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Doom & Destiny Free

Doom & Destiny Free for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Heartbit Interactive Srl located at Heartbit Interactive Srl Piazza Re Amato 21 Pontenure, 29010 PC Italia. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thought it was lame at first but after a while... The game is so dam funny... Reminds me of lots of things I loved back in the... Bruce Campbell and all the other references so classic great job nerds lol!!!! I would love to work on your next game
fun so far, pretty much what I was looking for in an older style turn based RPG. I just started so might be early judgment. but I'm having a problem with either game freezing or controls not working which both make you have to restart. I just save often. lol and I wish it was easier to manoeuvre the main character a bit better in towns, maybe have reduced walking speed but have a run button. But other than that, great game so far, I like the humor especially and appreciate the throwback :)
It's an amusing game that takes a unique approach to the JRPG platform. Yes, the mechanics could be more balanced. Free version occasionally locks up after an add, but saves are easy and only takes two clicks so not a big deal.
Great game. wanted to play the free version to test out before I paid money. But the game keeps freezing every few mins and I have no idea why
Would be 5 but game freezes every time ad pops up. Make sure you save you'll have to exit game and reload each time it freezes. Other than that The game is fun and full of comedy.
Good but with major caveats. First, the adverts happen often however there are no MTX or cash shop garbage items here. Second, there is no benefit for playing on harder difficulty (not even more xp or money), however this lets the player 'chillax'. Third, the game is an RPGMaker game and there are a ton of free ones both on Steam and RPGMaker fansites. May 2021: Noticed this need Contacts permission now. Very sus so DISABLE it! I removed 2 stars because of this scummy update w/o notice! Oof.
Blink and you will miss the in-jokes... aging geeks will be in retro-RPG/80's-TV/Tabletop-D&D nirvana. It's not as cheesy as it looks either, but rather a slick and polished turnbased rpg with many secrets and sidequests (eg - what flavour *are* blue icepops anyway?) and oh the joy of needing to use items instead of just collecting. Jaded vets... its for you. New fans of the genre... this is how these games should play. I've clocked up 35 hours in hardcore, still going. Looking forward to #2!
Lost a lot of progress when the game crashed. Despite saving 10 minutes before the crash, I lost over two hours of progress. Despite that, the game is pretty fun. Lots of dumb humor referencing 90s rpgs.
Absolutely phenomenal game! I sunk over 30 hours into it before I realized how much time I had been playing. Of course, I kept going to finish the game and grind every secret I could out of it. Amazingly self-aware and, yet, brings something new to the genre. I would 100% recommend this game to anyone interested in the genre. It is worth every minute you sink into it.
10/10 I just cant explain how well done this game is, I have spent hours playing it and is definetly the best rpg for mobile. I find the character personalitys amazing and how many spells you could use at a time was a very interesting and original system. I found many ways to play the game and had an awesome experiance. It doesnt give to many adds either which is a relief. I find everything about this game fun and play it a lot.
Absolutely superb game. Balanced gameplay. Not grindy unless you WANT to. Limited, easily skipped ads. Easy to learn and get the hang of, but with enough improvements throughout the game to keep it interesting and fun. Hilarious, tongue-in-cheek but not overbearing. Especially fun for those of us who already love the genre. Only issue is when the ads occasionally don't pop up after loading screen; I was forced to reload after a couple of long fights and a LOT in the yellow temple. Save often.
Didn't get very far. Seems like someone put some effort into parts of it like the classic RPGs style inventory/skill/armor set up but the Storyline is just tooooo much for me. More like not enough. Like a slumber party of 9th grade virgin dudes just having their 1st beers wrote it. Too bad, could have been a decent game.
I loved the John Wizard and Aveyond titles and was hoping to find something similar. I was not disappointed. This game has story, a nice twist to the combat system, good humor, and that familiar RPG-maker charm. Though the dialogue has some awkward moments, it is easily overlooked due to the sheer overall enjoyment. One small complaint: the left analogue button should be transparent. The current opaqueness often blocks the view, especially when navigating my characters.
The gameplay, graphics, and writing are tight. Honestly very high quality for a free game. This would be 5 stars except for the numerous freeze and crash bugs. The ads seem to happen when trying to launch ads or when a cutscene is supposed to start. Unfortunately, they often come right after boss fights before you can save. After the fourth or fifth time having to replay a tough boss it's enough to make me consider dropping this otherwise excellent game.
This is a classic RPG game. It's personally the best one on mobile(I haven't played that far so idk if there's a grind wall I need to climb that will make me change my mind) however there are 2 reasons I don't give it a full 5 stars. 1. No character creation. I soppose this is unfair because of how the story is written, but still. I want to make characters/team set ups :/ 2. Dev...you have way too many jokes. Jokes are like music. You have high and lows. All high notes is called earrape.
I will give this game a 5star cause overall everything seems so interesting that makes me wanna play it until midnight🤣 although i got surprised by the "adult words" in this game but it was worth it, it makes me laugh when i saw those words and most likely i cant see the other hidden rooms and secrets unless i have a keen eye to look for it. Keep up the good work developers! 😊👍🏻
A lot of fun, with a sense of humor and references to other games. But save often in this free version. I get freeze up sometimes after ads pops up
This is the type of game i was actually looking for! Nice strategy, and turn based rpg. Simple bit animation but captivating story and battle style, attractive challenging enemies. The plot itself is great, and the dialogue of characters are entertaining to read. BUT the controls must have options so we may be able to choose between joystick or d-pad buttons. I am also hoping you could make another game similiar to this but with a longer, and more challenging plot, higher quality battles and more
I really like this game but suddenly all text in title have dissappeared. I mean, inside the game everything is normal but in the title screen I just see the backround image. The options are there, I can click them, but I can't see them. Please fix this and I'll give you the 5 stars this game actually deserve.
Great mittle game, only one bug so far. If you were reading the sign in the gam that said save often not hard to get around.
One of the coolest RPGs out there! It makes a total sense as a RPG and there are so many jokes and references that it is always a laugh! It can become quite challenging if you are underleved or not well equipped, Gold Income and maintaining supplies can be tough at the beginning, but favor some grinding once in a while and you are good to go without breaking the game. There are "quests" that are done simply by slaying monsters and these grant equips right as you complete them.
I love this game, it's truly amazing and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But I've been trying for weeks to get this game to work. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it, restarted my phone, and even factory reset it, in the hopes of being able to play this game again. But no matter what I do, the game crashes immediately after opening. I want to play this game so badly and I can't and it sucks. If this issue is fixed, I will buy the full version of this game AND D&D Advanced, I promise!
It's ok but feels like it's been translated from another language. Not quite as funny as it should be. Still early and still playing nonetheless hoping it gets better.
I rarely quit a game within 20 minutes, but I regret playing this. A 4.7 rating? Is this botted? The controls are terrible, fighting is unintuitive and the music sounds like it came from inside a fishbowl. Not to mention the crashes. Those happen a lot. The only salvagable thing from this is tactical positioning, which is done poorly anyway.
Interesting, good graphics, definitely has an rpg feel to it. I don't like constant ambushes by random encounter mobs. Even after clearing the area they still pop, when I need to pass through. And I'm stuck on the door that opens in another place, but there's no questlog to hint anything specific
Okay first if all this game is very well done, i could have rate it 5 star, the story is interesting with lots of humor however when i play it just and u idle for a long time it well restart the game also when something appear to your screen that will interupt the game or accidentaly press your home button again will restart the game which is quite frustrating wen u dont save a lot.. . Hope u can fix this and i will change my review to 5 start thank you..
I'm not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, it was very funny too, I think it was the humuor and retro game play that really got me enjoying this game alot, you should make more
The game is amazing really. It has a lot of humor and silly jokes, both game and series references and doesn't take itself serious at all. Yet it has a simple and effective combat system.
I love this game. I finished it playing for about 3 days straight. The only problem I saw was the map is big and has a lot of location points that I think need to have names on it in order to easily remember for the players where to go.
This game is really cool. I like the goofy humor and how the characters have personality. Im still playing and I'm sure its just gonna get better
Great old-school game. Easy to use interface. There is some foul language so maybe not suitable for young kids.
Very funny classic. The developers must be the kids from the 80's. Good work on the accuracy and true classic comments from fellow gamers. No matter where you grew up your group of players always contained these personalities. I love the character commentary. Although I'd prefer the Pool of Radiance style, this FF style will attract a wider audience. Good work!
I originally gave this a five stars but now I have to give it a three. The game is amazing. Pure fun when your bored. But the problem is It freezes and I loose precious exp, loot and golz. Please could you update the game so It does not freeze!
Seem good so far. Game got personality. -1star for movement control, could be better. Seem impossible to escape high level monsters at all. Have to turn map back on every time changing places
Old school turn based that is literally one of thee most hilariously entertaining games I have ever experienced. Great [email protected]#$ing job!!!
Absolute garbage. It keeps freezing after battles more and more. Sucks the donkey balls. Not only does the game suck. When I try to email them gmail stops. Yet I never have problems using gmail any other time. The devs are probably Mussolini supporters
Very reminiscent of Dragon Warrior games of old, but a little more adult. Very enjoyable for the most part, once you get past traditional learning intros most games have. There is a lot of banter between the four party members which is a bit sluggish to wade through. You'll enjoy it if you like old rpg games.
The game itself was great, but I started getting freezes between load screens (now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably the ads that pop in between screens sometimes...). I was really enjoying it, but after a long grind then freeze and trying once again awhile later for it to happen again, I'll have to put the game down. This was really good, and if it's only an ad issue, I'd gladly buy the full version as I probably would have any way, but at the moment ir could just be buggy.
I have played a few hours now and yes, the game is really good. Is a classic RPG GameMaker style with high quality dialogues full of jokes. The UI and the controls are great and the game manages to give you access to lots of systems in a simple way.
I all around love this game but even though the latest update fixed the bug in small town I still got it, it really makes me mad that I had 6&a half hours of gameplay ruined because I couldn't continue. All around great otherwise. Improvements? I would just have to say is make some of The fights a little more fair for the area your in for example the red ninja fight you can do at about lvl 12 it isn't fair by the time you can win you don't remember it
Amazing!!! Normally I can't seem to want to co to us things like FF because I get bored with it after a while. Not with this though! The only option I wish that existed in this would be an option for battle music and sound separate to turn down or off. I like the music but if in a quieter place, the random encounter is a jump scare/ear piercing increase in volume. Best app for this type of game play, the satire, puns and overall characters are great and at times make me lol.
Loving the game itself, very much! Not loving the now, near constant freezes or blackouts. talk about saving often :( just barely made it to Death Mountain, not sure if I'll make it if this keeps up. I can keep refitting, resupplying, then BAM! have to reset after boss but before you could save...
A decent time waster, Doom & Destiny is quite distinct from many other RPGs on the Play store. Note though that while playing it I suffered from the occasional game freezes more often then not - meaning saving often 'is' quite important (I experienced a lot of frustration playing this game). Outside of that, the controls are interesting compared to other RPG control schemes - yet functional, the humour was enough to crack a smile too, and advertisements while present weren't too annoying.
Outstanding, exactly what I was looking for!! Best mobile game I've ever played. Does have some bugs, game freezes quite often so I have to save constantly, but gameplay totally makes up for it. I love it I love it I love it!!! I wish I could get advanced to play, but alas will not open.
For anyone considering downloading this, please read my original comment to view my overall feelings of the game, this edit is only addressing one thing - The constant and annoying freezes this game has. Literally whenever you come out of a battle there is a very high chance the game will freeze and delete everything you've done since your last save. This is absolutely disgusting and I have no idea why it hasn't been fixed. It's a glaring issue that's been pointed out many, many times.
Great Game! I've played through almost twice and I loved almost every minute of it. I love RPGs and this is a great game if you love Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of secrets to uncover. HAVE FUN!!
Just started enjoying the game and it freezes on me randomly. Seems like it freezes when I hit a certain number of moves. Even when I restart from the saved file.
Screens froze three times during the tutorial. Controls are wonky at best. Needs work. I'm on a Samsung tab A. Works fine on my phone. Nice dialog maybe I'll try again when I have time to mess with the controls.
Good and not too confusing controls. Story-wise, awesome story and loads of twists and turns. Its incredibly balanced as well. The only persistent problem that I and all of the F2P community of your game has encountered is the crashes that happen after every fight. The game freezes and doesn't respond. I can't buy the actual version so please don't suggest I buy it. Other then the crash, its a really swell game.
A little cringy at times but a good trip down nostalgia road. And decent game play and layout. Wish i could of played with actual cosole controls in some places.
Almost sublime with caveats. First, the adverts are far more numerous than many other games, however there are no MTX or cash shop garbage items here. Second, there is no benefit or bonus playing on harder difficulty (not even more xp or money), however this lets the player 'chillax' unlike other RPG games. Third, the game is an RPGMaker game and there are a ton of free ones both on Steam and standalone. This is not worth $5 at all and that price is nonsense. This game is a meme dream. Play4Free
The best game I have ever played I like the funny moments,the fight Sense,boss fight and other,I'm really sad that I have finished this game it's Soo fun
One of the greatest time consuming game and nice old rpg type. I like it but 3 star is the best I can give unless they fix some stuff.I can give 5 stars If only they can auto save or doesn't NEED TO SAVE DATA EVERY SINGLE TIME. Well I spend more than 1 hours from my last save data and THERE IS THE DAMN BUG AFTER THE ADS and which It's all stuck. I Can't move or anything. There is no "option" or "help" on both top right and left corner. I lost 1 hours worth of data.Please fix it. Its a great game
Wroth a try if you like this sorta thing however i have been playing an hour and its frozen completely twice. So if the freezing was fixed id give it 4 stars
Crashed on me twice after battles, which set me back to the start of Orcus's lair twice, and decided I wasn't putting up with this bs.
Its the best pixel game!I play it when I was 11 years old. Love the story very much and the gameplay was cool. Love the game very much!
Great game. Im having one small issue, Often after i leave a room or finish a fight i wont be able to move or save and ill be forced to restart the game. Its just a minor inconvenience
Pretty great. Definitely plays like an old school turn based rpg. The free version is cool cuz they don't have too many ads and they aren't long when they do come up and half of them are just advertising the full version. As far as I can tell the only difference between the full and free versions is the removal of the ads. So it is not required to buy anything to have a fantastic experience.... WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY IT. The devs really put themselves into this game. Maybe literally. lol
Good game its like the good final fantasy games. It has froze 4 times bow though and all i can do is close the game and start from a save point. I just did a review but it is gone so heres another. I thought it was freezing because of the ads but this last time it froze just leaving the pub in the town east of the starting castle. I hope it doesnt keep happening so often because this seems really fun.
Ran for 2 hours i was enjoying. Then crash! Relaunch...crash! Clear cache...crash! 0 stars it will not work for me(modern Samsung phone) crazy amount of adds(while it worked)
The game is a lot of fun, some fantasy and a lot of teenage boy hummor. Definetly worth paying for it to support the devs.
i've only begun chapter two, but I've found it to be a fun, self-aware RPG. The ads aren't intrusive but they can get annoying if you switch instances a lot. Can't support them right now, but I'd definitely recommend getting the paid version to support the devs.
From the music and ambiance to the jokes and storytelling, this game is awesome! The battle mechanics are quite easy and fun to play with. The feeling of playing an old rpg with today's humor sense is something I really appreciate. Amazing work so far with this game, I'm excited to see how it grows with every update.
i am still at the beginning. had a good laugh at the humor. you will understand it if you played pen and paper rpg. the reference to beating dungeon and dragon, inverted final fantasy, power Rangers, ninja turtles etc had me laughing. the only complaint is the keypad interface. expecting to touch on screen and will move there. and clicking on menu instead of using keypad
literally a best rpg game I've ever played. I love how the npcs warns you about bosses and the sidequest can help you a lot if you're patient and secrets too are sometimes are hard to find just play it and you'll know what I'm talking about. This game sucks? well you suck more