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Draftmaster for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Polyforge located at Technology House Western Way Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP33 3SP. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved the game though it does getting a bit repetitive eventually. Still, many hours of gameplay before that happened
Has a good concept. Here's a list of things I think it needs: Track display so you know how far until the finish line. Ability to lap cars More tracks Fix the settings (every time I change the settings, the only thing that changes is race length, but that doesn't effect championship mode) And ,give winning championships more meaning, like unlockable besides one or two paint schemes. Also a variety of paint schemes per number would be cool (like for the 18, you change between the one on there now, the m&m's 18, and the interstate battery 18 for example)
Super fun game. Really cool how your car slows down if you draft bump too hard or block too late, just like real life! The only thing I would add is a map of the track to get an idea of where the finish line is.
I think draft master pro should be for free and that's why I am giving draft master 4 instead of 5 stars
The camera movement is very annoying. I get dizzy almost Everytime. It makes it so hard to properly pass as you're always adjusting to the camera. The game is dull as well.
Its really laggy and could you make it so the camera doesent spin it kinda makes me sick and it is hard for me to find wich way im turning
Very nice overall game. The drafting is realistic and even though a bump draft slows you down its as if you got loose. Nice to see retro paint schemes and names. Really enjoying this
A good game over all, but two things that make this 3 stars, easy to abuse A.I and the camera moving.
Good gane, few problems, I NEED a way to make it to where i can keep the camrea steady, it messes me up when it moves, we need crashes, burnouts for when you win, but thats all, great game,
I love the game but I want you to make Draftmasters 3D with crashes and pitsops and yellow flags and a career mode and create a car paint scheme also all the real nascar tracks including the road courses but like give them your own names also I would like it to be a simulator so there is no automatic stuff apart from pace cars also add multiplayer cuz I would be happy to pay a pound or 2 for this idea
Fun little game. I would recommend to everyone to start of the game by going to the settings and turning of camera rotation. I found it really annoying I hope the developer will add a setting to enable/disable the sound because it's really annoying when you try to listen music while playing. Some people are whining that your car slows down when you bump someone but there is a brake button for a reason.
It is a good game, but I have 3 requests . Request 1,pitstops .Request 2,wrecks. Request 3,cautions and red flags. But overall it's a good game.
Fun addictive game, Not a easy guaranteed win everytime game , but easy enough to grasp the concept. Kinda like golf, or poker... takes 2 min to learn..but a lifetime to master. My concern is that the game played 100% on my samsung A5 , but my new Samsung A50 lags so much that its unplayable. Troubleshooting of playing online VS offline, cleared cache, re installed...tried everything in my realm of fixes but same result. Anyone else have issues ? or a possible corrective procedure? Thx S.P
I liked this game before the update, but ever since I got the update it's been hell for me! Ally and Rivals Aren't really needed, the game will lag every couple of laps and sure it has a few up's along with the update but it's personally became bad for me. Please go back to the old game, it was more playable!
Great gameplay...the drafting physics feel good, like if u lose the draft it's a painful mistake or u get in rythem and start whipping around multiple cars. Could add pit stops and car setup would be cool, but it's still a good game
Could have some potential if the controls worked. Half the time they don't other time they lag so bad it doesn't matter. Laughable that bump drafting slows you down. No way to catch up once you lose ground. Would buy the pro version if these problems were addressed.
Awesome game, a few suggestions on how to make it better would be a custom paint booth option as well as a "donut mode" where if you win a race you can swipe your finger around the screen and your car will do it's donuts/burnouts
Very great game love playing it in my free time like on the bus or just at the house watching for the next race
Ridiculous. Absolute joke. Team/Rival is just stupid(EVERYONE'S A DAMN RIVAL). Led Mute City for 15+ laps, get tapped just before final lap and get launched clear back to 12th with everyone passing me up like I'm sitting on the side of the road. Game is very boring and extremely frustrating unfortunately.
One of the better NASCAR Games on mobile. I would like to ask for things like custom tracks and cars, and I think the Thumbnail scares away sone people. Overall, this game is fun ans you should definately install it.
It is a good game but I would love werks I would love this game and the should tell u left and right not arrows but gg
The game is good but Im only getting like, 3 Frames Per second. Its very hard to play the game like this.
love it!!! definetly recommend but i have a few thing that i hope you can add damage,crashes,real racers and real tracks and multiplayer plz add these.
Everything about this game is good, but there is only one main problem. For some reason Whenever another car tries to switch lanes and there is already a car there he glitches through it, I can also do this. Shouldn't cars be solid? Add pitstops and crashes and this is 5 stars.
This game is really addictive, but in a few 15-30 minutes, it'll start to be boring. I suggest to change the lane changer to real steering, but by keeping it the lane changer i guess still fine. Make the physic more realiatic, crashes should be part of it. And i'd like to see pit stops for long race please. Thats all i can say, thx for this good game
Very solid game! It's truly an underrated art and I wish many would give it a chance. However the one element I wish was added are wrecks. That may be a little over the top but it would be nice, and adding pits and stuff. That would be cool but other than that solid game.
Game is unplayable with the current amount of lag. I don't know what happened, a year ago this lag wasn't a thing.
It's great but can you cause wrecks and yellow flags and pits? Why? Because then its not that much a real racing games, and i will love to hav3 those things added please? Thank you :).
This game is great! Awesome to draft all the way to the pol. I would recommend crashes, cautions and the ability to go into pitlane. Yet again that would be hard to implement, keep up the great work
This game is very addictive and very fun to play. I have spent many hours playing this. Only thing i wish that would change is the fact you can't turn the sound down and listen to music while racing. Other than that, this game is great!
Can the cars be able to take pit stops, have a fuel meter, and crash whenever you turn into another car.
Can you please add crashes, spin outs, pit stops, yellow flag, red flag, black flag, green flag, white flag, and checkerd flag. Don't forget about make all the nascar drivers and their cars from all years and make the 2020 nascar rosters for Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series. Add all of this to the next update...Please.
Thank you for fixing the lag problem! It made this game so much more enjoyable! I love this game! Great job to Polyforge for developing such a great game! I dont know what the other reviews are talking about saying this game is bad. It is great!
Its a good retro game but can you add a setting to turn off the rotation its hard to tell which way you are turning, otherwise nice game.
Honestly, the best racing game right now, graphics are none so no lag, racing is pretty easy, havent tryed hard mode yet, great game. Also this teaches you how IMPORTANT the draft is in real life.
I don't like the arrows to move left and right. I would rather just swipe left or right. If that was added I would give 5 stars. Thanks!
Re downloaded this the other day to be disappointed wrecked the game with this annoying screen rotation thing. Most it hard to focus on and see cars ahead of you. Sucks a classic favorite is unplayable now
Very addictive. Almost what i would call a strategy racer. But i hate that once youve lost ground you can call it over from that moment on. Wish there was a speed button of some kind
Pretty good game. The spin thing is a little annoying. Also i think it could use wrecks, cautions and other stuff would be cool, but overall pretty good game
Great game, but in the new update a new bug appeared where the game would lag so much it was unplayable. Please fix this. It's a great game though.
This game really helped me perfect my restrictor plate racing, this game is pretty realistic with one wrong move possibly costing you the race. There are no easy victories, and thats the best part (until you learn how to abuse the AI) Okay, now that Ive played the game again, I think you guys oughta take a step back and fix the lag issues, seriously man. The rival system is also poorly explained in-game. These are pretty urgent issues imo, please look into them.
Really good blast from the past with the 8 bit graphics and a really well put together game, with some retro paint schemes and perfect for any NASCAR fan like me who likes retro and new paint schemes.
First of all why is it extremely laggy and can you add crashes to like spin outs that would be more awesome that's why I rated this 3 stars cuz of lag and no crashes
The game is cool but it need something like um um oh yes crashes cars can spin by mistake that will de fun can you bls update it its a fun game thats the only thing i need about the game 😉😁
It's kind of a strategy/puzzle game masquerading as a racing game. It's an original idea and it's a fun gameplay experience. The only issue is the animation as the screen rotates it gives me a headache. I wish you could lock the orientation of the screen with the direction of the car as I think this would make it more playable.
this would be better if the stupid drivers start going 210 while I only can go 198 in the stupid trucks series, the game is fine if u want to lose every race then u will love this game, I was also in standard mode not hard!!!!!!!