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Dragon Craft

Dragon Craft for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Ace Viral located at 16 Birchwood, Sunderland, SR4 0AP. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! I downloaded this on a tablet and it was awesome! but this phone keeps kicking me out. please decrease the number of crashes in less powerful phones please. Thank you!
Horriiiid. once i got in game, it did a SUPER LAGGY tutoral. then it did ANOTHER SUPER LAGGY tutoral. and once i clicked FIRE, it crashec my WHOLE TABLET and evrything went white, to black, then white again and then thats when i popped back here and did this Post. PLZ FIIIIX
This is a good game but the maps are really boring there's nothing to do on them so plsssssssssssssssss make better things on them to do
I LOVE THIS EVERYTHING ABOUT IT YOU DID GREAT! But can you do one thing for me and make the dragons less selfish and actually respond properly to what you are actually saying plsssssss?It also hurts my feelings when the game makes the dragons say mean,grouchy,and grumpy things to me it's like they hate me SO PLEASE FIX THIS I AM SICK OF HAVING TO BANISH ORDER DISCIPLINE THEM THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. My apologies if this review was a little restrict :)
an adorable game with a simplistic style, not to mention very addictive to play, though it would be nice if there were more species of wildlife. Maybe even the chance to run into wild dragons?
Good game but needs to have therd person and multi player and I want to be able to create my own character and health please add those things in next update
AWESOME! Just add where I can play as a dragon and add a map Give me this U get 5 stars If u do this. Add map and we can choose to be a human or dragon
I played before its fun but I would like it if you can take care of the dragons like it can get sick (barf).I don't like it when the dragons run away from you when you get far enough otherwise I like the game.So give it 5 stars!!!
From what I've played I have definitely seen an improvement and I also think thirst Room for more improvement there level although small is perfect for training dragons and you can even ride You can write them quicker then you say were to say I basically what I'm trying to say is that if you had a training camp for the dragons who are not able to be tamed will you should be able to tame all of them and it should be relatively easy to gain more and more and to put it into Levels and the level up
It's a good game butt you can not pick your own dragon so it's not that good off a game but i like it
This game is super adicting and fun but the thing i dont like about it os you need to watch ads to get mpre dragons and blocks
its a little glitchy and could use a little more mobs and the dragons can jump fences and thay get stuck in the nesting caves that i make but other than that its great!!! :3
Omg such a good game but i rated 4 bc i think u should add npc and more dragons so then u can have enemies and alliance's also i think it should be a survival were u have 2 find the dragon nest to get the eggs but dragons will be garding the egg Ps and add wepons and armor
I mean it is a.good game but it ceeps.on cicking me out and crashing my tablet!!!!!! Im sick of it!!! But other than that it is a good but one more thing can you make bilding beter? Other than thos things its ok. And can you make it to were the dragons do more things? Like can you do a thing were you can teach them triks? And have them follow you? And add more thing in dragon chat? I mean the first time is fun but when you get used to it it is boring.
This is the best textured dragon game ever in the whole wide world even though im a breyer horse girl i still love dragons
Love this game!!! It felt like I was talking to a friend! Download this GAME NOW!!!!! It's really nice! That's why I did 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
It's a good game it's so fun I like it dragons are good the dragons are very colorful as well I gave this a 5-star review the best game ever I don't know why the other people's giving it one store I hate those people that do that bye
It's quite good but, I want to build something else then I get lost because everything is the same and then I can't my way back.
i love this game the dragens are fun to ride but it would be nice if thaer was a survivel mode. but rite now im stuk in a wall glich and i cant get OUT pleas fix this. also armer would be cool and a nether portel. BUT RITE NOW I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS WALL GLICH!
This is a cool game 😍😍😍 becase we can fly and find more new dragons Well dragon. Craft it's cool but my mom is scared 😝😝😝
I was playing the game and clicked on my dragon but then a button showed up and i hit it then i found a chat the dragon was talking to me on the chat and was being rude and calling me names creaters of game fix this! DONT GET THIS GAME PEPOLE
I finished the game all in one day. I got all the blocks, dragons, and built all the buildings and my own. Please add more stuff and dragons and such. Also in the spa when you get an egg can you make the colors of the parents mix to create a new color dragon?
It does not let me play it. I am playing on a tablet and the scenes glich together. PLZ FIX THIS THANK YOU.
It was amazing experience when I got it but I do have good internet but it was still amazing experience I apsuotley LOVED IT I would say get this app if you have good internet and have a tablet that's why I rated it 5 stars
Love it it gives you a free castle when you install but if you keep your dragons in the castle thay poop in your castle so disgusting i hate it!! the dragons all they do is sleep,poop,fly,stretch .in dragon chat they always say same thing that dose not make sense.thay wander off if thay are not in a bilding so i had to put them all in the castle it is horrible if you do not believe me install and see if it is true .~
This was a pretty cool game. I like how you can choose if you want to summon the dragon or not. I just got this game yesterday. And I already love it!😍 I recommend this game for minecraft fans!
Pls I beg you! To make blocks and dragons cost coins and gems. You NEED to watch ads to get blocks. Pls pls pls pls pls pls make them cost coins and gems!!!! Bc the ads don't play. The ads don't even work but coins and gems would! And pls pls pls make it where you can train you're dragons in chat instead of just talking with them. If you don't do these ideighs this 3 star rating is staying! Oh and by the way pls pls pls pls pls don't just ignore this comment.
I love this game the thing about it is. 1:The dragons r cute. 2:It Says I can make my own building. 3:i bring my tablet to school so me and my 2 friends can play with it. 4:Install this game and check it out. 5 I will check it out. 6: I will tell you when I check this game out.
Has great potential! Update ideas: -Dragon saddles/accessories -Flying dragons -Have a favorite dragon -More blocks - How to play Guide
This game is soo amazing cus you can ride the dragon and keep up the good work but one promblom you have to watch ads to unlock dragons like watch 100!!! ADS i dont like that fix that pls but whatever i loves it keep up the gooood work
I love dragon craft I see dragons! I'll love all dragons So i can ride them My dragons arw inside the castle But the rainbow dragon is happy still I swim under water always Dragon craft is so much fun!
I realy dont recomend this game because, the hole thing lags and you cant move. Secondly, there are to many adds. If you want to get a new item you have to watch an add. The more rare it is the more adds you have to watch. To the people who made this game please have there be NO ADDS!πŸ™
I really love this app I think kid a adults will love this app like there are no ads every 1 second also I am happy I found this app I love it πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
Nice game can you add a multiplayer world pls i want to play with my friends pls add a multiplayer mod plsssss
This game is awesome! I just love it! You can talk to your dragons, you can bulid stuff, and best of all, you can fly on them!
I love it it's the best i would love it if the dragons could have babys could you do this in the next update
dragon craft is fun that can craft different types of dragon reams to help different types of dragon you can have
Wow this turned out to be my favorite dragon game ever. I love how you only have to watch ads to get stuff not having to do something to get coins and buy things. If you like minecraft and dragon game then here you go the perfect game thankyou for working hard for this app. I love it so much i love everything in it.
I really like it as a dragon lover. Its fun to build and talk with my dragons aswell as flying with them. Its not laggy and idc about the ads really. Its a really good game :)
Why do you have limited blocks and only one blueprint at a time fun game but needs infinite blocks PLEASE!!!
There isn't really anything worth looking at in this game. It drains your device's battery like a leech. There aren't any animals or creatures of any sort other than the dragons, which don't really do anything other than somehow poop. You have to watch an ad to unlock blocks and dragons and you can only watch two at a time. This game also installed 1,020 pictures on my phone, without consent. This game is pathetic. DO NOT INSTALL.
Good game. It deserves 5 stars because it isn't a rip-off. I started off unsure of how to play it, but then I became good at it. 5 stars.
This game is so...... adorable ☺ I just downloaded the game and I already fell in love with the dargons 😍 but when I chat with the dragons I think the dragons don't understand me and I don't understand what their saying either 😐
Love the game but there are multiple things I'd like to see for future updates One being able to keep blocks u destroy even if u have to watch an ad but if u watch add u get the block type for good Being able to play with other players would be nice and also if there were some sort of enemy to defeat so like a creative and a survival mode That would be great overall awesome game
I think it's a good game but their is a problem you don't play online with friends or family.I give it 5 out of 5 stars but plz do add More stuff.
i would give 5 stars tho the part that there are not any mobs (at least when i last played it) is some thing sad and that there is a limit of blocks
I love it!!!!!!:) u could only do 5 stars but I would love too make it 10000000 out of 100 but I love it sooooooo much you should have it you are human and there are dragons and it is kinda like minecraft but one thing can you make it so stuff is free no ads thanks so much
Super game I never want to play like this game but I playing I liked the game so much but u should improve I request u to update the game it will be very nice. And the flowers are not nice good game improve
I like this game because you can have dragons but every time I want a block or a dragon it says there is no add
I like it alot but I wish there were more dragons and more text for the dragons to say and I also want the new dragons to have different elements then just fire,other then that it's a great game ,also one of my dragons...pooped and I cant get rid of it,I really want a teleport button because I got lost and was trapped in a loop of valcano islands and couldn't find the castle
It's pretty glitchy IndyStar you look straight up and that made me scared cuz I thought I was in the void how dare you do me dirty and then I watched it add to Flying Dragon and then it had 28 seconds left and then it froze I don't know why it's probably cuz of all the work put into the ad for please stop the ads I really want to play with no ads I forget if there is a no ads but my dad got hacked on his account and can't buy anything on mobile this is really annoying but I do like the music
great game thou maybe add different dragon shape and extra inventory it annoys me holding a block while riding..and why not create battles to unlock blocks and level them up? that awards you with coins of course..and maybe like add places or maps to explore?plus adds are annoying FYI..the game lags a bit thou not often,then maybe add boss fights of other dragons and then collect them species? then train thru chat.plus maybe other furnitures and accessories like saddles for the dragons and animals
I don't like this game any more. I liked the old one beter. You had your own casle that you did not have to make and geting dragons were ez. If this was the old game i will give it 5 stars.
The building is nice, the dragons are cute (I literally spent like, what, an hour talking to one πŸ˜…) but there's a bug that trapped me in between "in the game dimension" and "out of the game dimension" I tried to reload the game multiple times but it didn't work and I was still between in-game and out-of-game. The bug is the only problem, other than that, the game is fire UwU
this is a good game, although the controls are a little weird for playing on laptop, overall this is a good game. I like the fact that you can talk to the dragons! it makes the dragons almost feel real. it's a little our other favorite blocky game (guess the name) but it has dragons in it. when you run out of blocks it is annoying, and you have to watch ads to get dragons and blocks. the ads don't actually cut in when you're playing, which is good, because some games i play do. good job, devs!
it's a great game but after a while all the dragons ,except for the 2 I made friends, with disappeared and I couldn't find any more. please fix
This game Is good. just too many ads. for flying,getting new dragons,and to max love,you need to watch an ad.
Good but more animals would be great and more people and more type of dragons would be better and more fun and more type of orcs . And se my self
I love the idea and the dragons its just that ilI wish i could have furniture like beds and tables exetera so if you do add in a update this will be a very good game
So, you just basically, roam around with your dragons and build? I think you should add some challenging daily quests. I know the dragons are adorable, but that doesn't mean that you just ride on it. Please add these in the new updates. This CAN be a REALLY NICE game. Just add the challenges. It would make it more interesting.
it is fun but kinda laggy when you have lots of dragons You can name the dragon too but the problem in the game is that when you have to much dragons it turn laggy.
This game is fun,but can i ask for some new stuff? Like maybe a survival mode or raising your dragon? That would be fun!
It's kind of annoying it's kind of annoying how did dragons are weird I do not know what is kind of cool
Great game but I went exploring and I lost my lovely World maybe you could add a button that telaports you back to your land and where your house is cause I have to make a new land now but it's ok please reply back.
I love this game and it is the best and all the dragons are so cute and when you go in the water it's so fun and it's like when you're on the blue one it's like you're under the sea it's like the frost fury from adopt me in Roblox and it's just the best I love it so much thank you for creating this game and I hope you have the best day bye the prosperity from
5 star app. The only thing I don't like is how you only get certain amount of blocks now and your Dragon love is erased when you get off. PLEASE FIX THIS! Thank you.
It was good but I think we need dragon biomes and the dragons should look like there element so they are worthy of controlling the element and should breathe out what there element is like elemental fire.
Adorable but you know what's missing lovely names! I mean the names are bad! Can you change the names?
the best game I've had. It was really cool how you can actually talk with the dragons and how they actually understand you. 5 stars. It is like minecraft, like I wish I had, but this game is better
I lost the castle and I followed the red part of the arrow and it led to the castle but I would like more blocks and not so many ads.
Id Say this game has OK graphics but It needs more like ANIMALS and BETTER CONTROLS but non the less its pretty good πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It's okay, but I think that a lot of upgrades should happen one: Can You Let Us See Ourself? Two: I would lovΓ« it if the things the dragons say in the chat, they do them in the game, Three: I would like it if we did not look like MineCraft people.Four: Please ad shadows, Other than that pretty good! (P.s It's kinda inappropriate that I can say ANYTHING in the chat) AND I DONT REALLY SAY THIS BUT ITS SORTA GETTING ON MY NURVES THAT THE DRAGONS SAY β€œThey back away. Why are you being so rude?” 😑😠
This is SUPER cool game but plss make a third person and i want update this game hey shout out for your game and i want to chose my dragon plss update this game is super cool game
This game doesn't have action or activities you can't even train your dragons and you have to earn the dragon's love and it doesn't tell you how to do it without internet connection
the game is awesome and wonderful ,but you could add money like gold or gems ,but don't make stuff expensive. again the game is awesome.:D
It's a good game but you need to watch a add for almost everything its really annoying and laggy, the dragons I like the have different looks but I wish they had different elements every dragon has fire it's like it doesn't matter what dragon you have but other that it's a good game. But you really need to fix it.
Well I would keep the dragon to have elemental powers and map if you could do that i would be very happy thank you
This game is roarsome its so cool how you get to fly the dragons and you can make them breathe fire!!!❀😍
This gane is very fun because sometimes you can drift into this land with your very own dragons. 5 stars!
I think the dragon should be more blocky and I think you should be on Survival you should start out with one egg and there should be different dragon types and shapes.
It's so cute I love it because I like to build but I'm sad that it doesn't have the crate because I don't really want to build the crate
I dont know what happened to my other review, but this game is amazing, before and now! I like the new line that you sort of play, building a dragon kingdom. Also, I didn't know I needed this update, but apparently I did and waiting every second for it to download was worth it!!
I needs a lot more fixing the game is so Glitchy I wish that the game was a bit better and you have to watch an ad to fly it's also sometimes doesn't work to place a block or delete a block I don't know why people download this game but it does need to be fixed if it was fixed I would definitely download it
It's okay. I love dragons and crafting games, so I got this. I'm kind of disappointed. It's very hard to build, the land is pretty small, and dragons are hard to find. I wish the dragons could communicate a bit more, a lot if time my dragons do the same things over and over. If you're looking for crafting, do not download. Otherwise it's a pretty ok game.
i love it but i did not like how meny videos you have to watch just to get a blok besids that omg awesome game love kaia
Underdeveloped so far. Once you remove a tree, That's it. No tree for you. As there's no blocks for raw wood or foliage. Definitely needs more building blueprints such as barracks, amphitheater, Colliseum, market stall, library, apothecary, bakery, windmill... Remove and add block function is very touchy could use to run a lot smoother...
Soooo cool I am a youtuber and I love this game I love dragons and minecraft and I recommend you guys get itπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’Ÿβ£β£β€πŸ§‘πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
I like it but I deleted then downloaded because it won't let me move and a big gap in the game at my dragon cave and I really need it fixed so please look at my problem on the game and also put new dragon elements and new dragons and new dragon models
So this game THIS GAME IS AMAZING! You can get blocks by watching ads well it's fine with me and you can get DRAGONS DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE DRAGONS!? I LOVE THEM anyway if you do not have this app you need to install it now pls
I think its cool bc since u have no dragons pn minevraft and mincraft costs money thats when dragon craft comes it its a free game and u get to gave dragins oh what fun this game is
I love this game but I know it's laggy and it goes fast but I love this game😘😀 IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER
This game is so fun and cool. I like dragons, so I thought this was the perfect game, and it is! I love it. People who give this game 1 star they are saying "This game is HORRIBLE!" That's a lie. This is a great game and I have no idea how to thank the developer(s)!
This game is great but I only collected 17 dragons out of 21 what my favorite dragon of all might be the obsidianwhoever is reading this and wants to get this game you have to getescapism Santa Claus and when I looked up dragon games this was the only thing that came up
Ok are you guys ad crazy!! you do know people don't like ads right. I LOVE DRAGON GAMES I just wish I could find one that would live up to my expectations I thought this one would by the pictures but the flying is nothing like real flying and everything takes ads. uggg I hate ads!!!!
Its a good game it just has to many ads and it forces you to watch them in order to get more materials.
I like this game because there is amazing castles but I actually got all of the skins of the Dragons because this game is the best and I build some secret bases
well I really like it but you should make It where dragons can't jump or swim To help keep them in one place also ease make it so you don't have to watch an add to tame a dragon but I really like please add more dragons in the wild so we can watch less ads I really appreciate it!
This IS SO COOOL! Love it but pls fix the viewing system (when i see a block far it looks like the sky) and the sky needs to shade.
This game is great but it has too much ads and you have to lose your dragon sometimes and then you can't get back unless you find a different dragon πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
I love dragons so this is a good game for me even know I'm a girl but girls can like dragons and dinos so I think this is a really good game for me
This game is useless you can't fly the dragons u can't even watch video to fly it for ten minutes, U can't spawn any creatures whatsoever
This game did not include action and the tutorial was short and that is something that i like but the tutorial did not give enough information about the game so when i first played i was lost. There are way to many ads.The first time i played it it seemed fun but i got bored within minutes so i deleted it. I would not recommend people who enjoy action such as myself to download this.
I would not recomend this is you are looking for a very realistic minecraft. The game in general does not have much ads but there are only ads when you want to unlock stuff. The music is very nice. But a glitch was when i was building and it didint let me remove or place blocks. But i got new blocks and fixed the glitch So if you dont mind ads and minecraft games that are not similar to the real game,i recomend you try it. β™₯
I like this game but the chat is wrong when i answer to my dragon it's actually not my dragon talking its the game talking so wrong😠😠😑😑
Guys download this game because you can talk to your dragon and place make the game use money to buy dragons
It was good but I think we need dragon biomes and the dragons should look like there element so they are worthy of controlling the element and should breathe out what there element like elemental fire.
Hi I feel like there to be a better update the controls could be easier and we could have new dragons the dragons are completely fine they could be faster and they could actually run on land o and maybe some can breathe ice and that's all I'm asking other than that I give it three stars actually I'm going to give it 4 stars. But other than that this app is amazing I love it so much.
Well Itz fun at tha start but WAY TO MANY ADS I REPEAT TO MANY ADS U can ez get all thepa stuff and dragons Of ads I hate that U dont get Cooler blocks And U should add changllles to make getting bloxs and dragons u dont see More fun Itz low storage but It need to be better Like Maybe U could pick ur dragons or cusmaies Same with u , blocks and u should be allowed to join ppl Just for tha fun of it Ofc u can put it in prtiave but Hey? I'm giving u ideas . I'm sowwy but I hate this Game πŸ‘Ž
First of all, SCAM! It sux cuz you need to watch a ad so you can enable flying for 10 mins????? And you need to UNLOCK blocks!! I mean who wants to play to UNLOCK the building blocks??? Nobody. It is bad and you cant even spawn in dragons unless you wanna watch ads. Sucks and you should rate 1 star too. I actually thought i would find a game like minecraft but with dragons, but nope. This technically is a version they prob fished out of a garbage can. Good day, lowlife. Or should i say, IDIOT!!!
I like this game I love the dragons could you make more that would be even better and more blocks. I like it so much I rafe it 5 stars.
It's fine but I wish that you could meet other people, see their worlds, andhave more veriety in the blocks you get. Other that this it's a nice game and I've made castles, lighthouses, tree houses, bridges under ground area's, and other small things. Everything is free and all I had to do was watch adds inorder to get more blocks and/or dragons.
I played the game for about 20 - 30 minutes and here's what I ran into: 1. Sometimes it would not let me place or remove a block until I moved my dragon. 2. I tried building a stable for my dragons and I rode my blue dragon into the stable, I got off, and he was on the roof or in the ceiling. Apart from that, it was fun, addicting, and the best minecraft dragon game out there!
Wow just wow it's amazing I love this game I mean dragon my relationship with dragons in this game is incredible but I love dragons and I downloaded this game because I love dragon and I love Minecraft so perfect combination it's it's wow it's amazing I love the game very very very very much
It's good for awhile till you get to a certain point in the game, I unlocked most of the dragons and blocks via adds. The blocks wouldn't even work for me anymore, they either wouldn't get removed or wouldn't be added, and to fly you need to watch an ad and you can only fly for ten minutes, causing you to watch another ad to fly. I recommend that you don't play it, it needs a lot of fixes.
It's awesome you have different dragons to get and you can build anything you want and you can make a city of dragons it's a really good game if you are a dragon lover like me
It's good and it's fun/cute + it has DRAGONS. I love to have DRAGONS because it's cool and fun I LOVE DRAGONS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO CUTE AND LITTLE I love it
The grafics are so good the game is amazing it is just so much more colorful it is just full of bright colours
this app is amazing! so many amazing dragons, so customizable, and so much fun. only problem is the names i change dont save. and as a suggestion, maybe make it so u can see da dragons names when you go t o select them. but its a beautiful game with beautiful dwagons. ;) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wow great job developer except it shuts my tablet off can't put away my blocks all are to unlock stuff and also you have to watch vid to fly pfft bich
It's really cool and you can talk to dragons but I wish there was a element for the dragons then just fire like if the dragon is blue it's a water type and if it's light blue it's a air type so if you could do that I would like it.
this game is terible as it seems. toooooo much adds pop out of nowhere.it makes me mad. like a 😈 devil. take them away.AWAY NOW.plz.the dragons are soooo hard and dificult to lan and the blocks are hard to place down. i hate that and the controls are anoying.plz take them away and place new ones cuz i get really maaaaaad with them and make it easyer to land. thats it. bye suker
I thought that we were gonna play as the dragon but we aren't and another thing why I gave two stars is because my tablet glitches when I'm playing the game that's why I gave two stars I'm it trying to be rude but that's the reason why (I meant not, sorry)
I think this game is amazing but the only thing I dont like is that the dragons can escape pens/houses and it makes me wonder "what's the point of a pen the the animals keep escaping?" if u could fix that I bet you'd get five stars from me.
I actually really like this game! Thanks to my extreme imagination, I turned this game into one thing I look for in games: a roleplaying scenario! Though, sometimes I can't put somethings onto other things. Why did u do this to me? This is why I did 4 stars. You're welcome. 😊
Is Minecraft but with dragon but it's lag a bit and also it's said rewards failed, waste a lot of time. Fix it please or else your a loozer
It's the worst! I can't get my dragons to stay in the cage, and sometimes I can't build or delete. And did I mention u have to watch ads to get blocks, yea, it's the worst. I know it's dragon craft but u don't need to make is so dumb and terrible! And there's only one element fire! It's fun to burn stuff (earns a star) but this game is just terrible! And I wish I can make my dragons stay and also I wish they can follow me. I can't even look away for 5 seconds before my dragons go missing! 😠
This game was so glitchy that it took a whole week for my tablet to install it. Believe it, i had no games on this thing.
i love it! i like all the colours and more! but the only thing is when you change their names, exit and go back into the game, the names are back to normal
I like the game but it don't have a map why don't we have a map? And also I like how we can chat with our dragons.but I got lost in the game so much times and I deleted the app and download it again then I got lost at exploring with all my progress it is all gone I wish it had a map😭😒
wow! I have never seen it out now and Jonathan is a bossy to much for what up everyone can use it if ur in the area of the younger clans out now some of them r mad sms, a good clan that I can do not have a hard time getting on my phone and I was getting out of shower and old lady flung a rubber band at my balls hasn't even dropped yet BlackBerry, and Jonathan said keep there man happy and make baby's the best thing to do is let them fight it out jazzy should not have hit tiny bit of a record, but
i like it a little bit beacause i like dragons, its ok if there ads i can still wait thats why i give one star beacause beacause my favorate dragon is there!!!!purpole!!!!ilove purpole!!!and dragons
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