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Downhill Smash

Downhill Smash for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Titarenko Elena located at Moscow, Tikhvinsky per, 6-6, 127055. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is .

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game concept is great, not fun but stones are extremely powerful and not even mortars can destroy them. Also there is a lack of fuel, there's literally only 6 times you get to play, then wait 30 minutes more. Avalanches are also too, too fast. Other than that its not fun at all. (You can't see controls and weapons don't work)
Fun game until level 7 and then it's just a black screen. Developers haven't fixed it or reached out at all. Also there's a glitch to where if you buy the fourth slot it takes the money but it doesn't unlock it.
LOCKED BEHIND A PAYWALL this game is actually pretty fun but don't expect to get what they show you in the previews without forking over some cash. You can definitely go pretty far without the extra slots but still it seems pretty ridiculous to spend $10 just to get an extra slot for a weapon.
They stole my real world money. I enjoyed the game so much I decided to spend the $10 to gain access to the 4th weapon slot. But after 2 or 3 days it's still not unlocked. I emailed google play store and the developers about this with screenshots saying that I purchased that package and that it's still locked. I thought maybe if I progess levels it will unlock but didn't. No one has responded to my emails. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and the thing I paid for is still locked.
I rarely write reviews, but I thoroughly enjoy this game. However, after reading the comments I noticed im not the only one with issues on level 7. Please fix this!
I was really starting to get into the game, but once I made level 7, the game freezes. Just says "loading". I like that it doesn't play ads over and over. And game play is pretty fun . Just need this bug fixed.
Game was good untill the stage "Boulder Hill". On that level the game lags uncontrollably and makes it unplayable. The boulder also fell through the terrain and just kept falling endlessly right before the second chest unlock on "Boulder Hill". Would've given more stars if it didn't become unplayable because of lag.
This game is getting deleted. After trying to reach out to the developers to have them fix the issue with level 7, and getting nowhere with it, it's become obvious to me that nothing is going to come of this. So, there is no need for a broken game to be taking up space on my device. Such a shame too because I really enjoyed this game. Is Snowy Mountain the blind level? It says Loading, I can hear the gameplay, but all I see is Loading. Please fix.
Watch out! Game is buggy AF. Purchases don't work, and when they do they don't unlock anything. No contact with the dev and currently the game doesn't even load (I think it could be caused by some upgrades). Shame as the game is definitely fun. Fix the issues and the score will go up.
It was a super fun and addicting game until you get to Snowy Mountain. The game is glitched and won't get past the loading screen. I can hear stuff happening but the loading screen won't go away. 🤷 FIX THIS AND I WOULD RATE IT 5 STARS.
So after a recent update they still haven't fixed the bug on level 7. Still get stuck into a loading screen. So even after the support from the people they still haven't done anything.
Genuinely fun game ads arent forced and the game is both challenging while not being overly difficult, only issue is that once you reach the Snowy Mountain level it doesnt load. Was excited to keep playing. If developers fix the snowy mountain level I'll come back and give 5 stars!
It's a 4 star review for me as far as game play but when I went to pay th$9.99 for the extra slot it didn't even give it to me, I've waited 2 days just to see and it says it's purchased but yet the 4th slot is still looked, tried to reach someone and have had no luck, if not fixed will just dispute the charge since they did not provide me with anything, will continue to play because I love the game but this has just rubbed me wrong
I'm giving this one star because I paid for the fourth slot on the wheel and didn't get it. The game acknowledges the space is purchased, but won't unlock it to load another weapon in it. Also, Level 7 doesn't load. Just hangs forever. It's only a game, but your customers have been cheated out of money and time. Fix this, please.
Great game. Until the 7th level. I've been trying to load the level for 2 full days. I've replayed the other levels till all of the free weapons and my boulder are completely upgraded. I've tried restarting my phone. The only thing I haven't done is uninstall and reinstall the game, and I don't want to lose my progress. Thia is when I found out that there is no in app bug reporting function or help menu at all.
fix the issue with level 7, I really enjoyed this game. Snowy Mountain js the blind level. It says Loading, I can hear the level but it will not move past the loading screen.
So the devs finally fixed the broken level 7 issue. They've restructured the "pay" elements and conveniently separated out the fourth slot unlock to make it work. However, level 8 is broken - after a couple of markers are passed, the floor disappears and you just fall uncontrollably until it reaches the end of the level. Then level 9 overwhelms the device and stutters along making it unplayable. Basically, backwards steps all around so now reduced to ONE STAR until/unless resolved.
Don't waste your time. Game is fun until you run into the same problem that everyone has with level 7 Snowy Mountain not loading and nobody doing anything to fix it. Find a different game besides this one.
I thoroughly enjoy this game. Ads arent shoved down your throat. Upgrades are paced decently well. I can't say for how long as the game hard freezes on level 7. To me it seems like the corn fields level is actually the snowy mountain which breaks the next level (snowy mountains). Once this issue gets fixed, will update with five stars as it's a really good game.
And you go into the store and the game freezes. Have to close out of the app and reload it. I have tried updating the game and Uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game and still doesn't work. Please fix along with level 7
Fun game but there is a problem with map 7. It's stuck on loading screen and unable to progress in the game. Needs to be fixed.
Well I purchased the 4th slot. That doesn't work, but neither do the stages once I reach snowy mountain. So it was kind of pointless. It's fun. Up until everything stops working. Sadly
Great game! Very entertaining only one problem is that level 7or 8 I think "Snowy Mountain". The loading screen isn't cutting out and you here the SFX playing in the background as normal, but the game just gets stuck there in the loading screen. There's no "settings" menu so there's very little to do to situate this minor issue.
The 7th level, I can't play it. I load it up and it just sits on loading. The images describe having multiple spots to place more than three weapons. If you want to unlock the 4th spot it costs 5 bucks, everything costs 5 bucks, it's too expensive.
It's honestly a good game but once you buy almost all the upgrades it overruns the game and you can't carry on playing. I had maxed out everything but my speed and had just beaten snowy mountain and got to boulder hill when it wouldn't load so I restarted my game and I'm back on snowy hill.. could you fix this?
This game is a lot of fun but every time I try to start the snowy mountain stage I get stuck in the loading screen and can't play the level, AND it still uses a fuel.
App gets stuck on the loading screen 7/10 times. Also hits a certain level where you can't beat it without paying for the fourth weapon slot. Lastly the watch adds for bonuses has never seemed to work. Uninstalled. Lots of potential though.
First time in years that I've been able to keep coming back to a mobile game. Only giving 4 stars because I like to play without sound, so I have the sound effects turned off. However, if the volume on my phone is up I can still hear certain effects (avalanche getting close, blowing up the big zombies) even though I turned off the sound. If this gets fixed I'll come back and give it 5 stars.
Fun game but when you reach level 100 (Final level) the game breaks and you can't replay levels. Also a very short game when it comes to completion. If I could I would give it 3.5 stars but I'll settle with 3
Level 7 is busted. I can feel the vibration of the collision. But I am.stuck on a loading screen. This game is unplayable after this point.
For some reason when I maxed out the abilities and weapons, I've been locked out of new levels I'm stuck at level seven it stays on the loading screen. I don't know what you need to do to fix it but it is currently unplayable.
I've actually been really enjoying this game but it freezes up during the load for snowy mountain. You can hear the game in the background and it sounds like it reacts to your input but the graphics won't load
There's definitely potential with this, but just like what a lot of other people have said, level 7 is broken. Stuck in loading screen, can only hear the game.
Love this game but snowy mountain doesn't load at all. If I hold down on the screen I can feel the vibrations like it's playing behind the loading screen. I also bought the no ads and I still get ads when doing the 2x coins after beating a level and I got the 4th slot option and it doesn't work. It says I purchased it but that's it. No usable slot. Please help. I have cleared data and stuff but still can't get past loading screen for snowy mountain and no fourth slot.
Has room for improvement, firstly devs need to resolve the issue of lvl 7 not loading. Second, the images used show 6 slots but you only get 3 unless you pay a rather large amount. Thirdly, the amount for no ads and such is insane, lower the price and would likely get more takers although not an issue when using pihole
The game is fun I truly enjoy it. I love the rate at which you get upgrades. But i only have 1 issue and that's on snowy mountain after I press play to start the level it says loading and the page won't change. I can hear my weapons firing but my screen is stuck on the loading screen.
The advertising shows up to six slots for weapons. You only get three (4 if you decide to buy it). Why they thought that was a good idea is pretty easy to figure out. Most of the time it requires you to watch an ad in order so you can get a booster to complete a near impossible level. On top of that there's weapons advertised that aren't in the game.
I had a lot of fun with this game. I didn't have any ads put on me during normal gameplay. I only got ads when I wanted an extra life or bonus stuff, like money and rewards. My only complaint, is there is a bug on level 7, where the loading screen doesn't go away after the level loads. I can hear my boulder running in the background and if I hold my finger down to move it, I can hear it move. So the level does load, but the loading screen doesn't go away. When that gets fixed, 5/5
Purchased the ad remove and extra slot. Ad remove worked extra slot will not work. No sign of a support task or in the game. If I don't get a response in 24 hours I'm going to request a refund... edit: never heard from the developer. They updated the game and changed the way the 4th shot upgrade worked. Screw this dev they're slimy. If I could give 0 stars I would. Do not play this game.
Fun game but for some reason the 7th level won't load so I have completed all the available upgrades but can't progress. If the remaining levels are as fun as the first few it's a shame I can't access them. (I have tried updating everything but no luck)