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Doofus Drop

Doofus Drop for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Curious Labs located at 1226 First St S Nampa, ID 83651. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a decent toss the turtle style game. I will say that the airplane could probably use a nerf. When every single time you use the bean boost the plane smacks you back down to completely invalidate the entire point of the boost. The airplane forces you back to the ground and steals all of your forward momentum. The sole reason for using the beans.
It's an okay game, it's a pretty good time killer. I actually like the game but it's kinda just a reskin of toss the turtle...
Starts slow gets fun then grind fest to unlock extras Purchased the Triple star thing but still feels very slow to finish the final unlocks just a grind to get enough stars quickly regardless of in space or on the ground be nice to get bonus stars per 10,000 ft or something just to make it worth while. Easily hitting 80-100,000 ft with only 6-8k stars. Hill 1 very easy once unlocks are done but Hill 2 is very hard with no extra pay off apart from achievments that are low paid.
Very good fun πŸ˜€ great to dip in and out of. It quickly feels like you need to inject money to progress so it becomes repetitive fast. Would be nice to see a curve of upgrades, so you don't exhaust all the free play in the first week and run out of easily achievable upgrades.
This game is simply great, very few ads and you can close the game when those happen, it's kind of like a you should probably take a break from playing moment. You fling a guy and he rolls down hill hitting things it's deeply amusing
This game needs patience, it was extremely slow process to gather coin without have to pay for it. Fells like each time I play this geme my brain cells died, don't know why I kept playing (perhaps it's the graphics). On second day finally have the urge to uninstall.
Very addicting and fun I feel like you should make the rewards for each run a few stars more to lessen the time spent trying to upgrade if you don't want to spend money on extra stars for the challenge and experience!
Imagine this, you in 7th grade on a school computer, you find this Awesome game on a flash website. No worries in the world other than the teacher might catch you. Then you realize life is pretty good again. ITS THIS GAME its fun, its progressive and its got character. Minimal ads I know people always leave reviews looking like computers. I'm human. This game is fun. Don't knock it till you try it!!!
I'll get political and venture that this game is a very whimsical and stupid fun and pretty accurate representation of the Biden campaign. The hats are fun. You don't have to play it high...sounds great too. There are plenty of details in the sound design and art direction that makes every replay a different experience. Try it and tell me if you see the Biden thing.
All rng, the "boost" is pretty much the only thing you can control, and the second chance wheel is a joke. The money sign and bike are good, everything else will not do anything, even the bomb just launches you up and backwards (often making you lose a food feet.) And the items give you no real boost, and you get the feeling of being completely at the mercy of the hill. Not to mention the chessy animation and lack of content.
So far so good. A little buggy here and there. A couple game crashes. but i can zone out for an hour playing this. The ads are a little to frequent. You get rewards for ads now but sometimes you decline the ad to continue and then get an ad to keep playing... so may be worth the 1.99 to remove ads if you invest a lot of time into this game.
It's fun. However, once you figure out the trick, it becomes pointless. Level up and stay above asteroid belt. Placed 6th on daily record, which took me swiping for about 30 minutes. I just gave up at that point and stopped.
I remember 12 plus years ago when this type of game was a thing, was on flash for free, and we didn't have to deal with these ads. Your game has been done countless times and I'm sad this is what's its come to.
Doofus drop is very entertaining and a great way to pass time. It's fun and simple. I love the hilarious little achievements. My only complaint is the cost of certain items. It wouldnt be so bad if you could earn more stars on each run.
Nicely done! Has some ads, but the ones you do not select to watch are only 5 seconds, then you can skip them. No skills needed, more luck of the fall than anything. The bonuses and achievements are a nice touch. Some are fairly easy but helped me reach lvl30 I have been trying to get to for weeks! I became addicted to this game fairly quickly! Can't wait for more!!
Great time waster. It's a game of luck but the upgrades make it much more interesting. There isn't much player interaction required. Better than many of it's kind. Ads aren't super imposing either. Definitely recommended for the basic entertainment value and advancement goals.
Hey where is the hamster, fly and slug???????? Anyway, I love this game, great job. But think there's a bug
It's fun and it's funny. Starts off slow but gets better with upgrades. In app purchases aren't very much and they aren't the kind you have to keep buying in order to advance. It would be nice to have an explanation of what or how the hats effect your fall/bounce/flips/slide because I've noticed a difference but too many hats to figure out myself. Definitely a game to pass the time and not have to pay too much attention to.
It's a really fun and goofy little game and I understand things take time to update, but I feel like there should be more in terms of where we can play and stuff rather than just "hill 1" and "Hill 2". Other than that I really have no complaints πŸ’œ
Fun as far as it goes, well executed little game. Bought the ad free option to support the developers. Limited by the fact that a lot is just random chance, little skill or learning is involved. Upgrades are entertaining but, again, don't really alter the gameplay. Gets boring after a few dozen runs (falls) but a fun diversion for a bit.
Thoroughly enjoy this game. Easy to follow gameplay, graphics and sound are excellent and have me laughing my head off. Highly recommended.
Game is not as fun for players who choose not to pay real money. It plays pretty fair when you have'nt earned perks nor "played much", but as you play and build up your character, basically, the game gets less fun as it statistically grows to work against you and your expected progress. Would be much better if you had options to adjust zoom further out...
Only reason i didn't give it five is that i made an in app purchase but didn't get what i paid for. There's no button for support or help. Great game. Major flaw.
Digital Cheese rolling for the masses. Blighty, a proud country, which brought to the world dwarf tossing, wellie wanging and cheese rolling. The latter is exactly what this game is except they forgot to include the cheese. You tumble down the hill in the hope to reach the cheese first yet no cheese appears in this game. Not even a slice. Disgraceful! I will only give this game 6 stars if they put cheese in it. At present they can only have 5 due to the abhorrent lack of dairy products! Sort it!
Awesome game had this game for a while now and ive enjoyed how much it keeps the player interested and pushes the player to do better and get the upgrades to make it further and get more stars. The only thing I have an issue with is that it's only had 2 stages and I'd love to see more of them added in the near future please. I've unlocked all the upgrades and whatnot there is to unlock and it's beginning to feel like I've done all there is to do on both stages. But otherwise it's a great game
Some players have figured out how to hack the daily leaderboard. Their scores are the max for a 32bit integer. Otherwise, fun concept. Easy to learn. Upgrades can be won in game or purchased with real dollars. Good balance of ads vs. play time. Just wish there was a remove ads option.
Include more hit types. Reactions from ground. Things to hit while rolling on ground to interact with. Keep going with this game though it's fun. But view it in the eyes of a player and try some of this same game type I would suggest the company that made the powerpuff one and the mucho luchadore one. Gummy something
Quirkiness fun. Easy to play. It doesn't feel like grinding to get upgrades. Simple premise. In the end a good waste a couple minutes on break or while waiting to do something game.
This is by far one of the, if not the best physics driven game out there. Not since Super Toss the Turtle have I wanted to fling something across and endless map and want to earn as much currency as I can to upgrade my items, so I could fling that thing even further. I do wish this game will add more maps and wacky things to it. More achievements are needed as well.
It's cool game but Everytime I want to watch a video for extra things it keeps freezing and that's not normal and one time i made it 10,000 miles and it end and it froze and i never got the money πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• i hope they fix it
Fun for 5 minutes but then every sound becomes incredibly annoying and the balance of the game feels very off. Soon it becomes a chore to play. Also, you can tell the creators want to turn this idiot into a brand and put marketing over gameplay.
You can see the effort and love that was put towards the game, fun and addictive gameplay with a minimal ads not bumbarding your screen every 30 seconds. Amazing Game!
Omg! I'm a '90's kid and this game is exactly what I want to see. The art and graphics take me back to "Bevis &Butthead", Ren&Stimpy", etc. And the lack of "pay to play" is great. A perfect time waster for the easily amused, and odd minded. I love it.
010621 Yay, you fixed the permissions!! 5*! 102920 Whoops, your bad! β€’ NEW: read phone status and identity Other β€’ NEW: view Wi-Fi connections β€’ run at startup Still love the doofus, but you've gotta explain this. Games do NOT need to run at startup!! A whole barrel of stupid fun & I want a plushie. PS: Make a plushie!
This game wants you to hate it... But it's good. There are no colours, most of the obstacles hinder you rather than help you, half the time you're bouncing backwards and when you fail, you can spend 50 stars to have a shark help you get going again but 9 times out of 10 will just dump you onto a pit of spikes almost immediately. You also earn most of your money through achievements. Once you get them, you're stuck getting almost no money I keep playing it though, so it's doing something right.
Theres a few glitches when you buy things, like, if you buy something, it wont say your money went down, but otherwise, 10/10
I love the game but the only downside is theres a glitch where when you getthe golden ticket and respin w an ad it resets all of your stars and google says its taking while to log in i have a screenshot if needed and it cost me 5k stars in achievements
Very funny and well made. Needs a way to remove ads. There's one ad in particular that upset me very much as it tried to install something on my device without my permission just because i accidentally clicked the ad. That one absolutely needs to get gone. Seriously, that's messed up. Talkin' to you devs.
I'm not easy to impress as a gamer, but I love this game! It is, at once, the most stupid yet fun game to play. If you're sick of the same old same old in games, give it a shot. It's unique, fun, hilarious, and challenging. Cheers & Peace and thanks Curious Labs.
Quite possibly the stupidest game I've ever played... I love it! Also great job on the music and sound effects, I usually don't play games with the sound on but they're just too good.
If the game would have been more skill based rather than being random, it would have been more fun. But except that this game is real fun. Minimum ads and lot of fun.
Great game but often robs me of 100s of stars almost anytime I do ads...good time killer though...will be better when this bug is fixed
What a wonderful game!! I think it is one of the best games I have played!! I love that you can earn power up rather quickly, There are ads but maybe 2 an hour which is very nice compared to so many other games!! This is a very easy playing game yet the more you play, the more strategy I see I can use!! Thank you
Well made but progress stops to a crawl after a few good runs. The best thing about this game is that there is no energy! You can do as many runs as you would like. Can be fun but once you get a few upgrades then the 300-500 stars you earn per long run mean you need to do 4-5 runs for each upgrade and it gets pretty boring. I know they do it because they want you to spend a few dollars but progress is what makes these types of games fun, not spending money.
I love distance games... They always get the best of me lol. This one is OK. The grinding for the stars gets a little repetitive and the gameplay does not really evolve. I grinded until I was 3rd place, but now, even if I paid for the game, I will probably drop this one. -DPL
Good game but for the price of super star grinder and Infinite beans I'd like to see more content added to the game
So inventive! I feel like the concept is more than just funny and/or quirky but extremely tangible. The graphics are simple though in a 5 star kind of way meaning they are amazing to say the least! You must try out this game because once you do I am sure you'll be hooked like me. Btw I never rate anything 5 stars until I played this game.
There is a bug.. Fix it.. I launched the game.. Then run for a while.. Then i went to shop and everything was free!! 0 stars! Then I brought everything :") I didnt realise but it will break your game.. I had so much fun playing this game.
It's great just to pass the time. Having all the extras is definitely a plus,and the goofy style and animation is great!
Its a huge grind. Even going thousands of meters, i earn like 100 stars. Most upgrades take 2500 or more at this point. Progression is way too slow. Interesting idea but i watch more ads than playing the actual game to make progression. Not worth the time imo.
Silly game thats perfect to pass time. So far the art style has been very cute, the mechanic is wacky in a good way, especially in how the game doesn't push you to pay real money. Fun
Don't mind paying to upgrade. However after upgrading you interrupt my game for advertisement. No thanks.
I like this game..it is simple and full of fun but I would like to see more characters ..Doofus is good but it would be better if we have choice. Waiting for more levels.
This game would have gotten five stars but for one thing: The addition of in-game ads that not only interrupt the game, but that *cause the app to restart!* I had a high score and then an ad cut in. I accidently missed the "x" to close the ad, and it opened Google Play. When I tried to go back to my game, the app restarted AND I LOST MY HIGH SCORE. That's not right. The game was wonderful before this, but if I spend all the time to get a high score, I expect it to count!!
I love this goofy weird game. Who would've thought of useing flatulence as propulsion πŸ˜†? The only problem that I have about this game is that when I get past 10,000 distance, the game will mess up and won't record my progress or score or the huge amount of stars I collected.
It's a really fun game to pass the time but please ease off on the spikes and forks a little but because getting trapped under a trolley and swinging boot you can't escape and by luck if you do when you land there is a fork or spikes waiting for you.. Gets a little frustrating
Game is fun, but a couple of issues are preventing me from enjoying it fully, which I believe are specific to my device (google pixel 4a) 1. Ads are most often showing up with no close button. Even after the end of the ad, I have to kill the app and restart to keep playing, that's really annoying 2. Google play game install prompt shows up everytime I start the game, which I don't want to install (and don't seem to need to be able to play). 5 stars if it wasn't for these two annoyances.
Okay. So. I was playing the game, got a new record (about 22k on hill 2), and got about 1.5k stars in my last run. I was doing really well, pretty happy with that drop. Then. The game froze on my ticket spin. So after hitting the back button a few times to no avail, I eventually had to quit the app. Launching again, first asks me to rate (1*), none of that progress was saved, and somehow I have less stars? Like more than just that run was lost. Cool.
Fun and weird at the same time.there really is no strategy to it just see how far you can go.its a great time killer,funny,weird,and exciting all in one.it may not be for everyone but if you have a sense of humor you will dig it!
Fun time waster. Love the game. Personally I'm not a fan of the new falling animation. Reminds me of a style diver or something. But I'm not going to dock a star just because of that. Good job, devs!
Game is solid, but the fact that the ad won't load after a spin just cost me my top score just killed it for me.
I really enjoy this game, though it does need a better way to advance and earn stars as once you complete the challenges, you come to what feels like a halt in progression.
These are the kind of games we need for smartphones. It's simple yet effective. The aesthetic has been so well done and has pretty fun gameplay mechanic. It would be cool if you could find a way to intergrate some kind of multiplayer mechanic into this and maybe introduce some new maps and stuff.
Was a brilliant game, what is going on with in game ads? Totally ruined the game. Can't even go ad free
I Really like this game....but this game needs a quit button and if the run got somehow cancelled then the progress will be saved......(don't you guys think upgrade tab have too many things?...... Split upgrade and boosters in separate tabs)..... I never got very high on space so i don't know but i nothing is above the space so please add another planet on dimensions or just anything it will be very nice.
This is a bit of a surprising gem. First off, this is not a play to win game. You can easily enjoy with no purchases. Very simplistic gameplay and yet rather addictive. Also, this game is really very funny. Not much else to say other than download this and give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
Absolutely brilliant best game I've played its proper funny. On thing to pick at despite literally being next to a bomb for example it won't activate unless you're practically on top of it anyway ro make it a little less sensitive ?
Fun game but it denies you the ad bonuses from time to time. Its cost me at least 1,000 game currency so far from hard restarts. Otherwise it's a good launch style game
Fun game and entertaining but wish it was easier to earn Stars very hard to collect so it's hard to advance and unlock items other than that very well put together game.
Having fun with the game but what's with the dollars or certificates whatever they are don't go higher than 54 and what's it for and I got all the upgrades now what? Still don't know what the 54 certificates are for. Let's see if I get an answer this time.
This game exceeded my initial expectations by far! Love the animation style and the goofiness of the game overall! My kids have even started to play it with ease as well! Keep up the good work!
Surprisingly fun. It makes no sense and at some points it will make you annoyed, but the way the character was drawn makes me laugh.
Great, fun game. 4 stars because there's a glitch in the app. It freezes up occasionally and I have to restart to get it to play again. Samsung A51 about 3 months old. It happens at different places in the game so it can't be recreated.
It's a silly easy time killer. It's really fun to me, and one of the best parts are ads, I've got another game by this company and I genuinely feel like they want you to have fun not sit there and watch adTV. It has ads but they're after several "levels" so you can actually play.
Edit: Devs fixed my issues and turned it to a 5 star game. Wish I could buy ad free. Original- Good concept, great art, unfortunately the game isn't much fun. The upgrades don't do much to help. There are far too many airplanes that have 100% accuracy to hit you down and often backwards, along with random clouds that punch you down, to get very far to be entertaining. I grinded out several upgrades and still can't get past the planes that knock me to the same trap five cans of beans in a row.
This is a fun and extremely creative game. I find myself saying to myself okay just one more try, than again, only one more round!!!! I've had a real good time playing this game overall. I'm also saving up my money because I really, really, REALLY want either the Doofus Bike or Doofus Cannonball tshirt!! They look really awesome!
Was fun the two times I was able to play. Froze and shut down 9.9/10 times trying to start app. Edit; App is currently in great shape! Fun as ****
Blank screen often when you watch an ad and then you have to close the app and lose the progress. Waste of time.
I thought I'd find this game amusing for a few days and then get bored with it. I mean, it's just watching a doofus fall down a hill, right? But as you get into the game and upgrade your "powers," it becomes more active and more addictive. Ads are few and far between and can be skipped after 5 seconds, so no complaints there.
Love it, the dumpster theme is very original hh and the game is very entertaining and has a lot of unusual things like the punching clouds and bean can booster... in general i really like this game, no bugs, it has some ads sometimes but i dont mind :)
Really addictive ads aren't to bad either can get some super solid game play time out of it. Kinda wish on the chance wheel if we got the skull we would continue rolling down the hill until we stop with no beans as the πŸ’€.
Started showing ads randomly in the middle of a drop. Not at the end or beginning of a drop but right in the middle. No prompt, no way to skip, nothing. Used to be a decent game, now polluted with intrusive ads. Wish I could give 0 stars.
What!? I just spin and I know it will land in stars yet it goes to skull which is farther, not right next to the stars. The new update gives awful result. U see they program it not to get those things unlike before because u need to watch ads now. Ads is not bad but Gonna delete it because the spinning is bad like devs just control it. Not fair. What a shame
Hey guys just dropped back by to show you how much i apriciate those fixes you did. Just did a couple of test runs and that feeling like your constantly being sucked backwards was succesfully fixed. Also like the new animations and can not wait to test out the new rescue animals when i buy them. Great to see devs doing there jobs for a change and listening to the players who play there game and not just money grabbing. Keep up the good work guys keep the gas flowing. Little sug: woopiecushion 😜
08/19/17. neat little time waster. im addicted. ...06/02/21. still fun. i like the new stuff and im a farging doofus for still playing
This is a really fun and simple game with a unique brand of humour. Unfortunately, while the app was working fine for about a week, it has since started to crash every time I open it. Ive tried restarting my phone but it doesn't help.
Hilarious. Animation reminds me a little bit of Ren&Stimpy (90's nostalgia). I play on airplane mode to avoid unwanted ads. I did have some sort of glitch that kicked me 164,648ft...so I'll never beat that accidental high score... but it's still fun to play!
I've played over 100 runs and getting any stars to buy upgrades seems to be really difficult. The animations mean there's a lot of wasted time between each run.
It's ok... physics of the game are terrible, and you can only get I can of beans from collecting stars at a time... if you have beans, then you can collect 15 or 500 stars and you don't get any beans. If these 2 things are fixed it would be an awesome game.
Nifty little time waster, but some problems might force me to uninstall. Beans have almost no power even fully upgraded, and I frequently find i have to use multiple cans to get out of situations where I get buried by stuff. And far too often I'll use beans only to get hit by a plane and then land on spikes. Immediately. It really is a complete waste of having them when they don't really work. And the spikes are far too frequent, especially after you hit 10k feet; they are unavoidable.
This is a really addictive game once you figure out a few strategies. Like many other games, I wish there was a way to cut between different animation, but all in all it's really mindless, funny and actually challenging when you try and set goals for yourself.
This is a simple, funny and weird Kitten cannon type game. Im having fun with it, controls are fast easy to learn and follow the art work and animation is refreshing. The perk system is simple. Its a fun mindless game. I liked it so much i spent the doller just so i can play without ads. Give it a try.
Its a funny game that is pretty cool. My son and I love playing it together and laughing while watching him roll down the hill. The sounds are funny, the animations are hilarious and you can upgrade a bunch of stuff to make it even better. If you like a game with simple controls that will keep you laughing, then this is a must download game.
The art style, animations, and gameplay are all excellent. The only thing I personally don't like about this game are the fart sound effects but that can be fixed by disabling sound effects.
Bad update, can't finish runs now if you get the golden ticket. Ad chickens prevent toy from going back to the game
I need my money back. Game is super fun....when it decides to actually work. Keeps crashing and won't stay open for more than 5 seconds. I need my money back or fix this please (I'd rather you fix the problem because I absolutely love this game)
It's a fun little time waster with nice cartoony design, the look reminds me of old web flash games. It will frustrate you but not in a way that makes it a chore to play and makes the gameplay that much more rewarding.... Honestly kind of addicting The only improvements that could be made is add more levels.
This game is so amazingly fun. Its art style is fantastic and it is by far my most favorite mobile game!!!
Fun game. Some weird depth, play for about 2 hours. There are elements to discover floating , bouncing, rolling, robots? It's been a cool ride so far. I play most casual games, over 500 to date. This may last a couple months with me. Awesomely odd comic book style. Funny moans and agonizing cries while smacking the side of an endless mountain. 4stars for replay-ability. Fun on a bun
Awesome game. Only things that suck is the minimal amount of starts you receive per leap. Takes forever to earn enough to upgrade anything. Was too slow to grow especially after you get through the initial trophys which rewards you blow through earnings quickly. Watching commercial benefits not great enough to want to do. 80 stars per commercial when things are averaging 500-1000. No thanks.
Fun game, definitely a good time killer. It's enough to keep you entertained for quite a while with multiple upgrade options, fun gameplay and funny short videos they throw in.
Wacky fun little game. Feels like a rendition of pinball. Only thing i didnt like was the lack of progressive gameplay. Its a virtual toy store so you can just buy everything right off the bat which is what you should do for max enjoyment.
Since the update, I've lost over 6k stars because of the UI. Why fix it if it wasn't broken, so annoying.
Definitely 5 stars from me. Super funny, and it's 101% my type of game anyhow. So, all in all, good job to Curious Labs for creating such a fine piece of art. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
This game cracks me up, it's fun and dorky. I like the colors and feel of the game. Farts have never been funnier now. The only thing is I wish it was a little you could collect a little more stars during game play. It's a little slow saving up stars.
Funniest thing in forever.. it is so very random and full of farts ... Indeed a nice time wasting game... Sometimes when you come from the sky and scream having smoke from your butt and hits the ground earlier it comtinues to scream even if you collect coin or smth .. just that bug i sorted out
It may seem cheesy, but I love this game. Me and my niece play it every time she comes over, and I even find my girlfriend playing it at points. It's fun when you're stoned, sober, sad, or just chillin. Definitely deserves 5 stars
Awesome game, funny and quirky easy to simply watch adds to get stars although you CAN spend money, yoy really don't need to...I spent two dollars and now I'm pretty much unstoppable. GREAT GAME!... BUT... levels are uneven- there's only two and one is doable, but the other is impossible.MORE LEVELS DEVELOPERS!
Really good game! It's funny (my kids also likes it) literally no ads except if u want to watch them and u get stars when u do! If u want to buy packs they extremely cheap 4$ for the largest pack! Cmon! The devs made a great game FOR the people
Game is totally broken. Not my device, the game RUNS beautifully, the physics engine just doesn't work. First there's the initial launch. Doofus rides a bike, hits a stump, and it is supposed to send him flying, beginning your decent down the hill. 3 out of 4 times, hitting the stump DOESN'T launch you, it just stops you dead, ending your run, before it even begins. Hey guys, how about just using a ramp. Then the farts that SHOULD send you forward, ALWAYS send you backwards! Doesn't work...
Minimal ads, a charming, yet simple experience great for short bursts to take your mind off work or school for a monute. And the animated videos within the game are a weird, but funny addition.
Amazing exceptuanal I've never seen anything so eye catching... the videos don't work so ads and the cinimia crash the game. If someone could fix it that would be nice.
Excellent blend of both a good boredom game and a simple, funny, ragdoll game. Very few ads this far. Certainly 4-4.5/5 IMO
Still fun but update is missing some items, a lot of rescue animals are gone and same with the vehicles if there's any assistance where to find them that would be great.
Love this game and would give it 5 stars in a heartbeat if u added one simple thing. Make the game to where u can continue from your previous progress if u had to get out of the game for some reason or keep it paused for an extended amount of time. Once you u get a bunch of upgrades, one game can go on for awhile. It's really frustrating to pause the game like i did for an extended period and comeback to it to find I had lost the 250,000 feet of travel and 20,000 stars acquired when I paused it.
They changed some stuff. I could play a lot longer, made it pretty far and didn't have to start over as much, there were different things in the game than before. I was bouncing all over the place. It's more fun now.
Stage 2 has this giant head thing that you can't escape. It doesn't let you use a ticket and there's no avoiding it. Remove this or make it so tickets work and I'll give an easy 5 stars on the game. Otherwise it's just running ruining the fun.
A big problem I found is, I accidently pressed the shopping cart instead of play, and it exited my game and wouldn't put me back where I was. I had almost 10k stars and I lost them all. Please fix this
the game is designed to hit u with any obstacle,yes and u will not go anywhere, even if u fully upgraded u will still run below 10k. since u can't control anything from the character (except bean) the game will easily to hit u with airplane and make u drop on top of fork,yes at first it's fun game, but then realized someone just make u dumb.
This game is simply awesome, it does not requires that much to understand and it's fun and time spending, it's a game of chaos and stupidity and I highly recommend it for anyone who consider downloadingπŸ˜„
This feels more like a graphic design project than a game. Could be a fun burrito bison esque game, but it has hardly any user interaction past the first few seconds of each round. You just sit there watching the the game get "played". Overall, just boring.
Love this game. It is sheer stupidity and genius rolled into one. The little fella's expressions and movements are brilliant, but better yet, even when you die it is still fun - not frustrating in the least.
ads are definitely doable, not forced down your throat, and the game play is fun and easy, my only REAL issue or complaint is that its purely luck based. There is no real skill when falling down the hill and you time the fart (jump), its basically whatever happens, happens so it takes away from the fun for me. still its a good game with no issues and decent ads so FIVE STARS baby! I ended up buying no ads just to support the devs, I'm still playing it so why not! They deserve it!
Asteroid cream. It broke the game when it first came in. Doofus kept slipping through the asteroid belt, grabbing stars and farting endlessly. I got a highscore over 1000,000ft with that. But it seems like it has been fixed. After around 1000ft, the asteroids stay fixed where they are. No more cheesing..
This is a fun and silly game! I really hope the developers continue to add onto it because it's one of those games that I enjoy playing. I like the art style and how it seems hand drawn and the videos are funny and reminiscent of Misadventures of Flapjack! Keep up the good work!
Such a time killer.. I would like more things that could help you go further. And maybe more ways to get stars? But amazing game
Very fun casual game. Bizarre short films feel very Invader Zim-like, and going ad-free is only a buck. If you don't, ads are skippable after 5 seconds.
Is really fun. Love the art style, the psychics, the character has really cool and often kinda soothing animations. Overall just great. After you play a while the games can take a long time. Wish there was a save feature to play later, hopefully upkeep on abilities. 2nd hill is ungodly frustrating with obstacles. For a phone game though, top notch.
What a silly little mindless game! It makes me laugh, and is very easy to play.. the little vignettes that you earn along the way are funny and very reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy and that kind of gross silly humor! Great job making it different than all the other time waster games.out there!
Simple time killer. Blow up your guy and bouce down a hill collecting stars. Also get stars by distance traveled. Seems rigged against you around 5k ft. Everything comes out to stop you. Extremely grindy. Had it bug out, shoot me in the air over 45k feet, a solid minute falling back to the ground, only 200 stars, and upgrades go up at least 500 each time.
So I bought a booster and the character is thrown back. Worse start for 500 stars. And Why the hell is the character thrown back when i use the beans? I keep getting stuck in the same place 3 times in a single game.
Love this game. Easy to spend money on. I don't spend money on a lot of games, but this would be one I would. Too many obstacles, but still fun. They sell a cute t-shirt too, but it's too expensive. If you lower the price to $15 you'd sell more:)
The game wasn't fun at first. It can actually be pretty mean to the player. Then I got an upgrade or 6, and I started going for 3000+ ft (slippery is good to start maxing first)There are 2 things you will learn: Hold your beans + all inhabitants of Dooferly Hills try to kill you. The art?! Phenomenal The humor!? Crude in a good way. The in-app purchases arent too expensive either! Highest option is $4.99 Note to dev: Could we see the insane hill, zoomed out, we just shredded for 9000 ft somehow?
This is one of the most peurile and insane games I've ever played. Watching this absolutely deranged figure of Doofus farting to fly through the air never gets boring and never stops being funny. After a while of playing and watching the animations they came up with as rewards... I have to ask the developers what in the name of God actually went wrong in their lives to come up with this thing. Also to continue doing whatever they were doing because it's great. Absolutely bonkers.
Quirky, silly, frustrating, brilliant, casual time-waster. More a game of chance than skill but all the better for its unpredictability. Great fun. Paid a few pence to lose the ads although they're not too obtrusive. Ok just one more go...
It's a really good distance game. I'm not a fan of all the farting, but that's just my opinion. I kinda wanted to give this game a 4/5 because there is no apparent way to customize your egg. I know its motif is like a black and white movie, but it would still be cool if we could customize the doofus and change his color or do other aesthetic modifications to him.
Bought the x3 star grinder. Payment was failed for some reason. So I was like "NVM then." But then got the sms from the bank the amount has been deducted but I've never received the item.
A very unique art style and hilarious story telling if you could call it that. But I love this game a lot. Also this game doesn't really feel like a cash grab πŸ˜‰ so 10/10, love this game.
I love it... At first I felt that it's more chance than skill, but the more you play the more you realize it's about your choices and tactics than luck... Overall an addictive experience with creative obstacles. I want more power-ups, achievements, and hills.
Absolutely my favorite game on my cell, it's so damn addicting, especially now I've got the monster truck, there action can be so incredibly mesmerizing & randomly explosive, that I really do make a small noise of glee when I land on one, & I wish you offered Doofus on all his vehicles, on t-shirts, imXXXL!please! they would be an epic seller 4 sure, I can guarantee it in my opinion as a graphic designer & artist, & as a tattoo artist I want give myself a Doofus tatty, w/yer approval? THNX ALC☠️
I'm also a game developer, according to me it was good but not best. The idea of this game is really good, I like the sound and a character too but there are lots of bugs in the game. The character physics is not good enough, sometime it stuck and sometime it roll. you should add more powerups in the game to make it kore interesting. I like the game but need more improvement.
Good game...but TOO MANY AD, 30s mandatory, if you are listen some music or podcast YOUR sound is forced MUTED, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Dont download.
WARNING!!! This game will rip you off!!! I spent $0.99 for 10,000 stars. Account got charged, never got the stars. The app has no means of support so basically you can't get your money back when they scam it from you. 🀬
Updating my review as I uninstalled the application and just reinstalled due to the issues I was experiencing. The game is very easy but tricky at times and timing is EVERYTHING! This is a fun game for all ages and the farts are even funny (especially to my 6 and 9 year old kids). Please design and launch a new hill because 2 stages isn't enough. Thank you!
This must be the most stupid game I have ever played. If they want people to like the game, why the annoying tapping to get started. The physics are unreal, but also off, seems there's enough obstacles don't need to add invisible ones and the slightest little bump can stop him dead or bounce him backwards... Need to recalibrate to the law of momentum