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Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon! for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awsome game, But Starting to get bored with it now. Spawn rate in rediculously low. And needs and updste with new creatures added. Almost completely lost the will to play.
Really fun game just wish the arenas and a arcane portals were not on highways where we can't get to them and or where we can't walk and wish there were monsters to catch very rarely pops up
It's a ok game I think for my area u need to move the steps and buildings to be more accessible to the players and increase spawns I can go ages with out seeing a single monster and that makes me not want to play also add friends contact like po go. And make gyms also make spiners like po go at gyms and buildings and make building multi purpose I get the point of being difficult on purpose hut as I said I cant access most stops and building were i live
Level 2, and it seems good. My GPS sometimes works on it. Had to give it higher permissions for it to get my GPS correctly. Will rate accordingly. Accuracy of the ball throwing is a little off. Sometimes it activates my home button.
To be honest I never even thought I would find a game that would and will make me get away from sitting on my bed all day to walking all day. P.S, hope to beat the games dragon book! :D Rawr! Edit: I would recommend to stop major updates until the world stops quarantine.
I love the game but there needs to be more creature spawns, like everytime you open the app there's a creature that spawns so you get further into the game. Another thing is when there's the stops to get items from, make it so you don't have to stand right on top of them for them to work. Some of the creatures are really cute though!! Another issue that's frustrating is the balls won't be consistent when trying to throw them and catch a creature.
It's a fun game, I really enjoy that it's a nice change of pace from pokemon go. A suggestion I have is if you guys can put in a feature that makes it possible to count your steps when the app is off. My job requires me to walk alot but I can't keep my phone on while working. Besides that I think this game is awesome.
Hardly anything to do! Not very many spawns unless you're in the city. Now, with the latest update, all of the roads have disappeared so you can't tell where to go for anything! And don't even get me started on the rainbow colored monsters designed by 5 year olds!
Great alternative to pokemon go since we cant play it in rural areas.. but, the spawning of draconius monster takes a long time.. its too stressing.. i walked for almost half kilometer and still no draconius monster..
It's a pretty solid A.R game. Sometimes I have issues with the throwing mechanics, but It's minimal. I definitely enjoy the creature designs (I haven't seen a dragon, but I have about a quarter of my bestiary filled) they're pretty unique. I'm at level 15 and I got here fairly quickly. There's plenty of stops around. So I don't feel any need to complain. I love the pvp and feel this game is moving in a solid direction. I play this and Pokemon go. I enjoy one just as much as the other and play them as close to simultaneously as possible. Good job guys
I feel like the creature's normal and ultimate attacks needs more convincing, the way we're battling in a duel, the creatures attacks looks the same. The attacks needs to be shown differently, like from Pokemon. And another thing, some of the creatures appearance are too close, making it hard to catch at close range.
Needs to implement an adventure synce like pokemon Go has so that you arent forced to keep the app open the entirety of hatching an egg. Im not going to keep the app open and drain my battery just to hatch a 10k egg. Sorry but no thanks. If it wasn't for how interesting the creatures are this would have gotten a 1 star. Another issue is that some of the stations are in places you can't even physically access such as in airports behind the fences or in the middle of the runways.
Catch everything but dragons in this game. The game play is glitchy and next to no way to continue without it being so repetitive to the point it's so boring. The most excitement you get after starting the app for the first time is deleting it.
The map is not organised pls develop the map like pokemon go it is not showing which area and etc info to go there this game is really bad . The developers are waste. They should put the place names as this game uses gps
Ok, I'd give you guys a solid 4 but man the most important part of the gameplay, throwing balls is major whack right now. Accuracy is atrocious via curve ball. If it's further then mid range, good luck! Complete and utter misery! And some monsters are nearly impossible too hit, let alone getting in the circle! I can land an excellent curveball on a Zubat in go, I've no problem with timing and accuracy, but I can't win with poor design! Rework your throwing portion and I'll pour in cash
It's a good game but there I only get lower powered dragons qnd when there is a powerful dragon I cannot catch it ,in one ball it flew away and I cannot find it again.If you solve that problem I will give you 5 stars.You have to make it more easy to catch dragons.I had gave them sweets ,but they flew away.I can't get sweets after leveling up like in Pokemon Go.This must be done in this game
This game is great ! Just wish we had more updates and more monsters to catch and some stops are in the middle of freeways but hey its good need more to it !
The only time this game won't give you a middle finger is when you log out. Even here, you'll get it from the person who responds. You need to be really creative to make every aspect of the game frustrating. The main part, catching dragons, that should make you want to play as long as possible is an utter failure and completely unrewarding. Throwing mechanics is so bad, at a level where you really become impresed. The game is a prime example of good potential wasted by incompetence.
Well I think about the game is a decent play a lot of interesting mechanics that could be implemented in other franchises that will allow seamless gameplay from Catching Lawns to its systems I think it's a decent play but there's also room for improvement as catching things feels clunky all I know is worth play
Not a bad game but needs improvement. I used a pheromone, for water. Wound up getting 18 frogus, 1 spiritus and 1 nagapet. Problem was there was so much of the one it really wasn't worth doing. You need a better variety while using the pheromones.
Need to extend access to objects, can't be trespassing on people's property, would play more if this was fixed.
Really good game but plz make more creatures appear cause every time I go in the game, there are no dragons. Plz fix
Played the game when it first launched and it was a very colorful game. Problem was hardly any creatures were spawning and pillars were so far and few. Jump forward to this past April an I reloaded it and it hasn't changed. In a two week period going out for walks, shopping across 3 cities, picking up my kids, etc I saw & caught 7 creatures total. Spawn rates are still horrid and most of the pillars are in the middle of busy streets. My son counted 27 pillars in the middle of 55 mph road home.
Please add dragons in the wild we only get it on the pillars and near me there is no spawn and in lockdown how could we go to far away pillar to catch. If u put them in wild then i would be very happy
Literally to do curveball throw is nearly impossible and add raids like pokemon GO because I'm getting bored of this cmon make this a big update it would be fun to add raids every were it would make me go out more and we would have so much fun man imagine raids pleas add it
I adore almost alll the creature designs; they're so beautiful that I really do want to collect them all. I'm a huge fan of the dragon eye artefacts too; being able to reach creatures from a distance is really helpful when you're on the move, or the creature is in a location you can't quite reach - or when it's winter in Finland, as it is for me, and you want to nab a creature without risking frostbite! I've barely touched Pokemon Go since discovering Draconius a year ago, and I regret nothing!
3.5 Good: A lot of great ideas. The shovel game is pure fun. A lot of very cool monster designs. Very customizable Draconius screens. Fun battle system. So-so: Putting POI in a random and somewhat evenly spread out manner is nice for people not living close to urban areas, but it ends up taking some of the fun out of exploring and discovering new things, as well as putting them in awkward places like people's property. Not so good: The throwing mechanics make curveballs just about impossible.
The game is not good !!!when it shows the near by pokemon it say u not have any quest and how to play the game realt its not good try to update something in game like control also !!!!!😠😠
It is a good game but the character in the game moves only sometimes.If we walk long distances then also it is not moving.
Use to really enjoy till finding out they take over your arenas. Really ruined the game for me. If it was others playing and taking them over I'd rate it better but not ai. Wish I had know would have quit before I got the armor for remote adding as its useless . After reading response and thinking seems more like a money grab to ensure no one keeps an arena long to collect coins. And if it was to help why have a lvl 26 AI that CANNOT be beaten by the level19 he took it from. Same lvl maybe.
Amazing but the creature are so far for me and i have no transport to go and catch i request to this game company that make this game easy to catch creature i
The game seems nice and I want to get into it, but in a game about catching dragons... There are almost no dragons. I've played for a day and only saw one while I was out. The art of the characters seems very nice, better than what I expected. But please, make your menus and UI elements more original. The game would be more appealing if it didn't look just like Pokemon go. Edit: Is the primary way to find creatures to tag them and then travel to the tower? Also bestiary descriptions would be nice.
Please add a joystick so we can walk on area about 15m around the place we stop. Because sometime the pillar and other things is in someone backyard or a company warehouse that not allowed people to enter.
Just started playing again after not playing for 2 years and it's not a great welcome back experience. The creatures are still almost non existent. I thought it was just my location being very rural, but even in town there's almost nothing to catch and everything that is around is too far from me. There needs to be an increase in creature population, like bad. Also the range is horrible. I hate to rate a game less than 3 stars, but as is, I'm not sure it deserves 3 stars.
Response to devs: So you specially designed this game for walks during a time where being out and about isn't an option for a lot of people, forcing people to buy items to make the monsters come to you. Cool. Deleting. I really like the creatures and art work. My only complaint is there's NOTHING around me. Other AR style games have at least a spawn or 2 around my house so I can play a little bit from home.
Edit: upon entering the game after a few days of waiting it seemed to have fixed itself its enjoyable and the dragons are cute. Though ive only captured 3. But its a fun game. Happy i can finally play.
This is the worst game ever it is just a copy of pokemon go and it does not start when I open the game. When the game is been played it gets stuck and you should increase the spawn because some people are still unable to go outdoors and play 👎👎👎
Its a really fun game, just like pokemon go. I would appreciate an update with the monsters in it having cries and shiny versions, however.
This is a pretty fun game. Very similar to PokeGO, but with other creatures, and more features. Some of the graphics could be better, but overall a great experience. It would be nice if all of the markers were on the street side of buildings, as some in my area are unreachable (being in someone's backyard for example), which is why only 4 stars
Pathetic, rediculously hard to catch a 'dracomon' let me rephrase this. Controls are rediculous making it next to impossible to actually catch a monster, a big tip to anyone considoring this game, just download pokemon, it works at least...