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Don't step the white tile

Don't step the white tile for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by fieldWalking located at 愛知県豊橋市上地町60 . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Every time I click long run! I'm on a Galaxy S5 and loved the iOS version when I had a 5c. It's very laggy. Would've been one star except I liked the iPhone version.
The game doesn't always register my touches causing me to lose even though I touched the tiles. In a game that relies on quick touches, the inability to register touch all the time simply makes no sense. Use the remakes instead. Much better.
It freezes a lot before and while playing. On the home page it freezes, or when I click on any mode it freezes before going or freezes on the countdown. Also freezes during games. I have to keep closing it for it to work and it's annoying. Other than that, it is a great game. Please fix
Would give it a 5 start but i hate the fact that when im about to beat my high score the app stops responding. So annoying. If its fixed i would defetnetly give it a 5 star..
It keeps on telling me I ran out of time right when I start playing, and it like always shuts down. Its really fun and addicting. Will keep you playing if it works correctly.
iOS version is slower than android so its easier on timeattack and ads are super annoying. You need to take them off while im playing. Most annoying thing about the ads is the fact that they change during a game and it messes me up. ....sometimes stops working too.
You my want to rethink downloading this if you have an HTC One Max as it crashes quite frequently. I am giving 3 stars for the amount of entertainment
I can't stand games or apps with poor English and this app has the worst English I've seen. I know the developer is foreign but don't make an app in English if you dont know English. This one only has a few game types too, and others have more and better ones.
This helped my reaction speed get even higher almost supernatural, but every hundred tiles or so it glitches and I can't tap second tile to the right for a couple steps
But I have some complaints, the games tends to lag, I'll be going a steady speed and all of a sudden the game stops and makes me miss when I know for sure my next move was correct. Next, is the game force closes on me while I am playing. Its very disappointing when I have a high score such as 600 or so and the game says white tile is not responding and my score is completely gone. Please fix this issue and I'll give it five stars.
This is a much more poor replica of Dont Touch the White tiles. Half of this game is glitchy and in Japanese? I dont even know what to make of it. Download the real dontt touch the white tile. Much more fun. ALL IN ENGLISH. And has over 10 million downloads.
I like the game, it's simple, fun, and addictive. But the one thing, that one thing that I hate the most about this game is the lag/framerate issues. I am on a Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) and I am sure that it has the capabilities to run this game at a great framerate. This also goes for the other Android phones that are affected by this like the Nexus 5 or the HTC One. Hopefully you, the developer, can get a chance to read this and to know that the players of this game really need you to hear their feedback.
Great game. So addicting only problem I have is when I lock the screen while the app is open and unlock the screen and try to play it just glitches out. But great game!
The game is fun as a time killer, but it will drive you crazy if you are a perfectionist like me. Otherwise it's good. I would recommend.
This game is great, but it crashes sometimes and doesn't pause when you receive calls which discourages me from playing sometimes. If these things can be fixed though it will be my go to game when trying to kill time.
I can easily get under 8 on the I phone. I got 7.3 on my friends nexus 5 but for some reason, I can't get under 8 on my nexus 4. Developers please explain this too me. If I could go back in time, I would have never downloaded this horrible game
O man o man this is the best app for people trying to waste time I love it I got 3&a half K on the long run
I love this app to death. It makes you be so competitive. Its awesome! But if I had to complain about one thing, it would be that it crashes sometimes. It has periods of times where it crashes every 5 minutes, and sometimes it doesn't crash for weeks. Idk if its just my phone but ik that some people are experiencing the same thing. fix it!
That message, exactly that in the middle of the long run of my life. Other than that message this game is fantastic. On the htc one there is no stuttering, very easy to run and very challenging. Just fix the crashing issue and I will change to five stars.
Android's Time Attack timer is much faster than the IPhone version of this app. Like a second late or something. At my fastest speed i get like 7.4 seconds. On the IPhone i get 6.6. Iphone either has a slower timer, or get a second headstart or something. Fix this please. Huge issue affecting scores that are false and could be faster.
This game is amazing! Such a simple idea, yet exremely challenging as you get better at it. My friends and I have been battling scores for a few days. Let's just say its getting intense.
If this game had zero stars that's what I'd give! This game is a cheat you touch the black tile & it still says out! I went very slow several times just to make surs it wasn't me.
This a fun app especially when you are competing with friends, but there are points that I have clearly touched a tile and then move onto the next one and it doesn't register. Also the app is constantly crashing so if you could fix that as well it would be nice.
Im sick and tired of being force closed out of the game after I reach 100. How am I supposed to enjoy this game when it doesn't even allow me to progress further into the score. Seriously, fix this ASAP, and ill give the other 3 stars back. This is just another buggy game that takes up space in my phone and I'd be happy to uninstall it. Good day.
I don't really know why everyone's saying how laggy it is.. Just check your memory, people. Its fine for me and was fine on my old phone. I really like this, by the way. Maybe add some more challenges, somehow? Gets boring after a while. Just a suggestion. :3
I think this game is really great.for the people who are saying the game isnt working properl..then certainly its your phone that has the problem. I have and use the galaxy s2 for this game and it runs smooth. And for those who are saying the other version is better, what I say to that is no this version is original, and simple..the other one trys to hard to keep up with the standard of this game. But overall this game is good.
I've made it into the top 1.7 percentile in TimeAttack, (7.398s - mainly just to brag) but I am frustrated with the constant pseudo-crashes and lagging. The reset time (time at the failure screen) should be shortened. I've thoroughly enjoyed the game, but it needs fixing.
If there was no timer for the long run then it would be the most amazing game ever, but that makes me want to delete it.
I touch the black tile but it doesn't get identified. I use the debug mode on my phone and it identifies touch. Fix or I'll just stop playing.
On "Long Run" about 25-30 in it glitches and said I'm out but I got slow enough to know I'm not hotting the white tile. I did this repeatedly and each time it did the same thing. Would be fun to see how far I could really go if the bugs were fixed.
This app is extreamly addicting and i can't set it down. There is only one problem, and that is, every now and then, the game exits itself out during the middle of a run. Still an amazing game though!
It was a bit confusing at first since I couldn't figure out why i lost when I was stepping on white tiles, but when I realized there was a timer it became easier. Very addicting and fun to play, a great game to play in those few extra minutes between classes...I keep forgetting to blink while playing!
On android it closes and says unfortunately this game had stopped. Almost every other time. Almost aggravated to the point of uninstalling. PLEASE FIX AND I'LL RATE 5 STARS
Samsung galaxy note 2. I liked the game but it always says I stepped in white tile when I know I did not in long mode. Also keeps force closing. Could be fun to pass the time but games that cheat are not cool and force closing pushed me over the edge. Uninstalled. Yuck.
I love this game so much... there are a couple things wrong with this game, like the fact that half the time it won't work, and it forces close a ton. Game needs to be updated to fix issues, then it will become 5 stars...
After playing the game for two minutes it crashes. So I re open it. But now i just realized that this is a Japanese game so why am I typing this if the developers don't read it no offense if you do though.
You need to fix the choppiness on Android... You know everyone is having the issue, so try and fix it already. It's dumb that the apple version is so much smoother when it could be an easy fix. It will be 5 stars when this is fixed.
I would rate 5 if you fix it. But for now, I would recommend not to download it. It lags too much and you can't even play the game without it freezing. Deleted it.
This is the orginal tile game. So good that thousands of scammers have copied this for a quick buck. Its so good, so addicting that I still play 6 years later. Minimal ads and storage, and requires skill.
From what I'm seeing this is a consecutive thing that's happening. If you could look at it and fix it this game is to good to pass up. You'll get a heck of a lot more downloads if you fix these crashes. Please!!!
Almost 7 years after this game was released i find myself going back to this game to be relieved of boredom. I remember when this game blew up, it amazes me how nobody seems to remember this game lol