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東方幻想クリッカー 指1本で遊べる放置系弾幕RPG

東方幻想クリッカー 指1本で遊べる放置系弾幕RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ぷらすぜろ。. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Japanese isn't my first language, but I was having a hell of a good time playing and upgrading my homies! So if you're a fan of Touhou and enjoy playing RPG clickers, this app's for you!
Fun interactive game. Good time to pass and it's pretty casual. Plus is 2hu! You deserve a 5* for this!
It's really good! Ngl. I loved using Meiling's skill in fact I didn't really know what she had to do.. she infact.. did a boost up to my little touhou characters.
As a busy salary man and a fan of touhou, this game is a must! Easy, flashy, fun and not competitive. 10/10
Fun i know every single mechanic in this because i played this game before and other tapper games This is really fun to play this
It's a good game.i prefer it had a way to play it in english although it is easy enough to figure out what to do just would be better if there was an English version.if it was in english I would of given it five stars.whats the game called in english?
Even if the game is only available in Japanese, it still is very enjoyable to play. Perfect free game for Touhou fans.
I like the concept. I mean I LOVE Touhou and I love the fact that all the characters are here. If your not into Touhou this us a good introduction to the game series.
10/10 best way to consume time >:D (Im still learning japanese and its kinda hard to read because of that XD...anyways the app is still the best out of any clicker game ive ever played)
Although i didn't understand japanese at all, the game is very simple and easily understandable. Not to mention this game is a very good time killer!
Really Good, no Mircotransactions or anything. Highly recommended for Touhou fans and bored plebs on the toilet the same.
As a touhou fan, i love very much.If you translated it into english, ill give 5☆, which is...all touhou game are japanese language and its quite bother if i don't know the language. And im bad at english hehehe
I love this game its actually addicting. Slow at first as it should be but picks up pace fairly quick.すごいい。
An incremental tapping game similar to Tap Titans, but for Tohou fans. If you like both genres then its an easy recommendation.
I really enjoy playing this game! Would be much appreciated if it could be translated to english though. :)
Im glad there is a touhou game like this like but it would be better if ther is an english but not im probleming it bcuz i could still somehow understand it
I knew japanese very well. It's pretty much straight forward and almost no story at all. As a fan of Touhou, and idle clicker games, this is a very good game! There's a lot of familiar characters that I like and all of your little chibi army are so cute!
Weak sense of progression, depending on rare diamond drops to randomly get equipment for random characters. Prestige only gives a 1% boost to active tapping, which has to be the weakest scaling I've seen in an incremental game.
i kinda hope it would be a good game, but it keep on freezing and closing the app in the loading screen.
I like playing Touhou and this game is a wonderful addition to my collection. It's fun to play, but I just wish there could be a transition patch.
Best time killer I have played in the moment. My favorite time is using Marisa's Master Spark as a finisher.
Decent clicker game. With my Japanese understanding I can make out a few instructions here and there and understand about 40% of what is written. Other than that it's a solid game.
I LOVE THIS GAME. would be much appeeciated if it was english translated i can sorta progress through the game :)
I was never a fan of tapper/clicker games. I thought they were stupid. I decided to try a tapper game because I was too bored and had nothing better to do. Now that I have played it. It's ironically very involved. It's a touhou tapper, too, so that makes me love this game even more. I dont understand ANYTHING about what the characters do or what I need to do, but I don't care. It's fun! I recommend this if you like touhou/tapper games. Really cool idea.
Even though i do not now japanese i was still able to understand what to do since its very straight forward,i do wish there is an english translation so i can understand a little bit more of the game play.its really fun and a real time consumer. I definatly recommend even if you cant read japanese!
I'd really like this to get an English language as I cant read it but all in all it's pretty fun and a good time waster
It's pretty fast paced, as expected from touhou project. Easy to play despite not having an english translation.
This game is really fun. I don't understand a single word in it which is a shame, but the gameplay is good and the art is cute. I'd love if this got an English translation :)
In don't understand the language but I know the characters just by the look of it but it's a cool game! I really loved it. there we're new characters and it's so cool... I wonder what the next characters are this year...
It's a clicker. And I can't understand a word of it. But I'm a sucker for Touhou and it helps pass the time till Lost World releases.
Super adorable and perfect for passing the time and such. Marisa's tiny voice when yelling "Masutaa Supaaku!" is so adorable!! And Sakuya's smallness is too cute!!!
I really do love this app. I saw another review saying, "you don't need to know any Japanese to play," or something along those lines, and I agree with that, all you need to do is click. Really wish it could be translated into English however!
This game is pretty fun, I just don't know what is being said in the same. But overall, it's a 10/10.
This game has really eaten a lot of my time. I've been playing for a small while now, picked it up because it was Touhou and stayed because it was actually extremely fun. Gives lot if dopamine. Only problem is I can't read anything as I don't know much Japanese, but it's really straightforward and easy to understand despite that. I still wish there was an English translation because there are some things I want to know what it says. Good enough for 5 stars because I can still do without English.
I am a big fan of anime, I personally love the theme of this game but y'all should add more languages. Thx
It just another cookie clicker game but less interseting and detailed. You seriously just do three things over and over again. You just click to kill enemies using taps or ability, collect gems to get allies to summon, then click and drag to collect coins and maybe revive them and that is it. It so very bare bones that it's only real draw is the touhou girls. But seriously if they weren't in the game I don't think it would be rated as high as it is because it is that boring outside of that.
Really fun game. I can understand the basics of the game even though it's in Japanese. But overall, really addictive game, and touhou themed games are my favorite
It's really fun! And even though I can't understand half of what they're saying, I can still understand a bit, and it's great! (also, I really like Toyboy)
Pretty easy to learn even without knowing any Japanese whatsoever. It's basically cookie clicker but with touhous you can collect.
It's a clicker game with a Touhou theme. Sadly, there isn't much to do. Hopefully it will have more added to it later, not going to expect much though.
Even though I can't really understand it, this is easy to understand and very fun! Recommended to anyone who likes Touhou and who doesn't have a problem with clickers.