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Doors: Origins

Doors: Origins for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Snapbreak located at Snapbreak Games AB Box 3116 400 10 Gothenburg, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The hints didnt help much. I used it at level 8 and it keeps pointing the same part that i was struggling with. Im also a bit sad that i could only play 8 levels since i cant buy the other levels with cash T T. But its a really fun game!
Loved the game but super angry over the fact that I paid money for a game I finished in a day.... seriously there's no more levels extremely disappointed, when it asks you to pay to unlock all levels kinda figured it'd be a whole lot more then 20lvls, Especially for the price.
Gorgeous graphics, clever puzzles; but even the more complex ones only take 10-30 minutes to complete, and only the first 8 levels are free. After that you have to pay... but there are only 18 levels in the whole game - 8 free, 8 you have to pay for, and 2 unlockable epilogues. I can't see this being worth paying for, to get at most three days more entertainment before the game is done. If you want my money, then beautiful graphics aren't enough, I want sustainable, long-term gameplay, too.
LOVE the game! And I would give it 5 stars if it would actually give you the hint is supposed to when you watch an ad.
Great game, but..... Come on guys, let's have some more levels! I've completed the lot, got all the notes. I'm replaying levels now, simply because I love the game. I'm just miffed because it seems you've just given up on the game. A game that really makes you think and solve and it's so short it's ridiculous. Get some new levels released (and make them free for those who've already paid!!!)
Amazing graphics and controls. No lag. Awesome gameplay. Thankyou for such a great game developer. I wish the level packs were a bit cheaper. Maybe one dollar each. I would certainly consider buying them for that price even if it wasn't ad free.
Incredible graphics, awsom realistic experience and 3d effects. After almost 10 years of break in playing computer games, got impressed with this one. ! Kudos to entire team.
Trust these developers to come up with another highly playable game. Lovely graphics with great detailing and easily doable puzzles. Enjoyed the story, especially the ending. Many thanks for your imagination!
Don't bother installing. You get to play eight levels, maybe an hour and a half, then you have to buy the rest of the game. If you run out of hints and need more, you have to watch an ad... which causes the game to reload and you to lose all your progress and you STILL don't get the hint. So here's a hint you DO get, courtesy of me: installing this is a waste of time.
Love this game. It's the second game like this I've tried. The graphics are amazing. And the puzzles are great fun.
Just bad! Why do you give an option of watch ads if buying hints is the only way out? I'm stuck in a particular level and have no clue as the ad won't play! Disappointed and uninstalling.
I was thrilled to see another doors game from these devs, thank you so much. Graphics are wonderful, sound is great. Controls are easy. It is short so I like to stretch it out a bit by only doing one door a day. Overall I do recommend even though it is short imo its worth it
Its really neat, the story line compelling & mysterious & the graphics on point. The only complaint I have is when you unlock hints & need one to help solve a puzzle, they only allow you to skip it. I don't know if its even possible but I'd much rather be given a hint on how to solve it rather than just skip it altogether. It makes me feel weak & dumb to give up so easily when all it takes sometimes is a little nudge in the right direction to help you solve the rest & feel like a winner. LOL 😆
I had an absolute blast playing the first eight levels. And then if you want to play any more you need to pay. Literally NO option to access those levels any other way. If you do pay you get 10 more levels and that's it. That's the entire game. Considering the puzzles take five minutes to complete, this is a huge rip off. Screw the devs on this one for not being transparent.
Pretty but overpriced! This is a lovely looking game in the style of various locked room mysteries. Each of the Doors will probably take between 10 mins and half an hour to complete (usually closer to the ten minutes mark) there are sixteen in the game if you pay for them(!) The first couple of levels are free (with ads) and then you have to pay for the rest. Sadly I don't think this game has enough in it to warrant the price. If your payment got you the sequel game too it might be worthwhile
Fun game, but way too short. Finished all 8 in just over 30 mins. If payed levels are the same, it's not worth $6.99. Sorry.
I agree with most other reviews. Great graphic, very good mechanics, but way too expensive - and they don't even allow for the family subscription. "Greedy" means "losing people", not "earning money" as I won't finish the free levels (why bother if I am not buying the whole), so you won't even get ad revenue from me. You're making great games, pity they are not matched with great prices.
At first I thought the game was great. Beautiful graphics and it can be fun. I paid for the unlimited hints. U need them because there are no instructions at all! I don't mind paying for a game. I do it all the time. But this one is very short.
Completely takes over audio. I enjoy listening to audiobooks on my phone while playing games but unable to do that even if I turn sound and music off in the app. Literally every single other app I've used allows me to do this so your code really needs to be updated especially for such an expensive game.
Only a hand full of levels...found this out after paying for the game and expecting there to be more than that. Game itself is fun, however, I expected way more levels than that. Really disappointed. If I could get a refund, I would. Felt deceived and ripped off.
Great graphics, original concept and execution, nice puzzles without being too difficult and the ads are not intrusive. Nonetheless, as others have mentioned, not enough levels not to be free (with mandatory ads perhaps) .
I usually quit open door games when I reach a difficult level. If I can't figure it out, I delete the app. However, with this game, even though it's more challenging than the average door game, it's also tons more entertaining. The graphics are stunningly beautiful. The controls are very easy to use. After trying this game, I want to try all the other games this developer created, as well as recommend them to my friends.
The free puzzles were interesting and very visually appealing. Not super challenging, though. Got through the free stuff in about 2 hours or less, including going back to find gems I missed. Unfortunately, that's where I stop. While I don't mind paying for more levels, the price ($4.99) is far too high for the content I'll get out of it. $1.99 may be more likely to hook me, based on other similar games I've played.
Nice game, nice puzzles. Not too easy, and not too hard. But too short. Beat all the free content in a single sitting and not convinced the paid content is worth what they're asking.
On the 5th level there's a puzzle with three square puzzle pieces with designs on them and I couldn't get them to move into their correct slots because there's a glitch in the game I think and I think that's b******* and I had to use a bunch of hints to bypass the puzzle and it's a it's a ridiculously easy puzzle and it makes me mad that I had to burn up a bunch of hit hints to get past it it's a really easy level and you just obviously follow the code on the bottom of the of the panel on the...
I really love the graphics they're so vivid and brightly colored. It's a real puzzle game different than anything I've ever played. Just love the challenge
Fantastic graphics and Gameplay...a little too easy to figure out but I'm only a few levels in so it might get more difficult as it progresses. I like that it has actions other than just clicking the screen. You have to turns keys, pages, wind-up things, etc. Actions similar to The Room Series. Just not as intricate.
Well done! As a puzzle connisseur I am happy to congratulate you on these cute little puzzles. They are simple, but also very clever. They are rather quickly solved but that's a good option to have when other puzzle games, like The Room, take hours. Graphics are nice, controls well done.
Only two sets of 4 levels available without real money. Unable to unlock any of the "unlockable" epilogues without purchasing both of the other sets of levels. Puzzles themselves are moderately okay if not a little easy. This really should say DEMO.
Really good game so far. I've enjoyed the puzzles that it puts forth because they make you have to use your brain to figure out which puzzle to do first in order to get to the next puzzle. Also allows you to be able to earn additional hints by watching an ad instead of having to pay real money.
This game is so much fun. Please make more of these interactive games just like this one. It's been a while since I had this much fun while relaxing while playing a game lol. Thank you.
I gave 4 stars because it's beautifully designed and plays really nicely. The puzzles are challenging and follow my logic sets lol. The dealbreaker is that it doesn't last long for what it costs. I purchased it 5 days ago & it's over! They have several more similar games but I won't be playing...sadly.
TWO TIMES I've paid for endless hints and all levels. The first time it took my money and nothing.. Just nothing.... 2cd time it bedazzled the screen saying i had all levels open with endless hints yet 3 hints later im barred from getting anymore. Not cool
Love love love it, I've only got through two doors so far but already I know I'm going to be addicted. I love the sounds and obviously the graphics! very pretty and gentle on the eye. It tested me just a little looking for) a manoeuvre to get to the next, and that was the fun of it, rewarding at the end when you're through the door, I feel like a detective! Just one question : where are the gems that I collect go? what's their purpose?
I have already left a review. I absolutely loved the game. Thoroughly enjoyable, but and it is a HUGE BUT, not enough levels at all. I think this is just a sample game to get feedback? Great ge but more levels needed.
Really cool concept...I actually really like the game. However, $5 is WAY too much for an additional 10 levels that I'll finish playing in less than 30 minutes! Please either lower the cost or add some levels.
Now this game is different.. it's really nice that it's not just a 'see and grab' game. I love the whole 360 playing area. And the challenge is just tricky enough to keep you going. Good job my friends. Thanks for the change in entertainment.
Beautiful graphics. Some challenging parts. I was disappointed that there were so few new levels after I paid $4.99 to get full access. If you are going to do that, you may as well just charge for the game in the beginning.
I'm going to give this to 5 because it's beautifully made the puzzles for people whose Minds work in this direction are probably very enjoyable. It is a game that you will have to play to continue but they're honest about that from the very beginning by letting you know that there's some free puzzles and after that it's open the wallet time. I knew the game wasn't for me when I had to keep on watching ads for hints. But if you're patient and not into immediate gratification go for it.
I was SO excited about playing this game. I had found something engaging, that made me think, and I really thought was fun...until I ran out of levels. Not enough of any currency to buy more, and can't play anymore without paying. Now, I'm really sad. Poo on having to pay for levels.
Awesome design and visuals in this game. Doesn't take too long or present challenges that are insurmountable, but gives you satisfaction when you solve them. The ads are also not overbearing.
It's a cool game. Worth downloading if you like puzzles and if you like seeing how some parts of a machine may work (on a small scale of course). Nice sound effects when you unlock pieces of the puzzle etc.
I like this game! However i paid to remove the ads and to get unlimited hints at 2.99 i have no hints and now i have to pay an additional 4.99 to continue to the other levels this is absurd i will be asking google for my money back just be aware of how much of a scam this is if they fix i will fix this review but.. you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
Fun and unique puzzle game. Nice graphics and animations as you explore each door and figure out how to open it. Hard enough to make solving each sub puzzle enjoyable and satisfying. Easy enough that I didn't need any hints to get the door open. A relaxing and clever puzzle game, nice job!!
Intuitive and entertaining The designs of the contraptions are very entertaining and well animated. They look and sound heavy and intricate, and the way it interlocks with itself is very imaginative and creative. Very enjoyable from start to finish each round.
Absolutely everything is hidden behind a paywall after about half an hour of playing. So when you download it you are actually just downloading a preview of the game. It's a horrible tactic that isn't fair to the user. If they'd been honest up front at least it would be fair. And as there aren't even that many levels after you beat what you can play then it's ABSOLUTELY not worth 5 bucks. I may have bought the rest for one dollar. But I don't even know if it's worth that.
Nice graphics. When the puzzle doesn't respond despite following the hint, you regret buying it. Looks like there still might be some bugs.
Beautiful graphic and very satisfying physic/mechanisms and soud effects. Music is very atmospheric too. On a little pricey side but considering the amount of effort put into the game and getting to play through 8 very well made stages for free, i know what i'm buying, so i'm not mad about it. all in all i like this game a lot
UI is unfortunately short sighted. Having the items at the bottom of the screen and needing to flick up confuses my phone for my app management like most phones, so I don't think I'm the only one frustrated with trying to use a tool and then needed to fight the phones UI as well as games. Also a lot of the time when I hit the back button as a mechanic in the game to exit a part of the puzzle it acts as if I hit the menu. Also one puzzle was completely unresponsive till suddenly it was.
I loved the graphics on this 'open door' puzzle game. I don't like paying for games or hints so I would have given this a full 5* rating and would have been happy to watch a few ads.
I don't often review games but i really like puzzles so when I saw an option of unlimited hints, only $3, I thought cool! I don't mind paying & that's relatively cheap comparatively, & no ads too? SWEET! then i got thru the free levels in less than an hour and had to pay for the rest (not too happy) I went ahead & bought it ($5 on top of the 3) and THEN I realized you only get 10 more levels and that's it (and you have to make sure you get all the gems for the 2 final levels) NEEDS MORE LEVELS!
I HAD so much fun with this puzzle game. But you only get 4 doors and then you have to pay for additional doors.. Totally bummed about that..Plus there is very limited ads..Just watch an ad to get clues..fair enough. But If you can figure it out with out a clue..You can keep going without interruption which is awesome.. So if you add more doors.. I would love to play.. Its a very cool idea and the graphics are beautiful..
This is a great demonstration of someone's graphics and coding skills. But I don't find it challenging to observe. There is way too much guessing about what to do or do next. For me, it's mostly just tapping things to find out what they will do, and watching the results. After 2 levels I don't find any challenge. But, really GREAT graphics!
This is brilliant, absolutely magical and fresh. One would have to be dead to find no pleasure or even a bit of a challenge. Beautiful art as well.
The 3d aspect is phenomenal, the actions are fluid and satisfying and my overall experience so far has been great. The puzzles have been easy but with a good amount of steps and providing a certain amount of cognitive thinking. So far happy and will change to five stars if the difficulty becomes greater and puzzles more thought challenging!
I love these type of games, and this one is beautiful. Simple enough, but makes you think a bit. Controls are perfect and don't glitch, which is always a good thing haha. Just wish the levels were either more difficult or that there were more of them as you do finish then kinda fast.
Total of 16 levels, only 8 are playable with the rest behind a pay-wall, plus ads after every level? Good game, but only 30 min of entertainment max before you have start replaying levels...no fun in a puzzle game once you know the solution!
The game is beautiful but they wanted $4.99 to play just a few more levels last time I played a game by them. Beat all of it in 2 hours tops. Not worth the money. If it was a dollar or two I probably wouldn't be so salty about it. Especially considering it doesn't even count towards more google play points.
Good graphics, but hate when you cannot progress (only first few levels free) without paying only to find it's not worth the money. Each game is too short, the hints are not great and if you choose to skip, it does not show you how to work it out. Disappointing.
Wonderful graphics and intriguing puzzles, but went way too fast and I'm not going to spend money to go up in levels. I'll just Uninstalle and move on to another game
Just like all of these games, this is definitely entertaining and not too hard, but you only get through a handful of levels before you have to pay to finish the whole game. To be honest, I wish I could justify paying for all of this creators' games because I think they're *that* good, but it's definitely not in my budget!
enjoyable. hope they will add more levels. I paid to have ads removed and hints. I got 24 levels that is it. I really believe I over paid unless more levels are added.
This game is awesome.. I love it. It's challenging and interactive. I don't purchase many games but will def spend the money to keep playing.
Game was beautiful, love the graphics. It was fun, not to easy, not too hard. My only complaint is that I paid to unlock the whole game after playing 8 free levels (thinking there would be quite a few more levels) i paid 4.99 to unlock the whole game and there were only an additional 8 levels. That seems awfully high of a price for how much I got...
Garbage ripoff. Literally only 8 puzzles for free, then greedy dev immediately blocks you from playing further without paying. The ripoff is you only get a miniscule 10 puzzles more! They fail to disclose that. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to do any of these puzzles, you should be working on getting out of the 2nd grade rather than playing this simpleton's game. All this dev did was steal code from much better puzzle games and now he wants to steal your money?
I have read the reviews so I know that the levels are not long and there aren't many. But it's a beautifully made game; smoothly mechanized, incredibly detailed yet simple design and gameplay. If (like so many others) your budget is tight you can at least play the free levels if you enjoy well executed mechanical puzzles. I am on level 3 only but have not yet seen an ad. Thanks devs.
I loved this!! Perfectly challenging but not so much so that you can't figure it out!! Only thing I want to say is that there needs to be more levels!!!! Legit... 32 regular levels and 2 extra. So I guess 38... Still tho.... Not nearly enough levels for such an amaI g game! I might have taken a star away for this, but I really really enjoyed this game!!!❤️
It was a lot of fun the whole 30 minutes I got to play... 8 levels. That's it. Only 8 levels... 😑 what a shame because it was really great.
Really nice game, but not worth the cost, especially considering the double dipping of having ads too. $1/hr of play with no ads is my gold standard. This game, neat and beautiful as it was, did not meet that. I would have liked it to be a lot more challenging too. I was hoping for this to be like the cage game where the second one was longer and tougher. Not so. Disappointed.
Ive rated other games five stars, but regret doing it now because THIS game is truly better than 5 stars! Graphics are beautiful, and this game makes you think, truly think. Its not impossible to play or figure out but takes a little time to figure out. I was totally engrossed by it immediately. Top rate game, so glad I stumbled upon it, thanks so much!!
Beautiful, detailed graphics. More intricate than many doors games and more engaging. Hopefully, doable as opposed to other, frustrating versions. I only play for relaxation and enjoyment.
Very fun, wonderful graphics and fewer ads. The pick points are accurate to touch. And, has a solvable plot, thank you for the challenges!
Beautiful, unique game. However, you can only go so far for free. To unlock the rest of the game (about 10 more puzzles) it's $5. It's not a horrible price, bit I would like to see more puzzles that would be unlockable.
Quite a nice diversion with all it's machinations. Fun, yet not frustrating. Can't seem to be able to connect with your other games (crime scene/ancient ruins), but this is satisfying.
Perfect example of a 5 star game being brought down to 1 star by developer greed. If you're going to make money by having folks watch ads, then make the game free. Or drop the ads and make folks pay for the game. These guys, on the other hand, want to have their cake and to eat it too. Pretty greedy especially in today's times, where people are struggling just to find enough work to survive - but not these guys... They double dip. Yeah it's legal but I find it detestable and loathsome.
It was a good game. Graphics great. I like this sort of game. But it's too short. The free part is fun...some halfway harder parts. But to play the entire game you must pay for it...also includes no ads. I think it was $4.99 to play the remainder. It just wasnt worth that much.
If you ever played Myst or Riven, this has a similar feel. I love the cleverness of this as well as the graphics. I'm kny a few levels in and I hope to be more challenged at higher levels.
So far, I like this game because it's not crazy hard. Thinking it will get harder as you go along, hopefully, but some of these games start out so vague that you just get frustrated trying to get the hang of it.
While I am only on level 3, it's a brilliant steampunk puzzles game. However, reading the others reviews, I am now aware that after level 8, I must pay, so final review is forthcoming (maybe)
I was blown away by this! I was expecting a run of the mill puzzle game with very basic controls, but this game works really well. I didn't struggle with the controls and the puzzles are legitimately interesting. Also, I am very glad for the lack of ads and I am willing to pay for all of the levels. The plot is interesting and I must know more!
The graphics are amazing. I've been looking for a game that would help with cognitive skills, and it's simply amazing. Memory skills... I'm sure I'll discover more. Thank you team for thinking out of the box.
nice teaser, but judging from the free levels, buying the rest is probably not worth the relatively high price tag. Collecting gems does nothing, as (during the free levels) you can't collect enough to unlock anything.
So far so good. Just opened my second door. You need to explore to find clues and useful objects. Fun but challenging puzzle game. Quick download, try it, you might just like it. 😉
Really cool game. Thought went into all of it. The graphics are cool. I love how there is always a surprise each level. Its interactive so it engages the player. One of my favorite games so far to date! Thank you again!
There is a problem have seen many ads to get help when I get stuck in the game! Instead i am really! really! stuck! In the some place! Already seen more then 20 some ads and stuck in the some place! And it's so annoying! Need to get the problem fixed.
It's a really cool game. I tried it out and then purchased it after I got as far as I could for free.... this is where my complaint comes in...I spent $5 for 8 puzzles. I seriously thought there was going to be more and it would keep me busy for hours. Nope, I was wrong. Add a heck of a lot more puzzles to the purchased games and we'll be good. I kinda want my money back
I love this game. Graphics amazing, fun little puzzles, not too long or too overwhelming. Storylines are kind of useless, could be more interesting. Please make a third one! Also... just pay the 4.99 if you like the game. Sheesh. You'll pay more for a fast food combo that's around for a way shorter time. 🤯
I love the graphics and how creative they made the puzzles, really intriguing. For that, I rate it 5 stars.👍😁
I haven't played it long just two levels. At this point I am experiencing progression and satisfaction along with enjoyment of the ambient music and the "doors" are so beautiful and interesting. Highly recommended. Give it a try.
Well that sucked installed the game and just as I started to really get into the game to the point that I paid for no adverts and endless hints only to find out that if I wanted to carry on I also had to buy the rest of the game not happy as it could have been a really good game...
This game was designed beautifully, I really enjoy the fact that there's no star level ranking. Either you figure it out or you don't, there's no worrying how fast you finish. Good job on this one!
Far better than most door puzzle games, and with fantastic theming. My only issue is that I think the cost is far too high, particularly given there is an ad between each level so they make money anyway (you can only play a small number without paying). The free levels aren't particularly challenging, so it's good for a casual puzzle.
Addicting! (BTW minimal ads...maybe every 2 levels...but when they come up you can skip them within about 3 seconds) It's fun and makes you think. It's the perfect amount of "let me do a quick game on the toilet or just for a short break" mixed with "I still some complexity and serious thought without it being stupidly easy." Neat and very creative graphics and sound effects. Glad to have downloaded this game! On level 7 and will update as I progress!
Great work on it. While its im sure optional to find the gems and notes. Its made in such a way that you want to find them to know you searched every corner just due to the design and artwork.
Excellent game but very short-lived. Once you get through the first couple of layers the only way to continue is to purchase and purchase and purchase. If each purchase is a short as the initial freebie, this is not worth it.
Woooow. I played a lot of such kind of games but I say, this is the best! I really like the sound of the gears, doors/cabinets opening, giving the atmosphere a boost. Also those scrolls, witty titles, and soooo good interactive puzzles! Really recommend it to everyone who likes solving escape rooms!
To my own surprise there are no ads popping up each time you level up, and the graphics are amazing 👌. The games puzzle reminds me of the DaVinci code easy enough to follow and truly very pleasant experience.
Don't bother installing, you get a very few games, then you have to pay to play. I paid and for my money I only got a couple more games. Not worth it
I give the over all graphics and puzzles 5 stars...BUT I game asked me to pay 2.99 and its seemed to me that was to get full access without ads and all the levels but it wasn't. That was only for the first 8 level which sucked because I didn't do the purchase until I had already completed 6 levels. So now to get the remaining levels I have to pay an additional 4.99. NOPE. I don't mind paying for a great game, but I feel this was a bait and switch kind of thing so deleting it now.
I've made it through the first two sections, so far I really have enjoyed it. With what little I've played it I'll give it four stars so far. With even more levels completed, LOVE it and give it 5 stars.
Super fun, but got through all the puzzles in one night. Happy to pay small devs to work on stuff like this, but $4 is a bit high for what I got out of it.
I really love this game. Unlike 99% of other games this one really does makes you think and plan your strategies. And thank goodness for the hints other wise I would never get off the first door. While some may think of using hints as cheating, but with each hint I do use it helps train me how this game works and how to play the next stage. And even using the hints still does not give you all of the answers you are looking for. Still it is a great game and I high recommend it.
DO NOT BUY This game is fun, not to challenging my 6 year old grandson loves it. So I bought it for him just to find out that an hour later he was done with all the levels. Not worth buying. The levels didn't get more challenging and not enough of them for the price, I was very upset and so was my grandson witch upset me more!!!!!!!
It is beautifully illustrated, cleverly tucking treasures in plain sight. The riddles are intriguing, keeping my intrest. This isn't so hard that I got frustrated, and it was hard enough I enjoyed the challenge.
Great game. Challenging but not so hard you can't figure it out. However im not paying 5.00 for 8 more levels and with no other way to earn them other than paying I had to delete the app.
Only 8 levels. Everything else is behind a paywall. Giving 3 stars because it is still fun and a good way to kill some time. Very pretty and well designed, but the touch areas are not super sensitive.
The game is good, but after lv 2 it is an ad after every level, not so great. Changed to 1 star because you can only play half the game without paying.