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Don't touch Girl!

Don't touch Girl! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by NaoYanase located at Corpo Yazima. 1F Room101 3-20-8 Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0051. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Definitely s good game, but I would say that making it go full body not just in underwear might make it less of a waste of tension
It won't even let me play because "I'm offline" idk how to fix this. I turned on my wifi, nope. Turned of data, nope. Idk what it means by content blocker. I'll change my review when someone fixes this. It's pissing me off.
18+ This game isn't a complete scam though it only took about 15 to 20 minutes to beat it and they only go into their bra and panties and that's the end nothing else so of you want to see that use the pink plus add on the corner and just exit the add and go back to the game if you want things to go faster, anyways to sum it up it's a waste of time and some of the power ups don't work, so if u wanna see some panties just look it up on the internet instead also have a good day wherever you are.
Its good but the log in is only seen once a day and i cant check it, also it said lv up 20 for 2 days in a row but nothing happened. And add a new game mode to it maybe conversations with the girls or a chibi mimi game. No save data or transfer. Other than that add stuff keep it up
very good game i like it just needs a little less ads. and to say 10/10 instead of 11/11 cause than 1 it would be even and 2 it makes more sense don't you think? Also describe superhero? Oh also can you don't like 1+1=2,2+2=4 and so on it would make it a lot faster and people would be a little bit more pleasant.
Used to enjoy the game, now not so much. I used to watch YouTube while playing, but apparently, I can't anymore. Not a good change and should be reversed back.
The problem of this game is that the power ups are much too weak, even though to level up you need to tap many many times or wait for a very long time. With ads. So please make those power ups stronger. Next, please add a stop gap between each str*pping phase (not just before moving to a new girl), which would be very useful if you wanted to reset and watch earlier girls. Also please vary the girls' talk to give them more character(s) and make the whole game far more interesting.
Eh, just use an auto tapper to play this, sure the drawings look nice but..you can probably find the undressed version of these girls online or something . Very basic concept , but the results arent worth the millions of taps it has you do
This game isnt all that fun because.. 1. The powerups dont do anything, so dont waste your time on an ad. 2. I find it annoying how in order to beat the game you have to just keep tapping until you hit a million taps. 3. Its not appropriate for people below 20+ 4. My game keeps crashing when I enter it so I have to restart my device.
The game is 5 star but when i get past 6 girl and keep going it crashes my phone, like i cant click anything or go to the home screen and i have to reset my phone
Its great i love the game and it is was time consuming so it helped out alot while i was on vacation.
It is a very...interesting game, but I like it. The only thing that I would suggest maybe for an update is to give each girl their own voice saying their lines.
VERY EASY! im already on stage 3! i dont really like the other one tho. Just make it easier for dont touch the cat girl its fun just do that i really like the detail i like it just not the dont touch the cat girl so yeah i love it!
I hate the fact that people are starting to make games about girls, and then make it sexual. Its just gross that you can take off the clothes, and the fact the ads are just bad. Anyone can see those ads, even children. Which is really bad and unhealthy.
This is so inspirational, I hate the days when I HAVEN'T played this. It's so beautiful that even people around ask me "Are you an idiot?" well I say, "While I may seem an idiot, I still have heart atleast." I will now marry the app itself, I trust the dev team will be at the ceremony. See you guys at the wedding! Love, Kiryu
Its a good game but the power ups dont do anything what so ever and the game just throws ads right in your face and the game crashes when you try to move to another person.
The game quality is great with all the anime characters and the fun details on the side but it doesn't show anything and is a complete waste of tension when you complete your first girl. Then from there its just repeatative and boring. Also you gotta watch ads in order to get good at it so there should be a different mechanism to level up and get good at the game. Thank you.
Basically it would be a better apk if you added more ways to interact with the girls, or some apk functionality like additional games, the ability to touch and interact with them and an alarm function. Also anything that would make a player feel close to them, because the game kinda ends once you unlock them and than there's not much you can do with it.
It's alright. I can see the appeal, and I do enjoy it. The problem is that whenever I try to press the 'Next' button as I've finished the 1st stage, the game freezes and crashes. It's very unfortunate. Anyone got a fix? Hmu on insta @stormyduude if you do
The button with a mountain, the backgrounds buttonl(?), causes the game to crash, pls fix this. Besides the numerous ads, it's a good time killer. Maybe take away the ads when upgrading just per/sec gain or tap power, pls
way too many ads! after 10 seconds or so, an ad shows up, and as soon as you close it, another 10 seconds later, another ad appears, it's outrageous!
The game is weird, seriously. You tap a girl until she accepts you looking at her on her underwear.... this isn't really what I'd go for on a game. I didn't know this game had this concept until I opened it up. I didnt like it to be honest.
The drawing and quality is good.. But the concept is just a no no... I am concerned for who made this and the ones who actually likes playing this game. Being dared to download random games sucks
Honestly, y'all are just overreacting. It isn't completely nude. It's not legit hentai like you guys think it is. I'm 14 and it legit doesn't do anything. The second is that the power ups actually do do something. If you level up tap and then tap, your tap will count as MORE than it did before. Crazy right? The ads and offline thing is a bit annoying, but I'm a horny teen so I couldn't care less.
This is terrible... the game is not fun, you don't see much, and its too time consuming. The powerups don't DO ANYTHING! This game is really boring there is nothing fun about it at all, the only thing i like is the art other than that this is a terrible terrible game.
Well...It's ok but you have to touch the girl 100,00 times it's to much for me! And it takes like 5 minutes to do it and it is a little bit boring as you play it for 4 minutes. But it is a little good because there is more levels and new girls! So yeah... but make it so we do not have to touch the girl 100,00 times
Its been 3 days or 4.and I like it its online and has loads of adds. but I don't care great game!I just need to complete the game. by using the auto tapper power up.
The Archive keeps crashing whenever I tap on it after a certain point in the game. The devs need to fix this as it is extremely annoying.
honestly the only reason I even played was bc I was a beast at flicker heroes so I wanted to see how long it took for me to tap1 million times. honestly tho it's not bad if u wanna test ur speed but news flash to anyone out there. don't fall for app that act like they might show nudity because they can't. google play is available for everyone and putting something 18+ wouldn't be allowed
Its a fun game, yes. I just dont like how much ads there are and you cant even play it offline either. Also, this game isnt all that appropriate for those who are young and you also arent doing stuff in the game with the girls consent. And its quite annoying how many taps you have and how its limited. The art is beautiful
This game is nothing but an ad farm in it knows it, because it takes a ridiculously long time to get any progress whatsoever. They make power-ups mandatory yet they give you an ad for every time you use them. The kicker is, you STILL don't get anywhere with power-ups so what's the point of playing. The sound effects are mind-numbing and the music is so generic it hurts. By far the worst app experience I've ever had with an app.
its an interesting game, but theres no audionother then the music and tapping sounds. and if there were specific lines for touching specific parte of her body, and if you coukd interact with the clothes, that would be even better.
Tap game fun. A little sexual, but offset by the character cuteness. A few too many ads makes the experience a little unfortunate, but if you have the patience, those are just temporary issues.
Like literally it's 10 mins I installed the game and trust me it's worstless the game is useless like seriously 😑 what's the need to tap 1000 of times and still nothing happens my phone which was working great from 2 years within 10 mins this game destroyed due to so many taps my phone is now 🙄
I am now getting to 5 billion, it is now getting kind of tedious. The levels aren't matching the girls when I move on. Still at 25k seconds, just not enough..... Another thing, why does the 100seconds punish you with sound after we CHOOSE to watch an ad for it? Very worthless I never use.....
the games fun I'll admit but it almost takes up 4 to 5 hours and it's ridiculous like if I'm going to see her clothes come off then I want to see all of it and I mean all of it over all the games not bad I kind of like it
Don't care about other review, this game is super attractive when you have much time and maybe when you don't have anything to do, i literally can play this until it's over. Please always update this game because i love it, and if someone thought i'm a bot, no i'm not a bot (warning : don't play this game when there's people around you, play it at your house or private place)