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Dragon Chronicles - Strategy Card Battle

Dragon Chronicles - Strategy Card Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Nyou Inc. located at 15, Pangyo-ro 228beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Been playing for about 10 days now. Over all really enjoyed my time this far. Been lucky with SSS+ cards(think I have 6 or 7), not bad under 2 weeks. Was even lucky enough to pull Banshee on a single 25gem pull πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. Not sure why people are have so much tech probs, IV got vivo phone and haven't had a single tech issue since I began playing. Upper tower is challenging, there's aspects of the game that are easy and hard. Over all 5 stars from me, love your work!
Only had it for a week and already spent over 24 hours on it. Such an amazing and addictive game with quite an easy way to obtain the cards you need so overall I just dont see myself getting bored with it anytime soon just amazing.
I got to say the update was well better than before and i like the game more often as you have got chances off getting sss cards and the team done a great job so far with the update. I will change my rating to 5 stars well done. Nyou :)
I'm not sure where and why all these guys r having so much trouble with the game. I've been playing it for at least the past 10 months and have never had any problems with. It does get a little frustrating not being able to obtain the SSS+ cards without putting a lot of work or money into them but I've gotten SSS+ cards without spending any money for them, good cards not just the weakest of those cards.
I enjoy this particular more than any other turn based card games because the mechanics are smoother and less overly-complicated. The only thing id like to see is more equipment sets, to have more options, but development takes time. Still the best of its genre that i have played.
This game is fraud, after purchase in the game, they just close my account (name: ansana), game master, send back my money, will do the same report to google and also my card to do cancelation on any payment to your bank and report it to suspended you bank account, already send email but no response since a week ago
Not a bad game tbh... Have event for newbie that give powerful heroes .. But the gears options kinda same old stats even tho different rarity.. I mean yes %different n value but to me kinda lacking... Every heroes need different options in their gears :/
Please help me... I have mixed 7 golden tickets but still didn't get any SSS+ card... My account ID is CG7CTF. Kindly look into it. If it's solved, I'll give full rating.. The above problem is solved successfully. Thanks a lot.
I like your game but please make it more staibl. Your welcome devleper. Please tell me when your you did it and let me know if you have other things you need me to anwser.
It's funny how after a few days of playing I spend money on your game thinking: "Hey this is going smoothly! I am enjoying this game and would like to support the creators". The next time I log in the game all of a sudden doesnt know me. Not cool.
Game ok was good for a wile but now am getting bore off it and piss off with it. Underground lab sucks fighting same team and people that beat you again after you already battle them. Am not even going to bother playing like i use to do no more. Game gone down hill. And far too expensive. Use your money for other things that you got instead of wasting it on nothing because you never get anything decent in this game. Lame gifts for Christmas too.
It's a good game but it needs a batch upgrade for the cards because doing them one by one is time consuming and boring
Good game so far, only one annoyance: please, please, please! Remove that annoying great big red arrow when choosing which oponment to hit, you already know who your going Hit, why the big tacky arrow, very good game otherwise but just that blasted arrow. The red of the arrow is tacky and completely clashes with the textured artwork. If you must keep the arrow please make it smaller and Maybe texture it,also it could too be a deeper red. I'm not the only one whos picked up on this.
I'm on limited data, after opening it says I need to download 660mb of additional files so I push ok. Half way done I get network error and tap retry, now it's showing 950mb more left to download. I don't have the data to get anywhere on this game so 1 star for me.
The Android sandbox is excellently designed. It allows apps to load all of the assets they could possibly ever need, but only within their own space, without giving them carte blanche to mess with all your files. It also ensures that when you delete it, all those files go with it. The only reasons a game could ever have to demand access outside it are either malicious or incompetent. Either way, letting them have free run of your files is a terrible idea. Always 1 star.
24 hours in and the game is already losing my attention. Just your typical mobile RPG, with a half hour kitschy, railroaded tutorial and a serious dedication to the idea of "time, not skill". The Arena is where it's most obvious as you can tell the winner before the battle starts; a 3 level difference between units is insurmountable. And leveling is SLOW... The game is just there to suck in a few payments from players looking for the lotto-like feel of trying for SSS+ units. Boring.
Getting gold cards is random after paying/opening so much. Will need all maxed out golds PLUS the good golds to win or play. Weaker golds= you will lose every match. Less than golds= don't even play. Most pay to win game ever. Art is good and interface. The high money players get the top cards easier. Playing 6-9 months will eventually get you some stuff, but why bother.
superb game with easy controls...best combo card game Epic! Brilliant design all around! A perfect mix of cards, skills, and strategy. Get ready for MonsterCry Eternal! Begins Epic Adventure and Ultimate Battles! MonsterCry Eternal is a new type of game that combines card battle and RPG. Collect cards, build decks with different strategies and evolve your cards! Enjoy intense battles with global adventurers from all over the world through real-time PVP, Boss Raids and more!
The game crash whe i tap i agree and i am not reporting any problem to any website or email its your fault not mine
This is what I call CARD GAME!!! Love the game style. Skills. Graphics. Dungeons doesn't take too long to finish like the rest of stupid game nowadays! The bosses dungeons superb. Gifts for new player not too bad.. overall I love it. Not really PAY TO WIN.
There's a bug at the beginning where even if you download the extra content it keeps telling you there's an error and you have to keep redownloading it. The error message does not go away until you chnage it in settings but you can only do that once the tutorial is over. It really ruins the starting experience
been 3 years playing this game. this game could be simple amd complicated at the same time, choose your playstyle. have world boss raid that suit your levels, newbie and veteran will be challenged.guild raid also available,pvp too. if u casual players like me,instead of aiming for the top pvp,i prefer to collects the cards,yes the cards designed simple yet beautiful. this game doesn't take too much time, u could just play to do daily quest only or online every 30 minutes to grind on boss raid.
Ok been playing 3 month or so now , and its a good game graphics are good , but there is nothing to do on it so little events, needs more feels empty, your just doing the same thing over and over again, compared to other games like locwhere theres diff events rather than just 1 for 9 days, its mostly buy jems , there the log in prizes are better than the event prizes, your just attacking a boss 3 times aday its not good enough, needs alot more
The deck building aspect of 3 to 4 cards a deck is good. Plethora of strategy to choose from. You also get a chance to pull SSS card if you jump in into this game now. However, this game feels dead. Not so many people playing it I think. I was given option to join in a guild with members with last login time was 500+days ago. Not a new user friendly game at all.
This game is awesome!! Best thing about it is we can rate cards or see ratings of other people and makes our decision easy. Also we can see the card at their maximum level.
When we try to join guild lobby, we get this error (-203) very often.. It really, spoils our gameplay. Kindly look into the issue.
I love this game. Graphics are great, concept, interactions. My only complaint is that I wish you could actually "invite" other players to join your guild. Like a button to go with " add friend", "whisper" and "duel".
Its a pretty good game so far. Great mechanics and excellent art. However, it feels as if I'm the only one playing this game. I'm trying to do raids for daily mission and I have waited 2 hours in an empty lobby. What is this?
This game is one of the best TCG I have seen. The mechanics are easy to pick up, the art on the cards is amazing, and there is a depth of strategy that I have only just begun to scratch. Definitely a game for people that like to have well thought out decks and dont want to have to pay out the ass for anything. They are very generous with free stuff as well and you will get several boosters at the start, which means each persons deck will be different because of it. Looking forward to more!
Change my review down to 1 star,i had a previous account,but when i try to log in with facebook,it always says failed to log in.
Really well-made game. Im not a TCG veteran, but am really enjoying this accessible game. No purchases necessary to have a good time, but you can dabble without spending much money. Ive purchased already just to support the devs.
Bye bye game the amount off sss cards to souls stones take the piss the game a joke. Game to expensive pay to win game. Sorry but i have had it with this game far better games out there look else where deleted
good real time card battle game good graphics good story i like one thing why only can use 3 cards no full deck system it’s different unique tho good luck
I really like this game especially for its unique card play. So I will give it 5 stars for now. But I have 1 complaint, and that is that the 7 day beginner event ends immediately after 7 days unlike other games which let you take your time. Not everyone is free enough to play so much that they can complete the missions in 7 days. Some are like me who aren't always free to play but we are like myself paying customers, so I feel cheated for paying. I hope you can do something about this. Thanks.
One of the best game i've played, the card's art and designs are nice, beautiful, great, i can't describe in words, love it. But one thing that made me quit playing the game, i.e., the chances of new heavenial SSS+ cards appearing in the synthesis list was just too low which made me felt bored and eventually made me quit, sad :(
Pay to play and far to expensive and rarely get a good card game deleted ,wish i never saw it in app store
Just played this game few weeks and pay money to be strong, but the more playing, the more being angry 1. stupid limit chat box, I cant write any long question to ask others 2. Bad/poor help system, dnt event know exactly some material or stone needed to synthesis a sss+ card. how many point per soulstone??? selling 12 syncthesis soulstones package, want to buy but I dnt know how to calculate result. 3. stupid auto battle mode, or doing tower level, you can use your phone, no quick clear...
Game is ok its just that you get crappie goods, u must make missions where u get better relics, gems and better high class cards it gets boring getting same nonsense
I really enjoy the gameplay and strategy. It actually has you using more cards than your "main." My biggest issue, and the reason I rate it low, is logging in. I can't stay logged in and when I try to log in it almost always takes several attempts because the game will reboot instead of logging in. Today I'm uninstalling because I haven't been able to log in at all, it's just an infinite loop of hitting "login" and then getting the opening "nyou" splash screen before having to hit login again
The game offers over 200 cards, less then 10 are ideal, less then 20 are usable. Of thouse 20 most will take you over 3 months to get each.
It's a really nice game, but on day 3 the normal loading screen suddenly back to where you choose to play as guest or link account. When i clicked the guest they say failed to connect to server and said the same when i tried link account, i checked my connection by opening another app and it was completely fine. Was there a maintenance or something? Please fix this
Serious login issue. A lot the time I am being denied login from my registered account. It frustrates even more because I am a paid user and I have subscribed on a monthly basis. Thinking of revoking my subscription and taking subscription of some other card game. Very upset with this issue.
Have pkayed this game for years but seen last update the game us unplayable, am luck if i get on to get my daily log in late alone anything else, if a dev would like to get back to me about this abd help me resolve this then the star rating will go back to 5 but till the game start to work itxstays at 1. Just also its not isolated to just phone or just tablet as i have same problem in both, could be account based problem however i can tell you that onlyca dev could confirm that.
Good game playing it for a year but now I am at a stage were the it's like pay and win. But anyways it's a good game. I would like to tell the developers that they should add more cards.
583mb file update before you can try the game out? Sorry I have better things to do than wait hours on a update.
Plagued by a bug where every time you go to town screen, the daily check in pops up. Super duper annoying, and makes game way less fun to play. Other than that, game is lovely! Very f2p friendly, lots to do. Very good stuff. Edit: bug gone way cool
Excellent, but lots of improvement can be made. You guys have a beautiful card design ngl. Lovely. However, other features is slacking, especially the animation and sound. I noticed the game uses the same sound and animation for different card actions, and a lot of AOE skills "looks and feels" like you're also bomming your own team. Other than that, somewhat good storyline and yes, gorgeous design. 4.5/5
card-turn based online game.. good graphics.. made some good characters as cardheros but unbalanced... unlike others online games this wont empty your wallet . except a few flaw like unbalanced arena battles (ai sucks.. i always end up fighting players with card lvl 10-30 above me) mainly just unbalanced power level between heros (fast 2.03s attack 2k hp 3kvs slow 3.06 attack 5k hp 2.5k which will win??) apart from that not a bug or problem. if its balanced then its perfect game to play
Love the artwork and storyline. Unfortunately the game was more than my device could handle. Possibly work better with sufficient storage space.
Wonderful...the gameplay is good and as well as the customer support. I had an issue with the golden tickets in the game, and they have solved it very quickly... thank you and all the best..I'm looking forward for exclusive events..
I really like the game. It gives me great enjoyment of creat card combinations and sees the combination actually works in the battle.
Decent game but weird battery usage. Installed recently and played for a little bit maybe 25 minutes or so and found it fairly enjoyable, however the next day it also started using a lot of my battery in the background. The battery usage in my settings showed that it used approximately 61% of my battery in the background over the span of about 4 hours. That's a red flag to me, ill be skipping this one.
Really fun until you reach level thirty-something, then it gets frustrating unless your willing to pay money. Oh sure, you can do the grind - like us poor shmucks, but still. Seriously frustrating. Games are suppose to be fun. Not stress inducing.
game is good, lots of events, you can be an f2p player till max level if you know what u r doing, you might even be able to continue if you get really lucky. Sadly, you will hit a SSS+ blockade unless you pay, I never paid and i guess the game has to make money somehow. The last straw was running to get my synthesis mileage to 8k only to get the worst SSS+ in the game randomly, I even invested whatever few resources I had in him to make the best out of it but he was still garbage. After months of working on my account its sad to see that this is how it turned out to be. Thank you for a few months of fun, im not so cruel as to give this a 1 star but i cannot say im not disappointed, considering the time investment vs reward.
It's a fun game but unfortunately if you want to play competitively you have no chance against p2w players. It's almost impossible to get SSS+ cards unless you pay for them and also hard to come by red diamonds. Add red diamonds to achievements or daily events in small amounts or something so it literally isn't impossible to obtain it.
Ive been playing 8 months and have spent easily $1000. Yet all Ive gotten is 6 sss+ cards and have only been able to upgrade to 4*. This seems a bit absurd considering all i play in arena is 5* with the best equipment. Most are probably hackers, one way to combat them is to reward faithful spending customers. The new underground is blah. And please dont make the lab Ss cards. can we fix some of these before i find a new game to spend my money on. Its getting frustrating. Otherwise i enjoy all the
As a long time fan of ccgs I was searching for a good, quality game to invest my time into. I tried everything available in the play store with less then stellar results. Then I discovered MonsterCry Eternal! Wow! Everything from gameplay to graphics is top-notch. The designers do a fantastic job with card balance and support, The rules are solid and very deep without being overly complicated and the theme and backstory are great. I gladly support this game with my hard earned money and am happy to do so, but if you are seeking ftp fun you can play very competitively and still have a blast. Great game! Kudos to the development team for creating one heck of a game!