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Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Heartbit Interactive Srl located at Heartbit Interactive Srl Piazza Re Amato 21 Pontenure, 29010 PC Italia. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After pouring the batter into your greased pan, bake 45 min at 350°f. While your cake is in the oven beat your egg whites with a +3 whisk.
Yeah, another well done rpgm. When you play a lot of game using rpgm and then it become suck, this game provide totally new experience with the same engine. Worth a buy
Pretty fun and funny game. Use up the first hour just fully enjoying the dialogue of the characters. 🤭😂
Just one small problem when I try to play offline the game sends me a notification that "please check that your license is valid" Please I beg of you fix this problem I really like the game and I can see the resemblance from Final Fantasy
A wonderful homge to the classic rpg model. Great tongue-in-cheek dialogue that is balanced well with the story. All-in-all a wonderful game. Well worth the few bucks to support the creators.
A fantastic adventure riddled with old school gaming and fantasy references. It's a bit heavy handed but fun and light hearted regardless. Combat is turned based. There's a wealth of items, abilities, and options for customizing the fighting style of your party members. Often challenging, the game forces you to plan and think about the directions you want to take your characters and each battle. Plenty of additional dialogue and secrets for you to discover in handmade maps that will snack you right in the nostalgia center of your brain. All around a solid classic style RPG that I can confidently give a 10/10.
The game is great. But it started chirping about 15 minutes into the game and won't stop. Went to options and turned sound and music all the way down. Still makes the noise. Horribly obnoxious.
Amazing game and definitely worth 5 dollars, I've been reading a lot of of critical reviews and it's usually their phones fault, the game isn't a grindy game and a lot of the side quests are helpful but not always needed, one of the best games I've played yet on mobile.
Absolutely loved this game, thank you to those that made this amazing piece of gaming history, from the humour dialogue game mechanics length upgrading... I love it, now to sink my teeth into doom and destiny advanced :)
Very fun game the controls are a little hard to figure out at first but I was actually surprised with how quickly I adapted to them. I also am appreciative of the in-game help system that describes items and powers and things like that. I liked this game enough after just playing the free version for a few days that I bought it and I bought the sequel Doom and Destiny advanced. This game is fun and hilarious you won't regret buying it!
Looks fun but the controls are impossible. I couldn't advance through part of the tutorial since nothing happened when doing the swipes I was told to. Unfortunately, i didn't try out the game until 4 hours after i bought it so cant get a refund from google and developers ignored my refund request :(
Almost every part of this is fantastic except there's a 15 minute doom timer section in the middle dodging fast moving hazards. In a game controlled by virtual d-pad on touchscreen, really guys?
ONLY mobile game that's not a crossover AND worth it's money.............. Imagine Disgaea, with a CLASSIC Legends of Zelda run-around, and a Final Fantasy 3 battle system.....BUY THIS GAME!!!!!
This is cute as. The controls are a bit awkward , but you get use to it. The only downfall is walking into other characters instead of going through them. For example, I got stuck in the corner, because a dog wouldn't move. I so love this game though.
Seems fun so far, but the controls just drive me batty. Does anyone know if this game works with any of the 3rd party bluetooth controllers? I have a Samsung galaxy S10 plus. I would bump my rating up depending on that...
Old school rpg with humorous dialogue. Graphics is decent. Controls are simple and combat system intuitive. Enjoyable game.
So far, it's a great game! The controls are a little different, but you get used to them, I guess. The sequel seems really good too.
Enjoyable and entertaining. Great references to culture, IRL, and pays tribute to the classic jrpgs. More than worth the price.
Nice game, 5 stars for now, I reserve the right to change the review as I progress further **ok I finished the game, got a little hard to figure out where to go towards the end but I figured it out, ill keep the 5 stars
Fun game. Plenty to explore and references to games I dont even know about. Really good rpg leveling system.
Fun game supringingly detailed and makes fun of various jrpgs and cultured d&d stuff. It is more of an indie game not so much a freemium game which is great because we live in a wolrd of loot crates and gatcha games. Nice to play an actual game.
Loving this game. I've always loved a game full of humor and a humorous take in DnD is perfect for my inner nerd. Good game.
Great fun to play but the game experience after finishing the storyline is way too hard without grinding.
I've only played this game for a little while, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Doom and Destiny reminds me of playing dragon warrior or final fantasy. In addition, the humorous tone of the story is great. It is just the type of game I was looking for to pass the time before I go to sleep.
If you're looking for a nerdy parody classic turn based jrpg game then this is it. The game is... OK, it can be challenging and repetitive but easy to get into. Just remember to save often... Would be 5 stars if it has better backup system so you can transfer to new phone
Every part of the game so far is great one suggestion that I could have is to have the characters classes when leveling but that is minor and isn't affecting my rating some I really love this game
Wonderful game, in my opinion ranks up there with FF7 in must play for any true RPG fans. Thank you for all of your hard work to make this available for mobile, it's appreciated.
Takes some time to get used to controls, decent sized map and many characters to interact with. Lots of nagging characters expecting you to leave a review.
Extremely fun so far. Gameplay scratches that classic rpg itch and the humor is actually pretty good. It's not a game that does the bare minimum to pass as a good game but instead keeps me interested for every single small house I enter.
Update. I beat the game, I loved it! I enjoyed its humour and pop culture references. Honestly best rpg on store imo. Thank you devs! I played it for free with play pass, but just going to buy it to support the dev team. After you beat them game there is so much more. I'm working on 100% completion and I've put 22hrs into the game so far. =) buying d&d advanced too!
The game had promise but after every 5 secs of encounters I am already max level when I'm barely half way through the game....there's more to a game than encounter after encounter. How am I supposed to get through anything with you forgetting everything your doing in a dungeon due to every 5 secs an encounter. Thanks for ruining the game...encounters shouldn't be forced every 5 secs...just count and you will see lol max was 10 secs and it was extremely rare
I love this type of old-school gaming and I hope the company makes more like this rather than the advanced version
I would like this android version more if i did not have a issue with playing it offline as it seems i can not unless i have a wifi siginal all of the time as it tell me checking license all of the time. How about you make it check once and then i can play it all of the time offline and online with out ever seeing this message again.
I love this game and the character, to be honest the most interesting part of this game is the character. They act like horny *** teenage boys and as a teenage boy myself I found almost everything they said funny. The interactions between the main charcters and their interactions with the npc are very unique. But dont get me wrong the character are not the only thing that make this game great but I can only type so much in this review. So just try it and find out yourself, and thxs for the game.
Honestly everything about this game is great so far. Gameplay is retro perfect, context witty, a must have for anyone's collection.
This game is super fun and has a great humor, a must have rpg! However, some stuff is kinda odd, like the movement stick resetting to the middle of your finger every time you change a room and ramdom encounters dont have any transitions, and the battle music is louder than the ambient.
This game is a true gem. I'm so glad I gave it a shot! Bravo devs! Literally been laughing out loud at the dialogue.
Excellent turn-based RPG. Clever writing and great implementation of UI controls. I'm normally not a fan of touch screen controls but I don't mind these. I love the weapons and the ingenious use of consumable rations. The only negative feedback I'd give would be the use of vulgarity in the writing - but it's tongue-in-cheek so I get what the developers are going for.
The game is dope, but the game isn't really offline at all since in order for you to play it you have to be connected to the internet everytime your going to play this game. I just hope they make this game checks license once because I hate to always have to connect to the internet in order play it since I am currently living in a place where internet is not always accessible due to this pandemic. It sucks to be living in a poor country bruh....
Got this game for $0.99, and it's one of the best deals I've gotten out of a dollar. About 20 hours of story (plus some if you include side quests), with humorous dialogue and interactions, vast number of skills to equip/experiment with, and a a rather large world to explore. Controls are a but clunky, but somewhat manageable. I wish there were some more user friendly implementations, such as displaying weaknesses for enemies. But overall, please get this game while it's on sale!
I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this game is. It's an engaging, funny ode to old school rpg games. Dialog is great, music is good and battle is fun. And on mobile you can load it quick and grind for a few minutes, save and go back to real life. Great game all around.
This game is magnificent. It's everything I love about old school turn based RPGs, wrapped up in some great comedic jabs at the genre. Some of the jokes are a bit dated, and late game grind is what it is, but I enjoyed it all. The leveling system is pretty slick, and inventory/equipment makes you use tactical choices for the way you use characters, rather than 'every number is bigger, so this is better choice' equipment drops in a lot of other RPGs. Thanks for making it!
Throwback turn based rpg same vein as the old Final Fantasy games on snes. Best of all play offline and no in app purchases. It's a full game. Lots of level grind fun for those who enjoy it.
After buying the game it still tells me I have the free version and to consider buying the game.... lol. Also have to save every 2 minutes or so because the game likes to resize itself after loading screens (like after a battle) and when that happens, I can't move or access the menu. Though it does allow me to access the help screen ( not that it helps, lol)
Fantastic old school RPG! Spent forever trying to find a good one that wasn't pay to win/freedom. This is it! Good story, funny dialog, good mechanics...Well done devs! Would give more stars if I could :)
This is a fantastic mobile game and well worth the money. The gameplay is nice and the writing is decent. Sometimes the self awareness or cultural references are a little too hamfisted for my taste but I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again!
Really fun! Very good gameplay mechanics, as well! Pokes fun at some well known game series in a shamelessly hilarious way, while still keeping the storyline going. Well worth the price!
I really enjoy the references to a bunch of games and anime I grew up with. I just wish there was a bit more customization options for the characters. Also, it's hard to use the map. It doesnt allow for an in depth look at locations or anything else.
Awesome game. Great humour, nice battle system. If you like old FF, you'll love this game. Worth the price
It's a really good turn based rpg. I'm really enjoying it. No real complaints, but I'm seeing some text issues in the stores when purchasing items. It appears on the right side and it looks like a 0 is covering a +. I wish I could post a screenshot! Not sure if anyone has mentioned it before, but I saw it and wanted to send it their way! Tah tah for now!!
So far I like the game however the move controller side blocks view of things when moving, the controller is still so sensitive at times, then difficult on others. I wish i could turn off the music only during battles. The gold is a grind to get, and as it said in the game " i hate random encounter's" 😂 lowered rating because of random encounter increase in small areas. Almost like every 4-6.steps highly annoying
Enemies spam the same moves over and over little to no help getting started and rng heavy gameplay that can leave you screwed tried to get into it game only irritated me so here is that rating i was forced to give or be insulted, seems like there is a lot of heart and effort in the game but in the end nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth
There are two problems. First you need the internet so the game can update the license. Second, eventhough the game is great to play and is extremely funny; you don't fall in love with the main characters because none of them have a history or backstory for you to get to know them! Otherwise the games controls, menus, graphics are top notch!
Good game, paid the 4.99 for the special stuff. The controls are a bit difficult for us people with larger fingers, but, it isn't a huge hindrance. The chat in the game between you and the NPCs is pretty good (believe the NPC that tells you to watch out for the electric floor!!!!). My only request would be that when I save the game, you all should add some kind of indicator that tells me the game has been saved. I ended up pushing the save button way too much at first. But, tis is a good game.
There is so much depth to this game. I've played it for hours and hours for days and still am only 38% complete. I love the controls but I had to get used to them. There is a very big selection of weapons and gear plus each character has a ton of custom spells. In summary, this is a very good game and it's totally worthy of a purchase.
Funny, fun, classic! As far as games on the Play Store go, this game is one of the best! A great addition to any discerning player's library! And it has controller support! I use a PS4 controller. Definitely makes the experience more enjoyable!
It's a great game! I have no problems with it and it's been keeping me occupied for at work for a while now!
Such a fun game! I have been looking for a good original RPG atrategy game like FF, and this delivers! Plus it has some cun lighthearted comedy that works very well in this fantasy genre. Great job!
The game is actually very great and worth the money. However, I purchased it on my chromebook, and I played up through part of chapter 5. Now suddenly it crashes when I try to load my game or start a new one. I have tried reinstalling and no luck.
Quirky, humorous and a love letter to SNES PSX rpgs. Worth the cents if you have time to kill and want some laughs!
Honestly, I love it so far. I'm only on episode 4, but regardless I love it. Not really any complaints except the fact that there are a LOT of random encounters. And I mean a LOT. I also love the little references that refer to games like Zelda and the movie Star Wars. I definitely recommend. I've even gotten my D&D group to play it too. Its great. Can't wait to play Doom & Destiny Advanced and see what it also has in store
Used to have this good game but unfortunately I can't even play it.. it keeps crashing before the game starts.. and it can't be my phone it's brand new Edit: it has been awhile and it still isn't working at all.. I might try once more in a few weeks and if it doesn't work again then not even gonna bother trying to get this game anymore...
Best game I have ever played. Even though it seems bad at the beginning, it is actually really good when you get used to it. Still good when you played for a long time.
Waaaaaay too many monster encounters. Literally every 5 steps is a monster encounter. How is that enjoyable in any way??? It's literally taking away from the great game and great story.
The game really feels like an old school jrpg, and the references along the game are really funny and seems super natural
This is probably the most fun classic JRPG-style RPGMaker game I have ever played, not to mention one of the funniest. Without sacrificing gameplay, it manages to be a hilarious parody of the genre throughout while still scratching the nostalgia itch. Add in the post-game content, and it is well worth the price indeed. Keep it up, HeartBit!
It's amazing. Theres a huge emphasis in buying and selling gear. I love the fact it's the first rpg that actually makes use if the bar. The story so far seems good enough, it's funny. But what I enjoy the most is the battle system. The difficulty is right and controls are great. I wish it had an option to hide or dim the joy stick when you move it but it's cool so far.
I'm loving this game. The controls take a little bit to get used to but become intuitive. The game is overall very well done. Excellent writing, lots of humor and RPG references. The art style hits that sweet retro nostalgia spot. I'm already looking forward to playing the next one.
Very fun game and the story as well as the characters are fun and makes you wanna keep playing. Moving controls are not very friendly but the story, battle system and characters make you overlook it. Definite recommend.
First RPG to hold my interest in years. It's a blend of The Hero Yoshihiko, Monty Python and the best bits of every 90s JRPG you've ever played (but with 90% less grinding). Story was good enough to keep my attention (seriously, at this point it's almost impossible to make me care about evil wizards bent on global domination or magic crystals that control the fate of the world), mechanics were solid, dialogue was always funny and sometimes a little hilarious. Great game, worth every penny!
A great game with that old rpg feel. It has some good comedy, rewards exploration, and easy combat. The controls take a bit of time to get use to and getting caught in a corner because of a dog is a bit of a hassle. Other than that, a great find.
So Good I got it twice. I had this game on the Switch but when I didn't have that anymore, I was so glad to find I could play this on my phone or Chrome Book. So now I'm working my way through it again, happily on my chrome book. Playing on Chillaz helps with the ungodly number of random encounters too!
Great old school RPG. I miss games like this. One thing though, I come across an NPC demon that always asks if I would like to purchase the full game. I did. I bought the game but I still keep running into him and he still asks if I would like to buy the full game. If you pick "yes" it brings you here to the app store, that's why I'm here now. Do I not have the full game or does this NPC always do this in either paid or free version? Again, love the game!
Bad won't load ,screen stretches then crashes and paid 5$ for it for nothing, new lgk50 works with fine now
Not a huge fan of random encounters but I like this one. Absolutely love the in game comedy. Fun relatable characters. Good in game market system. Pretty easy to grind and keep up with enemies. Like that it's open world and that after you beat it the gameplay continues.
I bought this game on a whim while staying at a hotel and wanting something to play during commercials while watching cable. I've been playing nonstop since. Controls are intuitive, gameplay is fun and the right amount of challenge, and the retro graphics are like a cherry on top. Add in the excellent writing (the self-aware almost fourth wall breaking jokes are A+) and you've got an excellent game. Kudos to the devs.
Very nice game. Not a big fan of the swearing, but sometimes it makes me laugh. A LOT of skills to buy. Grind for cash. Good characters. 5 stars.
Hands down... The best RPG experience for Mobile that I've had so far. Mind you I haven't played many RPG titles for Mobile as of yet, but nonetheless, this is an amazing game. Great story, great characters, great gameplay, great graphics for the type of retro like graphics they are intended to be. I've bought both titles the original and advanced version which I'll play after I complete this one. I hope there will be more Do&De titles in the near future.
I had already finished the free version long ago but bought it to support the devs. This game brings to the table everything I loved about gaming. A nice story, good dialogs, fun puns, deep skill trees, and a nice long playtime.
It won't win any awards for its immense tactical depth, but its outstanding humour and refreshing setting will make you love it. You can tell how much fun the developers had making this game. A somewhat iffy translation and liberal use of premade assets slightly brings it down for me, but that's just nitpicking.
I bought this game many years ago, but never touched it. Finally decided to try it out last week, and now I'm addicted. For any 90s (j)rpg lovers, this is a must! Even those who don't know much about 90s rpgs will love this. Great sense of humour, cultural references, and a whacky storyline. What's not to like?
If you like old school rpg games similar to Final Fantasy on the NES, it's worth the $5 to end the advertisements.
Love this game, it reminded me of the old Rpg maker games i use to spend all day playing and it gave me this warm nostalgic feel. Only thing that was missing is the legendary KITCHEN GUN! *thunder sounds* (This is not a serious comment i truly love your game and i believe its great as it is. If you dont understand the kitchen gun thing, it was a running gag to make it the first weapon in a bunch of meme games for rpg maker due to its stats. But i truly love your game)
Fun but the money to fight to prices are just horrendous. Power points too, they just don't happen fast or frequently. Then you got mob battles and no good moves and not enough healing, mp or hp. It was a waste of money for me. If it had those perks this game would be great. Shame
Just finished this masterpiece of a game. Well done devs I was quite impressed. Its old school final fantasy with the funniest commentary. I could only imagine my friends and I stuck in a similar situation would act the same. Cant wait to play advanced next!!
Loving it so far! Really good. The storyline is engaging and there is a lot of humour! The characters have depth and it's just jam packed. The only REALLY annoying thing is that all 4 characters are on the screen when you walk. Think Pokemon Yellow when pikachu followed you around - only there's more and they are annoying and take up too much screen! Could do with it being optional to have all 4 following eachother - or merged in to one. I think also a D-pad would be better than the stick!
Updated: i initially rated this at 3 because the zoom-fast movement makes it impossible to navigate effectively while moving around. The developer quickly responded and pointed out that it's possible to force no-run mode by dragging the right on-screen button to the right and holding it there (it will change into a "feet" icon). With that movement problem resolved i can, in good conscience, rate this as a 5. The novel controls make great use of the touchscreen, there's tons of content, many options for character customization, good writing with plenty of geeky references, and active support/responses from the developers.
The comedy in this game is priceless,. and so far it does feel suited up for several hours of gameplay..
There is some kind problem with saving files. I lost 2 hours of progress (nothing major, because I just started playing it, but still not really nice thing to see). Saved the game, closed it. Next day in disbelief I see that the last saved file is from the first 30 min of game. Bummer.
The first REAL RPG I've found on my phone. No gacha - just an actual story I can immerse myself in. I LOVE this game! A rare gem found amongst all the poop in the Play Store.