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Dragon Heroes Tactics

Dragon Heroes Tactics for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Perplelab, Inc. located at (06239) 서울시 강남구 테헤란로8길 37, 5층 (역삼동, 한동빌딩) 5F, 37, Teheran-ro 8-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06239. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello, This game reminds me of the other one, nostalgia. :o Anyway, let us talk about this one. Rather good, but I fear the game turns P2W, with the amount of offers and the price of the chests. May you create some items purchasable by watching ads please? That us, F2P, could play without using real money. You should add x3 speed battle. Be that as it may, I am really enjoying the game! Hope it will keep being good.
This game is really good but is make me remember the good time when play dragon hero's shooters and is make me sad that is close, is was a great game I'm only wish that game haven't end
Like the concept of the game. But there's no pve, so it's essentially pvp and that's competitive and requires a lot of money. Don't mind spending, but I didn't even get a chance to like it before essentially being forced to try and keep up with the masses.
It's pretty good, I mean it's fun.. but I'm a new player and you don't give the new players anything to start off with.. its kinda a let down.. 100 rubies for a new player.. come on guys.. you want to keep us here.. give us like 5 boxes to open or something.. then maybe we will spend.
Its a lovely game. Intricate, and definitely customizable. The battles are fun and the drops are actually pretty good. Having a great time so far.
My device: SM-G950U. Reason for 1-STAR, please read my comment!!! Will update my STAR rating if current BUG is fixed...ASAP!!! Dear Devs, this very great graphics game has a lot of potential to grow and I definitely will purchase your in-game offers, however, if you can FIX your "resolution problem" on your next patch ASAP!!! Now, on my device, the resolution is off the screen at the BOTTOM!!!
You are opening loot boxes all the time, which would be great if each wasn't accompanied by a painfully bright strobe effect. The rest of the gameplay is barebores
This game is really fun! I wished I installed it earlier. It's really refreshing among all the srpg on store, really different. I love it how it's mainly focused on pvp, that's the fun of this type of games, don't know why so many people complain about that.The only thing I don't like it's how short the time to select the heroe we want to use to attack with is. Especially when you're new to the game and still don't remember all the skills. Putting that aside this game is really great and fun.
So far pretty cool, but I just purchased the Player Level Up Special for $.99 , it charged me, then said "failed to load receipt" and I didnt get my stuff. please fix this and give me my stuff! thank you. Aside from that glitch though, character design is cool.
I feel like this game came out half cocked. I am still playing but I agree that it seems really unbalanced. I am on day 4 and have beaten all of the intro events for the week. This is way more centralized to pvp than I thought it would be too. There are guilds but I don't really understand the point and same with the friend system there doesn't seem to be a point to it. I like the tactics part but there is definitely room for improvement on this one.
The games is tactic boards stile...u almost need to be pvp all thetime for progres..also u have senario mode and is not that good...the old game was better in all aspect...i rate the game 3 stars because of the graphics looks good..but the rest is not that good.i hope in the future they make a game like the old one
7 days mission for new players is bad. day 1 - day 6 is possible to clear it, but for day 7 is impossible. gain 700 medal (not total) from Arena. everytime gain 500 medal they will force you to fight with players who have a team with full legends and all level 8+. lose = your medal decreased, so we can't get 700 medal before 7 days new players event end. good graphic and gameplay, but new comer mission is worst.
Game seems great, but the servers suck ass. About 25% of my time is spent connecting to servers. Unacceptable.
Spent about what, less then $20, and I am already level 30, and kicking rear? Pretty much not even pay to win, since its sorta roll the dice on who you get with the boxes.
I like the gameplay, but obtaining hero shards or whatever they're called, is far and hard to come by. The scenario part of the game gets pretty impossible early cause this lack. The pvp part is what you'd expect, pay2players, but I have no issues with them cause that's every game. If I can't even play the singleplayer part efficiently, then there is no point. Will try again in future, but for now uninstalling.
I'm pretty picky and I'm having a lot of fun with this game I spent $1 so far and have a lot of content to play with.
Very very very fun. It's like the older game. I miss that game dearly and wish its servers were still a thing. But sadly thats how it had to be. This game is amazing and fun to play. I wish the devs of the original could bring the original back some day. 💯👌
Where is the last dragon heroes game That game i would say near perfect, i play it everyday and spend money,( not this game) It is gone and change to this,why you can't think which profit more
The game is simply a money pit. Unless you have loads of cash to waste DO NOT WASTE your time or money. You will not be able to level up your heroes unless you are spend hundreds of dollars.
I wish they'd bring the old Dragon Heroes Shooter... this one becomes very boring after some time and there isn't much stuff to do.
Basic but quite enjoyable, nit sure why people are crying about the hidden unit, when your first unit dies a small button on the right handside about 3/4 of the way down your screen appears that says hidden unit and you pick what you want relevant to your situation. Use your eyes maybe?
the game looks very well designed.. smooth gameplay.. informative tutorials.. i 💕 this.. its cool..
No response from developers ive sent 2 emails and nothing i did 2 package top up n didnt recieve my stuff I tried through fb and they said they don't handle issue in game! I had high expectations
Okay. Changing my review. Still one star tho. This game is HEAVILY PvP based. I've trudged my way through the game just hoping it gets better. Nope. Characters are bad without runes. Characters are useless at low levels. So if you want to play this "competitively", you can only whale. Or be supremely lucky. Because you need to whale characters AND runes. I played the bullet hell when it first launched, though it devolved into a P2W game, this one starts of as one. But try it, it's fun. Somewhat.
Play for a hour it was good until I put dollar in the game for the player level up special and I didn't get so I be careful using your money
The game was good, very interesting but i more love the first version of it the dragon heroes battle of dragonia it's more fantastic and thrilling with many evolution that would really surprise you unlike here u can only level it up but u can't see any evolution. Btw, why did you delete the first version of Dragon Heroes?? I'm a fan of the first version.
After reading the comments. I see absolutely nothing wrong servers fine everything. No glitches no dced nothing. Still in the beginning. Casual game. I'd actually like to see some bigger boards more tactical strategy maybe some m.m.o. levels not guild based. Vertical t.b.c. system.The animations are extremely fast can I get a solo down button to appreciate them. One problem it's the bright white light that happens in transitions. It's very bright very very bright. Like a camera flash going off.
Since the game is generous and have VIP system the power creep of the units on PvP is too much, reaching 700 as Free to play player is hard compare to other arena games. I love the PvE system and the artworks also keep up the good work.
Cool concept, poor execution. Tosses you in the deep end right away with minimal explanation. The mechanics are complex but off little in terms of depth at the end of the day. There are some good things here but overall it wasn't fun.
👍A pleasantly decent rpg with good simple tactical battle system put into it, but it would be nice if I had the option of changing the voice audio language instead of changing the language entirely, that's the only update I can think of considered a possibility.🙂
Fun game. Interesting twist on dragon heroes, a game I played a lot before. I'd love to see more depth to it, or a way to get shards for units more accessibly.
Good graphic. It is a well designed game but I want to suggest that their should be guild verses guild system as well as.
The game starts as pvp only meaning if you don't draw a legendary or a good gold card you wont be able to win your matches to play single player mode which requires 300pvp points to unlock. The enemy always has a hidden unit but for some reason your side can't equip a hidden even though the tutorial says you can. There is a unit with taunt with 100% counter and he just wrecks everyone cause people play him alone so if you don't have at least 2 tank killers the match is practically decided.
Fun game so far. Just started so I'm bouncing all over the place trying different events. Still in a learning process of how things work. Really like the characters alot. I'll update as I progress.
Great game! Glad to see one of my favorite games back on google play.. Well, at least a version of it..!
So far, a pretty fun game. It could use a sidescroll to move between heroes when leveling them up. Currently all font is too small to read, suggesting a larger font or integrate a tool to increase font size. Not enough content to entice me to spend money Otherwise, pretty and decent gameplay.
This game has bad connection issues. It's not even a high end game. Pubg and other high end games have more better connection than this game. I won't be expect an automated reply from a robotic Dev or CS to respond on this comment.
This game very hard to win after u got chapter 6 n very unfair to challenge battleground. I always got enemy with range 5-6 lv from my level with strong team. I only got win the challenge with luck not accurate STRATEGY. Also this game so boring. I only play for 1 week n the result is i only enjoy this game just 3 days only. As a true gamers i'm dissapointed with this game. Sorry uninstall.
Fun game, easy to understand, great strategy, however, this is more about pvp than pve and yes it has a gacha in it so those 2 reasons give people a bad taste in their mouth. Overall 4.5 out of 5 and with updates can only get better!
Overall great game and time killer.Bad part is you cant progress/win any games past some point.Me being level 20 and forced to fight level 38+ players in arena... I can't win any games anymore and stuck in my rank becouse of level difference is unfair and levels give stat boost in here... Previous bullet hell game was way better then this.
Very intuitive and fast paced strategic RPG hero collector. I love the character design and how skills work on the battlefield. A totally recommended game.
It would be nice if we start play from 1-3 heroes first... Unlike your way, where we straight do 2 battles with 6-7 heroes and new heroes without knowing their skills. Just click this..click that during very short tutorial. That makes us do randomly just to defeat the enemies. No story and no summon too (free heroes from adventure is great point). Its not engaging to play this game. I dont know how you guys get 4.3* average reviews. Coz the game has much potentials but you guys doing it wrong
Complete Whale fest, Customer which doesn't respond and frequent sever disconnects if your get matched up against anyone from Asia area. There is also bug which allows opponent to forcibly disconnect you bear in mind this a pvp game in which combat continues after disconnect so its basically free win for your opponent.
So far it's cute and I'm still new so will update as I go along. The very odd thing is I linked the account via Google. But to spend the currency in game you have to to set up a tembit account 🤨🤯 . But that side it is a cute and fun game makes you think about things. Every one has a use regardless of their rareitly. Will update as I go along 🙌😋
This game haves some the character from dragon heroes shooter which is now shut down but that why I like this game.
This feel cheap and bad. There point i will say the predecessor (Dragon heroes Shooting RPG ) vs This. 1. The art clearly simplified, feel like cheap trace and simple animation then the predecessor. 2. I don't know what element my hero in this game. 3. Concept of growing and evolve is not exist in this game, just leveling up with coin. The game just throw you there, like alright click here, click here and done. this is tactics game. The game just give you many heroes but we don't what the purpose. You see if this like "idle game". I get it. I will forgive. But since this a tactics game. I won't forgive you. I'm not gonna invest my money and my time to game that so hollow. so uninteresting. so cheap like this. under the name of tactics game. Dear dev please just make Idle game at this point with quality art of the predecessor and drop this game.
Now that I finally have a chance, please let me say this, Dragon Heroes was one of the most unique and fun games on the playstore. I honestly miss it. Is there any offline versions of it laying around? This new game feels like a more expanded version of DH's Arena, I feel like if you were going to take any aspect of DH into a new game, the vertical shooter aspect was the way to go. Please for the love of all that is good, bring back Dragon Heroes. You still have die hard fans. let us play!
the character and graphics are delicious,good sounds, it runs very smooth, no crashes no lag u can minimize it as well and open it again and it doesnt restart,its pretty fun BUT please add a button to skip campaign battles they are so long and even with 2x speed it takes forever, and add an auto battle button for pvp for the lazy ones. its very hard to get hero copies, and exp to level up, not a big fan of it, the game has a lot to improve, hope the devs polish it.
This game is basically abandoned, it's not received any kind of update for over half a year and its small playerbase is not enough to keep sustaining it, you're kind of forced to spend a good chunk of cash if you wanna get relevant or far, and even then after that spending you can just leech off the rewards by barely engaging with the game This game had potential to be great, but it got dropped by the devs too early for that to happen.
After few days of playing, i thought this game cant get any worse but i was wrong.. 1st of all whats the deal with 4-7? clearly the devs didnt play test this and have no idea. next pvp, THERE SHOULD BE 2 TYPES OF PVP, 1 WITH PLAYER VS. AI AND PvP but no you should only play with real people in real time where they have higher lvl. char and rune, slow queue btw.. God knows why they removed the DH shooter game.. that game was gold not this unbalanced and unpolished game riddled w/ bugs.
It's a very fun game, although it doesn't really also taste my interest as much. I mean when I got I, it was 100% addictive but after awhile it just didn't apply to me. But I still give it 5 stars for trying!
Despite the somewhat outdated looking graphics, the gameplay is better than most tactics I've played for mobile apps. Gotta give it a try for like 30 minutes to get used to everything.
The game has potential, until you realize that they lock the story mode behind pvp progress. The bots are not an issue, but you better hope the game is kind with the free legendaries you get before the real players join the fray, or you will get stuck behind a wall out of the player's control for quite a while while you wait for the gatcha gods to give you something you need. But by that point, you have enough power to throw off the f2p difficulty curve and then there is no point.
I searched this game bcs i played the old one, idk why but the feeling of excitement runs through so much better on the old one. I truly wish i could give you five stars bcs this used to be my favorite game, idk the changes just doesnt click to me.. good luck with the game tho, hope you'll find more players!
Absolutely unplayable after 10+ level in PVP and scenario. Auto-match constantly placing you against somehow overpowered players. Same lvl, same characters, but they just rip you off like a baby, and not because of skill or tactics, but because of bigger damage and defence. What is this if not pay-to-win? Just look at the items in shop, and you'll understand. Rotten strategy, pals.
WARNING! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! (DO NOT SPEND MONEY!) Plenty of companies do this, which they rehash assets to make a simple game and shut it down within a year or two. I've played Dragon Heroes Shooter RPG, and that was shut down prematurely because lack of player base. They simply want to collect as much money as possible and shut it down like their previously Dragon Heroes titles. For the sake of religious players who enjoyed the original... DO NOT PAY MONEY! IT WILL SHUT DOWN IN A YEAR!
I have messaged multiple times have not got reply. I wanted to know if the game will get Japanese voices do not like the English voices at all. Secondly will you add a character log so you can read back on what the characters have said.
This game is a lot of fun the characters are unique and well designed. The character skills animation is really neat and the gameplay is incredible simple. Crates and character cards are sparse you get some of them through story, but I don't know where else to get them without buying them with real cash. Overall a satisfying game to play with some quirks, with that said the PvP aspect is some what balanced and characters shards are sparse.
Please bring back the shooter!!!! This is so bad comparing to the old one! I got so excited seeing dragon heroes coming back and got so sad to see how slow and static it is compared to the old one
First of all, Welcome back with your new game I missed these characters so much! Now talk about the game - Things that are missing: Evolving characters system which they change their appearance based on their Evolved form like the old game, more Gameplay contant besides some pvp and pve contant nothing more to do there, Legenderies too easy to get which I believe we need a higher tier grade that harder to get and worth investing my time. Things I really Like: Graphics, Gameplay, FreeStuff.
Too much potential wasted. This is a tactic rpg so I would have loved to see enemies and you to actually have the ability to change the positions on the grid. While you can change your character's positions, it's only doable before the battle starts but after that they are stuck in one place and the game becomes a turn based rpg. The good thing about this game is the art style and aesthethics.
I kinda feel like the IA for enemies on battleground has got some kind of buff like +1-2 levels to all heroes or something.
Rather fun concept playing other game that take my time but may play more as time goes though good job folks
Semi unique need to be able to think to put together a strong team, but enough money and you will be too strong to require strategy is my honest best guess as this does have a gacha system
I'm still getting used to it, but this game actually employs some strategy. Great character design, just wish the battles weren't all overhead and behind, so you could see faces. Maybe add a camera adjust feature?
Thought I would try this out after looking for rpg like games but there is no evolving you heroes and it is totally based on pvp you are thrown into pvp from the very start there is nothing else to this game and it is a shame as the characters look cool
So unbalanced its unreal. ALL pvp focused. At lvl20 you will lose to lvl10 players and with 30pts for a win and -25pts for a loss the grind gets too much. My last 20-25 battles put me at around -50pts in total.
Character art and skill animations are great. Controls and game mechanics are easy to learn and understand. Tactics are varied with character skills. Pretty good so far. Not into mid/late game yet so can't speak to that.