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Dragon Champions

Dragon Champions for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AppQuantum located at Boumpoulinas, 1-3, Bouboulina Building, Flat/Office 42, 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The grind is just right here. If you spend it goes really far unlike swgoh and msf, but you don't have to. Progression is great. Heroes you work to unlock feel worthwhile. Just wish there was more content to play more.
The rewards given are so bad. Takes forever to recover energy. Will only get 5 dragon coins for each campaign mission and it takes 2700 coins for opening hero chest. The tournaments match making are so bad. I have team power of about 15000 while all other enemy have 18000+. Can't even win a single battle. Don't recommend this to anyone. The only things good about this game is auto play 4× speed and good graphics other than that this game is trash.
Awesome game! I really like all the characters and art style! Fun events, great leveling system, clean interface, wonderful story, awesome voice acting, and fantastic arena! Great work keep it up!
The game is fun but a grind. Lots of events and very f2p friendly. The graphics are cartoonish but good. A friend told me about it and it has a bunch to do when you first start.
I have to admit that I was little discouraged in the game at first but they're finally addressing all the hiccups. But it is now becoming a expensive to play game
I love playing this game; however with today's update, the game is now impossible to play without spending money. To level up a hero you now need Dracoins as well as gold. You don't get enough dracoins in game to be able to keep up with leveling up that is needed.
Changing my review to 2 star. It's a very enjoyable game, but after finding out the ingame offers differentiate between players I'm not sure I'll keep playing this game. I noticed through a content creator's video that I get offers which give me only half of the ingame currency for the same price as other players (in this case the content creator). That's just shady. EDIT: Game has been updated and they still only give half of the dracoins for the same amount of money. Just find another game.
Great game for free players Could use a little more help on gear 12 for free players. Almost impossible
Constant Ads for in game purchases ruined this game. 30 click through ads before you can play upon each login
EVEN MORE RECENT UPDATE: The developers have become quite greedy through this game. The monthly hero release grind rewards have become pathetic and money grabs. Hook and switch. I've stopped both monthly purchases and any other purchases. They've really isolated their F2P population. I didn't mind supporting them before they got money hungry. *This has nothing to do with their energy changes* 20/30 levels for monthly hero and only obtained 25 tokens and 0 more for last 10 levels unless you $$$.
Keeps getting worse and worse, If I wonted to be screwed like in Raid I would no have quit that game.
Changing my review as it's just not fun to play at high level, unless you sell some organs you think you can do without to pay the massive amounts required to win, I would have removed all stars but it won't let me
So I've been playing for a decent, currently lv41 as of now. This is a good game akin to marvel strike force but with a orc v humans spin on it. Graphics are soild, gameplay is soild for farming. The less soild does come from rune farming as I'm honestly not sure where to get the good ones from outside of events which require you to go vs other players which may be way out of your power range. Give us a way to get those 6 star runes that doesn't require us to break out backs and you get 5 stars.
Marvel Strike Force needs to take a page out of this games boom. So much better. Fun, so many free rewards. Offers are very reasonable. Love this game so far. Such a relief coming from other hero collection games that just try are out of touch.
Reset my phone and lost all progress for the game. I have spent money on the game and everything is gone. I tried to contact developers but they replied to me once and havent answered their email since.
The gameplay is fine would have given 5 stars but the special events are very poor structured making it rewardable only for the topmost players, others don't benifit much. Even the tournaments becomes useless for players who entered lvl 80 recently since they are forced to compete with veterans who are very stong. Thus forcing players to pay for upgrading fast. Hope to see more rewards and better match making for new players
The game becomes stale very quickly at high levels and everyone requires the same items and you always have a short supply of blue skill scrolls. Bottlenecks. Tournaments is a turgid game mode, the AI is too hard and everyone has a better team than you. It needs a massive revamp.
Love this game, great game play, also outstanding art. The humor in the game keeps you wanting more. My new favorite game.
It's actually quite fun to play. I'm normally one to play games like this like Marvel or DC, but something about this game lured me in and I don't regret it...yet.
the game does have a lot of modes and the content is fun. Player need to learn to manage their resources fast as possible. The game dont force you login every 2h to do something. There are usefull ways to get free energy and performance is good. Graphics and animations arent the best but they are fine. Considering similar games that are more greedy have performance issues never fixed this game is fun and doesnt drain your life and wallet. Give time to the game, learn how to play and enjoy.
This game is says it's free to play, but in all honesty, you wont get anywhere. I can't begin to explain how much if a bad experience it was to spend time on it. I'm only giving it 2 stars, and uninstalling the game for good. F2P players should definitely stay away from this one. There are plenty of games that give you a chance if you invest enough time. This is definitely not one of them. Graphics are nice. Story is half decent. Only install if you are ready to spend.
The writing is awful, the characters are stupid, the music is grating, and the art is cartoonish. Gameplay is great if you can stand all that. I can't.
The most recent update has taken the already aggressive ads in game to a really irritating level. I keep getting spammed with the same "last chance" offers every single day whenever I open the game. Has made for a more annoying experience.
Fairly decent game so far. It seems to have a clear path to power for f2p with monetary options for quicker power.
Joo whats up with this update lol, after every action the add pops up to buy some monthly stuff. Also what is that extra buying window on the right side?!?? When we wanna buy something, we know where to find it, dont shove it in our faces. You gonna lose your playerbase if you dont rectify this nuisance right away. Edit: it is the popup adds to buy monthly gold, coins etc after every 5th action or something. No one likes it, honestly, all players in global are clearly displeased with this.
very nice fantasy character collection game, graphics are good, a good amount of content and devs still actively working on it. Pop ups and monetarisation got to the point, where just about every click opens a popup "last chance, buy this". A once promising game is at the point, where it is unplayable due to this. Gues its time to move on. My wallet did when they started pushing more and more with pop up adds.
Fun game, too bad they decided to throw a dozen buy menus at you which need to be x-ed out of to get into the game now. I was fine buying a package here and there since the game was fun and respectable with it's in game purchases, but as they're getting greedy I'll spend somewhere else more deserving.
Updated review 5/28/21. Don't bother at this point! The game has been around for a couple of years, but it is now dying. The most recent update just dumps a load of cash grab ads on the players. (Join their discord and ask around). No real new content. They just add pay only heroes that power creep. Find a game in its infancy like Awaken Chaos Era or similar. These guys just have gold fever. Hopefully, I can just prevent a few people from wasting their money and time.
Great game, yes it has in game purchases but you can definitely advance f2p, I recommend giving it a try!
Great game, good balance between being able to customize your team (min-max) and it not being overkill. Developers quick in response to, and addressing any issues, or even just answering general help questions. They definitely seem to follow the community that plays their game and pay attention to the communities interests and suggestions. IAP's are very generous, although nothing is locked behind any pay walls. If you enjoy team building rpg's, you should not pass this game up!
Great game until.........the latest update has killed the playing experience..all the pop-ups now are insane..everytime you log in you have a lot of pop-ups and every other time you tap a button to do something my screen goes to some kind of deal to buy something..this game was a 4.5 until now..it barely gets a 3..if you don't mind all the flashing pop-ups and screen changing pop-ups then its a great game..what a shame its come to this
Not a total moneysink, and fun so far. So hereit is 2021 and still playing every night with few exceptions. Been kicked from 2 guilds because after telling both i was a solo player and not doing raids again...been there done that and both said thats fine...it apparently became not so fine. But seriously its fine. I enjoy this game in solo play.
before the last update it was much better. now everytime you do something in game and go back to home screen AD, log in 10x AD. its annoying. before you had 3-4 ads on log in and then you could play the game. now its just disruptive and annoying and has stopped any buying inclination i might have had.
It's a pay to win game now. F2p is worthless in end game and to fix this make it leveled for f2p and whales
Was a great game. WAS. Latest update sneaked in that Dracoins get used to level up heroes, instead of just gold. Supposedly an option but you cant turn it off, so your board is full of annoying red lights for levelling up when you dont have the mats. And really pushing the buy buy buy now. Really? This was one of the best games and now dev greed is ruining it by treating us all like whales. If you tone done the ads and fix the dracoin "option" better I'll up my rating.
Really fun game. The recent removal of 2% base dodge was a big improvement. Tournament is probably fun for end game players, but new and even mid game players get the shaft due to character reqs. Current tourney requires two rangers and two tacticians. I only have two of each. One good ranger, one mediocre tactician, the other two are junk and I have no plans to build either. An auto-lose option would be nice, or reduce daily objectives to two tourneys like arena since you always lose.
Played it for about 10 days. Not a bad game but... quitting simply because I hate aggressive "in your face" packs promos. Is it a game or casino? Latter it seems
Updated review 3/28/2021. The game is dying quickly. I wouldn't even bother with it. The issues are too numerous to list here. I would suggest going to their official discord and see how it is for yourself. It was a decent game at one time, but they have merged arena shards, which we all know is a terrible sign. If you do decide to play, I would save your money until some new game comes out that you enjoy playing. I have played since just post beta. RIP Dragon Champions. RIP.
Waste your time download this game. Arena refresh useless, you won't go to the average rank. Tournaments like suck , you can't keep fighting even you rank are more far away. Why ? Because you can't win, even you saw the rank status some of players have a lower power compare to you. You won't get it. From the beginning, it's was fun, now everything was a liar and unfair. Final word, this game is rubbish. Oh forget 2 things. 1. Keeping loading every time when playing. 2. Keep show on screen ask $$
Despite what starko gaming keeps saying about you in his YouTube videos trying to call you all greedy and dirty, this game is great! Low rates for money, great quality of life enhancements, and some really good champions. I'm not sold on the pig faction but whatever. This has been fun and I hope guild wars is just as cool. Also great job on the Easter events. It's really helped out my team!
Still loving the game but gold chest is a random joke my luck sucks. Legendary I think is a bit to difficult I get it should be hard but but not to be able to do the first one is a joke. The new arena stinks was top 15 sometimes broke into top ten now I'm like 70 and doesn't look like I'll even get close to where I was. I spend some money and enjoy the game but I'm not going to go broke trying to keep up with to top spenders. I grind everyday and feels like your treading water most days
Okey. Go in to this game with a 40 to 50 spend limit and you will fall in love with this game it's really great. After that it's up to you what you spend or go more f2p. Graphics are great and its smooth. Lots of free rewards always room for improvement. I would say my concerns are later in game 1.Characters leveling with account. 2.Gear progress has a cap based on my level. 3. Upgrading a champ by shards I think this is a strong p2w aspect and not a fan. Saying this you do get some nice rewards
Edit: Content is lacking at lvl 80, this needs to be addressed Some balancing has been done and this has been improved, but more needs to be done. 3 stars at the moment. enjoyable with regular prices. Add some sort of a a ladder single/multi player gig. That will bring more life into the game. Lots of players quit due to this content lack... also it's really hard to compete in tournaments for many players
Good graphics, easily understandable, don't have to pump money in to game to progress. Does get laggy if you do a lot of fights (tower, arena, campaign.)
Been playing for around half a year now. Nit as active as I used to be due to life, but I still keep coming back because the game is actually worth it. Monthly updates, enough to do daily and plenty of character choices keep the gqne fresh. It's not p2p, but if you choose to pay as I did it's worth it. I onky bought the monthly cards though, but still worth it.
PREVIOUS REVIEW: Easily the most addictive mobile game of 2019. NEW REVIEW (2021): Unfortunately, like so many other games, Dragon Champion's developers have decided that in order to keep up with the good stuff, you have to pay real money. You can still play it, but forget about progressing at the pace of the real whales. Most of the old good heroes have been nerffed, and you'll have to acquire the new ones, hiding behind paywalls or impossible events. 3 star for now, but that may change either for better, or for worse. Let's see!
Been playing over a year and Dragon Champions is easily my favourite. unlike other summoner games this always has something to do and the graphics are way above the rest. Excellent and Thanks
Was good at first but now it is pay to win like all other games. Game mechanics are starting to not working properly, seen it happen aganist many times and help me a few times to lose/win when it should not have happened in the first place. Move to a different game because like most times these games just get more & more about money. Was great at the start but now I would say find something better.
Fun game, some events like honing your skills and the champion ones where you get the blood from g12 weapons are too hard to pass still when at 156k power team and consequently I am at a plateau, maybe in another month!
I am sad to say that I'm done "playing" your game. I've been "playing" since launch. Myself and many others have requested new content since forever. You make promises but never deliver. I have spent real money farming and building toons in hopes of something/anything that has never arrived. This "game" is an endless farm for nothing. That really sucks because this "game" had so much potential to be more than a cash grab. Recently you added the endless in game purchase spam. That did it.
Worst balancing system I have ever seen. Spent money trying to get a good foundation which lasted all of one day. I tried to wait it out and see but between their tournaments watching all the top people go 80-0 because they get farm accounts that shouldnt even be in their group and getting paired against people who are 20 levels higher than you in battlegrounds absolutely ruined my experience. I have never written a review for anything. I am so letdown by this experience that I was compelled to
Ive had nothing but fun. Spent a few dollars to get more competitive but thats all games. Dont let a few bad reviews steer you away from this awesome game.
Game is good. Not pay to Win but is a grind and need an understanding of the diverse characters and play. Make sure to get in an active clan, mine rocks! The dev team is active, supportive and responsive. They listen to player feedback and are proactive.
If you like SWGoH or Mavel: Strike Force, this game is actually better than either of them for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is the micro tranactions. Any freeium game has them, this one just uses them better and requires far less.
Constantly making updates, decent game but, repetitive encounters are needed to chance into needed upgrades, the growth of characters is difficult because of several variables, tribal alliance and character class are hidden or difficult to decern making the grouping of fighting units hard. A good game for the most, I'm not spending much time playing this game anymore and find it bothersome to wrap my head around the weekly sometimes daily updates.
Hard to recommend this game anymore. Latest update brought heavy monetization, excessive pop ups trying to sell more stuff, and made (unnecessary) changes to the tournament system that have made it nearly impossible to compete anymore. Used to be a fun part of the game but now I'm lucky to win more than a few matches every three days. Has soured the experience enough that other areas start to feel worse. Find a different game because the direction this one is going isnt great.
New update throws pay specials at you every time you open the app! It takes more than one button push to deny paying money. I don't like being forced to look at your deals of the day. It may make me quit playing.
I think it is a solid game. However the ads are a bit excessive, constantly hitting me with "last chance" offers that aren't is annoying and deceptive. If someone spends money in the game they should be spared from the ad-storm.
Very well thought out. Easy to casual and still enjoy. Check out hellhades starter guide if you're interested in trying this game out. The guy is extremely helpful.
Another edit of my review then i guess; It's an alright game in the hero collector rpg genre. It can be kinda slow and tedious towards the max level to keep up with heroes, specially for someone that plays for free or spends only a little bit. I do however love the cast of furry/monster races, far more interesting than the typical fantasy-races. Tho, have taken a break/quit due to some recent update. Even tho part of my complaint from last edit was a bug, it did overall kill my desire to play
Real fun game to pass time. I legit downloaded it randomly and have played consistently for 8 days now.
A very good game in my opinion. Very easy in all honesty and since all their add are their own, is so much more tolerable and easy to skip past them. Micro transactions aren't really needed so far. I'm lvl 27 and it's nice. If you can stand the consistent pop ups and the pace of the game, definitely a recommended for people who want a game that doesn't pressure you to "be the best" but be involved enough and that's good to me.
I've been playing this game since it first came out & it was a fun alternative for this genre & very F2P. Unfortunately it's now become too frustrating, time consuming & expensive to complete the higher challenges needed to gear up my characters & stay competitive. You can have very high ranked characters for matches & challenges but RNG dictates you lose. It makes it unenjoyable. Also drop rates seem to have gotten worse & prices have gone up. Think I'm going to move onto another game.
Love the challenge. Been playing awhile and pay to win isnt much help ive tried that avenue. This game will test your ability to group characters and skills to be successful. They do not hide the math like most games. If u do the numbers on skill and attributes u win. Not much money required. Every build on a hero is different. Alot of custom building. A+
For the first time I've ever experienced a game that has this announcement "Greetings, champions! With every update we continue to add new features and improvements to the game to make your experience in Dragon Champions more pleasant and fun." Their idea of that... is to make the game spam you with popup ads/offers every time you load the game (sometimes 8-9) And spamming again when you go into an area and then back to the home... NOT ONE MORE SINGLE PENNY
Autobattler with some good dolphin options & can f2p to near top. As with most autobattlers expect top slots to take years unless you're HARD whaling. Does need some end game content like SWGOH conquest mode, very slow grind & every couple weeks a quick event is all there is to late game right now. The Legend, Epic, Rare labels are SUPER poorly done... have nothing to do with end game potential or difficulty in acquiring (taking a star off for this last update).