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DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots

DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Double Down Interactive LLC located at 605 5th Avenue S Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98104. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is not a complaint about the slots - my favourite app, by far - it is a complaint about your notifications and email. I am receiving notices steadily and so many are duplicates that only half of the chip giveaways and free spins are valid. Its getting very annoying to think I can play, stop what I'm doing, log in to collect the chips, only then to be denied. Get your house in order! The left hand is sending email the right hand has already sent!
I honestly can't believe anyone plays on this sight much less pays to. I play because it has my favorite game that I play in a real casino aztec temple. But its very frustrating you absolutely cannot win or come out ahead without the games just stripping away anything you do win you can go through 2 million without a single win. I guess its just not fun at all knowing you'll never hit anything
Bonuses have gone way down and I am about to quit .When you have to spin 75 times to get something it's time to leave.stallions used to be a good game but has gone by the wayside with no return. Do better at casinos. They give you 20 to 30 free spins and you can't even beat the bet. How do they think you are going to play that game
1 star I"ll stick with jackpot party. what a joke the machines are so tight. Lately i come here once a month if that.
Been playing for years. cant win anything. When I do win a nice pile of coins, its gone in a few minutes. Just yesterday I hit a few bonus rounds and got up to 18 million chips, only to lose them all in a few minutes with no win. This has been the routine since I started playing. Ita just a free game but it is irritating to never win big and keep chips.
Just in the last 2 days, my chips I won have decreased...without playing the slots, from $600,00 to $214,000 and after logging on went to $10,000. I've sent a message and no response. I've been playing this game for over 4 years. I'm done!!! No one else has access to my log on.
DoubleDown is very stingy with the daily spins for free chips and it is impossible to win "Jackpots" during the "Jackpot Happy Hour"; I don't know how "registered players" and "guests "win the million and billion jackpots... When I routinely get $50,000 to $75,000 on my daily spins, I can only play with $12,000, $24,000, or $36,000 bets in Burning Chilies; I usually win up to a couple of million, but, it then routinely takes it all back in a few minutes...
Supposed to be free but isn't, sure you get free chips to start off with but. They tell you to bet higher so you run out of chips and have to buy more ,to get to a higher level you have to buy more chips and spend more money.the games are fun and enjoyable to play but not worth the money to wind up out of chips with no cash in return.
I'm fairly new to this app, but I do enjoy playing daily. I don't play any other slot apps so I can't compare it to anything similar; I think overall it does a good job of replicating the slots experience, but without losing so much money! DaVinci Diamonds brought me to the app; it's my favorite real-life slot and I was thrilled to find it playable at home. But I've found some other favorites, too, and pass some fun time doing the Daily Challenges.
Only giving 3 stars. Takes waaaaay too long to load everything ... home page, chips, games, etc. Accidentally dropped my phone and had to go thru the whole 5 minute routine again ... this does happen in the other houses. Fix these and I'll re-rate. Changed my mind .... un-installing. There are better casino houses the download.
This game has been great while spending A lot of time at home this Fall. I just had some great fun playing a new game. A wide variety games for everyone. New challenges every day. There are opportunities to compete and achieve special goals. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It is great to relax and play when you have free time. Relaxing afternoon activity. Added daily challenges to complete. I am sure that you will find some games to suit your liking. There is a game for everyone. πŸ‘
gre at still play every day where are all the bonus games? very hard to get. still play daily thanks for making double down so much fun.where are all the bonus? Thanks for. making it. so mucfun. Have been playing for a few years now and I'm finding it very hard to build up any money. Something has changed and not as much fun as it was before 😜
Unplayable as a game unless you have a gambling problem. If you run out of money there's no entertainment value. Counting on your addiction to get you to spend real life cash. Uninstalled
coin packages are VERY expensive. compared to other online casinos. There are VERY few perks and bonuses, the daily wheel is a joke ( lands on 85k every time) The only thing good is the availability of the old casino games that used to be my favorites to play at the real casinos, like Cleopatra and Unicorn.
Games don't play well, daily wheel spin is a joke, wheel spin are the same for 3 to 4 times in a row. How is that possible if every wheel spin is random. Games are useless . Hit cycles or few and far between. Free spins are few and far between. The more games they add the worst they get . And then they want you buy credits. What a joke. Paybacks are terrible. You bet big and win little. You need to change the win ratio. And I don't do Facebook or any social media. The new big easy game sucks.
Fun to play but, if it doesn't want you to win, you wont... They need to loosen up, too tight for not winning any real money yet, you have to spend money to get chips. I bought 400 Mil in chips ($100) and with in a week, it was gone... I'm not doing that again. There whole model is to lure you to buy chips. With the free chips, you tend to loose more often.
This casino has great games fun to play, difference is if you want to play often then you need to purchase chip packages. Daily spins dont get you much and you do lose alot more than you win. I don't purchase chip packages so I dont play alot. When I do play, the games eat my chips right up. This is a pay to play site, and if you don't pay, you dont play. It's the double down way. They screw you on every spin and they even screw you on the bonus. DD sucks.
enjoy double down casino, but when you go into Gmail to get your free chips they show you games that the chips go to but the games are not on the list of games when you gone into it so you don't get the chips ,I think that is a rip off and the chip gift that is shown on your app list on your main page don't go to the double down chip list either. So even though I really like this game I may just have to drop it.
alot of fun. i love this gaame but it is not letting me get my free vochers. they are lot loading and i have lost over 1000 free coins. what is going on very upset. im about to find another favorite game to play. Still not getting free vochers. Still over 800 lost. I love this game. please help.
I I was very disappointed with double down they took 300 million dollars from me ,last year when they updated there version I will be looking for other games we have on 18 forever spent tons of money you guys have not payed me much I'm very disappointed with your bounces pay me back my 300 million you took from me bad bussiness I spend a lot of money again trying to buy your package for 59dollars the game would not allow me to get it it gave me the 39dollar one bad bussiness again
Great place to play and have fun. Never win as much as you lose. When I do get a big win you take it back really fast till your down to no chips. I love playing the games . Been playing for a few years now. No good playing in jackpot happy hour this time was hard to get free spins let alone at least a 5 piggy jackpot. Still had fun. Try again next time if I got any chips. Great place to play different games . Holding on to my chips is very hard. Sometimes I win a good amount then there gone.
they think that ppl who play slots everyday are gonna pay there ridiculas prices when HUUUGE games are so much fun, the diffrence between the compainies like yours and the fun games,i can play for a few hours bf i run out and by then im usaully so into the game that im willing to drop a 2$ for some spins i mean everyone got 2$ but when i cant even play for 30 min bf my account is dry im unistalling i had two weeks to reach level 7 somehow the game will not load anymore and my data gone lmbo
Love playing DoubleDown, but coins received far less than other game apps. Can't really afford to buy more coins!!!Will win sometimes, but generally lose all coins! DoubleDown needs to be more generous with daily amounts like all other Casino game apps!!!! My favourite game app, but frustrating when wins and bonuses are infrequent!
Most rigged slot game out there. You literally can not win any type of big jackpot. Play it everyday for 22 days. Never won any big jackpots. Some of the slots you can spin over and over and cant even win what gou bet. Done with it, time to uninstall and download a better game. 0 star rating!!
Nice graphics but hard to win. Pay to play. Just wish it would last longer. Seems like you buy, win for awhile, then lose, lose, lose. Then they want you to buy more.
can't seem to invite friends that aren't on my friends list already from Facebook. you don't get many coins with play with everyday. while there's a nice variety of games the small amount of coins we get don't last. I send out gifts that people don't get, just too many problems with your app
This game is a blast! The slots have really good and entertaining. The slots are not bombarded with adds, you have a choice to watch an add for cool bonuses to win higher coins and cash. I really do like this app. Hopefully they will add more games.
Great graphics and great games but every time I get a notification for "free coins", I never get them. Have run into this problem before so.......what gives? Please fix this; happens way to often!
Unfortunately, game has gotten worst. They make you play the WORST games to complete for extra bonus. These games, Lobstermania, Cleopatra, DaVinci Diamonds and some cat game. Absolutely aweful!!!!!! And of course spinning endlessly without a win. Wish I can rate lower than 1 star. It's a total scam. They make you win after the new upgrade. Now its back to no wins and no fun. Don't waste your time.
I used to really enjoy this game. Now i rarely get a bonus. I sign in everyday to give my friends gifts. Which, by the way. I USED to have at least 8, then one day i only have 2. What happened? Would like to see the wheel spins increased to min 1 mil. So can actually play some of the newer games some day.
I play DD daily and enjoy all of the promotional free coins I receive in my email. It keeps me coming back. For some reason I don't know about the free daily coins that used to come via facebook messages stopped coming but it's not enough to keep me from playing. Great games and enjoy playing.
Best slot app. Actual casino games. And they play like at the casino. If the one you're playing ain't paying ya gotta move on. Lots to choose from. And they're very generous with free chips. Very fun. And fast response if you have any questions or problems. You guys rock.
best slot app.online .have played for 5 years woo hoo.This app.is number one.Still playing everyday.Buying chip has a lot of perks😁.Still my favorite slot app.Hope to get better daily chips?????Still playing probably over 6 years and loving it!Still loving it,now playing high limits and winning big.Just love this App.best one yet!Still playing always looking forward to playing everyday!Still winning,buy chips its so much fun!!☺Dont know whats happening the games are just eating up my points.
It's been different playing your games lately, the payouts haven't been big enough to play the games very long, and the daily spin, rarely over 85,000,what's up with that? And the spi s from all "3" of my friends been small, not as exciting as it use to be, when you don't win Big, you can't play as long
This app has the most games that the actual casinos have. i can play my favorite slot on my phone while sitting in front of the actual slot machine in person! Extremely realistic to the actual casino version. Graphics & Games. Even payouts are realistic. my go to app over all others! Same thoughts as before. App keeps asking me to review so I am.
you need to give more than one bonus a day .That is so cheesy. Every four hours would be good.Or pay out big bonuses. you have great games but they don't hit.You put big bets on them and keep bonuses small.They dont give out wilds very often in the games either. Come get with program.still feel the same .Still the same thing
I don't know why you have 65000 50000 on the Wheel. When it takes 10 to 15 rolls with a min.bet of 10 , 000 to get half of what you bet. You might as well keep what you give out . it's frustrating enough when you have three or four hundred thousand and maybe you win 2 times. like your games but your payoff so terrible.
So disappointed! Been playing this app for years! You have changed games and it hasn't been right since! You have systematically did away with the games that are actually in the casino and I liked to play! Halloween and Christmas slots that I have played for years, just gone! I go away and come back to these fake cut rate games! There is nothing recognizable about the sight I have played on for well over 10 years! I hate to think about it, but I believe I will uninstall Double Down casino.
This site is very generous with bonus rounds and points and has my favorite games! There are a couple games that slow down as soon as you start playing. Cleopatra with bonus wings is one. Lost 14 mil points and three bonus spins when it shut down suddenly a couple weeks ago but have won way more since. Thanks!
Sadly DoubleDown has the best games but continue to run down your money balance with bonus or big pay outs far and few between. Dont know how people build up balance to be able to have fun betting big and enjoy winning. Other gambling sites make it really fun......you actually win! This one continues to run you out of money, giving little to no payouts consistantly, rubbing you out. Of you do get lucky and build up a pot, they will take you back to nothing in no time. Getting worse!
Games are awesome, however they act like they are real casino with their daily sound you typically get very little & you can bet if you get a hit. It won't be long before all it is gone! A billion dollars I lost in about 3 hours because the app never lets you win after that. They should be much more generous. It's a freaking game.
Love this game just wished when you spin in the morning it gave you more credits! The games are the ones i love at the casino and your always adding new ones. i would recommend this to everyone!
Love these games, but I have spent way too much money and I mean serious money, the returns are not good. I sent a message to Double Down saying do they even realize who is spending all the money to keep them going. Just brought 2 99$ packages, and played for about a half an hour once again don't tell me you have no control over these games. You know who's spending the money. My new review, I'm disgusted with myself, in times like this you think you guys would help a little. You should be ashame
Double Down is really fun for about the first 2 weeks or so when they actually allow you to win on a fairly regular basis. After the first 2 weeks (or until you get to level 9) you will never do any good again. they want to keep you out of chips in hopes that you will purchase more chips with your hard earned money. This game is not random even tho the app makers will respond to this review with their standard response about "every player's experience is different and all spins are random".
This game is garbage! MONEY PIT! It gives you either 100,000 or 1,000,000 I can't remember. It was only a first time log on gift. When thats gone which takes no time since every slot is 10,000 and up bets. Before you run out its starts putting up a list of how much they want for you to keep playing. There little "free" game if you do win they will not let you keep playing it. It cuts off forces you to bet 10,000 and up again. And after EVERY single spin. There money list pops up! DO NOT INSTALL
taking 60 dollars I just spent in 20 minutes I spend a lot of money and get no play,DD has changed for the worst, back to update still spending lots of money getting no play and the bonuses are terrible. back for another update, bonuses are getting worse oh, somebody needs to do something before I become broke LOL, I don't know why I can't stay away. now they are luring me with 4 X and 5 X I'm falling for it I'm buying but not getting a lot of play, will come back with an update later
This has been the worse game ever that I have downloaded. When opening the app, it takes FOREVER to load. Once loaded, it was the slowest ever! After ten minutes, I finally closed it out. I mean, good lord, I think I was on dail up with a 56k modem. Never even got to play a single game. App removed!!
I love the games but you don't win very often and the price of chips are a rip off. I paid for the $7.99 package of 3 million chips which lasted me less than a half hour. I wasn't betting crazy either. I'm on a limited income so I can't just keep buying chips. reminds me of how casinos work and steal your money.
Fun game love it, the best around, be nice to win sometime and keep the winnings for awhile, you win 5 million and turn around nothing wins takes all your money within 10 to 15 min. But I enjoy playing and will continue just wait for the next day to play. Wish the bonus would pay good you wait for a while to get a bonus then you get oooo to maybe 100,000, bonus are ok but love the game.
each day I win approx 200000 plus 50k? I play it each day on various games and even getting bonuses the play is minimal. it's like a real casino, payout is less than 10% , losing every time I play is a real downer. loosen up the payouts!
they give you a lot of free coins.....then they take them away in minutes. the pay out are hardly ever more than your bet. i just spun 40 times and the biggest pay out was 1/3 my bet. They just want you to buy chips from them and if you do you are a dummy. They will just take those too. i haven't got to play more than 10 minutes at a time thats all the longer it takes to loose all the chips.
I play only lobstermania2 because it's my favorite. I can have over 1,000,000 coins, but don't ever get to go fishing. I know it's just a game, but getting the bonus is what keeps people playing. It's rigged just like real slots. Soon I will be uninstalling. Not impressed!!!
Love the games but if you buy points it lasts maybe a day when other games I play could last and u could play for a week or more. This doesn't pay really well that often the lobstermania bonus spins. I am still buying packages that I wish the payouts would keep me playing but its been Covid for months and I guess that explains why it doesn't last long. Fun games tho but NoT fun to lose all the time 1/14/21 and I just bought a big package and hardly any wins on it. Very disappointed happens alot
This game just tried to take $99.99 from me. I didnt do anything but push play, thats theft. What the hell is wrong with you people, greed knows no end. GO TO HELL
App is terrible! It is sooooo slow and it's not my system all my other casino apps are fine. In the middle of free spins it just keeps going and going so can't even finish them and can't collect on them! Then you have to jump through so many hoops just to email support absolutely ridiculous!!! Just add an email address. I should not have to open 5 pages to figure out how to submit a request
wow! I've been playing this game for so long and love the games but ....... it's impossible to win anything! I bought 145 million CREDITS, it was gone in under 2 hours! all the joy of playing double down is gone since you're just greedy now!
I love this game......lot of drama in my life.......it's just great to relax and know that doubledowm casino is there for me to get my mind away from reality
Great for a change IWas playing January 15at 10.30 eastern and your game froze up. The one time it was playing good and I had a bonus of 12 spins and it froze up on ,#7 spin. I waited then it just went off. When I got the game stared again all my chips were gone . I wanted to buy chips but not to loose them like that. I know that it wasn't my tablet because when I went back to double down it was where I first started to play. I wish you. Chevy and give me my chips back. About 43,000. Thanks
Lemme tell you this...I had a rough time getting acquainted with DD. I kept coming back to it out of sheer curiosity of not feeling it in the winning sense. I was about to abandon my personal conviction of hanging tough when I found myself reading the comments above the bar launch. I knew there was always context there, but was so self determined to get to the goings on. If you haven't taken the few moments to be told what you are about to enter into..Do So NOW!! Each slot is an experience...
Fun, but not generous enough. I've been playing for many years & there used to be a lot more big wins. You'd think this was real $ as tight as they are with wins now. Since it's not real money, why not bigger amounts awarded? Free spins through your emails are only 10-12k per bet which yields nearly nothing. Can't you at least go 50k? Daily Challenge rewards are typically only worth 25k, that you spend thousands to win. It's not real money, so what do you lose by giving players bigger rewards?
You have so many of my favorite games that no other website has. I will always play this site. I love this site cuz it has my favorite game Bombay. I enjoy it very much! I played this site for years and will continue to do so
I was hoping this last update would fix the crashing problem, But no such luck. It seems to be a random issue when i open the app. I have to keep trying about 10 or 15 times. eventually It stays open and works. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help either. But I am using an emulator which may not be supported. That being said, It worked fine til this past month or so.
Fun. Many great games to play. I play everyday. A wide variety of games for everyone. New challenges every day. There are opportunities to compete and achieve special goals. I had some big wins Friday night. It is a great way to whine down from the work week. Give it a spin I am sure that you will find some games to suit your liking There is a game for everyone. πŸ˜‹
I really enjoy playing the games. I have my favorites, but like that you offer a variety of games. Looking foward to seeing what you add next.
great games!. Still have great games thatvI enjoy playing!love to,playvtheir games. I enjoyvtheir game more than any games available!love their games but it is very hard to win consistently!, They have some great new games as well as old games! Enjoy playing here more than any games available. Don't win always and can't afford to still love the games! I did lose all but 4 of my f buy much but really enjoy their games! I truly enjoy playing the different games here. They have many exciting games.
There aren't many casino games out there that offer consistency, rewards for daily play, one heck of a lot of games from which to choose, that your friends like to play, and thereby send gifts to each other, and so on. It has the definite ability to become addictive, so if you are on a limited income, make sure you practice financial responsibility. As a general rule, I am able to enjoy the entertainment of double Down slots at no expense to my finances. Double Down Casino Slots are my preferred OnLine casino. More correctly, DDC is my ONLY OnLine Casino.
This has always been my favorite game site until now...the spins keep spinning and wont stop to register. So annoying...too many bells & whistles. I have cleared cache, rebooted...dont know what else to try. I try to play the daily challenges but cannot complete because the game locks up after the first spin. I leave and try re-entering but nothing changes...I should be spinning not waiting for the site to reload. I do not have this issue on Heart of Vegas...spins happen, as they should !
The game is fun while it lasts but you can never win enough to increase your coin total. All I seem to do is log in to collect the daily reward and for rewards offered by notifications (which is maybe 2 or 3 times a day) then even betting the lowest amount possible, you will always eventually run out again in only 5 to 10 minutes and because of this it takes forever to increase your overall level. Simply put, download a different game where you stand a chance of winning, after all, it's for fun.
Love It! Great games! Only complaint is that it is a little sloow going, but that is not a deal breaker for me. This app has my favorite casino slots, Cats!!
Good selection of games. Good graphics. Android app is quirky, sluggish at times, flashing screen syndrome, and sometimes goes unresponsive (even with no updates available.) Absolutely terrible payouts, would never buy chips here. I build up 20-30M free chips, and it's a miracle if that lasts an hour at 50K per spin.
Losing daily bonus. I really enjoy the game but keep losing my daily return bonus. I sign on every day at the same time to play and get up to 25 days, then suddenly it resets to 1 day. Getting daily bonus is the only way I can play as buying coins is so expensive and not in my budget. Is there anything that can be done about this? Thank you.
Lots of issue, daily wheel loaded when offer is loaded doesn't pay. Disconnect during free spins lost 2 spins. Sometimes just clicking the app icon reloads an offer that says it can't be used again (wastes time opening up extra slot machine). Popups and messages take away from game play. Downloaded this game as offer from other game. Couldn't reach level 8 in 7 days. Very unlikely without spending serious cash. Gameplay does feature some name brand slot machines however no wheel stops.
Compared to other slots games, this one has a low winning percentage. Their algorithm is all wrong! Your daily re-up on chips only allows for several turns and your out again. Don't waste your time.
Does nothing to stand out. Far more options in other apps. Payouts are awful, their main goal is to get you to lose to spend money. However, you lose so quick it isn't even entertaining playing. Extra "rewards" are laughably low compared to the challenges to get them. Lackluster cash grab with nearly no extra features. Pass.
I enjoy the games but it really is like the Casinos with a goal to take my money. My biggest complaint is the cost. I find it to expensive to play for fake money. The daily freebies are good but not enough to play the daily challenges or the journey for me at this point. For this reason I may delete this app so I am not tempted to continue to waste my money. I might as well play the lottery at least then I have a chance to win real money.
Love playing the games but the wins don't come often. After all its not real money payouts but can lose money when buying chips. Promotional chips should be raised and i see more free spin game rewards but only at 10 chip minimum. Should be raised to 50 chip minimum. Think you will get more people playing. Thats my suggestion.
Horrible,i try to play a game ,all it does is stop , start ,keep on spinning not stopping,,i try to get free chips and when i get them tbe game stops playing and freezing,the last month ive loist so many chips because it stops working.Getting worst every day, .I get some extra play money and doesnt work, and then try again it says already used up when i cant e ven get it the first time the game wont play.!,Again, if i get 30 spins .Date is 10/9 still not working,i did what you said,keep losing .
As a 72 year retired nurse I love the games I hope I can have a big bonus so I can play all the time. This is a very entertaining game. I am enjoying every minute I play it.Last nite during the happy hour I won the grand jackpot in the piggy game. I was so happy, first time to win big since playing double down in my android phone. It was so exciting for a 73 year old to win and brag about it to friends and family members what a thrill! thank you
Terrible. I can't believe people pay actual money for this. App crashed a few times. Very little free coins daily. Slow. Boring music and graphics. Impossible to get their level 10 offer wall within 7 days if you don't pay real money, which i won't. I got to level 6 the first day, but now been unable to get further over three days. Definitely uninstalling right now. Bad bad bad experience.
Several of the games ARE the actual slots you would find in Vegas. I love to play double down casino. the wheel bonus has big prizes but you hardly ever get the large payouts on the wheel bonus on the daily spin but they send us gifts at least 3 x a day if not 4. all in all I still love to play! Plus they give out several notifications. Recommended to. All my friends!
Games quite interesting but could sometime could cause frustration to players. Still my games because of the challenge its pose ! The only setback of the game is when coming to bonus time. To get the bonus which is not easy, you need to play sometime more than 500 times and when you hit bonus playing, the pay out is lacking ! others than that I find the game challenging as you need certain amount of skill and patience to win. Winning in playing the game does not totally rely on luck but more on knowing the game you are playing well !!!
I've been playing this app for a long time. Lately the games, while looking to be fun, run so bad that I give up and exit. Sometimes they're excessively slow. If I win I have to sit and wait before the app is ready to spin again. A couple times I was all ready to play when all the lines went blank and stayed blank. I've pushed the spin button and the lines started spinning endlessly. I don't know what's happening but playing has become very irritating.
Horrible. Every since you changed tge point difference on Pixie of the Forest. This game has been absolutely horrible. You grt no play time. And when you finally get a hit. The point are distuging. You need to change it back to the way it was before. I deleted the app for a year. Then decided to come back. Well needless to say. I wont be sticking around long if this is the way you are keeping Pixies of the forest!!!
Great app, it's like walking into a real casino. It does have one glaring problem: the chips the sell are ungodly expensive. $3m chips will cost you almost$20. Too rich for my blood.
I've been playing this game for pretty close to 10 years and I can honestly say it is the biggest rip off your money and time can spend. Over the years I spent countless amounts of money only to have it ripped out of my hands within 5 minutes after purchasing chips. Double down has a Form of their online casino games that somehow get people completely addicted to it, then they go in for the kill. Its insanity, I know it, they know it but there it is. I play and then I'm mad for a time after.????
Again, I'm uninstalling this game. I was lured back, via my email, with 10 mil. Well, needless to say, that was sucked up immediately by just trying to find a game that would pay. The daily bonus is horrible. What can you really do with 85k. You have to bid at least 100k to win anything. Goodbye!
These games don't pay out, you can't accumulate any additional coins to play with. Therefore the games become boring, since you only play a sho rt time. They should let us win sometimes maybe I will by more coins.
Oct. 6th UPDATE: The game is running a lot smoother now, with no noticable lag. Changed from 3⭐ to 5⭐. Thanks for responding to my review. I did like this game until one of the updates caused it to go super slow. I adjusted my game setting on my phone and there was a little improvement but still super slow. Makes it unplayable.
One it ask u to put in your email and u get 1 million in coins. I Did it and it did not give me the coins . Once you start off you win good for a while then after that its low sailing from there. And them giving you coins to continue playing is like a slow leaky faucet drip drip on coins. Its a pay to play basically.
I have been on level 18 for almost 9 years. I've been 71% in for over 2 years. All my other games and casinos advance to higher levels and you're the only one who CHEATS people and don't let them advance. Your games are tight and you can't win. You took multi hand poker away because people were winning. I see why my friends but 2 have stopped playing. You need to make your levels advance faster than that. CHEATERS! I've never won any of your jackpots either. SMDH If you're smart you won't play.
dont download anyone. waste of time. all slots are supposed to be just for fun, but instead, not. all slots are very hard to bonus, either your bet is low or high, iys hard to get bonus.
Thank you for helping to limit my time on Doubledown Casino, due to not having enough chips, if I get any chips on my spins, the games don't pay off that often, so that uses up the chips and the only way you get to play you have to buy chips, then the games don't pay and that is used up as well. At level 19 the high spin is 30M, that hardly ever show up, my morning spin is usually 100 k or 85 k, if you play the daily challenge, you will not get through it unless you wait to get more chips.
would give zero. uninstalling. trying to collect bonus points and while trying to leave it spins itself for 5 million of my 7 million.
Very big rip off. I spent almost 120.00 and got no big wins, not even a bonus on any of the slots I played. Gone within 15 minutes. I wasn't even betting the max!!! Plus false advertising. I got this game through an ad on another game and it displayed lobster mania slots... I couldn't find this slot anywhere. Never playing again, and I warn all of you not to as well! I'm getting your emails after several times unsubscribing from them. You work out of my state, easy to sue you for harassment!
Never gives you your free chips and it takes 6 to 8 months to level up even if you're playing daily. Rarely win on slots. I had 2,137,912 chips and spinning 10,000 at a time which is the minimum I was down to 7,912 and didnt hit a single time! NOT ONCE!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
I like the game a great deal but not for the fact that it's helpline l gambling because really I think this whole thing is just conditioning us to be okay with losing our money if and when we go. But I give it 4 *'s because they're the same games that are at the casino. Allowing players to familiarize themselves with what tiles to look for as well as payouts.
I love it and having alot of fun. Thank you! Sometimes bonuses are not awarded or the connection is dropped when i think i am doing pretty well but lobster mania is my very favorite slot and i am having a great time. Just had a great win. I am a loyal customer to doubledown casino. Thank you very much.
This game has issues. It freezes on start up. When playing a slot. Ex. That lobster slot it will not go back to lobby sometimes and you have to close the entire game. I had won over $200.000 and lost it because of that. The payouts are a bit strange for example $800 wins on a $1200.00 bet?? But oh well. Anyway installing till fixed then I will try again maybe.
my favorite slot game to play in the app, unfortunately is a seasonal game, that only comes available during the month of December.
Memorizing! The best slots I've ever found online. No interruptions with ads and other games (that drives me crazy) . My granddaughter and I have so much fun playing these games.. she is the lucky one.. Pink diamonds is her favorite. I highly recommend this casino!
Fun casino app with some cool realistic games. I wish they still had the codes for more free chips, but I am unable to find them anymore. I just started playing again after a few years away from it. My favorite is DaVinci's Diamonds. I really like this online casino much more than any of the other ones I have tried. 4 stars because it gets very glitchy. Not yet enough to lose sleep, hopefully they'll get it figured out....... Addendum: too many emails with the same thing all day, every day.
My family has always loved games of all kinds..when I need a little relaxation I play slots or word games on my phone...Double Down is by far my favorite! I love CATS, MERMAID, PIXIES and many of the others... I agree with some of the other reviewers that your bonuses need to be more frequent!! Every 24 hrs is enough to turn many away... thanks for all these classic games!
They don't give you nearly had dove of a bonus for you to be able to play any of the games for at least half an hour most of the games you don't went on so it should say everybody at double down is losing not winning I'm going to take this game off my phone because you guys suck and so does your game. And one more thing, ALL of US are so tired of hearing you say "I'm sorry to hear that," or "some days will be better than others ". It's all bulls**t!!!!!
Taken $60 from me not one bonus, this happens way too much,spent 60 tonight and winning a little, thanks,will check back later to give another review. In the last two weeks I have spent around $280 and the most Play I Got was about 4 hours. You guys really need to take a look and see what people are spending their money and help them out a little, a bonuses here and there would be great. June 20, I really must have lost my mind I just spent over $260 on this. Don't play it will take your money s
It started out real fun, now when you get free play, most of the wins it doesn't give you credit for them!! When your betting 50,000 or more your lowest win should be that bet not 560, it doesn't make it fun. You lose millions fast. When playing daily challenges they don't always give you credit for getting 2 wins in a row 2 times for example. Your daily free spin I get the same dollar amount for 3 days straight. It's hard to win jackpots!! However I am addicted to the game!!
it has the best games but the worst payouts I went through fifteen million without free games. spending fifty thousand cheated me out of over 30 million one time and said they gave it back but they didn't just watch because your coins go really fast lose a hell of a lot more than you win.
Absolutely aweful!!!!!! Spinning endlessly without a win. Wish I can rate lower than 1 star. DO NOT PURCHASE SECOND DAILY WHEEL OPTION!!!!! It's a total scam. It doesn't pay out anymore than regular wheel. Total waste of your time. There are certainly other better games to play.
Well my Double Down is back to staying at 36%. Won't load any further. Love the casino games but can't play them. It gives my bonus for the day and then just stays at 36%. Very discouraging.
Thought it was good game, but it really sucks . Don't download unless you like putting games in trash bin. All you do is lose everyday, over and over and over and over and over and over. That's fun... NOT. And just so everyone knows, you can get all the latest cheat codes by looking on google under double down casino free credits. Real easy, don't have to give email to wait for them to dole out 10 thousand credits at a time. Get them all at once . Eat that development!!!!!
Well I've played a lot more and I haven't change my opinion on the bonuses payouts being to low and with the exception of the ones where you need 6 to get the bonus my opinion hasn't changed. Even on reg. Spins even getting a 5 of a kind doesn't equal the bet. Your probably wondering why I even still play you slot well it's because you're the only ones who have two slots that I really like or I'd delete you. If I could ever get above 35 m. I might feel different. Andrea
Only thing I don't like about double down is the "Journey Season" side game or quest for lack of a better description. I spent tons of coins trying to complete. With promise of great rewards. I was very dissatisfied after figuring how much i spent and the reward for the Journey. Big waste or trap if you will. Imo. Otherwise great casino game one of the best.
Plan and simple!!!!!!!!! This game is the absolute worst casino game i have ever played!!!!!!!! Never gives you the bonus in any game and if you do win, it takes it all back and than they ask you for money!?.? I don't think so!!!!!! Never!!!! I've downloaded this game a few times hoping they would change things but they haven't!!! It's a scam!!! All about the almighty $$$$. Bye forever!!!!
looks like they took away the tournament feature in exchange for you having to spend your real money in order to have a chance at fake big win coins. such a bummer as to the only reason I came back to the game now I'm steady spending real money and not winning anything. Also the game will cheat you out of spins I had 50 free spins and the game took me directly to high limit section and all of a sudden all my coins gone. PAY TO WIN PERIOD Give my spins and coins back i may update my rating.
Love DDC, but would like to see the slots pay out a little more often, but still my favorite slot games, and have been for years. more like a real casino then any other. lately tho, the slots are so tight that I can't seem to win anything no matter what game I play or how much I bet.. I use to be able to play for hours, but now with the games so tight, I can only play for a few minutes and I'm forced to go to other casinos to be able to play longer. I would prefer to stay at DDC, but can't.
Great free slots, great for people like me whom have to stay indoors did to the Coronavirus. I am more than certain that many people like me are enjoying it even thou there are some games that seem to skip when a hit is there, they either slide up or down, but being that they are free why complain. One thing for sure and that is when I will return to my job in the international arena at the dept of state I on free time will continue playing. Thanks for the freebies. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ™‚
Double Down is the only free casino I play. Have had others, but uninstalled them. I have one game I especially enjoy and though I occasionally will play others on Double Down, I always go back to Treasures of Troy. I have recommended Double Down to friends and relatives. 5 star in my books!
Seems to have lots of fake reviews. This app is a monstrosity. You are better off playing real slots. Because real slots are regulated and pay out after a certain threshold. Do not waste your money here play real slots instead. The chances of winning on this site are abysmal. Thats why this game gives you so many rewards its a trick to keep you in the game do not fall for it.
Games are fun until they aren't. Your new games sometimes let you win great wins for so many spins and then you can't hit anything. I used to love this site and now I get more and more frustrated with it. I'm on disability and don't have the luxury of buying your expensive coin packages. Why would I if I could? I don't hit big jackpots. I can count on 1 hand in the eleven years I've been playing the big jackpots I've hit. I play Baba wild games now and I do pretty well now. Take some pointers.