dragons.
I love this game but after the updates,the game takes longer to load,the servers are laggy,the events are alright but you could have done better,the art is cool but for some of the dragons the 2nd and 3rd evolutions are the same not much differences eg 3rd is a bigger version of 2nd but with added auras and one or two small extra features ,there is not big change like some
Everything is cool auto pick up for adventures, dungeons, ext....should be free and there should be a skip option if the tasked is already completed especially if you spent more than $10 on the game, & i hardly ever do that. unless I actually find the game decent... until that update comes no more spending 👎
Honestly speaking I love this game but after the coloseum update...... The game became so damn hard..... I am just a beginner and whenever I play coloseum I always get 1 player having power level close to mine and rest 4 are always more than atleast 3-4 times my power level......
One of the best games I've played. I told my cousins I play this, so they started playing and they enjoyed it so. I'm not advanced in this, but I hope I can get all the available legends for me. I hope everyone enjoys this game as much or more as I do.
Please put instant finished function/button in dungeons or adventures for the stages we've already completed(3 stars). Because it gets boring grinding all day for f2p players like me just for some items we needed for evolution in the same stage. Like sometimes I can barely defeat the dungeon by myself, but i'll lose if I do auto play. Great game though, I'll definitely rate this 5 stars if not for that issue.
It's a good game but takes way way too long to level up your dragons you barely get any experience that makes it pay to level up your dragons or spend thousands of energy and days to get a few levels.
I really wanted to play this game but as soon as I open it I see a black screen for half a second and then it crashes. Im playing on a chromebook and I know that it is not designed for it but I still hope this can be fixed so that I can also enjoy this game
Edit: Rating system is completely worthless. Uninstalled. Review: Started out really fun with a great story during adventure mode. After that, it is all about getting the best PvP team and everything that went into that stressed me out and made it unenjoyable. Also, terrible graphics, many bugs, no clan chat, and constant disconnecting on wifi or data. Very difficult to enjoy.
I love this game, but unfortunately I chose the korea server and I don't know how. I only realized I had done a dumb thing after I had spent money on the game. Game is great but don't chose the wrong server you won't be able to understand people. Hopefully there is a solution but I haven't found it yet.
This game is amazing i love how many details there is and the dragons very creative so is how thay do there attacks i love everything about this game Its so creative, artistic and so cool i love it so much!!!
This game is the best dragon game on all dragon games that i played before(How i know?Becauce i play alot dragon games.).I played this game for like 3 years.You can get easy to get gems,coins and freindly points.(The dragons are so cute,too)Also,in the game you can buy stuff with money(Buy stuff inside the game with money not too much like 35/100% or 40/100%.).At last that i want to said to the game officer,keep it up the good work👍.
I love this game, but I've been having problems recently. I open the app and its a black screen, and then it just exits. I really don't want to uninstall and lose my progress, but I can't seem to play. What do I do? My sister has this problem too.
UNDO THE COLLOSEUM UPDATE. You have unintentionally ruined it because you removed half the time stop when using drag skills. Now, dragons with long casting drag animations like tekanupe or jet have their attacks cancelled EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to use them because they get stunned or put to sleep HALFWAY THROUGH THE ANIMATION - AND IT STILL COSTS MANA?!?! In addition to that, you reduced available free fights to 5 per day which is terrible and now there's no point in logging in frequently.
My problem is fixed so.. ya I like the game very much and you should give it a try as it is a very enjoyable game experience!
I purchased the adventure breakthrough package and there is no obvious way to receive the rewards. I looked through the entire menu and couldn't find any way to receive it. Please help
One Star. Right when I downloaded it would kick me and say it was not working, so I deleted it the next day and redownloaded it and it did the exact same, I even loged out of my computer FULLY, TWICE. Please fix. Day after day I try, and it just is black then 2 seconds in it kicks me. I love the graphics just by looking at it in play store, and see so many positive reviews! do not mean to be negative, but until fixed, I will not rate it good.
It is so beautiful games and very beautiful dragon Legendary and heroic and rare dragon very beautiful this games
In my opinion this is the best game I have ever had in my life the only thing that I don't really like is that it takes up a lot of storage if u have a small phone like me but I absolutely love this game the designs of the dragons look so cool and it is very fun to look at all the dragons all grown up I suggest you get this app you will not be disappointed 😁
This is overall a good game with good graphics and animation. The expansion of the dungeon makes it easier to evolve the dragons. The availability of obtaining most dragon eggs is easier and does not involve the price of U.S currency and you get gems fairly easily. The power level of the game is challenging so that it makes it fun.
So glad to be able to play this game again! Thank you so much to the devs for updating it so I could play on my new phone! ^°^
I started playing few days ago and it all went fine. Now I can't join my server for some reason and I had some really good dragons. If I loose my progress due to some damn bug I'm not really going to be happy. Please sort the server connection out because I'm getting a little frustrated. 😑
How do I move my account's server location? It never let me pick so I am stuck in the Korea one, but not I can't interact with any players due to the language barrier...
After the new update, the dev seems to be even more 'F2p oriented'. How does the 2% rune up chance make sense and the topaz that still sells for $300? They should implement a payment system that makes people satisfied with the purchase and not with the hefty price tag. So sad to see how it goes despite the game has good art and design but ruined by the F2p system. Please improve.
It logged me out and now I've lost my account and everything on it i an so upset right now I spent years playing this game only for it to log me out when ot updates that shouldn't be something that happens when the game updates
It has great graphics and is also a very fun game to play. It would be better if there was a live battle mode.
One amazing game I've been playing for a few years or so. Love it greatly, quite upsetting that the game no longer works when updating to Android 11 on a pixle 4. Do hope to have an update for compatiblity.
I wish if there was more skill sound effects. All the new dragons have the same sound effects but it's put together differently it's really disappointing.
A very good game. There is only one thing and one alone that I dislike: the amount of GRIND in this game. It can be very difficult to evolve dragons, but it really supports new players. The only thing that could be worked on is how hard it is to evolve base dragons, being that you have to fight extremely powerful bosses, and 90 percent of the time die. But of you have the right dragon at the right place, it works out perfectly. Mind you: this game is semi auto.
Why is this app not compatible with my Acer R11 chromebook, when your other game, "Dragon Village" is? Pls fix the issue.
It's such a Great Game, I can spend my free time leveling up and clearing stages, I hope you come up with great ideas in the future, too
When they said that this is the best dragon rpg, they ACTUALLY meant it. It's completely f2p friendly, I haven't paid any money and I'm advancing perfectly fine. It does get to the point where you have to grind to get anywhere, but it's still worth it if you have time. Good job, devs. I just hope this can get a larger playerbase than the p2w monstrosities that are the Dragon City related ones. I'm glad I found this game.
I love it!I've play this before,5 things i like!1.they have meny dragons to get.2.you can let dragon to come out with you!.3.You can find others and about them and there dragon!4.They are very detailed with everything,it makes it cool!5.they have about 100 or more,or even less,things to battle with!There you go!5 things I like,install Dragon RPG:Dragon villsge M today!Ps.Like it?coment why or why not you dont like it,ill see it and say if it was helpful or not(one day)
Very unhappy with this game! It put me in the Korea server, but I needed to go into the US one, so I switched, but then it stared me over FROM SCRATCH!! There goes the time I sank into the app. Would not recommend for that reason alone, despite the game being fun with nice presentation 😡 Edit: rushed through the tutorial and switched back to Korea, and my data was still there. However, it seems that I am forever stuck in the Korean server and can't understand anyone...🤨
This is a pretty solid game, especially for a free one. It features really great art and stunning character design. It's fun to play and rewarding. However, it will sometimes seem like a pay to win game. At times it can feel frustrating even.
great at app but i think the legendary egg is broken i keep getting attack types dragon can you fix it