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Doom Warriors - Tap crawler

Doom Warriors - Tap crawler for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Running Pillow located at Pod hrází 1447 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lots of fun plus this is not the type of game that sucks you in and gets you addicted it's more like a in and out kind of thing.
I really can't wait to see what happens to this game after an update, but at the moment it is unplayable for me. Had the game crash to many times just as I died, because the game wants more inputs then it can process. The graphics stall out, and every once in a while it kills the game all together. I don't know much about these things, but maybe tone down the blood splats. EDIT: it's even worse now, couldn't make it through a single run before it crashed. Had both settings turned off, the memory leak is somewhere else, perhaps the muzzle flash, it's fairly pointless and playing far too often.
I love this game, but some sort of story elements or insight into the demons would be pretty cool. Also there seems to be some kind of issue with the game. After awhile it slows down dramatically until it just crashes all together and I'll lose all the progress from that run. It usually happens after i get through a whole section (e.g. A-Amory to B-Armory, then by the first sector of A-Lab it crashes and all of what i earned is gone). If you could fix this I would appreciate it greatly as this is becoming an increasingly more annoying issue due to the fact that I can't even run through multiple sectors.
This is pretty good, I like how it has a new art style doing its own thing. Wierdly, at low levels you will want to avoid encounters, enemies dish out more damage than you can tank over the course of 10 levels. Also, the 100 blood 'rate us' link sent me to a tcg I don't even have, you might want to fix that...
The game tends to lock up and kick out if started from area A and played through to area C. I've had it do this several times and it is not fun, when it stops working I'm usually at close to full health and have most perks collected, also close to full ammo. If this gets looked in to I would give a better rating for the game. Side note; I have all extra animations turned off and I'm playing on a newer tablet.
Decent game... also do giveaways on fb for blood vial thing just gotta guess a code from a clue they give... more games should do it :)
I think it's a great idea but just to many ads! And I can't even see my character health packs aren't around as much as they should be and there should be a variety of monsters and for the type of game it is you shouldn't have to wait for clones Thanks for reading
I want to love this game. Its fun, but it feels abandoned. The game randomly crashes and all progress is lost. Everything requires you watch an ad or pay with gems but none of the ads are ever available. Feels like an abandoned cash grab
I really enjoy the game but is the game supposed to be like DOOM RPG I mean in the thumb nail there's a doom slayer looking guy and it's called doom warriors so is it doom inspired?
A challenging clicker that requires you to think. Yes, I just used “clicker” and “think” in the same sentence. But the game crashes. A LOT. Moreover, it very often lags during battles, especially with blood turned on. Please, fix this issues, they seriously affect the gameplay making it much less enjoyable.
A damn good game. Fun and challenging. Nerve-wracking at times, despite being a souped-up clicker. Also, I just love the Doom aesthetic. My only gripe is that the game is WAY too hard to get into at the beginning. Oh, and you really .missed an opportunity to call the game "Doom Clones" in reference to the FPS games of the early 90s copying Doom. Player tip: Double tap during fights to double your damage output! Or if you're phone is capable, triple or even quadruple tap it! You'll live longer and feel like John Wick.
This game is just a copy of dead shell (which is actually good) also this game is sooo bad I like the art but just make the demons look better at the momnet they look trash one star till you make it better also the gameplay is bad dont download it and just save your time
Hello this game is great!! allthoe taping is hard i dont like tapping harder enimes and im 8 so please make it more kid freandy
Pretty good but could be better. Its a cool concept but its pulled off in not the best way. It is very cheeseable and the progression can be a bit... abstract. I dont want to be mean but it could do for some improvement.
Good game with surprising depth and a cool theme; I am a huge fan of DooM. Roguelike elements add to the replay value. Its satisfying to find new items and perks to become stronger to blow more demons away. To me this is THE best in the clicker subgenre with lots of depth and content to keep me coming back. Best of luck dear devs; if this was paid I would buy for sure.
Obviously in the beginning it's "fairly" easy. However you very quickly and PAINFULLY learn that gold comes too slow AND you can't buy anymore! Not even using blood (which is the premium in-game currency). This game has a LOT of potential, but the lack of gold severely hinders a LOT of the game progression! Sorry I wouldn't recommend this game. And everyone "raving" about this game apparently is playing a different game then I am! Update 02/10/17 Sadly I am uninstalling game. Grinding away to get gold is very long and even MORE tedious! Again would not recommend this unless you enjoy endlessly grinding for literally hours on end.
such a great game but too many memory leaks as the game's fps keeps dropping up to a point of crash... wish that would be fixed. also the back button disappears after you press it twice.
An unoriginal, poor implementation of a game that was already bad. See Dead Shell for the game that sucked more originally.
I love it it's just like Doom and Doom 2 it's like before Doom 1 and Doom 2 but I love it Bethesda software did a good job on fallout 4, fallout 76 and Doom 2016
It's pretty great and very enjoyable for hours even if you are DOOMED to fail more than not. Only flaw is it doesn't support google play save data backup so you must pay for everything & start over all over again.
It's amazing I loved how the demons look like a angry dog and that you can actually get new weapons and there isn't much ads.
Binding of Isaac style single life perks, but leveled up, so when you find it again next life, it's stronger. The premium currency is earned in a fair amount, so far. The 5th Star will be earned when there is a codex/bestiary (I can't properly gauge how many hits each critter can take.). Random reasonable crits on both sides, earned after x floors or toggled setting. Additional audio: fight bg, critter, gun swap, pick-ups, menu bg, new clone, transition. More items in option menu
I really enjoy the game. I been playing it for a while now and i just been grinding to get to the next section cause of the game difficulty. Its just not a game that youll be walking down the street playing. It involves alot and I mean ALOT of tapping so its not a casual game. I like the art style and its pretty gory. I tap on a dead mouse and theres blood all over the screen. I count this as one of my favorite phone games. A definiate play if your into dungeon crawlers
takes many taps to even register as an action in game. screen changes are laggy. all in all, decent game.
Doom Warriors is one hell of a way to kill time. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is certainly addictive! Though, there are some issues with performance. The game will frequently drop frames and come to a near stop while fighting multiple enemies, especially the tougher ones that require more hits to take down. Difficulty is a little high and if your health can be quickly chipped away if you don't have the quickest tapping skills. The lack of options is also disappointing.
Such a great game for something so simple. I know I'll be coming back to this a lot. You should think about expanding it a bit.
Thia is a great game, but iys crashed on me one already. Really no strategy to it, unlike Pixel Dungeon, but at the same time you get to shoot demons in the face! The blood effects are great!
I know I would enjoy this game if I could figure out how to play it. I didn't see any way to play it, so that's why it gets a low rating. Please fix that, otherwise I'm uninstalling this.
PLEASE FIX! I hate having too double-tap EVERYTHING. Make the taps more responsive. I don't want to double tap my weapons or doors or anything.
Great game, but it lags and crashes after a few sectors. Settings do not work, can not turn off blood or gun animation to increase performance. Please fix or remove!
I actually really like the concept here and it is a great time killer. The only two issues I seem to have is during map exploration there are times where I have to click something something multuple times to get it to interact, and after a while the game starts to slow down. But other than that there is a good idea here!
The game is fun and I'm on the last sector to get the last few perks. One of the complaints I have is since about F sector when making a new clone, if you get a perk it ends up as '?' Instead of a perk you have unlocked. For a future update could you add an accept/decline perk with an option to replace the perk you picked up with one have? Would help for people wanting to make the most powerful clone they have
To open stashes you "watch an ad". Immediately after that you have to watch ANOTHER ad. Garbage. Uninstalled.