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Don't get fired!

Don't get fired! for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by QuickTurtle Co., Ltd. located at 1132-51, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a cool game kinda hard in the begining but once you get to levle 4 it gets really good but it could use somthing like a free play mode
Fun take on an idle game. Little bit too many ads at times but nothing extreme like some of these reviews make it out to be. Great way of progressing, difficult kinda like a dark souls bloodborne idle where its very hard in the beginning but you get upgrades and understanding that makes it a lot easier to progress. Love this game. Hope to see more from this dev team.
Pretty fun, but just started. I feel that you need to be way too attentive for a mostly idle game but tipping more to the action or idle with more or less work and challenges would fix that. but it's a fun game when you have a looooooot of time on your hands would recommend. I do agree with other reviews on certain aspects that need improvement though.
Initially the game is fun, but turns into a boring grind where you fail over and over again. Each time you fail your progress is set back a lot. If you manage to avoid failing, the game turns into a grind where you stare at the screen for hours and click randomly appearing icons. Also you barely get any rewards and upgrades don't increase your chances of winning.
This is not a quality challenging game nor is it a hardcore simulator. This is a game designed with seemingly one goal: to make the player upset. In my first 30 mins of the game, I spent maybe 5 mins actually playing a game. The rest of the time was spent being fired or rejected from interviews. However, I could overlook this if it weren't for the clear motive of this "challenge": ads. The game puts an ad after every 'fail', but since those fails are arbitrary, ads can show up every minute.
Pretty slow but you can run Netflix/YouTubePremium on small window on some devices. Then becomes an extra way to pass time. But the jokes can be pretty hilarious, and the game style is addictive! I'm assuming it gets better after the first few hours
Way too difficult! I've purchased the no ads add-on and the double pension. Have been playing for months now and see NO progress. Gets really boring, shame.
I think its a really good game its fun it kills time but i hate that at the start of it you need to keep playing ads in order to get money in the game and if you dont then the process to getting further in the game takes faar too long
The game is really good and I think that because it shows actually how hard it is to get a job and stay in it without getting fired. I like the 2D design as well.
This game is my childhood. But there's a problem with the 'people asking you to answer' thing. I do press on them to answer the question, but sometimes it doesn't work and gets my fired! Do u think you can fix it? 'Cause that would be very appreciated. It usually does it when I've got lots of work in the way, which is annoying. Keep up the good work please! Hopefully you can get that sorted. Thank you
I have a hug where it literally won't open the app. The second it gets to the screen it closes and crashes. No idea why. This wasn't a problem before. But since the last update it had been.
This is hard to rate. It's frustrating for reasons out of your control. Yet it's oddly addictive. The concept is quite original and interesting but the execution just plays bad for a game. It's not particularity fun... Social commentary for S Korea 4/5. Gameplay 2/5.
I love this game! As challenging as it is, I find it addictive. Great idle game. Failing is inevitable but gains you experience in the long run. I love the broken English it's such a cute quirk. I paid for ad free and it's so worth it at only $1.09 CAD after tax for me and listed as 0.99 in the game. I've never seen a cheaper ad free version of an app before and I usually never think it's worth it.
Always a new chance to be promoted, not that it would happen. Fast gameplay and very good at time placement when on the run.
The game is nice. Its challenging, and its heck of fun to try and "not get fired!" I even developed a strategy for when the president comes. First, finish off all your current work. Then, get work from top 3 guys. Finally, do that until the event is over, and when it is, just grab all the leftover work! Works perfect!
The game, so far, is nicely made and hard to move up in when you're newer to it. I haven't gotten far, but I'm sure it will be just as amazing the farther I go.
I usually dont write reviews, but this game is an amazing time killer and if you are into grinding games this is for you, one issue that brings it down to 3 start though is that i find that tapping the people needing my help is hard, sometimes it just ignores my taps.
I have to critic but the game is very boring. Sometimes you'll just be back to square 1 for no reason and gaining money and health there feels very slow too. I hope there are some game modes which will be fun to play there but all you do there is the same boring stuff over and over again.
It's a good game, but I'd like there to be more to do, like a "Go home" time during the game play/day. Where the character can choose to work, sleep, eat, party, or play side games to earn more money.
Fun at 1st when the upgrades, promotions & sackings are coming thick & fast but then the progress slows down dramatically & frankly it's not worth the effort. I was SMD with income skills maxed out & still only earning 36 coins for 9 people doing an item of work (or 108 for the full stack). When you're trying to save 500k for the next Class upgrade it becomes very tedious, especially when you're having to constantly pay off others for an increased promotion chance.
Game play is buggy at best, little to no explanation on what is happening on screen - events happen at random and progress practically non-existant, skill upgrades in the thousands, when you can only make 5 coins per job before you randomly get fired, all in all disappointing and frustrating. Advertisements after check job slow the repetitiveness of the game to a snails pace and the experience is degraded because of it.
It's a really fun game but one flaw is you can lose promotion chance for not having Facebook because of that I'm giving it 4 stars
I like this game. I just wish it had a little bit more content. That would be nice. And the graphics could be improved apon. That would be ideal.
Hard but fun. Never accept all the work! Accept one piece and accept a piece of work when the thing turns green.
There's no reason to put me on 5 loading screens in the beginning of the game. I failed the interview? Fine. Don't put me every time in a loading screen. There's no reason to ask access to photos and documents, drive and email - this 'game' has no graphics and no meaningful choices, there is no reason to have access to all that. And when i got to play the game, immediately got fired and guess what? Loading screen and then a 30 sec ad. You know what? I don't want to keep 'playing'.
2 stars because I've been enjoying this game and slowly progressing, but the game keeps crashing lately. It opens for a second and then closes out before I can report the crash. I am playing on a Pixel 3 and made sure that everything is up to date.
I love the game butI was on company 50 and i still havent gotten to C S It not that im vad ( i dont thing) itd thst they give way too much work so when your about to finish it you have to take a different one and so on
Frustrating in a Fun Way It took several jobs to really figure out the dynamics and process of the game. I was getting fired let and right! Haha; Once I figured it out, then game became much more fun! I laugh at all the ways you can get fired. Some of them are so ridiculous!! Fun, engaging, and a riot. Four stars only because the promotion process is frustrating.
Fun little game and a good time waster. It's pretty challenging and at some points tedious but overall fun
Ok so at 1 point in the game they want you to do this to earn money, so im doing it, the game has good old fashion graphics, but sometimes when I go to get work it won't let me.
It's one of the better indie game time wasters, that's for sure. Plus, it's definitely worth $0.99 to remove the adds for both the game itself, and the quick money part-time job option. Only one issue- I've unlocked almost all the 'why you got fired' reasons except for the 'where's my desk?' reason. I know you have to not log in for a day, but I've tried that, and a lot of other options; even messed with my phone's clock, all to no avail. Devs, please fix this. Other than that, it's addicting!
Thank you for fixing the log in issue. There are now 2 minor issues I see and that's that the part time ad doesn't always load as well as the exclamation mark that lets you know the next ad is ready doesn't show up unless you hit the icon when the allotted time has passed
The game is still awesome but I purposely did not play a while so I could get fired for not coming to work as I got fired for missing a day on my old phone but I am not getting fired and I don't want to uninstall and reinstall cause I watched a ton of ads and did on purpose a lot just to save up the 20k to pay off the student loans.
Awesome game! Except when ever I wasn't to make a purchase it some how choose the wrong account (my work account) and I can't make purchases there, I also have a google play balance on my main account that I'm writing from right now. Is there any way to solve this? I have checked that my private account is the account used to download the game and also the account connected to google drive for the game. Need some help to solve this. I would rather not remove the work account from the device.
It's a bit too random and there isn't really a proper way to progress as it's all luck not work, I love the concept and it is fun when it works
I mean it's fine but it's also monotonous. It gets too hard to progress to the other levels (by which I mean it takes too long) without spending money. That said you can totally do this without actually spending money if you have the patience
This game is oddly addictive. It's a rough translation, but still comprehensible. I hope the developers are having and easier life than the game leads me to believe. Very excited to see future games as well as where this one will go!
Awful, 1)what is the point of interviews in the game? At least give me a quiz or something why does it have to be rng. like dude imagin you wanted to start playing doom and when the loading ends it says "you failed to leave the ship. Start the game again". 2)what kind of gameplay is that? Why do i have to do everyones stuff? And the health bar is so low and the refiul time takes so long and every click takes too much health (i know u can upgrade it but it takes so much money and i just started)
The game overall is really great! It can be a big tedious and/or hard/annoying at times, and the daily login rule can be a little annoying if you just weren't on that day, but all together it's a really fun game. My only complaint for now is that they don't stop giving you work! I have a pile of about 10+ work and they're giving me work 3 at a time! LIKE, LET MY HEALTH REGEN OR JUST STOP WORKING FOR A SECOND! I also think it would be cool if there was a break hour, where you don't get more work.
Good game, but I have a bug in which sometime I just cant help people with the ! Above their head. It is so annoying and you get fired because of it please fix this.
Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when I read the reviews about this game. Sure, it's hard to progress and I haven't seen a lot myself. But, it surely is a lot of fun. After all, it's all about "not" getting fired, when basically everything can get you fired! From how I see it: it's a satire on the monotonous and often harsh life in the corporate line. It's clearly evident from the character's thoughts. Also, he is ranked a 'slave' in the early stages.
Toil away at a game with little payoff. It can be a fun time waster for small chunks at a time. I think the achievements are broken though? I paid off my student debt and did not get the related achievement. I also got a photo of the president and got fired and apparently there is an achievement for that but I did not get it, either.
Its really fun but i dislike how when you are tapping to work faster the boss or telephone pop-up can appear then instantly be selected, meanig you cant choose an option, there should be a 2 second period where you cant selected n option after tapping on a pop-up
Great time killer. Creative ways to get fired and actually rewards you for the discoveries. I love it. Would like a sequel or some other mechanics in the game though
Great concept and refreshing take on this genre. This is not a idle clicker as you need to pay attention to what's going on! :) A couple of suggestions: 1. Your life could regenerate fully when/if you are promoted (especially for manager positions. as you'll have to give away 40/50 life straight away, if you are low on life you won't have time to wake up the workers and that's game over, demotion etc etc). 2. Should not demote 2 positions everytime, as makes the progression curve quite steep.
Nice game, truly original and very fun. It's also addictive, and kinda hard if you don't have the hang of it. Nothing else to say.
Fun but hard. I got annoyed whenever I lost and had to start again, but I really enjoy it too. It can be confusing, but it starts to make sense later.
It's okay compared to most games it's got some value gameplay wise. Small gripes get fired randomly for no reason without consistency ie. Not enough work when a massive workload on my desk, sucks if you get president visit. Also management missions that send you to social media or rate app ended up restarting my game frustrating to loose progress for something you can't opt out of for this you loose a whole star
The games frustrating but really addicting! Its really the perfect game to play when your bored. Although i wish we were allowed to have more assets added like maybe a house or new skills.
I can't play the game, when ever it asks for account access and when I click confirm it kicks me from the game. I have tried re-downloading it, but this game is still pretty good since I played it before.
There's so much holding this back from being a solid mobile game. One, it's insanely repetitive, especially in the bottom jobs. Two, it can take more than several days of continuous play before you get anywhere interesting due to it's unforgiving mechanics. Three, there's only two ways to earn coins in this game without paying money, and it's quite slow. Overall this game is too grindy, and too repetitive. But it's also funny, accurate to life, nice to look at, and addictive.
A very addictive game. Its good, but could use more gameplay options and new interactions between workers.
You always have lower chance of getting a promotion. Even if they give you loads of works to do or you got less work, you'd still don't get any promotion. Upgrades are useless because the more you upgrade, the less chance you'll get a promotion. I just hope we can choose which country we want to work and can customize the character. Also, part time jobs should be more like a daily activity rather than watching ads since this is an offline game.
was having fun until the game just stopped working, I clicked on the people to work but it just didnt let me move this is frustrating
I love the typing sound 🀩 to be honest there is nothing I would change but I am sure that there are some bugs out there that need to be fixed
It takes too long to get promoted in the game and if you had a high position in the job and got fired you have to start all over again which is annoying as it takes too long to get back to that place you was in before. Game is easy to use and simple.
This game is infuriating but I guess that's the point XD It's so hard not to be able to control the outcome or if you get a job in the first place, I've never been fired so much in my life lol. Cute, simple, easy game that takes a lot of patience. I wish there was a faster way to get work done and maybe more buttons or different internships at different places.
I really like it. It's funny and it proves how hard getting a job is (but like minus the pain of talking to people etc etc),, I guess it's a tiny bit difficult getting the money for upgrades but that inspires me to play on and carry on >:3 I recommend it, it's fun :>
It's like Workemon combined with Survive Mola Mola with less of what makes both of those games rewarding. The beginning of the game is very slow. It has charm, but you'll find yourself spending more time making less progress (or even reverse progress) than you anticipate each session. Plus, effects aren't managed well, meaning you might be "buying holiday presents" every 5 minutes. Even so... I like it. :] It's definitely worth getting the ad-free version, considering it's only 1 USD.
Love this game, sometimes it frustrates me because of the fact you don't always get promoted when you really need it, but I guess I'll have to play more.
One of my current favorite games and defenitly been enjoying it, haven't been playing all that long but the only problem I can find with this game at all is that sometimes it's really difficult to tap the speech bubble to talk to someone and that ends up getting you killed, other than that this game is really great
Great game and surprisingly addictive. While i still have a lot of fun playing and trying to get every thumbs up and postion/reason why you got fired; I have one huge problem. The game can be somewhat unfair with how grindy the game is. in order to get to President (the highest position), you have to put in something like 9000+ hours (assuming you don't fail the promotion check). Also once you buy a car (70 000) to marry it requires 500 000 coins. its arguably unfair in places but its still fun
It's fun, albeit a bit monotonous. Its important to remember that you will get fired, its inevitable. This isn't a game for someone that has to be #1 ASAP. There is definitely a slow progression. It is cute, and I enjoy it. I like the balance. Ads are in the game, but they are 5 second ones and some you can back out of. Optional ads are available too if you're in to that.
Stylistically a cute game with personality. But not exciting or engaging - just like what the game is about.
I think this was really fun and a good way to kill time. The way how its tactical becuase if you do too much if one thing, you may get fired. So you have to think slot.
Takes too long to make enough coins to increase skills. Getting fired every two seconds seemingly for no reason in most cases. Then too many ads.
Highly addictive to this very simple yet annoying game. Not sure why but my Google game account isnt showing that I bought the car. I havent made enough money to get married yet so maybe it will change when I do that?
Updated 27/01/21: reduced rating to 1-star as after downloading this game to my new phone it no longer works. I've tried deleting, reinstalling, restarting the phone, nothing works. Whenever the game tries to connect to Google Play services it just crashes. I've contacted the customer service department and over a month later still have no response.
Fun game but it glitches out and you can't help the employees resulting in getting fired...so the decks stacked against you and it's unplayable for me at this time
I love the game and I hope it does well however I do not like features that reset your hard earned progress such as failing a promotion, I wished it would keep your current promotion chance instead of reducing it to where it was originally, also Never take away someone's work because they don't review/share/like your game, I declined to like the Facebook page and it reduced my promotion chance by 3% so now I have to hope that I get lucky and maybe be able to progress the game.
its good but every so often it refuses to let me tap notifs and i lose. that might be a glitch or something im not smart when it comes to these things. other than that good game!
This game is complete chance, makes no sense and doesn't explain itself, I kept failing the interview and couldn't do anything anyway? Then I lost my job because the character made a mistake that I cant control.. full of complete chances and not fun, don't waste your time
A good and thought provoking game about the world of employment and the job market. Can be very frustrating at times as you will get fired for no reason or suddenly get LOTS of work to do. Difficult to master but still fun. UPDATE 08/01/2021: I have come back to this game and tried to install it on my new phone (Samsung Galaxy S20+) and now the game won't open at all. When it tries to log in to Google Play, it just crashes and closes. I've tried reinstalling numerous times, I've even reset various settings on my phone but nothing works. I hope this can be fixed soon.
Pretty good game to kill time with but it's a super slow start until you can buy upgrades the "part time job" is a must for early upgrades or you spending hours getting fired
Initially the necessity of adds was frustrating and progression was slow, from there it's a slow slog full of an unrewarding grind. The concept behind the game is good, and the humour is good, but the unbearably slow progression keeps the game from being enjoyable. To make the game worth playing the process of earning money needs to be 5 fold at a minimum, preferably 10 fold
Great Game. Fun to play when your bored. Has almost no ads as well. You slowly proggress. And you will get fired a ton. The fact that getting fired can help you is amazing. Also the challenges are fun because you want to do them because it gives you stuff. But you can get fired! Really good game. 5 stars for you.
great game, very simple to pick up and play and pretty addictive personally. really enjoying this game and the satirical humour of it. also finding all the different ways of getting fired is quite interesting. i think the only thing i can critise is the steep pricing on the skills, but that's a minor complaint. overall, would recommend to people who like time management and repetitive gameplay.
Really good mobile game with a simple idea and good execution. Takes a bit to get around and you will get fired very often at the start. But when you got the first promotion and got to buy your first upgrades it speeds up. Ads are not that annoying and only show up after you get fired. If you want to get rid of them it only costs 99ct which also gets rid of the ads at the "watch an ad and get money" segment, called part-time job ingame so that basically gives you some free money every 5 minutes. I can also recommend buying the double pension for another 99ct to speed up the game when you get fired. All in all a really fun game and for less than 2$ definetly to be recommended
Overall this game is pretty fun. My b biggest recommendation would have to be to add descriptions for purchasing upgrades so you know how to plan ahead of time.
Really good time killing for when youre just bored etc the style of it is cool and theres not ads every 30 seconds
This game is amazing and addictive, easy to learn controls and ads are few and far between. Love it, don't watch any advanced videos on it though, it can spoil the fun of the game! Just have fun with it!
Originally a 5, now a 2. Not sure if there's a glitch or bug in my game. Having gotten into the rhythm of the game where it's most enjoyable I suddenly came into a road block where I can't seem to get back to my peak, despite all the upgrades and high percentage of promotion I have, making the game repetitive and now unplayable, which is a shame.
This is a great game and if you enjoy the gameplay loop then it is certainly worth buying a pack of money or to get rid of the ads to help support this developer
I love it, no ads popping outta nowhere, no internet needed to play it, no bug, nothing is priced too high, this game is PERFECT. You can waste time with it, you can play it just for fun, I love it, totally recommended.
This game is nothing but monotonous, repetitive, boring grinding. Although that IS the whole point, considering it's supposed to simulate the grind of working at a company, the thing that ultimately made me decide to give up on the game was simply the lack of variety in terms of gameplay. The gameplay can barely be called a minigame, and the random events have two choices but each is only a challenge the first time you encounter it, and there aren't many. Among Us-esque tasks would be awesome!!!
funny, ads are pretty much optional, doesn't progress in real time so can be left for a few days without everything going south, good amout of progression, I'm currently beating my brother (at the game) should be able to give your team work during the president coming as some feedback but that's not rlly a big thing lmao and it might happen later in the game as I still have a bit to go
To be honest I didn't enjoy the game. There was no way for pause, the only way to access the menu is during if you find a job and not during the boring repetitive interview process. The graphics look really old but I guessed it's supposed to be retro so I overlooked it. During the speed mode when the boss visits it freezes and you can no longer even click the people and it definitely lags. It has potential but right now..... This is NOT IT
Amusing at first but now feels like a slog. Partly the intention of the game but not something you'd want to keep doing.
I really like the simplicity of the game, but there is a few bugs, like when the president comes you can't press on any of the people so you get fired, apart from that it is a great game to play to burn some TimeπŸ˜ƒ
Great game that doesn't lock all the features behind a pay wall or thousands of hours grinding. Well you might be grinding a lot but that's what makes you a little corporate slave. Although gameplay is repetitive I still seem to find enjoyment from promotions and hurt when getting fired. A surprising but well executed game!
The game keeps crashing as soon as I confirm Google account permissions for the game. The crash notification that pops up on the bottom of my screen also disappeared instantly and I don't know why.
The game has a great idea behind it, and it's well executed. The problem is, for me, that you have a hard time trying to figure out which attribute do buy, to really improve the character's "build"... the game could describe more them. Besides that, some reasons to get fired don't really help much, could be more instructive. But I have to congratulate you, because generally is a game extremely vicious!
Nice little time "passer". Agitating at first, but fun. Onxe you getta rhythm formulated.. it's kinda soothing. Easy to get lost in that rhythm. Just wish you kould take part in more activities besides work. Relating to the "work work work" aspect tho. Who's a workaholik?🀚🏿☝🏿This guy!!
This is a great game. There are some random mechanics which make it enjoyable for all, as an indi company they seem to have thought of alot of the problems that could occur and seem quick to fix issues. Keep up the great work guys :)
At first it was okay, but then the sinplest things get you fired. Everything you do gets you fired actually. I think its better ti have a tutorial section so we can better understand what to do cuz the game never last 1 hr on my device before I got frustrated and deleted it.
I used to love this game and now for, basically no reason, it crashes every time I open it, just like workemon, and now I can't play either game. Please fix this soon.
This game is amazing. I enjoy the difficulty of moving up positions and that work piles up! This is my favorite mobile game.
So far seems really fun but the only suggestion I would make is that the company numbering system needs to be changed slightly for English. E.g, at each company it said number the which would make sense with companies ending in 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 and every 10th as well as exclusively just 11 before it becomes 21st. If it's the first company then it would be 1st, second would be 2nd and third would be 3rd. These continue with each number e.g. 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and so on. Hope this helps.
This game is good, but you can screw yourself over on the bottom row because of the higher ups asking a favor or something, and you're tapping the character, which in turn taps the person and you might have a problem.
At first I thought it was kind of stupid but now I'm weirdly addicted to it. I love it super fun, super simple.
This game has a bug somewhere that makes it crash and sometimes not reopen. This game is funny and addictive. I think it's going to stay on my phone for a while.
The game's great overall but, A: you get fired for pretty much nothing like "you did too much work" or "I put an extra 0 in the document" -1⭐, B: There's an EXTREMELY cruddy employment chance, and when you DO get employed, it doesn't last long. -1⭐ and C: I played the game up to 4 hours and made A LOT of progress, the next day, it was all gone! -2⭐ you developers really need to fix this, and then I'll happily give this game a 5 star rating.
cool game only reason i gave it 4 is because its pretty complicated and at times can be based on luck still a good game though
A pretty good game. It can be a little difficult, some clarification and on we're doing wrong when we get fired would be helpful, but overall a pretty good game.
It took atleast half an hour of being fired over and over aging (which is going to happen no matter what you do) to understand how to even play the game but its actually kind of addicting once you understand the gameplay.
Fun but annoying to progress when you always end up back where you started, would be better if once you got one fired ending you couldnt get it again. Constantly being forced to work your way up from intern because of the company going bankrupt randomly is more annoying than a fun game mechanic.
Forced ads. More ads than gameplay. Requires accepting unethical privacy marketing tracking for ads agreement in order to play. Linear story. Confusing. Choices don't don't matter. Ad banners. Easy to misclick on ads. Not much gameplay other than a few taps.
The just not knowing what to do sometimes really demonstrates the real world lol... what to upgrade, what u need the most, what you should chance doing... all of its really interesting to figure out and this game is super fun. I have trouble tapping the blue speech bubbles sometimes but I think it may be intentional for it to be difficult past that stack of work. Allow this game to distract you from your real life unemployment πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘πŸΎ
The game is very fun and unlike anything I played before, I hope it isn't how it's like in real life but I find a lot of enjoyment out of it. It's quite the unique game ^
It's pretty good. You need to get fired to get more experience, gold and "resistant" to getting fired. Grinding is a bit hard especially going into higher ranks and trying to buy a car but still doable. Gets a bit repetitive if you dont go up to a newer rank. Either than that, good game for time killing.
NOT BADDDD a little bit of ads but they give you rewarded ads 4 stars cuz i get ads alot but if you disable forced ads and make the optional and rewarded it will be a 5 stars. Love the gameplay, its a little hard at first but it gets better.
Constant ads. All the time, during play and forced full screen any time you get fired (surprise that happens a lot) There's even an option in game where you pay 200 of your hard-earned money to come take a look at this developers Google play page. You pay money in game that you have worked hard for to come view an ad. And all it gives you is 1% promotion chance. I was thinking about purchasing the no ad version but I'm not going to do it now. Not until you stop pushing 30 sec ads everywhere.
It's actually fun game. It is honestly extremely grindy for a long ass time, even more so if you don't conform like me to use the microtransactions to further increase your progress much faster with the upgrades, which, compared to other idle based games... well,seeing as their is a limit to characters in reviews, please just contact me for the full review if you want it. sorry! tl;dr: Patch the early game grind for the begining and I'm sure you'll see that people will be happier to play more.
It crashes ever time I try to play. I played this a while back and didn't have this issue. It will ask for the language preference and then force me out of the app. I hope you can fix this soon.
I like the gameplay, it's good. However, there are bugs that need fixing, for example, I will get a job and be doing so, incredibly well, then the president comes and all the work comes flooding in. I begin doing the work, but when I click on the people notifications it doesn't work. After this inconvenience, I was fired even though it wasn't my fault.
Very fun i enjoy it a lot, i wish that the longer you stayed at a company the larger your base percentage of getting promoted got
a good game to kill time. it's a shame the control kinda hard. sometimes i can't assist the person with ! on their head.
It's fun and addicting. It's the same cycle over and over again but your upgrades should increase your chances of getting a promotion which I enjoy.
This game is so much fun! At first I thought it was a game of chance, but it was just because you don't have anything to do in the interviews, after that, you have to actually do work.
Great gane with great concept. Something you can play for hours which I love. Great time killer. Only reason why i gave it 4 stars is because i wish it was easier to earn coins. More coins for the work would be fantastic.
So far, I'm enjoying the challenge! It's different from what I usually play and that's a good thing. I'm immediately invested and cannot wait to see how else I can get fired!!
Pros: Humorous, free, visually appealing Cons: Little growth. The probability of promotion in this game is seriously harsh, even if you spend all your money on related upgrades. Also, the game is far too idle. I spend up to 15 minutes and get bored. My recommendation to fix these cons: Implement puzzles or some sort of activity that can reward the player with higher promotion chance/experience, while still doing current in-game activities at the same time. Too idle, too little growth. Solved!
I don't know why but after awhile and when a lot of !!!, !!, ! Pop up, it becomes harder too click things, sometimes it doesn't even let me click it all. It feels very unresponsive and it makes it feel like this game was designed in that direct purpose. Of which, I'm pretty sure it wasn't because overall I like the pixel art style and the sound design is awesome. This just needs some polish is all, I think it has too many if's in the code when it should just have switches.
Chances in this game aren't real. I tried 3 times challenges, first time 70% chance of survival, 80% chance of survival, 90% chance of survival, each time I was fired. Plus at the start, chance of promotion is not real. The more you play, the higher the chance of promotion is.
It's a fun game, but there is a massive bug where you can't tap anyone, even though your on full health and no-one is trying to talk to you, which means you can get the first premotion because your going to get fired!