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Dragon Friends : Green Witch

Dragon Friends : Green Witch for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 모론게임즈 located at 경상북도 구미시 1공단로7길 86-1, 302호 동아비즈니스센터내 357호 39367. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've recently come back to this game out of boredom and nothing much has changed - pc version is still broken, and no updates for months. However, the community is still strong. Daily players, and the board has new messages every 20 to 30 minutes or so, almost like a small subreddit. Overall, the game is adorable, has a beautiful community, and it's nice to come back every now and then to see my old friends and dragons.
I just reinstalled this after a long time, when I go into my island I try to do anything and it immediately crashes. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Please fix!!!!
I downloaded this game because it looked cute in the ads. However, about two minutes into the game, when I was trying to log in, it asked for both a nickname and a password. And when I tried to log in as a guest, it asked for my gender as well. I'm sorry, but I cannot and will not reveal personal information for the sake of a game.
I love this game have been playing it on and off for years. But it's so slow lately and lagging, can barely connect to the server half the time. Visiting all my friends islands takes friggin ages. Need to fix it please. And no it's not my internet connection.
Would be better if game did not keep closing when trying to visit friends. I get to scroll to the 5th lot of friends and the app closes on me every time. Looks like the developers do not respond to comments so reducing amount of stars.
Adorable dragons, Great community! I wish there were more quests, but otherwise its entirely fun to play. Lots of cute or cool decorations for your island, and many color variants of dragons. The social interaction and profit help is really neat, and the scoreboard is easy to climb. Theres lots of ways to earn the currencies without having to buy with real money, which I think more games should have. Dragon Friends is fun and unique!
I have had this game on and off for a few years. This game is so fun. The only reason that I have been downloading it then deleting it, is because of phone storage. But other than that it is a great game to play when your bored. Highly recommend downloading it and playing it.
So I've been playing this wonderful game for years, a few months ago it kept crashing...So I downloaded it on my phone this month and it worked fine until yesterday...It started to crash again, kept trying...So I would suggest to update the game me often... like every week...
It says I have 9 friends but when I try to chat with them it says I have to pay 1gem to chat with a stranger! What's up with that,are they friends or not? Other than that, so far so good,when the friend issue gets resolved/explained will edit review.
I think something should be fixed with the adoption balloons. What its the point in asking for help to get a dragon or animal when you cant keep that animal when the balloon leaves. If someone is willing to part with the creature and give it to someone else then it should go to the person who asked for the dragon or animal. As it is right now, there just isnt as much fun with the balloon if it stays the way it is right now.
The connection in general is absolutely much worse than what I was used to two years ago (when I first started playing), and that's really a shame because it just annoys people. Please fix.
Hi! The game crashes when i try to login. Ive sent multiple error logs thru email. I would really like to play but i cant make it past the login screen. I have uninstalled it and downloaded it and nothing changed
This game is broken. I chanced my review from 3 to 1 star cause after you get use to server being slow and chatting impossible.. You notice more serious problems. I'm losing my works what I should still have left. While I'm away from the game turns I have left to work in other islands have been vanished while I haven't played the game. It also can't be some weird delay because there's more gone than I had used last time I played. This game really needs coders who know how to code. Badly build.
Fix the game please!! I can't connect to the server. I get a Pop up saying can't connect to the game server!!! Help please I love this game!!p
This game had so much potential. Best dragon game ever, EXCEPT, I would get kicked out for months at a time and even then you might get kicked out of the servers everyday. Apparently the game is gone now for USA. It was a cooperative community and I made friends in the game. This game HAD more choices for how your space looked than any other game I've ever played. It was always problematic, but I kept coming back because it was that good. R.I.P. Dragonfriends.
Super fun! All the creatures are so cute and the gameplay's easy to do 😁 Truly a happy place for me to de-stress from the real world - so 5 stars 💖👍✨✨✨
I Love this game to death! Its such a great game i used to play it a long time ago and I thought I would come back and Its still great as ever! im just concerned why it keeps crashing on me.. its weird but it mostly crashes when I go to collect my prizes for achievements it is kinda annoying.. but I think it's because of my trash phone.. oh well! thanks to all the ppl who created this masterpiece!
I used to be addicted to this game as a child, I would play it every single day on my tablet. I loved it! But recently when I downloaded it to my phone it completely stopped working, every time I open it it crashes immediately. Which really sucks, I really looking forward to playing it again. I really hope that someday it gets fixed😭😭
I have decided to change the number of stars I gave. after the last review I left things are worse. Now not only can I not breed any of my Dragons but I can't even get on to play at all. 90% of the time it says connection failed. unable to connect to server. The other 10% of the time when it let's me on, Im only on for a few seconds and the game crashes. I love this game when its playable. Its my favorite game ever. Please Please fix it. Im begging.
Its been fun a bit fustrating at times because you cant get more stuff unless u buy them. Also really wish they'd include bridges as a decoration to connect some of the land
I loved this game a couple of years ago. But now it kicks me out, freezes or stops working when I get on the game and its frustrating. I really do want to play it, but it won't let me. That's why I'm giving it a one star rating. Sorry.
Great game, but there is a problem. Whenever I try to start the game and after it finishes loading, the game immediately crashes. I was doing some breeding with a plant and earth dragon, but im not sure if that's the issue. Please try to fix this problem. I will give you 5 stars when its fixed. Thank you and have a nice day.
This game is awesome really entertains me and my grandkids. Now we are not able to go in it said problem with server. Please check what is wrong this is my third game don't want to lose this one too.
I used to love this game but now there is no support, not even a way to contact support, the chat feature within the game is useless, no one answers, I emailed the company using their website form and the address on it and no response. Sad really when it was with the previous company they were always available when support was needed. No more breeding events, is almost like the game is dead.
I love it but there's some cases that i can't log in my account, not only because i forgot my password but it was on the system, please make my account back.. I wish in the next update i can know what is my password easily.
Its awesome game dragons are very cute graphics are fantastic only problem fo me its to expensive you should be able to buy the dragons with the money you make from buildings only came back to see if you listened last time i said the same thing and look 2 years later stll nothing
When i was a lot younger I would play this game on my Kindle Fire, maybe when I was around 9 or 10 so a long time ago. I recently found my Kindle and saw it doesn't work on there, so I got it on my phone to get some nestalgia (I think thats how its spelled) Up and until I finished the tutorial sort of stage I was unable to ever get back in due to it crashing. It breaks my heart that I cant play an old game at this point. I'd ask that the team figures out what's going on.
Love this game but it needs updates and bugs fixed! Did you abandon this game? You still have loyal players and its not fair. People spend money on this game and your no longer giving us help by updates and fixes. Server is constantly going down so how can anyone play? Ugh....
I've had a great time with this game. But not the game itself. Past about level 30 the game gets dull and not fun at all. The only events on Dragon friends are just for breeding. If there was an event that's not about breeding then maybe it'll be good. I had mad respect for this game when it was in its prime. But now it's just... Gone I used to hate the dark witch being on my island but I'm currently level 40+ and I want to see the dark witch. Because that's literally the only plot in the game..
cant connect to server, cant release eggs to hatch, cant accept work from other players. cant collect coins, or sell dragons. game is all messed up, going to give it a few more days then deleting it.
this at one time was one of the best game but over last year it has so many problems and to time consuming to play. and never a response when ask to fix. that one of the reasons why it got 1s ratings from me..I've played for 5yrs and now I think I'm done..that so sad
This game is asorable and fun, but it has its handfull of glitches and bugs. specifically in my case being, I used magic on the odd-eyed dragon, and when it evolved, I couldnt enter the game anymore, it just kept crashing. But otherwise, the game is definitely worth checking out.
I've been playing this game a very long time ❤️ and I love it!! However it has so many server problems!! It's ridiculous!!
OMG can u please fix the servers!!!!!! There is a message that the game cannot connect to the server every day!!! I really enjoy the game. Enough that I am willing to pay for the in game purchases when I have extra money. It is so frustrating to have to wait for the game when u are playing. I feel like I am back to dial up waiting on the circle of death!
Used to play this Game 4 from now, its a great game, but, the problem is, the slow loading, loading when visiting, tapping the message button, accepting quest, looking at visitor's book, even harvesting tax etch.. It's super damn slow even though I have 5ms. So the problem is in the game, not in my connection
I love this game this game! Very calming and fun. I am having a little problem now it says to build your tax building and collect once well I have built my tax building and I'm not getting anything and it still will not get me the rewards it's supposed to for building it! Can you please fix this glitch then I will give it a five star rating! I would like to add. Instead of discarding recipe items or any items we need somewhere to sell them and make money off of them you would get better ratings.
This app used to be so much fun. It would update all the time. I used to play it years ago but now it won't even load for me anymore, and when it does the game crashes. This has happened ever since it got transferred to a diffrent company. In the past I would recommend it but now I won't because it won't work anymore.
I love the game but been 3 days since i cant play. Will u fix it. Or will u delete the game. I been playing for 6 years. Pls fix it.
I'm uninstalling the game because of rude players and the lack of ability to block them and the lack of gems so that I could upgrade my island without friends (which I don't have) and the loading time as well while going to the shop and to the island.
There's still so many people playing this game so I don't understand why it's struggling. I love this game. I would love to continue supporting this game. This is the best app out there in my opinion. Merge Dragons is trash compared to this one. I don't get it. I just really want to keep playing.
I was enjoying the game until now.. it won't let me in..it says no internet connection, but no problems with my internet.. thinking of uninstalling..
Long term players are leaving every week, there's almost no one left. Not enough server capacity, and no new dragons since late 2017. This used to be one of the best breeding games available. Now it's one of the worst.
The game is cute but it is always crashing, buging and the developers don't care about the great game they have in their hands. Thank you morongames for being moron to your players!
So a few years back I would have rated this game a 5. Now it's a 1. Lemme explain. As you can see by the other recent reviews, this game has a serious crashing problem. Every time I try to collect rewards or breed certain dragons, the game crashes and good luck getting back on. I still have the app installed bc it was one of my favorite games in the app store. But the play value now is basically 0. Not likely to change as the developers are mum and customer service non existent
The game is awsome. Unfortunately the game connection is horrible, at first I thought it was on my end but I checked several times and it's excellent, so it's on your side. Very frustrating!!!
Is anyone else having a hard time getting on a server at a sertint level of the game and if so how do I fix it.
FIX THIS GODDAMN GAME! I LOVE IT TO MUCH TO LET IT DIE! It let me play up to a certain point and then keeps crashing when I try and open it. PLEASE, please fix this. I honestly love this game. It was a lovely part of my childhood.
game exit due error because lagging too much. it really bother me every time I have no choice but to uninstall now. nothing I can play, I will give 5 star if you have fix it right!! game still good but lagging!!!
the game is great. people are great. but the game is SLOW at times. they really need to invest in higher speed internet or more servers to handle the load. but this was also the problem with the previous owners as well.
Amazing game, graphics are amazing just there is something wrong with it; as soon as I got to lvl 20 the game just quit. It will not let me in anymore. It would have gotten a five star review from me if this glitch didn't exist or was fixed. Please fix this.
Global server has been down for several days. Looks like they finally killed this off without telling players. It used to be the best dragon game. No new dragons since late 2017, so it's not as though they were maintaining it, just hosting. Guess they can't afford the server anymore.
love the game and the update fixed the bug with the flying dragons, but now whenever my island loads it just crashes. i still can't play. this is very frustrating. i haven't been able to play for weeks & i can't let my friends know i can't play beyond what i typed in my about slot.
Great game, worked well on my Nexus 7 tablet for about a month. Now it keeps crashing. Edit 6-20-2020 Again got cannot connect to server, tried uninstall/re-install no help
I can't understand why you don't fix this game after having bought it. I couldn't get in it before and I can't again. What is going on with this game? Same issues as before but it seemed you might have had it fixed but here we go again. I can't say that I will be back this time, I'm just not sure. I did love it too,how sad! update, after reading everyone else's review I'm throwing in the towel, I'm done because you guys are done. You could have fixed it
Well you wont really need my stars for the game since its being removed. So much for the memories, especially for a useless company who couldnt even spend the time to fix the issues. Its an amazing game, but quality declined when the original game devs passed it over to your team.
A little wait goes a long way. Love getting those special rare dragons. Can't wait for my next level, so I have too gem it up.
I used to play this game when I was young. When I installed this game again last year it was lagging and probably crashing at the same time. Now I'm at probably around level 9 or 10 in the game and when I bred my Earth Dragon with my Tree Dragon, it crashed. Every time I kept going on the app, it keeps crashing. Now I have too give this a 1 star because of this problem. Please fix this crashing situation