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Drag Racing

Drag Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at PΓ€rnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pay $2 for no ads and still have the banner ad time to time without being able to dismiss? Not to mention still having to opt into ads to advance gameplay.
Very good game inline 4's to the V8's sound beautiful . Game plays well and tuning your cars is real easy. Mabey add the option to sell cars ""\_( '--')_/""
Don't get the app upgraded the sound quality is terrible. It ruins the experience. This was the best game ever until it wanted me to upgrade. And I don't even want to play it anymore. Very sad.
Greatly disapponted. Forced ads and didn't receive rewards, my cash is around 17k before race, win race initial rewards is around 4k, with forced ads it should be around 25k, but my cash only 21k after forced ads.
Beautiful classic game, but matching is kinda brocken, on events with car allowed level 1-5, I got matches with cars level 8-10
Hi Team. I have different review. After I downloaded the new update, I basically had to delete the game and start afresh. I still love the game. I do find it very difficult to move onto the next level especially after level 2 to level 3. You basically need to play both stages, cars and 4x4 and yet still its impossible to move on. You need to reduce the levels a bit, its just to steep for right at the beginning of the game. Anyways, bring back bet n race, it'll help with getting more RP's.
I rated 3 bc back when I was 5, I first played this and I LOVED IT. like srsly I played it every day. 9 years down the line, I come back to this classic and all the good memories come in. But when I OPEN the app and play it. I take the cars for test drives and, well THE SWEET SWEET ENGINE SOUNDS ARE GONE. I'm like what the hell happened here, also there's premium chips? I'm like "this wasn't here before" . And so far... I'm not enjoying it like I used to. What happened to the good ol days...
Y'all, please! Look I understand u have to have an app that brings in revenue and that this game has been around for like fifteen years. BUT! Come on. If you Get a x2 or x5 multiplier it should go for the rp as well as the coins you earn like it USED! To be. I love this game but hate what greedy developers have done to it!!! Not asking for much. Find the ORIGINAL Drag racing and upload it to the app store, hell call it old school drag racing if u wish. Idc I want 2 be able 2 play DR without$$$
Tasks for getting chips only updates after watching a video. OK; however; one of the tasks is beat 5 friends and sadly I have no friends. So I just watched a video for a task I cannot complete. Looks like I'll be happy at level 3.
I been playing for 3 years, before chips, I cannot wait for this "Big content update"! Is gon be lit, pls remove chips free 2 play players can't get the og good cars like the impreza
Where did the other drag racing go? This version is a lot worse than the original 2014 club wars. I hope in the future Creative Mobile comes up with a game like 2014 club wars. The game image looks cool but the game itself is ugly and I hate how you have to earn so called "tokens" just to unlock a stupid car. Horrible.
I feel like paying to have ads taken awat is greedy.I really like how the game feels and works.I think that you should update it with some new cars like some new honda civucs,hellcats,and the c8 corvette.I think the game would be alot cooler if you did that.
Amazing, have been playing since 2013 and there are a few bugs now and then hut so far it is good. I just dont like that they didnt really update the gui in almost a decade. Anyways good game reccomend trying.
No idea why so many reviews complaining about crashing and no way to get RP or tokens. Loved the game many years ago, love it now. I've been playing the last few days, not one crash, not one black screen bug, I just play with an ad blocker and now I'm in level 9 about to get to level 10. People are just crybabies.
Game used to be 5 star but then they added a chip system to buy the better cars. While you "can" earn them in game it's very hard. It made the game pay to win where if you want the best cars it will cost you.
Better than the cash grab that is Nitro Nation. Although I wish there was a way to tune the cars RPM just like in NN. My BOSS 429 has over 690hp, but it is limited to a top speed of 278km/h, even if I KNOW it can go faster. In Nitro Nation, most classic muscle cars had limited top speeds, but we could change it by tuning the RPM. But we can't do it here. Also sounds don't work most times
Started trying the events and was just wondering about how the point system works when you win or lose races. I know it has something to do with the level of the opponent's car. Still confuses me a little that I can win a race against a lower level car and lose points or lose the race to a higher level car and lose points. Or win the race and not get any points. Why am I punished for cars with levels lower than whays allowed in the event. Frustrating. Little help understanding would be nice
I was hoping that I can back to game after how many years, but when I open the game, the game is closing and saying "Unfortunately Drag Racing has stopped"
I loved this game when i first played it but now its not the same. Like the gallardo i used to use alot now it cost tokens. Also lag etc.. But change that you need tokens to upgrade 3 tier upgrades on cars that you bought with tokens. But overall amazing game.
Gotta give a 1 star. I can't get my older account back and I bought items which are in my purchase history if y'all look. Had to get a new phone and I can't have my other profile from my previous account. Kinda upset,
This is the best racing game ever, but there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. 1: When your driving a car, the engine doesn't make noise, it makes a "sss" or "shh" sound or no sound at all. 2: When I uninstall my upgrades or return my car, I should get a refund on how much it costed when I bought it. And 3: You need to add more cars. You removed the Alfa Romeo cars, and removed the Bugatti cars. Also, this game is laggy. Still, it's a good game. But please update the game. Thanks! πŸ˜ƒ
Ive been playing this game for a few years and it was fun in all but one thing that bothers me is the chip system, its pretty hard getting chips in the game what happened to just getting cash and RP it made things alot easier you can't even get the high end cars with cash and rp instead its the cash and specific types of chips please return this game the way it was by just making players buy and upgrade cars with cash and rp not with cash and chips get rid of the chip system please!!!
After launching the game, the app freezes on the Mustang and Corvette screen (LG V60 Android 10). I have tried clearing cache as suggested but that did not work. Edit: appreciate the response but it didn't work, I'll wait for the next update thanks
The levels are tough.... Tune Your car with upgrades..... Changing the gearing,,,,, At times it has me going NUTS.... Plenty of freebees..... But You'll,,,, Win Some and You'll Lose Some...... All in All,,,,, A Pretty decent game,,,, BUT,,,, You Have to Hit Your Shifts on the Money...... Thanks Guys for an Honest Game....... E.
Fixed task update issue. Game runs smooth but the engine sound is still not working. Once in a while there is engine sound. Staying in the lead task does not work, but I don't believe it ever worked. I'll give more stars when the sound works. One last thing. What happened to the big September release?
I love this game if you do t want to play with friends you can race them but it is like the computer is playing them with their vehicle I would like to race them with them playing on their truck and me racing mine but you cant
Used to play this game a long time ago. It was great. Just saw that it is updated and downloaded it again but the UI is the same from 10 years ago... What did you update in it? I think it's time to remaster it. It's a great game do it again with better graphics and fix it to be able to sign in with google.
This game was good. In previous updates, chips was introduced, some cars went off sale and removed. In this update, this was much of a revamp. When i play the previous version, you can't see the exp and the RP. This was so good when this update fixed the exp and the RP. Are you guys planning to give the opportunity to players that can adjust their cars' rpm limiters?
I love this game so much cuz I first played it in 2015 and now it became pay2win ...... it sad and annoying!!! Fix it please , remove the chips from this game ..
Unstable! It kicks me out of the game every minute without even saying why. No errors, no warnings. I used to love this game 7 years ago.
Gunna try the latest update, I hope it's better than the last. Still a fun game but the tasks are buggy, sum don't werk at all, sum werk BACKWORDS. And sum werk properly. Please fix ASAP. THANK YOU.
Not as good as it was maybe six years ago. The friends section just takes you to a black screen and the daily checklist doesn't refresh is my main problems right now. Besides that, it's a good time killer.
Amazing game..one to download πŸ‘ Please add more cars.......not the most exciting game but there isn't one like itπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘......it is a must have🀘
What is this? The new interface just confusing, no save progress, no change name, every online race i got "password error" message with $0 winning, garage is confusing with no car name, my stats just reset, only my money, cars and rp stays, everthing else gone
I like that you have to use RP to buy cars because I used to have it this game on my tablet and I've had the Koenigsegg agera r and I like the version I had on my Amazon tablet please go back that way so we can buy cars with RP and because chips are a pain in the butt to earn and also just make it easier so we can earn more RP and chips possibly be able to use chips as a different currency and ps there is a glitch with car sounds and friends list that gives you a black screen when you get on it
I don't know why cars doesn't have a sound when I rev it up and when racing, my phone is an Android 8 I hope someone can help me I've played this game before so I really want to hear the cars.
Used to be a great game now they are 30sec commercials after every 2 races and you cant skip. Its unplayable
The game isn't even opening anymore no idea if it's my phones fault but all the rest of games working except this one it keeps saying "unfortunately the game has stopped working" please fix this I like playing this game and now I can't.. P.s. I'll leave a higher star rating when fixed
Chips are the worst possible addition to this otherwise great game. Totally ruins the experience, it's quite clear that it's made to push people towards buying chips in the store or be forced to grind endless and incredibly unfair challenges. Also, forced ads that eat up your available data usage.
I don't know I'll leave for awhile now I'm back again I only like the lower levels mostly free when you get higher it's about who spends the most money on the game then that's when i say goodbye for another 6 months or so
I never thought I would give my favorite game 1 stars but it looks like this will be the third time in a row that I had to start from scratch. I have been doing very well lately and has built up a portfolio of over 35 cars with close to $3000000 in-game money. My game was crashing and it would not open. I did all of the troubleshooting steps I could think of. I eventually had to uninstall the game and reinstall it thinking that Android would save a data file saving my progress. My data is gone!
Weird game. Has so much potential to be a 5 star game but too many odd choices by devs. The events limit you to certain cars, but somehow opponents have any cars they want. Also some cars max upgrade at level 5 for example, but you see opponents with the same cars in level 7 races. It makes no sense. Lastly the coin system sucks, especially based on the first point I brought up. You need events to earn coins, but it's hard to win a level 1-5 race when the opponents drive level 8 sportscars.
Its great but it would be better if there where more ways to earn coins and putting some realistic sound to the cars not only when they start but when they start running as well and if is posible it would be better that when u upgrade the car the sounds change sounding more powerfull making it (Like I said already) more realistic and add more classic cars πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ but besides that the game is great
I really liked the game untill it got boring. Every thing was TOO HARD. Most of the challenges to get crates and get chips, were to win online. You might think it isn't a challenge but it is. The game is quite good though had to idmit it. But the mane thing I want you guys to do,Is to make chips easier to get. Anyway, if you are up for a challenge, download this game, and I will know when this changes, because I will still have the game too try and get better.
this game is very bad I gave 1 star because it was Stuk and hanging game .it's old version was good the new version was very bad I dislike this game
It's great that you fixed the bugs, but when I click on the Friends tab, the game crashes. Here's suggestion for obtaining RP more easily: On offline races, Easy mode with the same cash prize, plus 1 RP. For Hard mode, same cash prize, plus 2 RP. And for Pro mode, same cash prize, plus 3 RP. Again, it's just a suggestion.
Recent update has a lot of bugs. Pedal doesn't appear in races, no arrow for switching cars in garage, background appears black sometimes.
worst game ive ever played.. when you race it always freeze game just to tell you how to shift up 1000 times, even when you know you should shift up, also when you explore car shop it gets blck screen bug some times
Appalling, I WILL NOT SPEND MONEY ON A GAME THAT CANNOT FIX A SIMPLE ENGINE NOISE BUG! It's been a constant problem and I've had this game on over 7 different phones all new games and every single one had the same issue the engine bug and it would seem you do not care! Which is a massive shame because it would be worth spending money on
Scammed me. Paid $2 to remove ads, they stopped for about 5 or 6 races. Then the ads showed back up and the "X" button no longer worked. What a rip off.
Ruined. The addition of token to unlock certain cars is trash. I just had to watch 50 ads just to get a bronze crate even after I did all of the tasks. Take this idiotic feature out and don't bring it back. Basically a pay to win game now unless you want to contribute enough to their ad revenue. It's sad because this used to be the best drag racing game. Thanks for nothing
Totally decimated by adverts. Big long disruptive ones. I remember when this game was just a game without a single annoying advert.
This use to be a good game BUT not its mediocre they have added a stupid chip tire system which you have to use to purchase cars there never use to have this only now it's been added to the game to pull people to the store to BUY chips and over half the cars require chips to be purchased this makes the car variety decreases due to the fact you have to purchase chips and on top of that to upgrade the car further you need to pay with cash as well as chips.can't type more due to word count
I dont know whats happening every time i open the game it says "Unfortunately the game has stopped"i love this game and i really really REALLY want to play it,the last time i played it was 2018 so PLEASE PLEASE fix this game
The ads still appearing in other page after we pay. Race with friend is not opened, experiencing black screen.
Love the game but two things I don't like is the chip system and that on line playing is down know I have so many friends that have this game in other states that I would love to but their player ID inand race them and challenge them with my cars so please get the on line part fixed so me and my friends can challenge each other
Horrible Upgrade. I used to really enjoy this game but this latest upgrade has rendered all my tunes useless. All the cars tunes have changed. Can I please roll back to the previous version? You've actually messed up a really great game. Deleting it after 5 years of loyalty. Even my 14 year old daughter used to love it until now
Awesome game , but i do think that new cars should be add n create it abit more challenging, with easier options in getting rp with out purchasing n doing online races Been playing this game for 5years Would really like to see different brands n more competition
Please fix the Bugatti for the 1/4 mile on level 10. It used to be possible with the Venom GT but now not even the world record time for the GT is faster than the career Bugatti. I remember playing this game way back 9 years ago when we could beat the whole game no stress and it was beautiful. Now the only options for cars I have to beat level 10 cost real life money or take DAYS to grind for. Not like the original game at all, so please fix the Bugatti. Thank you for reading this ❀
Great game ive played it for years but honestly one thing that bugs me is the chips for upgrading cars and its rediculous like come on 13,500 rps!!!! For only 15 chips thats crazy please reduce the cist of our rps for chips or at least up the chips thats a bit ridiculous i remeber when it was only rps but i see why you did the chips it is a great idea for car wraps and rims and stuff its cool and for certain cars i get that but seriously thou 13,500!!!! Rps for only 15 chips is a bit overboard
You removed alot of cars in the new updates and add more cars and add limited edition cars again when seasons come around again like ccx limited edition and turbo Rv.
Slight improvement....but still has pesky bugs(can't update car stats,friends races go blank,pro league still closed even after promising big September update,save game only working now,ad pop ups disrupting testing cars tunes & game continuity,event classic & 4x4 allows non lvl cars to enter resulting in miscalculating of points system,car sounds still unrealistic....plse fix before everyone starts uninstalling this once great game.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the new addition of chips to upgrade. And since the pro league is down you can't even do online races to complete the tasks needed to get them. When will pro league be fixed
I've started playing this game because I haven't played an ACTUAL drag racing game in MONTHS since my last time. But here's the thing. The online portion on here sucks. Drowned with a bunch of 2nd Gear Nitrous Using Jackasses and getting their "Wins" more easier than ACTUALLY RACING! I've put this review at a 2-Star because I HATE ALL 2ND GEAR NITROUS USING CHEATERS that CHEATS MORE than their opponents. I WON'T be playing this game again till there's an option to DISABLE THE USAGE OF NITROUS 😠
I won 20 races in a row in the Classic Boss event and I'm only on 6 points... Whoever the developer of this app is needs to seriously look at the points system in these events. Makes playing not worthwhile..
I liked this game for a while but ever since you added that coin bs on most cars it was idiotic. So this is the end for me for this game.
Amazing gameπŸ‘ Please add more cars..... Everything was just perfect , then the new update crashed the game....πŸ˜’
it's good but it's hard to get these like little chip things to upgrade like your vehicle and everything it's hard to get them little chips and sometimes you're not able to do the little challenges like I don't really add any friends on mine and I really don't have any friends that play this so I'm unable to do that and doing burnouts is basically almost impossible cuz I don't cuz you don't know how to do a burnout
The latest update is TERRIBLE!!! The throttle is UNcontrollable at launch and SKREWS UP the entire pass causing me 2 looz many races. Also the trans gear ratio sliders don't werk properly. Wish I coud ELIMINATE the update. It's a BIG STEP BACKWORDS.
My audio is ruined. When I begin a race I can't hear the actual exhaust and with some cars the sound isn't even audible. Personally it ruined the whole experience of the game and by not having the element of sound I feel like not playing. If there is a way to fix that bug let me know. I also deleted the game and I have now lost all my progress just to see if it would work after re installing the game.
I have been playing this game for almost 10 years. Everytime I get a new phone I start over because I loved the game so much. Here I am with my new note 20 and I start over again and the game is the worst. Getting chips is the worst addition, certain cars are special now which require chips. I'm lost for words, before I delete this game I want people to know how hard it is for me to see how terrible the game is right now. You all should be ashamed of yourself for letting this happen.
I liked this game for a while but ever since they added that coin bs on most cars it was idiotic. So this is the end for me for this game.
Not satisfied at all this game a long time ago used to be the best now its the worst everytime when I do the first race it freezes completely highly unsatisfied
This game worked better when it first came out years ago than it does now. Completely freezing while browsing cars, opening crates, or doing any basic transition from one screen to another. I also love how the game will give me a ad to buy ingame credits while I'm in a race. This game is a joke now.
I had bought ad removal but its false advertisement it doesn't get rid of the adds all it does is let you close them and even then half the time you're pushing on the add going into another tab
This is a very nice game, it's easy to complete it without having to put extra cash from your account to make it more enjoyable
Was a good game... the developers have trashed it. You can't get past level six without using your credit card to purchase coins. You can't buy competitive cars without using your credit card to purchase coins... You have destroyed a great game... Don't waist time downloading or playing... Disappointing at best...
I play this game for long now and the new update is not good i can't sell my cars bring back the game like it use to be
When ever I try to open up the app I get the message "Unfortunately Drag racing is unavailable". Do not download it will be a waste of your timeπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž