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Drag Racing: Streets

Drag Racing: Streets for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Square located at 456782, Россия, Челябинская обл., г. Озерск, ул. Промышленная 5 - 416. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game been playing for years now and never had an issue. But they did resolve it quickly. Not to fond of the teams an territories. But still enjoy building and tuning my cars
Great game it has the feels of Gran Turismo but in 2D Great potential in this game but only thing is there are so many cheaters/hackers when im about beat a opponent i will be disconnected for no reason but after I reconnect I lost from my disconnected match idk if it is a bug or a hack btw my network connection is super stable and running bout 40mpbs
Love this game. The price of certain vehicles could come down from to at least no more than $600k, $1Million+ is a bit too steep. Also reconfigure race winnings starting at $1200 and end the last race with $2500+ just to make it more intresting and definetly give more than 3 points/race.
I played the game for 3 weeks and everything worked fine, now the game keeps popping up an error message every time I start the game or try to log in. What I understand this is a Russians based app and there are no American license plates or flags to identify America. Google needs to remove this app because it doesn't properly work.
Awesome game but unfortunately keeps disconnecting all the time causing me to lose crates money an gas starting to make me not want to play it. Oh an tournament's etc are a bit silly when you have a 300hp car, an cant tell what your picking against an end up with 800-900hp cars. should be regulated to 50-100hp difference either side off your hp...
very fun game. perfect the way it is. don't ruin it like other developers ruin there game. also waiting for new cars in the future
It's pretty good but I just don't see a objective in the game you just keep upgrading your car and the whole way of upgrading is complicated like blueprints and fuses
This game is simply amazing and addicting. There's so many cool stuff that you can do, and the car list is very unique. I would've given it 5 stars, but I can. Because for some reason I can put on any stickers on my cars. I tried many times and many different ways but still nothing. And I really want to make some paint jobs of my own.
This would easily get 5 stars, but the gas pedal is SO broken. It keeps freezing once in a while, so i can't accelerate or stop accelerating. Pleaasse fix this
Best Drag racing game on mobile app ever I reckon. The fact you can modify completely makes it even more fun. You can disassemble the car you can engine swap, modified wheels. There is even Anti-lag with 2 step flames. Man the imense amount of modifications that can be done in this app is awesome for any car enthusiast to enjoy. Well done !!
The gameplay is really enjoyable, and I have no problems with the game besides the Paint Shop, it used to get exponentially laggy around 400 decals, but I managed to make some 400 decal liveries regardless. But, after the ladt 2 updates, it's almost impossible to add more decals after 170, when changing the angle using the circle, it has a ton of delay, then it does several 360s and stop far from where you want, now I have to tap 270 times if I want 270 degree angle, besides many other problems
Can we have the ability to give team leadership to another member? Otherwise I love this game, have spent a few $$ on it and will continue to biweekly.
Great for killing time. All around fun game. But it hasnt let me claim my daily rewards in over a week. And upgrades cost way more green cash then you can make in a reasonable amount of time. Would be 5 star if not for that.
After the latest update I am Unable to login via Google play HELP! (A new update Yea Google login problem solved NOT)
really really fun game every now an then the game will kick me out of it, and the gas i think it runs out too fast its kinda annoying but thts all i can point out id really appreciate u guys doing something with the gas by time i get on an start doin stuff it runs out an i cant play anymore
This game is amazing. Honestly, the customization, the racing tracks, the opponents and especially the crazy russian liverys. But there's a BIG minus in my opinion and it's the fuel system. Only 75 liters? Really? A race costs about 6-7 liters of fuel and the road rules costs 25 liters of fuel. Please developers rather add more fuel liters or remove the fuel sytem at all. Aside from that enormus minus the game is very original and intresting in my opinion.
Great game, its a tough grind unless you pay to play.. Awesome graphics, in depth customization, side by side drag racing with various cars.. I remember when they only had like 12 cars originally and it was even harder to progress, but they have came along way!! Awesome game
Ok so it would be a 5 star game of there was an option in dyno to tune the sound of your engine. Over all i love this game and would recomend i could really love to see alot more cars for say some holdens and alot more old classics like ford and the aussie icon the holden please take into consideration more JDM and some more modern cars I hope you guys read this review and that this makes a difference to the gameplay
I could not get in to the game, when i try to open it it will say "updating" then it's stuck at 0B and no matter how long i wait it's still at 0B i can't play the game please fix it.
Very realistic drag game!!!! alot of fun once you get to understand the game....alot of brand name cars to choose from!!! I love it and to the developers of this game keep up the good work guys
There's literly no tuning totorial anywhere so tuning in useless, and noone wants to help. And theres no tund reset button so you mess with it once and you cant retry
I really really love the game but i wish in the next update you guys focus on the sound effects of the make it cars a bit more accurate if its possible. and more or better body kit, and more movements in decals. Pls
Game still black screens and exits the and its doing it more often now about every ten seconds or so and im still waiting for them to fix the problem. Its a great game i just cant stand having to restart all the time.
Great game highly recommended. Takes a while to build up green bucks and coins and the fuel is a little low especially when racing bosses as they use 25 fuel yet you only have a 75 fuel tank unless you use the green bucks to pay for more. Apart from that the tuning is pretty good and a small mess up on a tune can cost you massively on your 400m and 800m drag races so tuning is definitely something you need to get the hang of to be competitive.
It's the most realistic drag racing game in the store and I love it but it has a bug with daily rewards I can't get them any more please fix this
The game is overally good for me such a reliavle darg racign gamse, the game dont take a lot of your time if you play casually it will take only around 13 minutes or maybe less than that. The only problem.. we need a lot of improvement on the game mechanic and the matching system too... plus It has a lot of bugs like it dont let you move on the maps or maybe you cant press the throttle, brakes, pause button something like that. I overally loves this game, best pcr rivally.. Lazy japanese devs...
Good game but I would love to see more modern cars and what's the deal with the prices for cars and parts you have to really grind if u wanna buy another car or upgrade parts because u only make 600 the first race 800 the second race and 1000 for the third but cars and parts cost multiple thousands please increase the payout for races and add more modern vehicles in the next update
I love this gave I've spent a quite few of money and every penny I've spent is totally worth it it's not needed but definitely recommend the stuff u can do in this game with cars is the real deal thank u sir 🙂 but I have a issue my game keeps saying internal server error and I've spent good money that I can't get my account 😐 I'm lvl 30 and spent over 100$ plzzz help me fit this issue I already uninstall and re install.
Very nice game, nice improvements and good gameplay. If you add more diesels, black smoke and diesel class is will be sick. And if you can, please remove the white flash at end of race.
Great game, cant believe how fast time passes when i start playing. 5 stars if i could continue receiving my rank rewards after lvl 9.
I love this game, I have played this game for 5 years. Everything is ok exept the missions. When i do a mission it gives me a messige on the top that "Quest completed" and doesnt give me any reward which means i do all of them and i get 1 reward max 2. I would really like to fix that problem so i can finally play my game how its supossed to be.
To me the game is absolutely amazing I love the designs you can put on cars and the racing controls are it may not look very nice infact I think it's 2D. It that's besides the point
I love all the upgrades that you can do on the cars, but I wish that you could pick the tracks. But everything else is great so if your reading this and you like a drag car game I think you should get this. ✌️
I am hopeful for future updates. Only problem I have with it is personally, it doesn't make sense to me how putting thicker, higher rubber profile tires on the rear wheels with RWD makes my car accelerate slower and have a higher top speed. I would think it would be the opposite. I still love this game though.
My expwrience is great is just alot of the engine noises sound the same maybe give them thwir own unique sound and make it to where you can do live races with people like racing rivals and add more cars but the best thing needs is a sort of campaign/story and have a tutorial for the people that are new to the game or cars so they can understand things better otherwise its a fun game i love the burnouts i love the action i would recomend it for experienced players who know how to tune
This game has a lot of potential to be a good game but so many things need to be done differently 1: gas it dosent make sense that I have a limited amount of time to play and I have to wait to play again 2: money it's hard to make making it harder to upgrade you car and progress in the game I can't not spend 10 bucks and expect to make it far
Excellent! A complete game with minimal, but good looking graphics. Kudos to the russians! PS: This is also the first (and only) mobile game that i've spent money on :D
Great game just don't like the fuel part if anything increase that or take it away because it limits what you can do on the game
Leveling up gets a bit hard after a while it takes longer to level up controls are nice easy game to understand it's just some things are very expensive to get and it's hard to get the one currency but other than that it's a great game I love it
Overall I like the game but it needs some things and also there are some bugs now with the contracts. First of all add those rear spoilers most used on drag cars. It's a flat extension to reduce drag and not those available which look more circuit racing spoilers. Also the cars for the Challenges just look weird with such small wheels and tires. Let us choose tires and ride height. On normal contracts its frozen, there's no clock, and doesn't count the tasks completed. On event it says rewarded
Love the game and how far it has come since launch. The only thing id like to see is the option from turbo to supercharger/blowers. *Edit* Still love the game. Just waiting for more accurate engine/exhaust sounds. But the game is still getting better in every aspect. In my opinion.
Great time passer, fun and amazing, just wish it was a little easier to get cash because the swap parts in the market are expensive
Pretty solid base for the game. The UI could use some explanation, though. I'd appreciate being able to select mph instead of kph, and US isn't an option for countries. Also, car selection can be expanded upon/improved. Beyond the nitpicks, super solid base game that I hope they improve upon.
Ok I am adding a fifth 🌟 back you have added some great features and cars this game rocks I can't get enough of it. I love the versatility and depth of the game it is user friendly has good variety of cars good graffics for a 2D game but most of all NO adds. Keep up the awesome work.
Fun game with multiplayer however you don't get to experience multiplayer when the mods ban you from chat for doing things you didn't know we're against the rules There needs to be a warning before ban and for the game to tell new players where rules are. Dont download, Edit: Read above, there was no profanity or disguised profanity in that chat I said gn only 2 messgs. New players don't like the way mods handle things. I don't like that you cannot speak out against mods or they will ban you. 👌
Is a very good game and i really enjoy it, however, after the last update, i can't login the game at all, it gets stuck after checking the game files and that's it. Hopefully this is a bug that's going to be fixed 🤔
The game is fun and all. But just one thing. ONE THING. Why it keep perventing me from playing tournament and time race. It says that im a cheater like seriously, i download this game legally from google play store. I did made an in app purchase in this game. Did in app purchase count as cheat? If so, why bother add them?? Game devs, please fix this. I can't play any tournament. An online game is no good without tournament. Edit: i still can't play tournament. Game devs what is the point of this
best racing game mechanics on here. most realistic gameplay . awesome tuning engine . Used to be a better game until they put the viper in it. Now everyone I race has that engine swapped into they car which makes it boring and unrealistic. would be nice for real multiplayer as well , where u can bet other people .. but its the best racing game on Google play.
Great game the only issue I have is once I tune a high hpt car, it dosent act the same in normal races especially if it has a wheelie bar please fix
I think the game is great but it takes time to build cars and obtain blue prints make it easier to get coins or blue prints. 2. Add story mode to give sense of purpose.
In general it is a good game. Other than when I'm complete missions I dont get my reward. It will come up saying completed but no option to claim my rewards. I hope you can sort this considering I spend ££ money in this game. I have lost out on loads of rewards now and there no contact number or number to call for support. Please get back in touch.
I have a lot of fun in this game every day, but try to do something like free world on a highway or off-road... Nice work with the game!
Im only giving 3 stars because everytime i race a boss and win it says that i lost and i only get 25 prestige but then i get rewards that you will only get when you win a race? Its confusing and frustrating and i hope the developers will sort it out asap then my review will change
Great game although there is a few bugs where other players with a significant lower hp then you wins a drag, also everything in the game is expensive. Latest bug is that the update does not download, goes past the 5mb update and continues to go well over 100mb.
I would five star this game if they added reaction time and change some of the physics. I mean it doesnt take too much research to know that awd cars are not faster than rwd in purpose built drag racing but this still is the best mobile drag racing game. I hope they continue to perfect this game and eventually add real time pvp.
My fav drag racing game I only wish they add audio files to the real cars and how they sound when modified. Also if a turbo charger and a supercharger would work together like in real life. Launch control does work properly or Im missing somethingbut definitely the tournament prices are not rewarding enough to purchase tournament cars hope you fix all that
This game is so awsome i love it! btw can you add cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari? 4 stars becuase the team join restrictions are very long like i have to wait a week to join a team. Also i would like the speedo so you can change from kmh to mph. Keep up the good work Square!
This game is awesome. However money we earn is not enough. Car prices are high. Most upgrades need green money which is almost hard to get. To win championships and be in a team you need to be fully upgraded or over 1000hp. Only thing we can do is complete challenges do normal racing and participate in events which are limited. Whatever we earn from all this is not enough for upgrades. Fuel numbers are very limited. I hope this things can be looked at. Overall very fun and addictive game.
Really nice and interesting racing game. The only thing I don't like is that in some races the drag strip has snow so you lose grip whixh i think is a part that really shouldn't be in a drag racing game.
Don't get me wrong, its a great game but the troubles I run into is fuel and car sounds. Please make all the cars have a unique sound to them. Fuel is another problem, the whole community that supports this game is getting very agitated with it, bump it down to only 3 per race. And another thing is the bank, make us buy 25 to 50 cash instead of 10 so it can help us boost the car upgrades and less micro transactions. Thanks...
Love the game. However the currency system sucks Don't expect to get far without spending your hard earned money on the game for upgrades and fuel. I'd rather pay $10 for the game and not have to deal with all of that. Other wise. Great game. Very addictive
MY PHONE ALMOST CRASHED BECAUSE OF THIS UPDATE if you tap on part one time it will upgrade it but if you tap it to many time it will crash the game pls fix this player name BIGBOYTACO and I can't move the thing for less power or more power for the engine I can't do challenge no more :(
Love the new update. I've been playing a long time. Its a game for car enthusiasts and persons who have experience drag racing and who knows how to tune. Its also a great starter for persons who wants to get into cars!!! Would 100% recommend!!!
I am changing my review. The game is pay2win but you can def go without buying in game currency. With contracts they've made it really easy to get money and bucks if you grind. One thing though i would love to see is a custom car market. Where the players make there own price, and you would be able to see every upgrade on the car. This would help out since i have a custom car i dont really use anymore but its not worth it to sell to the game. Please do something about this.
Can't even finish the update,it's been hours and it's stuck on 100%, i tried to re download many times
I love this game it's realistic it's not to graphically intensive nor are the graphics bad parts a priced good car selection is good and getting better. it's just the gas system is horrible it kinda ruins the game for me having to wait hours for it to refill there's times where I'll have alot of cash to spend but even then when you buy gas once the price is unrealisticly high after. I love your game but hate your gas system if you remove/ update that I will give full starts and update my review
Love the game, but twice now I have purchased gold and havnt recieved my bonus, and this last time I didn't even get my purchase, there's no way to contact anyone in game.
Love the game but if I tried to open the game it will said "Getting game data" I've been waiting for couple of minutes I tried to restart the game and it's still loading i tried to reinstall it, I try to refresh my wifi and I even try to restart my phone and it's still saying "Getting game data" can you please fix it? I have worked hard to play this game. Plus I have mail idk it's gonna expired or not if it is been expired welp I clost my expensive item I sell for nothing.
This game is hands down the most in depth drag racing game out right now. The car selection is very large, the customization is only getting better. Its competitive where it needs to and not where it makes every race unbeatable. The latest update has really made the interface so usuable, the daily contracts have more to it now. You guys are killing it with the game man! Keep it up!
Liked the game right away. The way the cars respond way more realistic than any other game ive played . controls are super easy. customization of a car has real life affects. WOW!! Great game!
Not sure what's going on with this game but over the last couple of days it has started to crash a lot and now it actually won't load at all. Game has potential to be great but right now it's not worth a 1☆ rating.
Love the game.The joy I feel when upgrading my car and seeing how it gets even faster is just so amazing to me.It may seem hard to get money and level up at first but it really isn't.I could not recommend this game enough
Excessive amount of grinding to make money and level up. Drag tyres seem to have disappeared for me aswell.
Great game i love it. I like when i need to custom my own car. But its really great if have live multiplayer ware we can race with our strategy. We can race with our near friend. Please do multiplayer race. Lan race.
Love it, very challenging but in a good way. Would love to see more body kit options awell as more cars. A guide a tuning would be helpful to being thats my challenge lol but very smooth game.
it's 2D but it's real! I like the game its too professional. we have hill climb mode, race and drag racing mode and sign mode. its my #1 now! wish they add my country palates too. iran!
The game is overall nice, but it has some flaws. It's like one of these games where you have so much to do and upgrade, but to make stuff harder developers chose to add some untealistic mechanic. Hopefully it's not that slow than other games where you have to collect legendary cards for ages... Also there are few bugs I'd like to be fixed, first sometimes when I have my phone to sleep and then race it starts loading players but never ends, second the dyno doesn't show the full graph.
I love this game is awesome 👌 but I prefer that you guys create a better grupo chat and I prefer that you guys create something so we could add people or friends!!! who ever play this game you love it i post review because I want you guys to spread the word that we want a better group chat and we want to add friends or people!!!
I bought credits it messed up and didn't give me them but charged my card. Developer's were quick to respond and fix issue. Game is good fun. Good devs too