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Dragon Project

Dragon Project for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by goGame located at 51 Tai Seng Avenue, #B1-03, Pixel Red, Singapore 533941.. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please disregard the last statement that I made. It turns out that the bottom display had not actually dissapeared, but rather had been disabled, so that I could continue on with the tutorial. My sincere apologies for any confusion I may have caused. The only other problem that I have so far is that the game takes longer to load than before, but I am sure you guys are already taking care of it. Have a nice day!
Uses so much data and space, behemoth are too OVER POWERED, you can't win with useless NPCs except if someone who is x2 of your level comes to assist, but it self is rare as not many play as 2yrs ago. Only way to get SS tablet, is to wait till summons expire.
The game always crashes and I dont know why Im using a new phone andbit worked perfectly with my other games aside this one . Please fix this problem thank you. Edit: thank you for replying to my concern about the game but I actually had no problems anymore regarding the crashing after my review. Also, it's sad to see that a great game like this will just be gone in the end of september. I was hoping it would stay longer for this is one of the few games I enjoyed but I guess things really go.
Its a great game but the doging is a little hard and great sword takes way to long to charge other than that really good game.
Amazing game, but its ashame the game will be shut down. Why is it getting shut down and is there anyway to keep it going?
Good bye dragon project thanks to your game I truly have a fun time playing it. it's very addictive and the gameplay and the animation look so cool. The controls easy to learn as well. Looking forward to your new game.
i can't play this game after the update even with internet speed of 40Mbps. Can you fix this problem?
It would have been better if I can move the screen 360 degrees and can choose between portrait or landscape in the gameplay even in the town. It is also lagging even though my internet connection was fine.
It was a wild ride, Dragon Project. Thank you for the love-hate relationship that all the OG Hunters felt lol. I'm very proud to go down with you, as one of your VIP Golden Circle Hunters. I hope to see this game rise again one day and see all of my friends come back and hunt together again. - El'y
I am giving this game 1 star because i am not able to sign in in my acc which was sign by my facebook account . Instead of that whenever i try to login by my facebook account the make me start over again with new account . It is so frustrating and not even there support page give any info so please solve the problem of mine. Then it will be 5 👍
I loved the game and I will do always . I played it for 3 years and I'm so sorry that you, guys couldn't give to the such great,uniqgame longer life. We veterans supported you from beginning that wasn't probably enough for you. Our hearts are broken now but I'm giving five stars because it was a realy wonderful social, international game where I made lots of friends. I hope this game will be revived someday and we will see it again. Thank you DPRO and goodbye. With love from Lara /Pamela server/
The idea of having all of your character's gears(the good ones) acquired only through gacha really doesn't work for me. You need to either have really good luck or spend real money to get good gears. The combat feels heavy and badass but very clunky. The quests give out minimal rewards so you have to grind alot to summon a few times. This adds frustration when you dont get anything good from what you've grind for. And the worst thing is: the load time, it's just too long
Very impressive app for mobile. Good graffics and pretty good voice acting too. The main issue that I've seen is that it lags a lot. Not sure if its something about my device (Samsung S9) or the game. The other minor issue is not being able to go back to the tutorial before moving on to the main game. I accidentally skipped it somehow and didn't know what I was doing after, and it wouldn't let me click anything other than what it was pointing at. Id love to try it again once these are fixed.
love the game, but there's a problem with connection in new server (Linton), always get disconnected, pls fix this thx, GREAT WORK
Omg it lost my progress!!!! Don't the think it will save your stuff! I worked so hard on making my character and even got a limited offer set and it doesn't go to another for the new account! Done with this game!
I can't even get past the starting part because it won't let me click on the quest to upgrade a weapon, anyways it's a cool game.
Was having trouble with downloading data because everytime I signed in it said I had to download data before doing anything and now it's fixed and I'm having no problemes. Great game for those who like hinting monsters and bosses. Plus it's got arena for the one's who like a little competition.
Hello there.. I really love this Dragon project.. Please continue your hard work to all hunters. I appreciate if this will continue forever but what is the start have the end.. I fully understand that and thank you for all these years..
Game is a little disappointing now since we have to keep downloading files and the game keeps crashing non-stop and if you don't fix the issue I would love to get a refund on all of my purchases.
Is there any way to prevent this game from shutting down? Any ways at all? I really really hope this game doesn't shut down. My friends and i just started playing this game and we're having so much fun playing it, only to find out it's shutting down. Please don't :'(
Best mobile game Edit: ok maybe that wasn't descriptive. I love this game for it's the only game that gives me the feeling that monster hunter does, that feeling to build a character with monster parts to then use to beat other monsters, it's a feeling that just cant be matched easily. And this game does that. It's a shame it's going to be going away soon. The only thing I didn't like about the game was its load times, and sometimes it crashes, but I can live with that.
I love this game because it have a similar gameplay of the game i like. The only problem is, i cannot use cellular data in this game. And when you reconnect, it took a very VERY long time to get reconnected. Please fix this problem and i will give this a 5 star. Great game overall.
I just downloaded this on my phone because I used to play this but let me tell you one of the greatest games I have ever touched it actually provides a good experience, grinding isnt as bad as other games, the only problem I have with this game is its graphics i feel its kind of outdated but other than that a 4 out of 5
This game has a Boss and Player AI and is not the cheap run of the mill PvP. The 4x Player vs. Boss fights are executed within a graphical beautiful designed environment with many different animated battle moves The UI works perfect with a mouse (Android VM). Also so far I did not yet get killed by a lag! An interesting main/event storyline balances the farming for weapon/armor materials with planned/random boss fights You can enjoy the gameflow without interruption by Adds or running out of Stamia! I wish the landscape mode of this game would work within my Andy VM. Sadly like most games I enjoy also this one got shut down. It seems there is no market for innovative games.
i love this game.. feels like monster hunter.. sad bout this game gonna close.. i hope u will make game like this again.. i'll wait
It eats too much data. It is a very waste of time in a graphics and gameplay like that I didnt expect that it can conusume too much data
Playing for over a year, servers are now slow as heck and glitches galore. Devs FIX THE BATTLE ROYALE. It's ridiculous spent over 70gems just staying on my feet, spamming my cannon support skill and still not killing bosses even though imhitting over 1mill damage. Absolutely absurd
GREAT GAME EXPERIENCE!! Not too competitive (no pvp), but i think we need new service. Service which can "mix" 2 different armors. Then, we can inherit first armor's ability (including attack stats) to the second armor. Because i have a great stats armor but the appereance looks bad:(. Thanks
Fix your claiming gift system lol..claim all should be claim all gift..not 10 gift lol..and picky shop..buy 99 item but in gift not in stack but 1 by one wth..please do something about it..