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DoubleClutch for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Dreamplay Games located at 06149 서울시 강남구 테헤란로57길 17, 6층(역삼동) ㈜드림플레이게임즈. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This awesome but there is a problem pls can u make Rule like real basketball like foul stepping in the line or vaolation etc. For more improvement
It's a good game my only problem is that people been asking for updates for two years and nothing new still didn't happen
It could use a league like 2k's myleague and create a player option. Some.more controls would be nice also.
Really Brilliant Game I like the freestyle to train and the tourneys Thx for making this game and make a 1 player career mode please
Nice game needs new animations to be honest more crossovers and dunking animations 😭 but it's a fire game
nice game. Graphics could be better but I really want a career mode... Please try to do it this game has potential to beat nba live and the 2K series.
cool game great graphics,but if you can do it more like nba and put homecourts to be exciting to play
There is only 2 modes and no fouls and the basket doesn't even have a damn net and the game is so laggy.. I really hope you fix that and put more effort in it cuz I really like the game. Thank you
Really love this game. I have actually been searching for a perfect basketball game and finally I have found the best.
Great game just needs more. I would love a full 30 teams and. A play now. That's all I want. I'm not trying to ask for multilayer or my career or my park. Just a full 30 teams and a play now mode with all the 30 teams Thank you and hope this review will help you guys
They don't need to do much to the game if they can ad a 2player mode it would be one of the best mobile basketball games ever.
I like this game but I hope you add 20+ teams,Fancy Passes like Bounce Pass or Back Pass, Fade Away Shot, Crossover Button, Shot Meter, Lay Up for contested shots, Static Crowd, make the players always looking forward to the ring even if I look back, give the players high ratings and make the ball not so bouncy on the top of the ring. So I will give this game 5 stars if you do that.
Generally, the gameplay and graphics are far good for an offline game, but please add basketball rules like fouls, out of bounds, and more details on the bench and audience area, I don't care if it will make it more larger in data size, but I really do appreciate if the developers add my suggestion.
I love this game , i just wish it was updated and i wish i was able to create moves , for example formless shooting , character ratings based off gameplay and attributes of different players . Also having team captains and also game highlight plays and timeouts .
The game is good but can be improved PROBLEM : it has only tournament to play Add other match type In 'How to ' you should display how to do a particular move Different type of dunks should be added It is added but not displayed Also different types of cool basketball should be added FIX THIS PROBLEM AND I'LL GIVE THIS GAME 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
I give this game 4stars because it's hard to see the net, get assured you have scored and hard to win... and also you should add more modes like the championship league... other wise this game is perfect
This game is really nice but there are some cool stuff are missing so that the game can be more enjoyable if its gets more dunks,skills and kits also .
I love the game, but here's my only problem. I just want to edit the ball and the courts. That's the only problem, limited customization .
The graphic in the game is good, however this game needs to be updated. Add more game modes More mobility and moves for the players More teams. Other than that the game has great potential.
Please add new dunks and add a sprint button the game is perfect yet a bit confusing but keep up the good work keep in mind that there's need to be a shooting meter
Its really good game but i hope there should be more mode like career,seaso. I only gave 3 stars because i need to wait for future updates. Then the game needs to be upgraded where there are many options to play.
Everything is great with the game,but can you add a shot meter and different animations. Please and thank you
This game is absolutely stunning,and because i rate it 4 stars would you mind put some dribbling and dunk style like michael jordan
add more team for more games make it 12 players per team to make it awesome add some basketball violation.. make the rules like nba 2k .. add more court and fill it with the fans.. in short make it as like as nba 2k
It's a very fun game 😊 but I have a suggest for this game please make logo and make some court for more fun and I wish make the graphics hd thanks if you make all my wish for this game😐😐
Yooo this is one of the greatest basketball games i have ever played in my life and nive tournament style i like it and love it☺ and good luck to you guts and looking forward to the new games that you guys will develope☺ Salute!☺ and also hope that you guys can create a soccer style game like this to make it cooler hahaha😂 but still i salute u guys and more power☺
Great game and maybe a middle class graphic but it only has a Very short league and many times it crashes and also many times the ball got stocked in the middle of the game you need to cancel the game and start all over again.
This needs a HUGE overhaul I like the basic of the game with the customization of the players, but thats the only aspect of the game that is remotely nice. You should also implement a franchise mode with a fully customizable roster with having to get coins, if you want to be ad based then have ads during the halftime like axis football. The game was never ready to be released the rating except for speed dont seem to matter. Try adding a release system like NBA 2k with the bar.
Imma be honest this game shows potiental to be a good basketball mobile game it just needs some work and improvement. Its on the right track but clearly needs improvement so this game is at 3 stars because of that
Overall, this is a very good game. You need to add more options. And also, please add a stat for assist. Thank you very much. ;)
Gameplay is good but please add layup in the game and fix the bugs also the dunks. It will be great if you add more teams and game modes I hope you read this, i deleted the game because its too bored right now but if you update this game that is good i will download it again, thanks!
Great game but i may make some suggestions:1.Add more moves like between the legs,shammgod,snatchbacks,behind the back,stepback,anklebreakers.2.Make easier to do moves, maybe add a d-pad and assign the buttons to do different moves.3.More dunk animations like 360s,reverse,windmill,tomahawk etc.4.More shot types hopgather,hop jumper,stepback jumper,hopstep layups,euros,cradle layups,double clutch layups etc.5.Better shotmechanic the shot timing isnt good so improve that.More modes Career,1v1etc.
hey man! That’s the game i want to play! NBA live is always getting boring on loading. instead this game is smooth and beautiful.But i want upgrade! such a good game but why Don't you improve it! 1.add a Quickmatch option 2.add career stage and single man control. 3.add real names of all legendary players and customization. 4.add one on one with a legendary player.or a online 1vs 1 multiplayer 5.add a beautiful background music 6.add some more moves like fadeway and eurostep. please consider them
Is a good game but I dont like the dunks and why every time I watch a ad it only gives me one coin and I dont like how the game is bad animated like is a very good game not as well as NBA live I dont get why you get to change the time to 10 minutes only but not 12 and I tried building the Lakers but there was no way to put tattoos so is good but I want you to add more dunks and tattoos and better animation and teams like a court with real teams.
The best game that I played in a while. I told my friends and thay got it and love it I wold highly recommend it for a younger and older group, and is better than the other games I play
I thought, this game will be more better as it was already updated, but not really. Please add more some teams and other features just like the career mode that will extend the duration of the game. More wins in order to be qualified on Quarter Finals, and then best of seven on Semis, and on Finals as well. Please. I will rate this five stars once I see this features added. God bless you!
I love the game,but I hate the fact that dunking is almost the only way of scoring,shots bounce around on the rim too much.
Very addictive and unique and easy to understand. Thanks for making free and easily accessible Basketball game. :)
I honestly like the retro style type of gaming, but I think it would be if the simplify the customizations and possibly add a button to utilize the dribble moves if not that's fine. The computer should also play better defense and have their own reaction time. Add more teams for more playoff games and randomize the seeding of the teams every new tournament. Please could you add a shot meter
You need a really big update on this. 1. Optimization. You can only customize players and teams but there are just limited colors. Add optimize courts.2. The season. Make it longer. 3. The match. Out of bounds, fouls, injuries, timeouts, subtitutions, the net, the audience 4. There is a bug when it is your possesion, when you tap fast the ball will get back to the player outside line and he can walk outside the line and can shoot. Fix all, add all and this game should have 5 star ratings. End...
Let we say this is a good game, but im hoping thst there's alot of imorovement and update in this game like lay up, different kinds of crossover, more teams, homecourts for each team, full season and please improve also the graphics, controllers and please add some more audience on the court. 4 stars for now but if all of this will have in this game, in my experience playing games, this is one of my favorite and i will give 5 stars or even more stars if they have... Please notice this, thank you
Creative and Simple. Although it could have more coins per match, New moves like layups without having to try to dunk, and new modes in the future, it is a great, realistic, has a good range of match lengths, and is a game everyone can enjoy.☺👍
The game so fun just add more to your game that will be awesome 👍 like multiplayer ,more modes to the game, real nba roster and more dribble moves and and fix the dunk animation it to op that all I got be I hope u look at my because I actually play your game also and u add a shot meter that will make the 10x better then any basketball mobile game just saying
It would be cool if that a new features like online kind of like my Park will make it different so you don't get copyrighted and more animations that you can buy with coins
awesome.. 1 year ago plzzzzz. update more already 3rd.quarter of the year 2019 plzzz. update this apps ive got 25 star champion played this,
Nice game 👍 but the center player dunks like point guard hope they will add hook shot and low posts action move for big man 😅 just saying..
Game is so very awesome... The grapich look like nba 2k14 and got the best control but There 1 problem. You need to add tournament and Playoffs game and add some more team and add more moves thanks💜💕✌
The Game is good but we need at least 8 more teams, Quick play, more dribble animations , a shot meter , and online play . This would be the best basketball game on mobile
Boring...more could be done to this game but it seems the developer isnt serious with his creation It hurts to see a game that could compete with Nba mobile go to waste.Graphics are okay but gameplay is bad and more teams should be added more game modes too
Who ever who made this game please fix it all they wanna keep doing is dunking and dunking all day long please fix it thanks but other than that this is the best basketball game ever and ya'll could had put more dunks in this game and allep opp self dunks and others and everything like come on ya'll video game creators but other than that please make another basketball game just like this and but this time make it where you can play in the streets to.
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I like the game overall but no major updates had happened for two years like I was expecting better and easier customization for the player and a whole new career mode were you choose the position you wanna play in but sadly I will never get that
This is a great game. But can you add shot meter like DoubleClutch 2. More courts like DB2. And jersey customizer so the jerseys are not common
This game is a suprisingly good basketball game. But if you can add alittle more animation and make the season longer. I would love to gave it a 5-Star review. keep it up and thank you for the good game
When I get on tournament they keep on dunking on me that's all they keep on doing not shooting and suck and don't tell you what to do and you need some help with this game cuz it's so dumb
It's like looking at an NBA prospect. Immense talent but it need to be built upon. The graphics are fine but u need better user experience like an actual shot meter and more modes like career mode which is very attractive or online gameplay or maybe just a franchise mode. Any of those improvements can take ur game to the next level
The game is ok but it like boring the creator should add the neighboorhood and get more coins than one every time you win add more stuff and please put mycarreer and overall
Could have been better if they have more animations like jab step, between the legs, shammgod, hop step lay up, half spin moves, turn back pivot move to dribble half spin, stepback, shake and bake, and the famous iverson crossover and many more. More dunk animation should added this game and the fouls kinda irrelevant in this game like there's no fouls, its easy to steal that should be change. This will be the best non license or non nba players game. Still a great start. Keep it up!!
Its a good game but it could be upgraded and still to its the best offline basketball game ever!👍👍👍
The game is good but.....the 3pt is so hard could you pls put more game modes in this game because it's great. The problem is even I downgraded the point guard's vertical to 0 he can still dunk so it's POINTLESS‚ the dunk animations are bad the crowd is nothing you can still improve this game dudes. Why not put some life onto this game add more teams and add career mode(if only).......finally add fouls, out of bounds, and good animations.also add layups : )
This game is by far the worst in difficulty. When you reach the finals, your opponent will always block you. Maybe it's because your team is not upgraded or your opponent is upgraded too much. I've been playing this game for months and until now, i haven't finished it. Plus, please atleast give 10 coins after winning a match.
Its an amazing game I love what they have done to it but needs more simplier upgrades and your own personal team for recruiting and stuff . A better comstumization for your characters and different dunks for put backs and regular . Plus different layups .Other than that the game is great🔥!!! ( And add assist ) Laggy too
For a little known game I had a lot of fun. With little work this game can become as famous as 2k or nba live. What I suggest is to add diffrent dunk anamations to make the game diffrent and more fun. you can also create more dribbling anamations. You guys can also make an myteam mode so you can add fun grinding to the game. You dont have to worry about a mycareer type mode right now but these are just tips to improve game. Cant wait. DOUBLE CLUTCH ALL THE WAY
This this is the best basketball game I have ever played. I have played so many other ones and they never even came close to this. Best offline basketball game ever. I love that there is so many moves like passing and shooting and alley oops and stuff that you can do. A must download kind of game.
this is a very good game. I have a few suggestions. 1.more cool dunks animations. There is only 2 dunk animations in the game and i think there should more like contact dunk animations,360s,between the legs,tomahawks. 3.ankle breakers. This would be very cool to do a crossover and the defender falls or stumbles. Especially in this game 4. More modes. There is only 2 modes. Maybe you should add some online modes. 5. Easier way to do dribble moves.
Could you please add more teams and put a regular season and playoffs because it gets boring when you only play like three games a tournament. Also add more customization on the players, the hair,face,and body. Could you also add more animations to the shooting and dribbling. Also please let us choose what uniform to wear, it sucks that we always have to use the home uniforms because the away uniforms looks so much cooler in my opinion. Hope you read because It might even compete against NBA 2K
Great game! Except... it needs alot of improvement. 1st of all, better graphics, well ... the game has decent graphics but better graphics just improve the experience of the game. No. 2, better controls, srsly. the characters are pretty hard to control (and add another joystick). Last, add a "Quick Game" option because sometimes we just want to play a quick game (not an entire playoff series). But all in all, great game. Hope you release more content for this game!
This game is absolutely horrible. You have to watch ads to even play good and the only way to score is dunking as then the enemy's can't block. The game is so glitchy that even if you block a dunk, it won't register because it already started and sometimes enemy's would go through characters during dunks. Also you start the game with terrible stats and would have to watch over 300 ads to even play decent. horrible game bad experince
Hey dreamplay games,i have to say i really love this game but it is boring to play one tournament all time.So, can u please make different leagues .I also have four more requests - real player names - Behind the back and between leg crossovers - more layups and dunks - a shot meter. If it's more than 100 MB i will still download it and play but can u accept all of these please😁😁😁😁😁.
It is a great game but it needs more options and everytime i dunk they fouled and there's no out of bounds
This game is very good but if we could get more teams and more customization for our characters and like a screen so we can see what he will look like but I also want more modes in the game.....if u looked here can u guys also add that u may connect and use ur controller like bluetooth
This game is terrible. There is centers that you can't stop from dunking, truly a terrible game when you have a center dunking like Vince Carter and Shaq all at the same time, don't waste your time playing this game.
It's a good game for quauntine and it's addicting. But when I play the game I don't see the basket net. But the whole game is perfect
If u make dribbling better and add screens it'd be awesome but tournament gets kinda boring sometime and the finals is a good amount of difficulty but the other games are too easy
Every thing is good i just need more animation and can you add assists to the stats when we finish a game plz
It's good but Maybe add a net and make the bots do other things beside dunks and make the audience more detailed it just repeats the same the over and over and the graphics are pretty bad and make the basketball court a basketball court instead of one the side there's just a void and in freestyle make it so we can explore the full court not just half and the only reason why it's 2 stars is because it has the free mode. If all the stuff that I said were done I would give 5 stars.
A good game in the making, I enjoyed it. Please fix the controls, include sprint, crossover, etc... Also fix the player switching, i find it confusing when switches automatically. Improve the customization menu and the arena. The arena feels boring because of the color i guess, and add more dunk animations but overall like i said its a good game
Can you please work on the shooting and the dribbling skills and esspecialy the game selection thank you hope to see those improvements🙂
Hey ah can you make more animation off dunks and add like the backboard is moving because of the dunk and add like a freethrow and some fouls ok and add a net man it looks stupid when theres a sound with no net
Pretty fun and simple game, doesn't save any progress though. So if you start the tournament and exit out. You start over when you come back. If it had one or two more mechanics it would be a great game
This game has good grahics and fun to play they should add more game modes but other then that this game is awsome and thats that I started playing today I highly recomend it
The game has potential. If only you could make more like NBA games, but staying true to the original Double Clutch. I wish you could add more customizations, like the style or the hair, dunks and have a preview of it. Also let us choose the colors of our team, no more home and away styles of colors. The game is great, it really is, but it gets repetitive and boring when we only has small choices. I hope you see this so you can further improve your game and gain more players.
I loved it. I hope it gets updated like make it more difficult because for me it is easy. Add some difficulties :) just my suggestion
I love the game this game has alot of potential i think if u guys fix the controls tp be a lil better than the game would be fine