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Doom & Destiny Advanced Free

Doom & Destiny Advanced Free for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Heartbit Interactive Srl located at Heartbit Interactive Srl Piazza Re Amato 21 Pontenure, 29010 PC Italia. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Holy noodle God this is a masterpiece and a best game here why:funny,easy gameplay and a good story I have one bad word to said is not all free for the full game
Perfect,best way to play these kind of RPG's and is especially outstanding with Easter eggs and an addictive story. I want to have a customisable character that you are playing as for more uniqueness. Hopefully that comes out in perhaps a 3rd game. Completely brilliant,keep it up👍
I love the other game and, after I saw that it was refusing to open, decided to download this one in the hopes that it would work. It didn't. This game and the other one have the same problem for me, when I open the app, it crashes. I've tried everything, but nothing works. I'm sure this game is amazing and, if this issue is fixed, I will buy the full version of both, because they are worth it! But please fix it, I'm begging you!
I liked the first game, but this one not so much. Way too grindy, no possibility to change difficulty setting like in the first game. Didn't like the autosave thing. Liked the graphics better in first game. Also the arena is misplaced in a game like this, if I want to play a pvp game I would do so. Also the adds in the lower right corner slowed the game down horribly, gameplay was better when wifi was turned off. Did like the autobattle option reminded me of the gambit system in ffxii.
Cute game. Controls are a bit fiddly on a phone, but not a huge hassle. So far I am enjoying the game. I like that it's a full free version and so far, not a pay to win type game
It is Doom & Destiny sequel people! I particularly prefer the 1st game better. There were a lot of improvements and content added in this sequel though. The low score is just because in this Free version you are pushed so many ads/pitch to buy that it is rather annoying. The free version of the 1st game is more forgiving on that.
Ha! Finially! And free. Ads??? Who cares a whole awesome world to explore. I'll watch and not complain it's free. Thank you creators and developers.
Absolute cack compared to the first. The UI is bloated and unnecessarily complex as is the pointless class swaps. It distracts from the game and results in pointless running about. Game appears wacky but not in a good way unlike original. Nothing of the original game is in this except the characters. And you can't save anymore. It's been removed for auto save. While auto save is a good idea, the save function should have been kept. Oh and you can't sell equipment either. A soulrending grind. No.
SO CHARMING! I love all of the characters, they make me wanna be friends with them. Great turn based RPG with no auto combat! One of the few real RPGs on the app store. Thanks a lot guys.
Fun game, but ruined by very frequent ads (every time you exit an area). Also pushes you to purchase the premium version too frequently. I am happy to support apps and watch ads, but this is just too much. Constant little ads in bottom right are non invasive, and should be the only forced ones.
it is really good, the hardcore mode is so hardcore hahaha if you know what I mean, but it sucks when I cant sell my old equipments, I aint saying getting money is hard but man, at least I got something from my old equipment, I dont want to make an old equipment museum 😂😂
Perfect for those of us who want the nostalgia of the old FF style turn based RPGs, and absolutely hilarious. A big LOL to those of you complaining about ads. At the most they are 5 seconds long. The developers made an amazing game and need to be rewarded for their efforts. If they bother you that much, pay the $5 for the full version. I just did, downloading now. Can't wait to try out the extra classes.
I usually don't really like these kind of games on mobile, but this one is now one of my favorite. It feels as compelling and complete as those Golden Sun games.
A very good game in my opinion, though you can frequently see ads and if you click them, the game will reset. Other than that, the humor in this game is very intertaining and funny. Thank you for making this game.
Story is really great and as an offline game it is pretty good. But why should i play this game if all of my achievements and progress disappeares if i log in after uninstalling it. I completed all the main quest and side quests. And all of my heros were level 97. It cost me a lots of time. But i uninstalled it a few months ago and now when i logged in with the same id, all of my progress is kindda vanished. Maybe There's no cloud storage. Want me to buy the premium version? That sux
It won't run, I absolutely LOVE the first game and am dying to play this one but alas it will not open/run at all. I would gladly buy the full version if I knew that it would actually be playable. Please please please please please please please please please try and fix this, I'm begging you. Also if the full version will play where as the free one won't just let me know. As stated I will gladly purchase the full game if it will work. If I decide to buy it and it won't run is a refund possible?
seriously my favorite app right next to the one before this one. references are amazing, jokes are on point and game gives a decent challenge and lots of easter eggs and small adventure
Overall, gamewise, very good and funny game to play. Storyline is interesting and keeps you playing. Reason why for 2 stars is the constant forced ads and, to add insult to injury, pushing you to buy the game wat too much. There needs to be a feature to turn that off. Since this game is free, i will let go the parts where you cannot get extra classes unless you pay for it.
This game is awesome, but it's just unplayable for me, the game freezes for 10-15 seconds every 1 minute, and i get bombarded with the message: "Doom & Destiny Advanced Free isn't responding" all the time, please fix this i really wanna play this game! My phone specs are: Positivo Twist (2018); 16 GB Storage; 1GB RAM; Quad Core.
A great game made frustrating by unnecessary annoying ' thumbstick ' controls. Simple d pad control setup would be so much better, especially when navigating the menus.
So far so good its a great game its just that i dont enjoy it that much because i need to go "premium for classes" which kind of sucks that i cant use any other classes for the characters, it also bothered me to always make the characters level up to "10+" and more. and lastly there's so many places to go which i liked and some secrets here are very much accessible.
As a lifelong fan of old school rpgs this is just plain fun and entertaining as it gets. Fun fun fun. Great going you guys. Keep it up.
You stupid players thinking about ads and stuff It's normal to have ads since the game is free and It's awesome highly recommended f*** u ad haters Ads is the only way we can support the dev's
Best RPG available! Gonna drop money on this. This game plus first game both free. So much funny dialogue. Great gameplay.
It's really game!!! No casino whale rng slot machines :-) for free, you get whole game wih adds of for very little price.
Compared to the original game, this changes things up quite a bit. It isn't as traditional as the first game and offers quite a lot of neat ideas. Unlike the first game though, it seems that some of the experience is blocked behind the premium edition - its advertisements are also a lot more obnoxious and lead to a lot of restarting when the crash the game (which at least is somewhat helped with having am autosave this time). Overall I had a mostly fun experience - best played offline.
Controls are not smooth. Especially movement. Might be better on something larger than a phone. The ads show at way too often. That doesn't encourage me to spend money. It encourages me to delete the game, and not come back. I would rather spend $15 on Final Fantasy VII. And I have it on PC.
Keeps freezing when after loading a new screen is complete. Happens too often to be playable. I loved Doom and Destiny 1. Please help me out guys.
the game is good but the save files(through the crystal ),have an issue, dont perfectly restart -if i die in a boss battle and then respawn,i end up skipping the boss encounter and all the items (i collected). thus killing the mood .
After finishing up the main story. I started to think their should be an alternate way to unlock stuff, like watch X amount of ads. That way us cheapskate can fully enjoy the game and the makers would still make some money.
Best f2p game of the whole store, the only bad thing is that only premium users have access to all classes. You can play just fine without them but honestly is really a pain sometimes as you need those classes to do certain things. That's why I give it 4*
Overall a decent game, but random encounters tend to get really annoying soon. Additionally, when you die after getting killed by a super strong boss, which happens too often, you should get the stuff back, not left without whatever you spent. Checkpoint is a checkpoint, not this crappy "you spent what you spent" system. That alone made me want to delete the game more than once. Resources are way too hard to earn, way too easy to spend, and you if you die it is all lost. Absolutely ruins the game for me. Three stars are perhaps too much, but let it be, on the account of the first game.
Buy the paid version. It is 100% worth it Just one request. You have to reduce or let the user control the frequency of random encounters. Those are super irritating.
Only thing I have an issue with is the fact that in the free version, you do not have access to certain game content (i.e. some hero classes) even though you have everything needed and meet the requirements.
Ad ridden gameplay locked behind a $5 USD paywall if you want all the features (extra classes, etc.) Would've been inclined to purchase the full version if the interrupting full screen ads weren't as frequent as they were. (Every three or so less intrusive banner ads that were quasi easy to close) Interesting game, bad execution.
Solid. Worth it free. Considering purchasing too. Only reason I may pay is because the ads on free aren't that bad. Developer deserves a reward for that.
WARNING- DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! I downloaded and uninstalled this game twice. And twice I find the files in it's own DATA folder! It never unstalled anything except the icon! I'm still exploring making sure it's all gone. And I'm reporting it to Google Play!
very straight forward game, good puzzles and good strategic battles. only reason i give this game 5 stars cause i literally bag developers to make more plz!!
What a gem :) Love the humor and the gameplay. And the small price to go premium ... worth every cent. For the amount of work put into this game they deserve the support *Thumbs up*
Definitely taking a big step away from the original Do&De with this game, switching up a whole bunch of systems. Which I kinda like honestly, having a resource system is pretty inventive and interesting. However, just like the first game, the freezes are still present fairly often, which can be frustrating, but not as bad as the first. The game also feels a little ad-heavy, I wish devs would have ads be an optional thing for maybe resources or Golz or something... Other than that, really fun!
its a knock off of ff7 and when you go in to a battle you see that its a knock off of ff7 so next time you make your own game and not ff7.
Well this game still surprises and amaze me considering i a veteran have beaten the biggest badass boss and finished the free version (if you are wondering ''a veteran? well my tab broke forgot account password) ahem now to the main point How About Unlocking Half Of The Premium Edition, cuz thats what you promised
Quite a few ads, but nothing outside the ordinary. I'm not far into the game, but I've enjoyed it so far. Not a lot of depth to character classes, but more than I expected from a mobile game.