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Doom & Dawn - Survival War

Doom & Dawn - Survival War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Rhea Games located at Suite 603, 6/F Laws Commercial Plaza 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
overall is a very good game. some people will say It's a pay to win game. Yeah it's turning into one. but what game isn't? at least they haven't opened it up to the Asian market. then you'd really be paying just to survive! lol. not a fake review. thing I don't like is players grouped up into 2 large alliances and left the rest to fend for themselves. which puts new accounts at a very bad disadvantage. so new players won't stay. only a few have.
Can't really say why it's not working. It goes through the initial story and then the loading is met with half an hour of verifying account. I had played the original version of this game and quite enjoyed that so would be nice to be able to try it again. Any help would be appreciated bearing in mind I do not use favebook
It contains a totally different game-play from other war games. I'm not a big gamer, but i like this mmo game. I am surprised at the amount of help you can get from some other players. I am very glad that I found this game in my life
I've been following their FB pages for a long time, finally they released iOS version so I can play with my friends now. Join ANL let's roll out the wastelands!
The game is pretty good in my opinion, they obviously care about their game because you can tell on how they respond to reviews, and I just think the updates come slow because of trying to fix most issues that pop up most. The gameplay is pretty good, you can hop on every now and then, gather some resources, kill some monsters for XP and such, and check in on your inbox. My only problem with the game, is the fact they don't fix big problems, like not being able to access settings, AND THE NAME.
The game was offline for almost a week. Lost use of purchased items and haven't been able to get a response from the developers as to why. I have sent them 2 messages with nothing for a response. It's a fun game but if something goes wrong don't expect any help from the "support team".
This is a city building game with an array of different things that keeps you busy, you can send troops out for raid, occupy alliance complexes. iN a word it’s a fun strategy game
Man I love it I just can't stop playing, really like some ideas in the game, the core units are all well-designed wasteland vehicle with different buffs to troops, should add more types
apparently the game needs some imporvments 1. some texts too small, hard to read, especially in the survival chapter description 2. wasteland weather effects are cool but it makes the map too dark, hard to recognize things 3.Hero summon is expensive, you should give some free advanced summons 4.luring monsters is fun but lake of baits / a good mmo game tho
I'm just going to say this once but this is a RIP off of fallout 4 0r any other fallout. I'm not trying to get u guys in trouble but you should have gone for a better approach at your game. all the characters are from at least one of the fallout games. again, not trying to get you guys in trouble but, just change up the characters. have a nice day. bye
game feels like ot has potential but i have error codes and loading issues. the skull spins a lot and when it does load its blank photos, like on the heros screen. if fixed then i could play. cant play like this
Great game, great potential left to die. No one is playing it. Rhea! Please open new server and push for downloads, otherwise, what's the point?
The reward for tutorial 1, upgrading my town hall, was to have my device freeze. Tutorial 2, attempt to 'refresh' builders? Device freeze. Third restart? Loaded but completely unresponsive. UI improvements, indeed: undismissable text balloons that cover where Idiot Finger impatiently tells me to tap next, if they decide to load at all. A first impression so pitiful it led me to uninstall rather than force restart my way through it.
I noticed someone slapped developer's wrist because they believe this is ripoff game from Fallout, I don't think so, to tell in truth, the art work is pretty well, I like their art style, similar feeling as fallout but I believe they take massive original design.
Potential to be a good game, but the navigation around base is awful or somethings wrong. theres no free movement i have to click on buildings to move about which out weighs the potential. i hope this is a problem if not its idiotic!
this game is definitely has potential to be a 5 stars game in 2019. I am a die hard fallout fan so I really like it. It likes most games in this style like age of kings empires war z game of wars ect. But this one is different, you need try it out yourself
Highly recommend if you have the experience of other survive games. This is really an impressive way to understand the key to survive:teamwork!
I have to delete it, bugs, errors, lags. My game stopped at the tutorial, I dont have any heroes, so i cannot continue to complete the tutorial. Goodbye.
Before I thought this game is pretty much like other pay 2 win strategy games: Lords mobile, game of war, Mobil strike, War and oder, Empire war z, empire fleet,ark of war, kingdoms of Camelot, etc..But here they give you tons of free resources and events everyday, if you stay in an active clan, you will receive passive bonus everyday, super cool. I like this game
great survival mmo game. I've been playing it on and off for over a year. devs are working very hard with constant updates, even though some of the updates are hard to follow. give it a shot, the game has a fairly good loyal userbase and really cool features unlike any other strategy game
My friend recommend this doomwalker to me and I was meh at the first time I saw it. Actually it's not that cool. But I've been playing it for 3 days lol, as a mobile game, it's very fun!! You cannot compare it with PC and Xbox games, if you want something to kill time, this is perfect!
I absoulety love this game ive played a lot of pay to win games and this one is but its not too bad a f2p can still play this and have fun. To everyone thats moaning about it being 'way too pay to win' needs to really play a pay to win game like lords mobile. Doomwalkers i think is a light pay to win game.
It plays like most other war games but it's set in a post apocalypse. The gameplay is easy to follow, raiding is fun, and it isn't too grind-y. There are a lot of great gameplay elements that put this game above the other war games, such as heros that you can specificly choose, and a 3 main faction system. Dev support is great, a toxic player received a 24h ban within 3 hours. Most people are friendly.
This was very entertaining. Well done. Needs a few improvements on the 3D models, sometimes it won't load on my phone. I like the fallout like design tho
If you want a wasteland theme tactical game you're going to have a great time there. You can replenish troops without timer, heroes are well designed with different skills. Finally I can play a wasteland MMO on my phone, hope there will be more players
Great game. Have played for a few days and it just gets better and better. The new graphics and 3d models are nice, love the buildings and enjoy customizing my troops. As a low lvl player its easy to get events rewards and a lot of newbie chests. If you are willing to kill time it is really easy. Highly recommend you try this war game, it is amazing
I like this game, I never lose my army because of starvation. You can have up to 5-6 formations, all customized, it's the best part of this strategy game. Everyone have different tastes.
The developers and their customer service is good. When u reported issue on their FB, they responsed very fast and fixed the bug quickly. The game is not a money grabber, I wiil play it for a long time.
I played it over a month, good feeling into fallout. I love it. You can intercept marches. Not wait time, better than most games like this. Packages are good. But developers, you should know the few things that should be done to make it into a successful game. Let's do it and make it better
This game is based on city building, survive & war. Team work is very important here, small tips: you can offer heroes credits to your alliance and get alliance coupons everyday, thus you can buy many things in the alliace shop for free.
Do not Do not download this ! The developers open new servers basically killing game for players who played from begining. They did same thing with another game . Instead of improving the game they open new servers and leavebold servers to waste away
before i got my new phone i link my account. so i got my phone download the game and cant switch accounts. i have to link the new account to switch but i cant because i already link it.... omg . i cant play on my account.
Well, this is the one of the most addictive war games I've ever played. Good co-ops with alliance members, not like clash of clans, much more new stuff here, and you can progress without spending money
Back here to recommend the game. Fantastic game-play under the topic of survive & build. Waiting for the next round of monster farm now. Key words to rank up ingame: Strategy, teamwork and plan.
Fun game. player vs environment and player vs player. most players are good and fair. you can play as you want with how you want to play. few bullies but easy to ignore them.
Awesome game. After played a few hours, I must say I am pleased with this new game.Good graphic in the wastelands world map, I was busy with my troops, I got a few nice heroes here and free small items everywhere.
Good game. Quite different from other base-building games out there. It was better than the first, but your still not quite there yet. I know you're working hardon these, and I noticed. Keep making updates
like fallout for some reason but it's different. i enjoy this better cause I can play it on my phone. Just have to wait for reconnecting the server, can you improve the game connection?
To be honest I didn't expect much when I download this game. Just another war game. This is similar to other strategy games but this one has protential to be next gen mobile game.I hate pay 2 win games, if you are the same as me, you should try this one. Good job devs!
This mmo game is a great way to spend time. Although, it would be even better if I can progress more, I'm stuck in the middle levels, too many things to do, keep upgrading everything forever
I wanna make a fair honest review of this game. I wasn't a big fan of war game but this one is a GOOD GAME IN MANY WAYS. The alliance marketplace offers free items you needed, and it's free. You don’t need food to raise a huge amount of troops, no need to worry about upkeep. Monster hunting is rewarding, every minute you spend on this game is rewarding. You save dollar by playing this game, a monthly card is enough
Utterly horrible load times between actions. borderline unplayable. Broadband or 4g no diff. Oneplus 6T
I am a fan of mmo game, I tried many mobile mmo games, but they're all pay to win. This game is different, it allows you enjoy the progress slowly, you won't lose hope cause even though you don't spend any coins
this is a complete ripoff of fallout. the vanguard is based off of power armour, and in their ad can be seen with a gatling laser which is in the model of that of fallout 4, and even in the initial loading screen says "preparing to leave the vault". Don't even say this isn't a ripoff, it is. I hope Google removes this from the store.
I raised it to 5 stars on my previous review considering some improvements in this update. The developers did a good job so far. Whenever your have problem, you can get a rapidly response in FB
I downloaded this game today! And Im so addicted!!! I have no idea how u were able to create such an amazing war game...I play when I wake up, while Im not doing anything, before I go to work, while Im on break, after I get off, and right before I go to bed!! Love love love!
started an alliance & can't quit or disband it & made second account to join so my main could quit it but the game doesn't let you switch account unless you link it which only gives you 1 option & that's Facebook which my main is linked to & now I've lost my first account until developers fix this issue or add other options but until then can't play the game anymore.
I have found this game to be one of my daily favorites. Its a typical RTS, so you know, tensions flare during events,....ect.But the whole "Fallout/Wasteland" style, first off, gives it a more gritty feel. The folks are pretty good, but Top 50 are snobby. Typical spenders. This game is not p2w too bad. There's stuff for sale, but ALMOST all of it you can grind out for free. My biggest hope is that you pull a "Fallout Shelter," and find some way do do a basic rpg/story mode/dungeon crawler.
Not a bad game to play really enjoyed it. Lots of fallout based themes included making it rather fun. Only reason they won't get 5 stars is I purchased the starter pack twice and it never credited to my account. Contacted them by email and was told to contact through Facebook which I did and received no news. It was only £2 but still would have liked the items.
warning: this game will take a lot of your time before you realize it. You'll be constantly battling other alliance over territories and it's kinda fun. I have never seen anything so beatiful strategy game like this.
I have 15+ pictures of things that are obvious ripoffs of the Fallout series including: ghouls, power armor (raider and t-51) NCR rangers, super mutants, raiders, Brotherhood of Steel, Diamond city security, combat armor (FO4 style), combat armor (FONV style), design of the minigun, deatchlaws, lobotomites, the name of the setting (wasteland), and even the lightning symbol in the title. It even copies characters such as: Preston Gravey, Kellog, Virgil, Sole Survivor, and Hancock. Ripoff city.
one of the "screenshots" was literally 2 battle buses from fortnite. lmao they also had a guy using the run cycle for when holding a picaxe. no originality in character models too. some are just fallout character models
the reviews are fake #1 made up by the developers! The game is a scam! it was initially a no pay to play. obviously you can support development by spending a couple of bucks. these guys went idiotic and decided you cant play at all if you dont pay. they dropped the initial game saying they couldn't develop the game any further without this update. we followed and found that the game is nothing more than just that a scam. anybody playing demand your money back! Your response is BS and untrue!
too many talking at the tutorial session. should change to a simple subtitle and arrows tutorials without spending half of ur phone screen with 3/4 body of hot chick and large lettering bubble. and the voice was boring and very annoying. keep it simple.. uninstall it
it is a great game i know it took some stuff from fallout but does it show it on the people hun no it does not so that worst reviewer is a dumdum why did he even play the game if he does not like it.
It was a fun game and I enjoyed playing and I liked where the developers wanted to take it. Then it went from free to win to pay to win. Then they abandoned the first incarnation of the game. The second incarnation is the one here. I have played it since day one. I think the dev's stopped responding to messages about 8ish months ago and now it won't load so I think either the devs abandoned it or they are dead.